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Baby News

I’m horrified tonight when I realise I’ve been jabbering away on here without sharing a secret with my little clique. So, Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone but Yvonne is pregnant.

Well you can tell Yvonne obviously and Ugo, but let’s keep it to ourselves for now. When we went to their house for Christmas dinner I was given a little box which being nosy I opened. Out came a bib with “I love my Nanna and Pops” written on it.  I asked “Really”?  Never  short of a witticism am I. It was rather warm in the room so I wiped the sweat from my eyes to realise Julia was crying with joy. It was such early stages that we didn’t want to talk about it and risk bad luck. Since then, keeping quiet just seems to have come naturally.

The baby is due in August and I’m sure it’s a boy and others are now coming round to my point of view. August is now Julia’s next target and if will power alone can do it she’ll be there. I’ll still be trying to figure out ways to get him singing Welsh songs and following Rugby as he’s brought onto the ward. Well, we all have our priorities.

I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner my friends but it was purely accidental. I raise a glass to the baby and to you all, Iechyd da. xx


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