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Hey Ho Skip to the Loo, The Card Sharks Circle & My Home, The Manure Farm.

Sunday. I stopped reading last night and turned the light out about 1.00 am. Suddenly all the Fanta Orange ( sugar free) I’d been drinking came back to haunt me. On went the light again ( lesson learned ) and I nipped to the loo. When I got back m mouth was dry so I opened another can, Pepsi Max this time and had a little chug before trying to settle again. It seemed to take a while. When I next woke to nip to the loo I wasn’t impressed that it was still dark except for the light from my clock that told me it was 4.18 am. I went to the loo and by the time I returned I was wide awake. I turned the computer on and checked the lottery which just resulted in me throwing the ticket away in disgust and going to my post box. As usual there were quite a few responses to the blog. I’d been anxious to see how people felt about me taking up the banner again instead of trying to entertain. I’m glad that so many people felt / feel the way I do about certain things and are happy that I include them. Thank you all !

At 7.05 am I went through to have some breakfast and run through the normal morning routines. I can still see one of my assassins moving about but he just doesn’t seem to have the right idea. He’s supposed to move towards snails not away from them. Eating food off the bottom of the tank is supposed to be last resort not a table in a 4 star restaurant. I’m thinking of putting posters up on the glass but facing inwards saying ‘Please eat the Snails’ but I’m afraid my fish may take up the challenge and eat the wrong one ( I still can’t see the other). After breakfast and playtime I lay on the bed and got 55 minutes sleep. I wanted an hour but it wouldn’t let me. Back to work reading personal mail and some marvelous posts by other people. One such educated me to the fact that we have a major bee shortage. It may sound a bit funny, but it seems the crisis is serious because we rely on bees to pollinate so much from trees, to shrubs to plants. Without them the plant life is not replenished which is serious news for us. It seems the most likely cause is pesticide or more accurately too much pesticide. We’re spraying crops with the very thing that kills the bees that keep our plants going. Now that’s IRONY.

I worked till just before 11.00 am then had a break in the lounge. By 12.00 pm I was getting peckish and decided to think about lunch. I settled on a boil in the bag beef slices and some microchips. It tasted so much better than it looked. As I’d been up to date before lunch I decided to stay in my chair and enjoy a Sunday film. After an hour or so I decided I couldn’t settle and went back to work for a while.As soon as I was up to date I went to watch some Chariots of Fire and then Rush Hour 2 which was funnier than expected. At 9.00 pm I turned the set off and decided to call it a night. I’ve dome the mail and done the blog so now it’s time to sign off with a little music.

Monday. You’re going to find me very boring today as I didn’t leave the house so maybe if I say I got up, worked, saw to fish, breakfasted and took my coffee back to work we can skip a fair bit. If we also say my time was divided between work and doing the washing until lunchtime. I had bacon and beans with two of my baps which was lovely then I managed half an hours nap. I woke to a message from Tariq which said the Ivy was missing me. I wish I could get there to have a meal and take their sweets. Still, Mike will be back in two weeks I hope.

The rest of the afternoon was work or TV until my Law and Order at 6.00 pm. Then everything stops for tea. I had a bag of crisps and two small chocolate mousses while I was watching it. Then I was able to tun over and watch To Sir With Love with Sidney Poitier whom I rate as one of the greatest actors of his generation. The film is worth watching just for the fashion alone, and in all fairness though the accents weren’t fantastic ( especially Lulu) the East End of London was portrayed pretty fairly. The school of hard knocks was pretty common.

After the film I turned the TV off to concentrate on my mail which never takes long to build up. Tonight I’ve every intention of getting an early night ready to meet Yvonne in the morning provided I feel OK and the weather holds. I hope you’re not finding the musical choices too much. I’m choosing to do a few so that you have options since my taste won’t suit everybody. I do hope though that you find some that will just bring back memories of where you were and what you were doing at the time……..for those of you as old as me anyway. For you youngsters out there, maybe these will be brand new which is great, or perhaps you heard them played on some radio show for memories. So here are tonight’s, and we’ve almost run out of my favourites list.

