Can you help find a new home for Stella?

Good Natured Dog Needs A New Home. Can You Help?

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Stella, originally from Greece, is a Heinz 57 type of dog, with generous helpings of Collie and German Shepherd. Around three years old, she’s in good health, microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. As far as anyone can tell, she has been deaf since birth.

Stella is a very energetic girl, good with people and also with other dogs once she has got to know them. Her energy levels probably mean she’s not suitable for a home with young children, cats or other dogs. She’s clean in the house and sleeps soundly in her crate at night.

If you — or someone you know — might be able to offer Stella a home, please contact Conrad.

Stella smiles for the camera Stella smiles for the camera

Stella finds a great stick to play with Stella finds a great stick to play with

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16 responses to “Can you help find a new home for Stella?

  1. Oh Stella is such a cutie — and that stylish dapple coat too. It’s my firm belief that rescue animals know what you’ve done for them. Both of my kitties are rescues. Best of luck to this pup. Hugs!

  2. David, with your wide range of contacts, I’m sure Stella will find a home.

  3. Thank you so much for the reblog David – much appreciated!

  4. Such a sweetie. I hope you find a home for her soon. I will post to my facebook page, although, most of my contacts seem to be American.

  5. Oh, Stella, bless your heart, you sweetie! We would love you immediately, but we have two problems: there’s a long quarantine for pets coming into the U.S. (plus the cost of the flight); and even bigger is the issue that we already have Maggie. She was abandoned and left tied to a stake 11 years ago, and rescued by our police officer son-in-law who rightfully sized it up as a “perfect family situation” to have her with us.
    Post these pictures everywhere near you, David. Stella will surely find the right home!

  6. This is so wonderful of you. I’m a cat person, but she’s beautiful. Why don’t you take her?

  7. Awww she’s such a nice-looking dog…I would take her in a minute…I hope she can find a nice family soon.

  8. She’s so beautiful. My own doggie is a rescue. So worth it. I hope Stella finds the perfect home.

  9. She’s so cute. I hope that she has found a home!
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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