Headrest from Hell & Drowned Rat.

Sunday 3rd Jan.

Lazily in bed before midnight and published the blog early. I started a new book, one which Dil bought me for Christmas by Clive Cussler. He’s an author I used to read a lot of but haven’t done for a few years. It was lights out at 1.00 am and settle down for sleep. I don’t think it was long in coming.                                                                                                It wasn’t too long before it went either. I woke to a faint smell of wet goat at 3.28 am and figured Porcinus had paid a visit. Since nothing was said I have no idea if Porcinus had woken me on his own account or under instruction from Somnos. No doubt all will become clear when they feel like it if there was any reason other than petty spite. It may  be they feel neglected.

As I was awake anyway I started on my mail. There was plenty due to having posted the blog last night and the comments came in as usual. Answering them always gives me joy and seems to lessen the distance between me and my friends for a while. At 5.30 am though I wandered through to the kitchen for my meds and decided to have breakfast. I had the usual two rounds of toast even though my brain did mention a couple of times that a bit less butter might be good. Fortunately my hearing was going. As I returned to the bedroom with a coffee the 6.10 am train to Yuma was ploughing it’s way through the logs on the line to deposit all the new post in my box. Next time I’m adding more logs to the pile and cutting down any telegraph poles as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                  By the time 9.45 am came I was falling asleep over the keyboard and had to go through to the lounge. I was fairly clear at that point. I put the kettle on ready for Mike and he walked through just minutes later so I made his coffee. I tried to stay awake but as soon as he sat down he was asleep in the chair. I gave my jealousy free rein and must have been asleep soon after. I did wake up lots of times but not for long. I was however awake by 11.00 am when Mike said “At last”. I put a strange little programme on called I think ‘Money for Nothing’ and tried to explain it to Mike.

As lunchtime got ever closer I asked Mike if he was going to his Dad’s early or having lunch first. “Plenty of time for lunch first ” he said. So at almost noon we got dressed. We sat in the car at 12.30 pm pondering the where and fortunately settled on The Bells of St Mary’s. I say fortunately because when we were in the queue for the carvery I spotted a man a couple of places ahead start to collapse. I called to Mike and another man close by to say “He’s going down” and they were quick enough to catch him before he went totally. Someone brought a chair and they managed to get him sat down. When the manager came over they got him over to the table he and his mother were occupying and hearing he’s a type 1 diabetic and hungry, had a meal brought over. We queued up again and got our carvery.                                                                                     Once we’d eaten it was time for home again. I’m afraid it wasn’t long before I was asleep in my chair again.I only came too at the point where Mike was ready to go. A hug at the door and he was on his way. I waved at the car then came back inside and went straight to work. From 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm I worked then went for some tea and a chat to Joey. At 7.00 pm I put Beowulf on and watched ten minutes before snoring again. I was awake in time for Endeavor at 8.00 pm though and I stayed fully awake for that. I have the feeling it won’t be the small gods keeping me awake tonight, it will be the amount of sleeping I’ve done today.

At 10.00 pm I said Goodnight to Joey and came through. Plenty to do with the mail and the blog but I’m still trying for midnight bedtime.

Kissing Little Sister

Kissing Little Sister while friend holds her.

Monday 4th Jan.

I was wrong, not that it’s a major surprise or anything. My light went out at 1.00 pm after a short read and sleep wasn’t long in coming. There were no nighttime loo visits and no other disturbances before a natural awakening at 4.38 am. A visit to the Piddle Palace was then on the cards before I could come back and start on the post. I started on the post until an arbitrary time said I needed breakfast. So at 5.52 am I went and had my cornflakes along with the morning meds. By the time I got back the morning avalanche had arrived putting the post up to 93. I continued on until 8.45 am then got dressed and took my prescription request to the chemist. Coming back I worked until 9.50 am to bring the post balance to nothing.

On my way out I’d found a card through the letterbox and then a parcel on the step showing an old friend of mine from work had called. It’s the first time in years I’ve missed Jonathan calling and more annoying because I was obviously in. No doubt dozing in my chair again. I have his gift on one side waiting for him as well. His gifts to me were some metal brain puzzles and wooden ones. I’m not likely to let my brain cells die off at this rate.( Should there be any left.).