Tuesday. Tuesday dawned early, somewhat before 5.00 am and I wasn’t a happy bunny. I was mid-dream between myself and an attractive woman ( I did say it was a dream, they don’t have to behave normally in dreams) it had just reached a crucial juncture  and I woke up shouting ” Yes, take them all off and I’ll show you how to use the washing machine.” Even in dreams I’m not lucky. There was no point in being in bed alone so I got up, switched the computer and the light on and went for a wee. Obviously that took a while with the inevitable stop-starts that come with age but also because I was having problems pointing downwards after the dream. I did mention she was attractive didn’t I? The computer was good to go when I got back but when I signed into messages I almost died. There were over 200. It turned out that many of them were duplicates of a ’cause’ one that I’d already had. Tonight I had an apology for the glitch in their system. They were nearly of a manslaughter charge.

I had every intent of going out today but when I went through to see to the fish and have breakfast at 7.00 am I had a message on my phone from Yvonne to say she wasn’t well and was going back to bed until the doctor came. I love my daughter but I have to admit I was relieved….not that she was ill of course, just   that I didn’t have to travel alone. Ugo was taking the day off to look after her and Reuben. She’s been very sick and had blacked out first thing, Ugo had only partly caught her before she landed on her nose. I was tense until the doctor had been and diagnosed  a trapped nerve in the neck that affected the blood supply too. Relief….even though it could take two or three days to clear.Yvonne thinks we should reschedule for Friday but I have blood tests that day. So anyway. I was able to slow down and there was no pressure to get dressed straight away. I could concentrate on clearing the mail and just clicking to delete all the duplicates. The problem with this situation is that I’m going stir crazy, I’m lonely and talking to myself even more than usual. Plus, as it got to lunchtime, I realise I never want to see another microwave cottage pie.

I managed a sleep this afternoon which must have been round the hour.The rest of the time was even more boring than that. I thought about buying some more Fruit of the Loom Teeshirts on ebay and putting things on the front and then I remembered that meant ironing and I already have loads of that. I made a list of birthday cards I need to buy as I have 5 more this month, that’s about as exciting as it gets. I caught up on emails and then had a couple of hours in front of the TV. I watched a programme called something like Storage Hunters where people bid on the contents of storage units that renters have defaulted on. There are some foul people out there who bid the price up just to see someone pay more than they needed to. I just hope what comes round, goes round.

Tonight I finish my favourites list off Youtube. I hope you’ve been enjoying my taste and the memories. No doubt I’ll drop some in sometimes as I think of them but for now………..

Wednesday. I lay in bed awake for an age this morning. I could not get my brain to shut down. It drifted from one inanity to the next without really focusing and I had to keep re-thinking until I had it straight. In the end I got up at 6.10 am and added Ricicles to my shopping list. It’s possible I might have some professional help this week if Yvonne comes over on Friday. It will depend on how she’s feeling of course, poor lamb. 

I turned the computer on and started in on the mail. I’ve come to the conclusion that Burkino Faso is full of banks . All the banks seem to have had clients with problems breathing and that it was fatal to multi-millionaires. Of course it goes without saying that there isn’t an honest manager in any of these banks yet they’re all extremely generous with the funds of the dear departed who regrettably had no family.Well, maybe they were too busy making money unless of course it had been given to them by generous bank managers. There was lots of normal post too. Before I finished I broke off for the fish and my meds. I tried to have 2 crumpets for breakfast but found that I really don’t enjoy them anymore. One was wasted and I had to have  a few cornflakes to top it off. I’m down to the crumbs almost.

I returned to work with my coffee and at 9.35 when I was up to date I dressed and went to Pauline’s. I remembered my baps, a magazine I needed for next week’s TV, 4 more birthday cards for nephews/nieces and my cigarettes but I was home again before I realised I’d forgotten the ricicles. Damn, it will have to be toast in the morning. For lunch I had some braised steak and mashed potatoes with two of my baps to soak up the gravy. I went straight back to work after that as I’d seen a programme I fancied at 3.15 pm. By 2.20 pm I was up to date again so I wen through to the lounge early and picked up a lemonade ice lolly on the way. I’d no sooner finished it than I nodded off but somehow managed to wake for my programme. From 5.00- 5.30 pm I watched a quiz then turned over for the end of a second one. I’d just started answering questions when I saw Dil and Matt approach. I shot into the kitchen to make their drinks and we finished the quiz together.

