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Open Apology to the UK.

I have always thought it a mistake to talk about Politics or Religion when having a haircut. Those are usually subjects to be kept to oneself. Tonight I not only find myself needing to talk about one of them but also needing to issue an apology to the British public for the cruel deception played upon them by the people I gave my allegiance to many years ago.

Just at the moment I feel as though I should be attending the political equivalent of a TT meeting (AA for my US friends). I voted Conservative and I need help. When the last election was over I was elated that my side had won after so many disastrous overspending years by the Labour party. It soon became obvious that they hadn’t won a majority which meant either another election or as a matter of expediency taking on a political partner with enough seats to make up the majority needed. I almost cheered when the dithering ( or is that blackmailing?) Liberal Democrats came on board. I soon had to force a gag to my mouth when I found that a PROMISE made to hold a referendum on the European Union Membership had been dropped. That was hugely disappointing to me as I hoped we would see a reversal of so many of the ridiculous laws pushed on us by Brussels Bureaucrats would soon be gone. The human rights act which decided that convicted prisoners should be allowed to vote would be history.

That Cherie Blair played such a big part in getting the human right act ratified over here and then made a further fortune using it to defend undesirables or on cases where a girl flouted school rules about wearing a head covering yet the school need it to identify puplis, makes me sick. That her husband wanted to be President of the EU because he wasn’t able to dismantle my country enough to become President here was bad enough. The European Members of Parliament are on a gravy train and I firmly believe we are still there because MP’s hope to take jobs there if they lose elections here.

What has sickened me most though is the crushing of my belief that the Conservatives are the party that try to lower taxes and put money back in workers pockets while the Labour party take it like thieves in the night for their profligate spending. Today George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that from April 2013 he would be hitting the most sick, disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society, the Disabled. It’s long been the case that the disabled have been assessed for extra help either with care or mobility or both. That Disability Living Allowance is to end. On top of that the disabled will be assessed by a firm called ASOS for future disability benefits. This firm are disgusting. It’s their job to make sure benefits are cut and they obviously either use the most incompetent doctors they can find or they tell them what they expect an outcome to be. I speak from experience here since I’ve been assessed by doctors who’ve asked me to walk 8 feet and then decided I can walk 8 yards or who have seen me cower before a stranger and stutter badly when asked a question but decided I can communicate. They have added answers to a form that were not asked at the interview so often that people know they will be turned down automatically at the first try unless on their death bed and usually the first appeal is also rejected in the hope a claimant will give up. It took me three appeals to get what my doctors has claimed I was ill enough to need. That’s like saying all my doctors were fools but not theirs who spent perhaps half an hour with you. I am not in the least racist and my comment might equally apply to someone from Scotland or Ireland with strong accents but two doctors who came to me I was practically unable to understand since their accents were so bad, I doubted they’d been in this country for long.

So, I apologise unreservedly to citizens of the UK for my votes. It won’t happen again. If you see an appeal from causes to sign a petition to ask the Government to overturn this cruel act, please sign it. I promise I’ll appreciate it along with many others.


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Another child lost. Bullying Continues.

It’s not often I’d ask another blogger if I could use their segment rather than write one of my own. Today I’m going to do just that.

This is the post on Meeka’s Blog in full which you can see here.  http://acflory.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/bullying-another-child-lost/

Bullying – another child lost
By acflory
When I first stumbled on the tragic story of Kenneth James Weishuhn I was horrified and then I became angry and started blogging in the hope that words from my small corner of the universe might make some tiny difference, might help to stop this obscenity from happening again.

Since then my anger has turned to a kind of sick incomprehension because the suicide of Kenneth is not the first example of a child hounded to death; it is one of many. Another one may be happening even as I write these words and I feel powerless to stop another young life from slipping away. Yet when naive hope is gone a stubborn persistence can sometimes remain. So I’m not going to stop crying ‘why?’. I’m not going to stop demanding answers. And I’m not going to stop demanding change because these children deserve better from us than a five minute ‘tsk tsk how sad’.

The light has gone out for this boy but his message lives on. He wanted to believe that things would get better. For him they did not. Yet that dream deserves to be pursued for all the other children like him who are struggling with bullying right now.

I strongly suggest that all parents, teachers and anybody with a heart should go to :


to give Project ProteKT what help you can, even if it’s nothing more than moral support.

I can’t help but echo ACFLORY’s sentiment. Enough is enough ! Time now for everyone  across The World to acknowledge that these children deserve the right to life no matter what their  Sexual Orientation. At the end of the day these are children ! In case anyone thinks it’s OK to bully adults instead, IT ISN’T.                                                             I don’t mean to sound as though the U.S. is the only nation to blame for this but the issue seems prevalent in the news there at the moment. The biggest surprise being that the Land of the Free is also home to some of the worst bigots in the World. We expect every day to hear of an Imam sentencing someone to death by stoning for what they perceive to be a heinous crime but which we tolerate because we are not barbarous savages who know no better. But in America to hear of a Church Pastor telling parents to thump a child, crack his wrist if he appears to stand in a gay manner or  have a DJ condone and promote the raping of a girl until she’s straight should be unthinkable. Surely it’s time to show how civilised we are and get rid of those who openly promote this evil and to crack down on bullying in any form, against any person in any place. Maybe then we can turn round and say we are the most civilised and tolerant of people. PLEASE parents. make sure your schools have a good anti-bullying policy, one day your own child may need it. And the next time you hear of a shock jock or a minister talking the filth we’ve recently heard, DO SOMETHING ! Complain to someone and make sure it won’t happen again.


