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Welcome to an Interview with Rip.

This is the first time I’ve ever agreed to interview a character rather than the author that created him. It’s not something I felt especially comfortable with especially as he’s an irascible character with no seeming redeeming points. Anyway, I shall leave you to judge for yourselves                                                                                                                          David Prosser.
Welcome to an Interview with :  Rip, The Voice of Rage.
A Character in the novel  City of Guardians by Bee L. Kirk:  
A brief synopsis.
City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor is a story about the human emotions that affect us everyday. Rage, Love, Compassion, and Jealousy are all emotions and feelings that we can identify with. City of the Guardians gives these emotions names, attitudes and opinions. Rip is the voice of Rage and he lets it vent on mankind as often as possible. Leere represents Love and is in Love with spreading her gift, although it’s not always wanted.
Don’t you ever wonder about those little nudges and whispers you get from time to time, the ones that say, “Don’t go there today” or “Change lanes”?
City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor will show you who’s behind those whispers and nudges. This book will make you take notice to the existence of things beyond our sight. The Guardians fight to make their voice the one you listen to. Which will you choose?
City of the Guardians also touches on subjects that we want to avoid talking about sometimes, like suicide. I give the topic a voice and my idea of what it sounds like in the head of it’s potential victim.
Alex Honor is one of the main characters and finds himself in the middle of a battle that started long before he was born. He has no idea that on the morning of his accident, life as he knew it would no longer exist.
The message of this book is to enlighten, the content of this book is to cause one to pause and think about the choices they are contemplating on making before the inevitable,’shoulda, coulda, woulda’.
You might be embarrassed to admit that you’ve experienced a nudge or quiet whisper but you and I both know that you have. Rip and Stilo are waiting.
Alex Honor is involuntary thrown into the throes of an unseen world of whispers and nudges. The ones we hear telling us to slow down when we’re driving or the ones that tell us to not to go a certain place that day. He and his friends are involved in an accident that claims one the best friends.
So Rip, I’ve had the opportunity to read some of your monologue and it appears you’re not a happy chappie. Why is that?
Next question.
I understand the Guardians were united at one time. What caused the rift between you and why have some of you changed to what could be called the Dark Side?
The rift, as you call it, was caused by the decision of some to follow the one who didn’t agree with the Beginning of all things.
Explain why you rage, and what it is you rage against?
I rage against the stupidness of society. I can’t stand the fact that you humans have it so easy. You can make as many mistakes as possible, molest & kill children, lie, cheat and steal, then ask for forgiveness and all is forgiven. Then on top of this undeserved injustice, you  fail to realize how lucky you all are. If a human is miserable enough to vent their perceived injustices on one another, I am only to happy to assist them.
What do you achieve by having people commit such terrible crimes, and why if they won’t do as you ask with your malicious little suggestions would you make them commit suicide?
Man is weak, they have been since the beginning of time. They are selfish and sinful by nature. I only suggest what is already in the heart of man and woman or child. It’s my job to make your life miserable and I enjoy this because I have nothing better to do. If a person really believes me when I say killing themselves will make things better, who am I to argue with that?
If you could change One thing about the real World, what would your first choice be?
Really? Hahaha; I would remove every Bible in the World. I would make it impossible for them to gain the knowledge that the book holds. I would make it impossible to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.
Share with the readers one little known fact about yourself.
I can be resisted.
Do you miss the companionship of the lighter Guardians and do you see a chance that you may all be united again one day? If not, what will you achieve for yourself from your actions?
No, I don’t miss the companionship and I could care less if we are ever re-united. It’s not how it works. I have chosen my side. I only exist to make your life worth not living. I achieve a sense of gratification every day. Each time a person decides their life isn’t worth fighting for. Each time an idiot decides to kill someone because they don’t agree with them, I know that people are still listening to me. I know that I’m still getting through. I’m inspired by the lack of faith that the youth has today. I love the fact that they have taken prayer out of schools. It makes my job that much easier. The ones that still pray are the ones I seek the most. But for some reason, no matter how bad it gets for them, they seem to stay the course and push me out. But I don’t give up. I’m always waiting, hoping for the opportunity to ignite the rage inside them. I know it’s there, I just have to be patient.
Are we done?
Yes Rip, I think we’re done thank you. I’m sorry you’ve had to bear with man’s stupidity this long.
Bee L. Kirk, Author of City of Guardians
What made you decide to write this book?