Games night started at 6.00 pm on the dot. It nearly ended at 6.35 when I lost the first game of scrabble but they persuaded me to play on by offering me a 50 point head start. I won the second game convincingly by at least 51 points. Feeling mollified I broke out the cards but Dil was obviously taking no prisoners and hammered me at Nomination Whist. You’d have heard the whining for miles if they hadn’t gagged me. We were now one game all. Out came the crib board and with a superb tactical display ( also known as cheating ) I won, but only just. There was time for one last game of crazy 8’s which may have been due to the fact I forgot all about making another drink after the scrabble. We decided just to play till one of us reached 200. Five hands in and the score was Matt 178, Dil 150, Me zilch. Hand 6 they made sure I wasn’t going to win with no points on the board  and did everything they could in a concerted effort to get me. They did and I ended on 62 points but at least I won the game. It was magic having their company, it was tragic they had to go, but once I’d made sure they couldn’t get back in and I hadn’t said Dil had forgotten his phone, I tidied up, washed the pots and came through to work. Unfair, 93 pieces of post since this afternoon and guess what, yes, Burkino Faso has two more crooked bankers. I hope you’ve all had  great day even though I know you won’t get to read this yet.x

Thursday. It wasn’t an early start today since I didn’t get up until 6.00 am and only had an hour on the computer before heading to the kitchen for the usual routine which you’ll remember on a Thursday includes doing my meds for the week. It would have gone an awful lot better if half of them had been there when I opened the drawer. The first box I came to was empty and a few more had a day or two’s supply in. I don’t know how I let it happen as a new prescription request should have gone in Monday. I don’t know if it was anything to do with the problems I had last week with the missing spray but it leaves me in a fix . At 9.00 am I dashed out ( I did get dressed first) and took the new request to the chemist. I probably won’t get the new one until Monday but they’ll try for tomorrow for me. I happen to know my Doctor is off on a Friday though. I did a little more work then decided I wanted to see my friends at the Ivy. I plucked up the courage to walk up there but chickened out ( cluck cluck) after five minutes standing there and other people came to the stop. I didn’t have my MP3 player. Back home again I realise I’m going through a lonely period. I also found out that I’d mislaid my outside tablets so it’s perhaps as well I didn’t go. I ended up making up another pill box with another 2 meal supply. I searched everywhere for the others and decided I must have left them somewhere the last time I was out with Yvonne. That gave me a clue and I remembered the last time I saw her it was raining. I checked the pockets of my raincoat and there it was.

I was sitting in the lounge and I saw an elderly neighbour pass the window. There was a knock on the door and sweet Dorothy passed me a bouquet of flowers for Julia. She told me she was away on Mothers day and then had a nasty fall that kept her in. It was so thoughtful of her to remember the anniversary like that but I felt so guilty that I hadn’t noticed she hadn’t been about and asked about her. It’s the result of not leaving the house very often and of becoming far too insular. Not a good thing. I’ll have to make it up to her. I found a vase for the flowers and put them with the other two vases Ju currently has. I hope I’ll be able to replace some of them this weekend.

Most of the day has been spend nipping between the lounge and the computer trying to keep up to date. Thursday brings me my new episode of Big Bang Theory at 8.00 pm then at 10.00 pm my new Person of Interest. I was aghast sitting there tonight to be told that they were showing two episodes but I couldn’t stay up watching till midnight and then be able to come back to blog and catch up with post. The sacrifices I’m prepared to make for my friends eh?                                                                                     Hopefully you’ve all had a better day than I’ve had but maybe we’ll all have a great one tomorrow.  Hugs all round.