At 9.50 am I went through to let Joey out and to watch Homes Under the Hammer. As I did the postie arrived bringing me a message from the DWP to say they needed proof of my marriage before calculating my pension. This despite being told I’m widowed. They included a envelope to return my marriage certificate. I think I’ll leave it until tomorrow and send it recorded delivery. I put the washing machine on and took my place in my chair. At 11.00 am I came back to work but left the TV on for Joey. I was up to date again at 11.50 am which fitted in nicely for lunch time. Today I was being good and trying a Weightwatchers meal of sausage and mash. Oddly enough the quantity wasn’t bad and there were lashings of onions in the gravy but I did have problems with the texture of the sausages and ate just one.                                                                  After the meal as I took my plate through I emptied the washing machine then went to finish off Bargain Hunt. After that I printed off a few pictures of the baby to place in a foto-cube and watched an episode of Father Brown, mainly from behind my eyelids I’m afraid.

The afternoon flew by with little bits of programme and little bits of catching up. I got an email from my young friend to say he’d come again after work tomorrow. I said to walk in just in case I’m insensible again. I had some tea about 6.00 pm but I’m not saying what as someone is bound to say Jaffa Cakes aren’t part of a diet. I had seen my quiz and watched the news until the Antiques Road Trip came on. To be honest I dozed through part of the news and struggled a bit with Road Trip. Then I had an hour of Medieval Dead and wished I’d slept through that instead. At 9.00 pm I wished Joey goodnight, I think he said it back though he could also have been telling me to get a haircut for all I know, but at least he was talking. I took my meds and came through to work.                                                                                                                                                                  There was plenty of mail to go at but I knew I could cope with both that and the blog while still getting to bed before 11.30 pm.

Amelie Rose at home.

Amelie Rose at home.

Tuesday 5th Jan.

I was in bed for 11.30 pm….just. I read for n hour and turned the light out at 12.30 am. I saw 1.00 am arrive and go before falling asleep though. Up time was 4.54 am with no interruptions. The only downside to the night is the headache and cricked neck when I woke. I played with the mail for half an hour before going to the loo and then the kitchen for breakfast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   After anointing my moustache with the prescribed amount of butter from my toast I returned to work in time for the morning rush. Some very slim posts getting through while the larger ones fought their way through the blocked doorway. I was pretty much able to deal with them as they came in for a while. Then the doorway was smashed open and a load came together. I was not perturbed however having reached an enlightened state of mind from the morning meds. Peace reigned along with the belief that any blogs I couldn’t cope with would just slip over the edge of this flat world I inhabit. If not I’d just ask the small gods to remove them. As it happened they were all fine and by 9.00 am I was clear, dressed and ready to depart at 9.30 am for a retinopathy examination. I just hoped the questions would be easy.

I caught the bus at 8.40 am and was in town by 9.45 am I stuck my head in LIDL to pick up a brochure then worked my  way slowly to the hospital. I was quite early so I had a cup of tea in the League of Fiends cafe. At 10.20 am I walked over to the trailer and rang the bell then heaved myself aboard. It wasn’t many minutes before I was called into room One. Some easy questions to answer about my name and address got me full points but the prize wasn’t much fun. I had to tilt my head back and keep my eyes open. Right, like you can do that when you know there’s something heading for them that stings. She did the first eye then said she wasn’t sure how much had gone in, yanked up my eyelid and dropped another dose in. The second eye she was ready and held it open as she did the deed. It stung.

I fumbled my way half blind to the sitting area again to allow time for the stuff to take effect. Then I was called into room Two. In here all I had to do was rest my chin on a pad on a machine. Trouble is I’m not small and this was set for a midget. No way could I bend my spine like that………or so I thought. Amazing what you can do when you’re anxious to get out. I followed the red light with my eyes as instructed , was told I’d get the results in the post in 6-8 weeks and left. I fumbled my way back to town apologising to lamp posts because of my blurred vision. Then I put my glasses on and was fine.                                                                                                                                                             Once I got off the bus near home I remembered to post a letter I’d meant to post in town then went to Pauline’s. I got my TV mag, a lottery ticket for tomorrow as the prize has to  be won this week and a packet of chips in curry sauce for my lunch. I was now ready for home.

