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……..And They Sneak in Behind You….

No sooner had I finished yesterday’s blog about an award than beggar me, I turned my back and it happened again.  Barbara is a poet(ess) from My Un-Puzzled Heart


nominated me for yet another award. I’m proud, pleased, honoured that people like my little mental gambols enough to go to this trouble. I’m also frustrated enough to wonder if my ‘Brother of Another Mother’ Michael aka Baron Fraenkel is laughing his socks off having paid someone to draw facts about me out into the open like a dentist draws teeth. Here is the wonderful award………..








And here with many sighs of frustration I obey the rules to the best of my ability. Firstly and most sincerely I thank Barbara for her kindness, especially as she’s a newbie to my blog……though actually that may have been the reason I got away with this since she doesn’t know me well yet. Secondly I supply you with 7 facts about myself.

1. I’m a Capricorn. Born in the depths of midwinter I’m a miserable git who avoids the sun, oh no, that’s cos’ I’m a vampire isn’t it?

2. Last night I threw a tantrum and ate 2 pork pies because my brother beat me 3 – 0 at Scrabble. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

3. I grew up playing card games and boxed games.( caves were boring with no TV invented then). My favourite game is Balderdash.

4. I prefer savoury to sweet though I’ll cave in for wimberry pie ( http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071129150134AAsjEss ) or rhubarb crumble.

5. In between meals I love cheddars, quavers and ( Sponsorships accepted) Borders Dark Chocolate covered Gingers or Cadbury’s Dark chocolate Fingers.

6. As a Type II diabetic I never eat things that are bad for me. (Except maybe the odd-3 box of- Del Monte Pineapple ice lollies….Mmmmmm)

7. I believe in eating my Three a Day of fruit ( see above) and vegetables ( three peas or three carrots) no hardship. I can’t understand why some find it hard unless of course they’ve been faced with that ‘ABOMINATION’ Sprouts ! Yes, you know who I’m talking about you little horrors masquerading as mini cabbages and tasting like a disease on a plate. Even a good gravy can’t mask the taste.

It appears I don’t have to answer questions for this award but I do have to nominate 15 more worthy bloggers. So here goes.

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Right, apart from notifications I’ve fulfilled my duty for the morning. Time for a coffee I think. Today is my MuJo visit and I have a little surprise for them which I need to hide before they arrive. That should be simple since it’s only 12 feet long. I nearly herniated myself yesterday when the delivery man propped it up by the door and disappeared into the sunset when I’d signed for it. ( B*stard). I have a hallway that turns at right angles to the door, so hefting the giant rug onto my shoulder ( and leaning heavily onto the wall to keep me upright) I forged ahead only to come a cropper at the first hurdle, the wall ahead that faced me. I angled right, having to move away from my support to do so, and twisting the rug to the left moved more slowly ahead. I was making good progress until I reached the front door. Since the rug no occupie the whole space with the angle it was at there was no space for me to enter. Who’s idea was it to stick inflexible cardboard tubes down the middle of things to keep them rigid when you need them to be floppy? Persistence paid off in the end. I rammed the rug through so that I was carried in it’s wake having swept the telephone off the console table . I made a mad dash ( actually I was falling but it doesn’t sound as good) to catch the hands from falling too which was perhaps not my brightest idea since they were falling on my right which was the shoulder bearing the rug. I ended up on my back in the ( then) uncartpeted hall with the hands safe in my hands and a roll of carpet on top of me.

Just to finish my daily whinge, some of you kind people asked to see the carpet I bought at the door. I know you only want proof really that I actually do part with money sometimes so here it is. As an added bonus I’m including a shot of my stick stand and collection. For the ‘technically’ minded amongst you, mu front door is just to the right of the black cabinet you can see in the first picture.














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Pennant Park Wishes.





I know that I have previously made mention of Pennant Park Riding Centre where Julia visits. She being the one who loves horses and me being the bystander who goes along for her sake you wouldn’t expect me to wax lyrical on the subject. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t but circumstances are not normal these day are they ?

The owner of Pennant Park is Carl Crofts. He’s a nice person, a highly skilled riding instructor  with a very pleasant manner and huge dreams. Pennant is a lovely property as you can see from the link  http://www.pennantparkridingcentre.com/ . There are good grounds, and plenty of nice hacks in the area. For newcomers or for those who want to learn dressage there is a good arena. The problem is when the weather is bad ( and bear in mind this is the UK so more bad than good) the arena can’t be used. Because the arena is uncovered Carl is limited as to the people he can train there and of course the income goes down when the open arena is out of use.

Julia does her riding/training at an RDA ( Riding for the Disabled) stables about twenty five miles away. Carl and his wife Storm would love to be RDA approved so that he could help the disabled youngsters in the area learn to be comfortable around horses and help them, along with disabled adults to get pleasure from riding that often helps with other problems too. I’d love to see this happen since obviously it would mean not having to travel so far for Julia to ride. In order to become approved for RDA there must be a covered arena with a lift to help get the disabled onto their horses.  Herein lied the problem as Carl cannot raise such funding when he loses so much income due to the vagaries of our weather. What’s needed is an influx of goodwill from businesses, maybe corporate sponsorship. After all. it can’t do any harm to have a little board ‘Sponsored By….’ somewhere around an arena to be seen by visiting parents etc.

So, if you have a business or know of a business who’d be prepared to help by putting some sort of building around the arena, or providing a small lift that takes people up to the height of a horses back……  Don’t be shy. If you’re part of a group of businesses on a trading estate perhaps you could get everyone together to bring this dream to fruition not just for Carl but for generations of disabled and able bodied children who could use these facilities. You’ll find contact details on the link.


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