Blog Cast List.

It’s been pointed out to me that as newcomers join the blog they may not know who I’m writing about. Because of that, and realising how confusing relationships can be, here is the cast list.

Julia/ Ju. My beloved wife who died in March 2013

Yvonne. Our daughter and my new Boss.

Ugo. Yvonne’s husband

Reuben. Their firstborn, my grandson.

Mike. My best friend of 40 years and like a brother. We’ve always been known as the Brothers Grimm, but he’s grimmer than I.

Lisa  Mike’s daughter, wife to Tony and mother of Alex

Anton. Mike’s son and father to Sophie and Josh

MuJo. Muriel is Julia’s sister and John her husband.

Dilwyn. My brother, younger, taller, handsome. I hate him. ( Married to Lynne and has daughter Jess and  grandson Rylan)

Lee.  Dil’s eldest son  now a married man to Jen. Computer genius as he’s my go to man in an emergency. Occasional scrabble player.

Matthew/Matt. Dil’s youngest son and fast becoming a card sharp. Haven’t caught him cheating at scrabble yet.

David. My nephew and decorator. Married to Gina. Son Taylor and daughter Hollie. Also, father to Marissa who is mother to Kayden (I only found out about them in late 2014)

Karen. My eldest niece and almost as in charge of me as Yvonne.

Joanne. My younger niece who prefers savory so I have to watch my plate. Guardian of The Girls. 4 rats who belonged to my wife. ( Sadly all deceased now). Cat mad.

Tariq and Shella who run the Ivy Emporium. A great meal and a fantastic barista coffee. Really nice people. Tariq loves Hugs so can’t be bad.

Helen aka Crazy Cat Lady who worked in the kitchens at The Ivy Emporium and whom I could rely on for hugs. Lovely person and a chatterbox.Now working elsewhere.

Angie aka Sophisticated lady who works front of house in The Ivy Emporium and brings my food, enough to make her huggable in my eyes. Lovely person.

Si and Chris who run Kassidy’s. An exceptional husband and wife team who run the best tea rooms around.(Great meals too).

Ceri and Trudy ( and others) who run Temptations in Flint where the coffee and cake is great and the banter witty.

Following the great plague of 2015 the fishy list now reads….. Big Al and Little Al  ( albino corys) Pepper a cory, Bonzo a bronze cory and Harold a hoplo..Passed fish and tank on to new owner in early 2015

Joey III. A budgie. Arrived 2015. Armed with a beak and no interest in sitting on my hands.

Somnos. One of the lesser/smaller gods who is determined I should become his promotions man and make his name better known. Responsible for (amongst other things) sleep and the ability to deprive me thereof.

Porcinus. Also one of the lesser/smaller gods with a responsibility for pigs and goats

(My) Brother Jake possibly the younger brother of Somnos with indeterminate responsibilities at the moment. Known to have some responsibility for lovers and for wishes though might ignore either if it suits him.

Arseinthis. A small goddess with the stature of a six inch operatic star. Hefty of boobs and bum and as vain as they come. Possibly affianced to Somnos.

PYMWYMI, Put your money where your mouth is. A TV quiz with antique dealers in direct opposition to each other buying and selling at the same places.

A bap is a soft bread roll, perfect for having bacon on.

BFG Black Forest Gateau

SOG Save our Gateaux (members are called soggies)

HUtH Homes Under the Hammer TV programme.

Shreddies. A breakfast cereal and/or the name given to underpants issued in the forces RAF because of the cellular pattern of holes that resembles the cereal a bit.

27 responses to “Blog Cast List.

  1. Love this – Very helpful since I don’t get to stop by your blog as often as I’d like … Cj

    • Thank you. The idea was mooted by another guest who was getting confused with all the people mentioned. She’ll be happy to know someone else found it useful.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  3. I should have checked this very handy guide before. Always wondered about Mike… You should add the fish though! Hugs from France xxx

    • During the days when we had 7 large tanks on the go (I slept in the garden on a hammock) all the fish had individual names. Now I have just 3 plecs and the albino I didn’t think it was worth it.
      xxx Huge Hugs back to you xxx

  4. Interesting stuff!
    David, I can’t find your blog, and everything I’ve tweeted is via WordPress. ((Author interviews etc.) Has something changed?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. Thanks for the cast of characters, Lord D. Found out I had MuJo all wrong. Pretty much had the others plugged in right, though! Also, nice to know how Mike fits in. Hi, Mike!

    • Oh Mike’s so small he fits in anything. MuJo still visit me despite there being no blood relationship which I think shows a penchant for masochism on their part..I’ve never thought of myself as a duty before.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. I just noticed this. From now on, I will consult it before I read one of your posts. 🙂

  7. I just discovered this information. Very helpful. 🙂

  8. Kev

    Love the cast, David! 😀

  9. I don’t know how I missed this but I’m so glad I found this list, it is very helpful. You’ve got a delightful sense of humor!!

  10. So glad to have the list. Got to you via a via from a recommend, if that makes sense. Thanks for the follow. Some generations back the same flag flew in my lineage. Now it’s the Gadsden flag.

    • Thst sounds a complicated way to have reached me. I hope you can still get close enough to the original person to kick their rump for it.By the same flag I take it you mean the Red Dragon of Wales.? You never lose it and your name still seems to indicate a close link. The Gadsden flag seems unusual. Does your link go back to the original Gadsden?
      Nice to see you here anyway. I hope we can entertain a little bit.

      • It does. The Continental Marines used the flag as their own during the revolution. 10 November 1775 the United States Marine Corps was founded at Tun’s Tavern in Philadelphia, PA. I served 6 years in the corps, 1962-1968. Semper Fi

  11. Good Lord Man – this is all as tough to track as the characters in a Russian novel! (Tell the truth – you did this to keep all the names straight yourself).

    I was sorry to read that the formidable Lady J. was no longer with you here on earth. I’m sure she’s checking in from above – maybe even pushing you in directions you believe are of your own design. I personally know that we never really get over the loss of anyone close to us, but that the pain in the gut becomes easier to manage over time. I hope you are finding it so as well.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    • Ha, I did it as I can’t keep all the names straight myself but it’s a good exercise to see if I’m losing it yet.

      Ju was a gem.As gentle as the day is long and a real animal lover(thank heavens she thought I was a dog). I’m sure you’re right though, I get pushed in certain directions which usually turn out to be what I needed or wanted. I see a butterfly in the winter months and know she’s around.
      As yet I’m not finding it much easier but perhaps that’s because I’m surrounded by photographs and have the time during the wee hours to dwell on things.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx
      My other blog…

  12. Having followed your blog for a while I knew many of the cast of characters but not all of them, so glad you posted this. I am very glad to see your blog posts, it makes my day much more enjoyable when you are here. A very big hug my friend and have a great week.

    • I’m thrilled that you enjoy my posts Suzanne.It’s always the reaction I hope for but with some readers it matters more than others for me.I’d like to think I’m there quite often in thought.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

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