It was almost 11.30 am so not worth starting the mail again. Instead I went to chat to Joey who actually seemed pleased to see me and then at 11.45 am I made lunch and watched the TV. After lunch instead of watching any more, I left the TV on for  Joey , washed the posts and went to work. It took me till 2.30 pm to clear things after which I  went to look at a new antiques quiz . Joey was still interacting well. I wanted to be able to watch the Antique Road Trip at 4.30 pm so I kept going to keep up to date with work. I knew my friend Jonathon was calling after work but wasn’t sure what time. I saw my programme and the usual quiz until 6.00 pm then as I stood to go to the kitchen I saw Jonathon approach. We worked together for  about 5 years and have been friends ever since despite a big age difference. He’s kept contact with me even after I had to retire early. The contact has been a blessing.Normally I’d have seen him on Christmas Eve but this year he had hospital appointments. He had his Christmas present waiting and opened it while he was here. He seemed to like the novelty of it. Joey wouldn’t speak at all while he was here which made me feel a right lemon after saying how well he did.

It was a little after 8.00 pm when he left so I made myself a sandwich (don’t ask) had a Deep  Space Nine episode then took my meds, wished Joey goodnight, shut his cage, and came through. I wanted an early night but it’s almost 11.00 pm and I must have about a quarter hour more to do if no more post comes in.

Pre first bath.

Pre first bath.

First bath.

First bath.

Wednesday 6th Jan.

The only thing I can say about last night is “Weird”.  I read until 12.30 am then turned my lights out and prepared for sleep. It looks like sleep hadn’t prepared for me though. I got up again at 1.10 am and signed into the computer for a look round ebay. Instead I found myself doing mail again first. At 2.20 am I thought maybe I was ready to try again and went back to bed but I left the computer on just in case. I did get to sleep.                                                                                                                                                           At 4.35 am I was up again and seemingly ready to start the day.I know I got up, I know I sat at the computer and I know I did some emails but I have no idea how many or how long they took. Next thing I know I woke up sitting at the computer at 6.15 am and I’d signed out of the internet. Why? When? Does Arseinthis bear a grudge?

At 7.00 am I went through and took my meds ( hoping for sanity) and had breakfast.A bowl of Rice Krispies, just right. I don’t think Dil will be here tonight as his daughter, my niece Jess ,who is pregnant has been taken to hospital with severe pregnancy sickness and they’re having problems bringing it under control. It must have happened yesterday or Monday but I only found out last night from Yvonne who had it from my niece Karen who finds everything out. So, I imagine Dil will probably be at the hospital. I don’t know when/if I’d have found out if I wasn’t being bullied into having a birthday meal and Yvonne had asked Dil where he and Lynn his wife would fancy eating out of two choices. Either the Bells of St. Mary’s or The Cookhouse as they’re both roughly halfway between us all. It looks as though it will be the Cookhouse so if we go this weekend I must see if I can snaffle a menu to see what Dil can be tempted with. I want to pay for this meal and I know there will be opposition from all sides.

After breakfast I returned to work until almost 10.00 am when I got dressed and went through to release Joey and share Homes Under the Hammer with him. He’s  not been as chatty today. At 11.00 am I came back to work again until at 11.40 am I was clear and able to think about lunch. Today it would be cottage pie with bread and butter, followed by a yoghurt. I managed it without spilling it on my jumper and for all it was a Weightwatcher’s one, it was both enjoyable and filling. (I should go for sponsorship). I watched Bargain Hunt…..fully awake…..before falling asleep and only waking up in Father Brown. That seemed a good time to leave and do a little work. Luckily there was enough to keep me going a while after which I had a good lok round ebay and saw a fantastic teeshirt with ‘This is an Awesome Granddad’ underneath an arrow pointing to the face of the wearer. I mean they do it for Dad as well but who needs that? Actually I suppose the same person, you’d need to be an awesome Dad to get to the granddad stage wouldn’t you? But which one would you wear….oh forget it. Who needs another teeshirt anyway.

I stopped work at 4.00 m like most Wednesdays deciding I’d watch the same programmes as I usually do when Dil comes and treat the evening as a break even without my games.. The surprise came when I saw Dil approaching the house at 4.45 pm. I was very surprised. It turned out he’d visited Jess before coming to me. She’s a little perkier but still on a drip and on anti sickness drugs. We chatted as we watched The Antiques Road Trip and then our usual quiz.                                                                                                        The moment the TV went off, out came the Yahtzee and off came the gloves. His anyway. It’s so upsetting I can hardly talk about it. Tonight was a real massacre. I was beaten 5-1 in the first game and the 4-2 in the second. At least after I dried my eyes I beat him at Trivial Pursuits. Somehow we had a little extra time at the end and he pulled out the crib board but I won 2 games to nil before it was time for him to go.                                                                                                                                                                                       Once I’d wished him a safe journey I tidied up, washed the pots, took my meds and came through. 43 emails waiting to be done before the blog so I rolled up my sleeves and got started.

