Welcome to Author’s Interviews.

Many new authors or Indie authors are ignored by the mainstream press and even those with agents and publishers have to manage their own publicity unless they are major names. I have to cinfess to having read a book by a well known comedian who shot to number one in the UK with his book because he is a household name and yet I found his book very weak. But there are some talented writers out there who never get his chances. So, this is an opportunity for me to interview some of th new ones to find out what makes them tick and offer the buying public a chance to meet them.

You will meet a few different authors here who write in all the different genres. I may not have read their books and I leave it to them to convince you that their books are the ones to buy. As I can’t interview myself you’ll just have to take my word for it that my books are good, and if you don’t then I’ll send Oscar round to convince you.

Just enjoy the interviews as that’s what they’re here for. And remember, when you’re bored…Buy a Book to read.

13 responses to “Welcome to Author’s Interviews.

  1. Great advice (about being bored) and great to find a site that recognizes the jewels to be found out there among indie authors…

    • Hi Jenny, yes far too many Jewels ignored by the publishing houses since the advent of ebooks. I hope this is a chance to give all those who need a little platform the chance to be seen….not to mention little ME.
      I send Hugs.

  2. David, if you are looking for an interview for your blog site, I can email you one that I just completed. Thanks so much. Warm regards.

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  4. I can interview you and post it on my blog site if you wish. You are following my THE WIZARD’S SWORD blog, and I can certainly do with some material to blog about and try to help other worthy authors too. This goes for others as well. And, of course, if you feel I am worthy enough, you can also interview me. Cheers

  5. Hi David
    I feel a little self-conscious asking, but would you be willing to interview me? My book, Batdig part 1, is out on the Kindle and I could do with all the publicity I can muster!
    Many thanks

  6. This a great idea. As I am incredibly lazy, and couldn’t for the life of me think of story line, which means you won’t have to interview me, I’ll pass through here and see what others have to offer. 🙂

  7. Kev

    Love the being bored bit, although… what is that? 😀

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