Enough is enough.




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Million Moms

I’m an angry man and I’m a puzzled man. It’s all to do with a Million Moms.

The Million Mums Fund and Challenge is a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensure healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries to thousands of women in the third world. It does a wonderful job. So why would it make me angry.

Well, there’s another Million Moms campaign which has nothing to do with the first one. This one started out in America in 2000 when a small group decided to try and combat what it saw were loose gun controls in the US and marched to try and keep guns out of the hands of children, young people and criminals. As one who doesn’t live over there I can only say my heart would have been with them in those days and not with the rival group who took issue with them. I know it’s written into the Constitution that all Americans have the right to bear arms but since the Wild West has gone and gun crimes are ever in the news you have to wonder why the Constitution hasn’t been rewritten. Easy answer, the manufacturers of weapons there have a lot of political clout and very little conscience.

Things changed within that group when it appeared that money was being used to support politicians and numbers on their marches got as low as a couple of hundred as support fell away. But now it’s back on the increase. And is it another issue to combat the previously unsuccessful gun laws? No, this is all about hate. Only this time they’re in the business of generating it.

Recently I mentioned a blog post by a friend about a 14-year-old boy who died. His name was Kenneth James Weishuhn and he committed suicide at just 14 after he made the mistake of coming ‘out’ at school and declaring himself gay. He was unmercifully bullied at school and out of school. His life was made miserable by taunts and by (some) friends no longer talking too him. School can be an evil place to be and schoolkids amongst the most cruel people but often they grow older and wiser. Why don’t I think this will happen here? Well, it because of One Million Moms and their like who have decided that gays are bad and unnatural and teach their children this. So, it becomes OK for children to bully when they have their parents opinions to encourage them. One Million Moms have tried to have J C Penney drop Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson because she’s gay. They’ve asked people to write in to complain. Fortunately Miss De Generes has enough fans to fight that off and the One Million Moms facebook site had to close when the fans showed their muscle. This where the anger got bad because Million Moms Fund who are also on Facebook started to get the flak from the fans who mistook the site. I’m glad to say this has been sorted now as it could have cost them a lot in donations.

One Million Moms are wont to say that being gay is unnatural and they have the bible on their side they’d have us believe. There have been recommendations that children should be ‘cured’ of this disease and I worry about what they’d want to do with adults. They call themselves Conservative which makes me shudder as that’s the Political Party I vote for in the UK. I think they remind me more of A VERY right-wing group from the 1930’s who came to power in Germany.

Just as worrying was their saying the Church supports them, for tonight I listened to a rant I couldn’t believe came from a Church at all. Pastor Sean Harris of North Carolina ( who in my opinion should now be sitting in jail for promoting cruelty) suggested that any four-year old boys who showed a ‘limp wrist’ should have it cracked and dad’s should punch them. I hope he doesn’t have children of his own. Any church that pays this man and doesn’t instantly de-frock him is not one I’d like to see people go to.

North Carolina in the news again also decided they should make an amendment to create an Anti-gay Marriage act. It seems to me that Church and State are getting too close here and I thought the US was founded to keep the two separate. So now I’m puzzled. I’m reading all about the Land of the Free trying to curtail the rights of some of its population. A country that spoke of bringing them your poor and huddled masses ( forgive any misquote) which would lead you to believe they care and yet 14 year old boys can be left so desperate after being bullied that they kill themselves rather than tolerate another day of that vaunted freedom.

I read of Battered Wives shelters being taxed out of existence, abortion clinics being attacked and closed down and it makes me want to weep for women and children there. ( Except for One Million Moms of course). What does worry and intrigue me is what is going to happen if the child of one of these parents reaches 14 and decides he/she is gay. Will their parents lead the hounding of them and ensure the bullying starts in the home with Dad (or the Pastor) punching them?

For the elucidation of any of the Million Moms out there. I looked it up….Being Gay is NOT an illness that can be cured and I don’t think Skinner and his operant conditioning would help much either. It’s not something teens ‘grow out of’, it’s NOT something they’re doing this week just to spite you and it most definitely CAN’T be cured by constantly beating them up. It’s a way of life that they’re born with so learn to live with it and the resultant people will probably grow up well balanced. As long as N,Carolina doesn’t get it’s way your gay child will probably be able to marry and enjoy a happy life.

I’m hoping to see a banner flying somewhere in N.Carolina that says A Billion Moms against A Million Moms and for common sense.


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