When I first started writing City of the Guardians, I had know idea how it would turn out. I didn’t know there would be a character named Rip (Rage) or Stilo (Strength). I wanted to write a good story that would allow people to escape their normal lives and live through my characters and their circumstance. At some point I decided that there had to be something extraordinary about my book that would make the reader want to read it again and again. After deciding on the first traumatic action scene I thought, why not create a character that caused this action scene. I thought how cool would it be to give a voice to an emotion. And then I started thinking about all the emotions that play out in our lives like, Love (Leere), Compassion (Cadence), Jealousy (Jilt), Guilt (Gib) and sometimes Rage (Rip). By the way Rip is featured along with Stilo on the book cover. Rip is the one facing you.
Where did you find the characters?
I wrote down a list of emotions/feelings. After looking at the list I thought about how each of them made me feel. The emotion/feeling of Love made me feel free. I remembered watching a movie called ‘Jason’s Lyric’ when I was young and it was a story about love. Lyric-Leere. So, I gave the emotion of Love the name Leere. Another example I would like to give is Jilt (Jealousy), who is a female. I tried to think of the one event that would cause me to be the most jealous of something or someone. And I felt it would be if I was jilted at the alter. I would be extremely hurt and most jealous of other brides who weren’t left at the alter. Jealousy-Jilt. I could go on and on about each character but I’ll save all that(smile).
I think I did a pretty good job with Rip (Rip) because you’re one of the first bloggers to agree to interview him. I understand the hesitation, he’s not someone I would want to speak with either.
Thank you David for agreeing to interview him.
All My Best,
Bee L. Kirk
Do you have a website to share?
Any Link to the Book?
Please feel free to share an excerpt.
Chapter 14
~No Love~
‘The times repeat themselves.
One decade will resort back to the previous. The youth will revisit old fashions, politics will come back to a prodigy personality, and the violence makes a repeated appearance. It says that the generations to come will be weaker but wiser, and once again, it is coming to fulfillment. Back in the day we had to really try to convince a child to go into a school and kill everyone.
Today’s times are totally different. It doesn’t take much to convince “Little Johnny” that he should kill up a bunch of people because he had been picked on for years. Their mentality is weaker, which works in my favor. I don’t care who they shoot up, just as long a destruction is a result of their actions.
I don’t really have any favorites. I want the one who is going to listen to my voice.
I want the one who is weak enough to believe that my solution is the best choice.
Destruction, destruction, destruction, and more of it.
And if he happens to punk out and decide he can’t kill innocent people, I’ll push for the next best thing─suicide. I whisper that life would be so much easier without them. I tell them that their parents don’t care for them and they want them gone. I tell them that life on the other side will be paradise and they will forget this horrible one. I tell them life will never get better. It will only get worse and there is no other answer.
All lies, but they don’t care to hear Stilo when he tells them everything will be alright. They push him out and concentrate on what I am saying, and that’s when I turn it up. The end result is another life extinguished, another soul I don’t have to worry about in the end. Still, there’s another little unintended surprise left by the loser.
They often leave family and friends behind, so I get to plant the seed of suicide, guilt, depression, sorrow, and worry in them; not all of them though. Some of ‘em have the “faith” thing going on and resist my urges.
One thing about me you should know is that I never give up. I’ll give them a break, and when the time is right I’ll pay them another visit. Funny thing, though, is that if they could see what I see and knew what I knew, they’d never listen to me. They wouldn’t take this life for granted. They would take a breath and chill out, but I don’t care what they do as long as they keep me and my counterparts busy.
I don’t want any trouble, and when business slows down for us, I know there’s trouble coming. So me and my gang keep at it, always waiting for that weak moment or when they aren’t expecting. I like to disguise my intentions; can’t be too obvious.
An opportunity or problem has arisen now. Stilo and his self-righteous friends have a Shiner on the horizon. I hate them more than anything.
What is a Shiner, you ask?
It’s a mortal who has been given the ability to see us, the Guardians.
Originally we were all on the same team. But after some miscommunications, some of us decided to switch sides and have some fun. Anyway, Shiners are fresh and strong. They don’t know everything there is to know about our world, but they have the gift.
Oooh, I feel despair. Mmm, someone is contemplating the easy way out. Let me go and assist them in their last decision.
We’ll talk again. Real soon.
Oh yeah, I’m Rip.’
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Twitter: @beelkirk
Bee L. Kirk is a thirty five year old, married, mother of two. She was born and raised in Camden, Arkansas and moved to Texas in 1996. She worked for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department for four years as a Detention Service Officer and while there came to appreciate the fragility of the unknown. She is the host of an internet radio talk show called “The Honey Hour” on DFWiradio.com, a blogtalk radio show called ‘City of the Guardians’ and contributing writer for Best Southwest Moms Blog.
Bee always asks the guest on her show what their passion is. She feels it is important to establish and speak the thing that makes you tick. Her passion is letting people know that no matter their past mistakes, current situation, or future uncertainty, it is never too late to pursue their passion. “I am living proof that dreams come true,” is just one of her many sayings.


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