Friday. It was a very lazy 6.05 am today. I even went and got washed and dressed before turning the computer on. I was so laid back I was almost horizontal. I took care of a few messages before going to turn the light on for the fish and I put milk in a mug before realising I hadn’t laid out any tablets to take. Instead, I poured most of it on some cornflakes and used the rest for my coffee. At 8.30 am I girded up my loins ( or lions when I’m dyslexic) and headed out the door for the bus. I made it just in time for the 8.40 am bus and was actually up in town at 8.45 am, a bit before expected. It took me a good 15 minutes to  walk as far as the doctors where I waited to see the receptionist. One I don’t know came towards me and I almost panicked but I was lucky that one who knows me stepped in. She knows not to try and get me to speak but knew I wasn’t there for an appointment or I’d have signed myself in. “Bloods” she asked and I nodded. She passed me the forms and I smiled at her and left. Just two minutes away is the hospital and I went straight to the waiting room though my appointment was for 9.35 am. A few people were called in turn and I was OK just waiting but at about 9.15 am the nurse came and announced a woman’s name.No response, another name, still no response and a third with the same result. 

“Is anyone here for bloods?” she asked the room in general. I would have remained sitting till my time had she not seen the form in my hands. She held out her hand for it just as another nurse came out and called my name. Whew, double shifts today. I was actually out of the hospital before I was due in. I walked back towards town fully intending to nip to a small shop for some lighters but as I approached town a bus appeared and with a slight increase in pace I made it and within 10 minutes was home and back at work. Safe in my little nest. I kept the mail as up to date as possible today as Yvonne was bringing Reuben. Maybe we’d go shopping, maybe not. It was just gone midday when she texted me to say she was on the bus. I knew she’d be here about 1.30 pm. At about twenty past I got my coat on to go and meet her from the bus to see what she wanted to do. Reuben was fast asleep in his pram. She explained he wasn’t very well and has been sick a few times up to breakfast- but not since- but that he now had an explosive stomach and needed changing. We just made it to the house when he woke up and greeted me with a smile.

Once inside she changed him and poor lamb was covered in it. Luckily she had a spare outfit. He came and sat with his pops and told me a right old story. Not a word of truth in it I’m sure. Within half an hour it happened again and off came the clean outfit. There were no more replacements so he had to sit in a nappy and his mum’s cardigan. He seemed quite chirpy in himself. He was obviously dehydrated and Yvonne decided to give him some milk though I favour boiled water. She was a little worried he hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. I went to answer the door while she tried to tempt him with a little fruit puree. It was Dawn from the chemist with the drugs I’d requested yesterday. Within moments he’d thrown up all over his bib and the cardigan. I came back through and took the bib to flush the worst of it away and wash it clean. Not stressed at all as I didn’t want him to feel any tension. He sat back with a water based drink and demolished it while now wrapped in a blanket. Yvonne had to phone Ugo to ask him to come take them home. That was a good hour + journey in rush hour traffic. They left me about 6.15 pm I think. I had some tea that Ugo had kindly picked up on the way and then went to take a shower. I finished my evening by working out how to use catch up TV and found the episode of Person of Interest  I’d missed last night. I did my drugs for the week, took tonight’s and came through to find 93 messages waiting. Ouch. I’m never leaving this seat again.

Saturday. I repeated the 6.05 am today. Well, you just get stuck in a rut don’t you. A quick run to the bathroom and back and on with the show…….. I could only work until 7.00 am though. On went the fish tank light and the expectation of food turned to fin flicks of disgust when they became aware I wasn’t feeding them today. Having had my ‘supplier’ deliver my stash yesterday, I put the weeks drugs out and then took this mornings dose to get my daily ‘High’ before taking my coffee through. It was 7.20 am, time to get dressed and put on my shoes. By half past I was ready to go out the front door with some shopping bags and trailing the three recycling bags behind me. I dropped those and quickly pulled the two bins to the pick up point at the end of the path and was on my way. I caught the bus at 7.40 am and by 7.45 was at the supermarket. No-one at the cash machines- good, I reloaded my wallet. Then swiftly into battle in the near deserted shop. Flowers first, a nice bunch of red carnations  to fill in any little gaps in the vases. A quick sideways grab on the run netted me a punnet of strawberries and a little further on a left hand swipe got me two packets of my baps. I bought some cakes, but can you believe it they weren’t for me. Still on the run ( OK fast trot) it was butter, always my Lurpak and then milk. Some ready meals and change aisle please. I skirted the freezers as I wanted to go there last.