I’m happy to say I’ll be in bed by 11.30 pm tonight.

Talk to the hand.

Talk to the hand.



Thursday 7th Jan.

I made my 11.30 pm to bed deadline last night with minutes to spare. Out came the book (The Thief-Clive Cussler) and I wriggled into a comfortable position- almost. The wriggling had moved my mattress topper down the bed and formed a ridge under my bum. I could either move myself up the bed a bit in which case I’d be sitting uncomfortably at a right angle or move a little further down the bed so that I’d be doing more lying than sitting in which case I’d find it difficult to read easily. Instead I had to get out of bed and try to drag the offending topper back to the top of the bed. That done, I settled down to read. I found my eyes going a bit just before 1.00 am so off went the lights and I curled up on my side with all the pillows trying to dislocate my neck. I snuggled further down pulling just  two pillows with me.                                                 There was a quick stretch and suddenly my feet were out of bed so I had to get out and tuck the quilt back in at the bottom of the bed. Ridiculous really as I’ll soon have my feet out of bed on purpose at the side. I fell asleep.

I woke at 4.24 am not having moved all night. I turned the computer on as I passed going to the loo and then I carried on to the kitchen to take my meds. Coming back with my coffee and not having had breakfast I signed in. First the bank to check money had gone in. That was fine. Then to the mail. I played the game until 9.00 am then got dressed and went to Pauline’s. I needed my lottery as I’m still in with a chance, both the Euro and normal lotto have rolled over again.  I gather the lotto has to be won this weekend or the money will probably be dispersed amongst the lower prize winners or something. The Euro can go on building up or it could if I wasn’t going to win it on Friday night. I think it’s my turn. I also wanted cigarettes and was disappointed when Jim only had one packet until tomorrow. I need to have a supply in as an excuse to finish them off.The bread and a chips in curry sauce I picked up must have been a substitute somehow.                                                                                                                                             I walked home a broken man, but had to remain chipper for Joey who had been promised release and a good clean (his cage at least) on my return.

I saw to joey then came back to the computer for another quarter of an hour before Homes Under the Hammer. At 11.00 am it meant I had to move myself to get the post up to date before it was time to do lunch. I made it with 5 minutes to spare. Then came a message from Yvonne to say the district nurse wasn’t happy about a lump found under Amelie’s chin. In a panic Yvonne had to get baby to the doctor . I didn’t ask but I’m guessing the whole family went as I know Ugo is off on paternity leave. I had sorted some small potatoes out for lunch and put my sausages under the grill before a message came back that the doctor had no idea what it was but wanted to monitor it for changes for  6 weeks. I said I was relieved it’s nothing serious and am happy we can all keep an eye on it. To be honest it’s a little worrying the doctor has no idea what it is herself. I had my sausages,potatoes and some beans. I must remember to put sweet potatoes on my weekend shopping list.

After lunch the inevitable happened and I nodded off.  I was away with the fairies for over an hour and almost scorched the carpet in my speed to get back to work. Only because I wanted nothing to stand in the way of the Road Trip at 4.30 pm. Nothing did and I had a good laugh. As my quiz followed that I made myself some sandwiches to eat while I watched. Eggheads was next and took me to 6.30 pm when  I had a half hour window to catch up before the celebrity Road Trip came on to entertain me. That was just coming to an end when I got the message from Mike “On way.”I had an hour in work then returned to try the new Murder in Paradise with a different actor in the lead role. Kris Marshall has done well in other parts I’ve seen him in but he didn’t impress me this time. Nor did the other cast changes. Not one that will be a regular for me. Mike turned up just as it ended. I made him a coffee but couldn’t get away to work until almost 11.00 pm. I’m very late tonight but at least he’s going to run me to the surgery tomorrow.

Cowboy neckerchief

Cowboy neckerchief

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Friday 8th Jan.

I made it to bed at about 12.15 am (Thanks Mike, I really needed to see even more shoes on ebay) so by the time I’d tried to relax with my book it was 1.00 am and the light was going off. I was tempted to leave it on in the hopes that Somnos would think I was still awake and leave me alone but I thought he’d have had his fun with me this week. In an effort to remind me he’s always here he just made it very difficult to  get to sleep. I just had the joy of listening to the canned laughter he uses at times like this until I finally dropped off. To be fair, there were no more visitations in the night and I slept through to 4.48 am. Only a little over 3 hours, but unbroken.                                                    As it happens I could have thanked him if I wasn’t scared of encouraging him. Being Friday and having the weeks drugs to do, the more time available in the morning the better. Once I’d paid my waking visit to the loo I went straight through to the kitchen. There I took my sprays and assorted meds then got my drawer from the lounge (without disturbing Joey) and started refilling the trays.Replacing empty boxes from the new delivery from earlier in the week. I finally returned to my bedroom with a coffee at 5.35 am.

I had to start on last night’s mail before the box filled up with today’s offerings. By 6.10 am I still had a few to do but nothing came through and I felt great relief until 6.15 am when the floodgates opened. All of a sudden from about 6 I was up to 94. I just kept hammering away. Unfortunately because I was off to the surgery this morning and because Mike was dropping me off on his way to take his dad for an x-ray, his alarm was due to go off at 7.00 am, at least for the first time. I had to break off to make him a coffee. The first alarm heard, I took the coffee through then came back to get myself dressed. I heard the second, third and fourth alarms while cursing him and mentally telling him to get up. After the fourth he did. I went through to the lounge to say “Good morning” and found him in a sorry state. Had he not been going to Manchester I’m sure he’d have gone back to bed.His chest was bad as was his breathing.

Not long before we were due out Mike announced he felt sick and went to the loo to show me what he meant or to be more accurate to make me hear what he meant. He was still determined to go so we got our coats on. I was at the surgery 5 minutes before the appointment so  had time to get my breath back from the walk from the car. When the ever beautiful Sister S called me in my breathing was normal. She ran me through the details on the stop smoking drug I was getting and explained again why for the first 4 weeks she’d want to see me weekly and how she hoped the family would keep an eye open for the contra indications too see whether I needed to be taken off it. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Away I went with a prescription and some leaflets. I booked four more appointments  before I left the surgery. Next came a walk back to town in the pouring rain and a wait for a bus to take me home.I only had to wait about ten minutes. After getting off the bus I went directly to the chemist only to find they didn’t have the drug and would have to order it to arrive this afternoon. It would be delivered when it came in.

I called at Pauline’s dripping with rain and feeling like a drowned rat  just picked up two packets of cigarettes. No-one will believe I’m actually still smoking my supplies from last Saturday. These were to make sure I last until tomorrow, or rather the cigarettes do. A suicidal chips and curry jumped into my basket so I took it home to care for it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Back  at home I released Joey, talked to him for a few minutes and then returned to work which occupied me all morning. Just before noon I stopped for lunch and Bargain Hunt plus he inevitable examination of my eyelids which since it lasted just ten minutes I’m not counting.                                                                                                                                         I was only back at work for half an hour before being up to date with everything and ready for a proper break. I went to sit with Joey and then watched Father Brown, a new Antique Quiz and then Homes in the Country (or something). What an idle afternoon, and even worse I had just 45 minutes to work before I was due for my Antiques Road Trip. When I did go back to watch it I found a message on my phone from Mike to say he was on his way back.

He walked in as the Road Trip finished so I made him a drink. He wasn’t feeling sick tonight but was still chesty and coughing. I stayed with him until 8.30 pm hen I went to shower and he tucked himself in bed with a drink. When I came out there was a programme on the Templar Treasure I wanted to see so it was 10.00 pm before I was able to return to work. You sneaky lot had as usual done all your writing while I was away which left a lot of catching up. Clearing that took until 11.15 pm and then came the blog. This is going to be a late night I can tell.





Saturday 9th Jan.

This  was a yo-yo night. Light off at 12.50 am to go to sleep. I snuggled into the warmth of my quilt and let sleep take me away. I think there must be a petrol shortage as it was a short journey and the round trip only lasted until 2.06 am. Then I was wide awake again and within minutes was being driven ( sorry, I forgot about the petrol) coasted crazy. I soothed my legs with my Aveeno cream (with menthol) then signed into the computer. First job was to check the Eurolottery. I’m charging the small gods with ignorance for not listening to my pleas to become a filthy rich peace ambassador. It’s rolled over again so I dream on until Tuesday. Of course I have the normal lottery tonight which I haven’t checked yet. All  fingers crossed please. At 3.26 am I went back to bed and tried again. I succeeded.