I avoided the picalilli as Yvonne caught me with two full jars and asked me what my fixation is. I did buy some malt vinegar though ( remember Prague, chips taste better with malt vinegar not balsamic which is disgusting on chips). I bought the latest DVD of the Hobbit but I won’t watch it until I have all three. Some biscuits, some pop, some ricicles for breakfast and I’m just about done except for the ice lollies. I raid the freezers and bulk buy. I should be OK till Monday now. Off to the checkout where a sympathetic assistant said she’s hold off until I’d unpacked so I could move the trolley along to pack the stuff. Ha, she got into a conversation with another member of staff and she’d finished scanning before I’d got the trolley ready. I made her wait for payment until I’d packed the bags. I was sweating a bit as I couldn’t see my friendly phone girl but as luck would have it, the lady on the lottery counter was someone Ju and I used to see a lot. She happily made my phone call for a taxi. I’d just got the stuff out and put the trolley away when it arrived, almost like it had been waiting round the corner. He must know I tip well. Before I could move anything or he could pick up a bag, someone placed a barrier between us. Some fool car company was having a sales drive on a discounted car and they were even backing the model up to the front of the taxi, and asking him to move. It’s possible there may have been a few words, one of which might have been patience whereas the other 99 made the hair in my ears crisp up and fall out. The barrier was moved and my stuff carried to the boot of the taxi as I climbed in.

At home it was the usual putting the shopping away. Then I took the cakes next door for Dorothy an her son before changing the dead flowers from my two vases and putting in the carnations. It wasn’t even 9.00 am. I went back to working on mail. One friend had asked about The Ivy and it hit me, heck I’d managed the bus once, why not again. I want to see my friends! At 10.00am I left the house with chocolates in a carrier bag and headed for the bus stop going the other way. I even called in at Pauline’s for cigarettes. Once I reached the bus stop I had time to try and dissuade myself from going. What if they’re busy, why should they be happy to see me, will they even have noticed I’m not there? Before I could go home the bus arrived. It was quite uncomfortable as the bust was fairly crowded and the disabled seats were taken. Awful as it sounds I has to sit on the aisle side of a double seat to stop anyone sitting beside me. It was quite a journey through some of the back lanes and small villages but eventually I rang the bell for my stop. I got off the bus shaking, lit a cigarette and started walking along the road to The Ivy. As I got there, I put the cigarette out then hesitated a minute or two outside the building. Steeling myself I went in. There were a few customers but no sign of any staff so I went to my usual table and started to divest myself of sticks and jacket. Tariq turned up behind me with a beaming smile and asked me how I got there. Was I with Michael? He was very surprised when I said I’d come by bus though I couldn’t really tell him how important The Ivy and my special friends are, which was why I’d chanced the bus. Then I saw Shell and spoke to her for a couple of minutes while Tariq made me a drink. The shaking started to subside.

I couldn’t decide between a late breakfast or an early lunch but bacon won the day. I took a tablet ready for it’s arrival. Tariq came over to chat frequently and even brought his laptop over to show me some things on ebay. Angie came on duty and I was able to speak to her for a few minutes. Like Tariq her interest seemed to be where Mike was so I understood he’s the main interest of everyone. Understandable really as he’s got such a quick humour.  I ate my breakfast then ordered a pot of tea. There were plenty more customers by now and I didn’t want to be in the way so I got ready to go. The usual fight with Tariq ensued about the bill and he came round from behind the counter to give me a hug goodbye and tied to stick money in my pocket. No way I was having that. I don’t want him to close down because they’re not making a profit. He saw me out of the building and across the busy coast road. I went to the bus stop but one flew past before I got there. No problem, the most I would wait is half an hour and I could smoke to calm the nerves. A large black car drew up and there was Shella  beckoning me to get in. Amazing, the dear heart had left the kitchen to run me home. I tried to refuse but she insisted. My home is quite a way from The Ivy but she didn’t seem to mind at all and ran me to the door.

The rest of the day has been work, TV and ice lollies.

A dedication to all the nice people in this world, especially my friends on t’interweb and at The Ivy, Temptations and Kassidy’s as well as those at Butterfly’s whom I don’t get to see anymore.

Reuben and friend

Reuben and friend

Best of Pals

Best of Pals


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