Next up at 5.48 am. I had to be quite nippy  as I needed my normal drugs but also needed breakfast as the new drug must be taken with food. I had my fingers crossed that the nausea contra-indication wouldn’t come to the fore today of all days. Mike’s alarm went off before I’d finished in th kitchen o I made a coffee and took it through hoping he’d be feeling better than last night. He got up at the third alarm and brought his coffee through to the lounge. I turned the light on and joined him with my own coffee. He’s not feeling sick today but has a sore throat and is chesty. He refused to go back to bed though and says he will shop as usual.                                                                          We were on our way out by 7.15 am having dealt with putting the bins out ready for collection. It was only just gone 7.30 am when we got to the Supermarket. We were both still expecting to find rails of clothing in the sale but nada, nil and nowt. They’re so often before Christmas now that the concept of the January sale has gone.

Without the detour the rest of the expedition went quickly enough and we were soon in McDonalds for a drink. And fairly soon out of there too as the goodies were going into the car boot at 9.00 am. We had a detour to a large shop we like so I was able to pick up cough medicine with something for his throat too, plus some cough sweets. Kill or cure I think. From there we went to Flint and picked up a couple more items before going for coffee. I asked Mike to get stuff for Joey but Joey says I can’t send him again as he’s neither canary nor finch. For once I think Mike had glasses with him but vanity prevents him putting them on.                                                                                                     Ceri was on this morning so Mike got to drool while I nipped for a wee. Then I came out empty to refill the tank with a latte. Once we’d finished there we’d finished to all intents and purposes though we did look round another shop. We talked about what next and I said I was happy to come home and work if Mike wanted to go back to bed. That’s what we did. I worked from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm and Mike slept roughly the same then came through to the lounge where I made him something to eat.

We had some TV surrounding another small period of me playing catch up but the last programme we watched was Judge Deed. That took us up to 10.00 pm which was my deadline for coming through to tear through the mail again and prepare the blog.                                                                                                                                                                                  Some of you have asked how Reuben has taken to the new arrival.

Little Sister

Little Sister

Big Brother

Big Brother

I hope you’ve all had a good first week of the New Year , I hope next week is even better. Huge Hugs to you all.


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101 responses to “Headrest from Hell & Drowned Rat.

  1. Che dolcezza i tuoi nipoti, sono bellissimi, un abbraccio David, buona domenica, 🙂

  2. Hi David. Amelie gets prettier every day. It looks like Reuben is as smitten with her as everyone else. I’m sure those two sweeties are enough to chase away the “smell of wet goat” LOL. I think I’ll chuckle about that for the rest of the evening. … Waking to the smell of wet goat. You have a great imagination. Thanks for bringing us along for the first week of 2016. Mega hugs my friend. 🙂

    • Hi Teagan, Amelie is starting to lose that new baby look and come into her own. I’m sure she’ll be a heartbreaker in time. I’m not sure Porcinus would know what to do if faced by Reuben, I don’t. So maybe the smell of wet goat would disappear when he’s around. Amelie might just charm them for me.
      Thanks so much for joining me and making my weekend.
      xxx Massive Hugs Dear One xxx ❤

  3. Isn’t it just the loveliest thing to see big brother smooching his baby sister! I’m sure there will be less lovely moments as time goes by – but big brother will always be big brother and a lovely relationship will form for them. I so love watching, even now, how my two daughters have each others backs. It is very special! I’m having a great start to this year, I hope yours will simply get better and better xoxo

    • It’s a beautiful sight Pauline but I ‘m sure you’re right, it will never last.If it’s anything like the relationship I had with my sister it will be like WWIII. Their mother is a true peacemaker though so Big Brother should always shine through.
      I’m glad your daughter’s have such a special relationship which I’m sure was always helped by your nature.
      My start to the year couldn’t have been better with the little package we got.She’ll ensure my year gets better. I hope yours continues to shine and all your wishes come true.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Reuben and Amelia, and kisses and hugs. What a wonderful combination. These are the early moments that form a bond of lifetime memories. Wonderful!

    • I’m hoping a special relationship will develop so Reuben is always protective of his little sister. It will be something to see.
      Sending much Love and Huge Hugs Marylin. xxxx

  5. A very busy week, I have to run to keep up with you. I hope Amelie is alright and so glad to see Reuben is loving his little sister. She is really adorabe. You are quite the hero, quick thinking, keen observation kept that gentleman from collapsing to the ground. Good job!! Have a wonderful week, be well and see you again same time and place next Saturday. A really big hug and kiss!!

    • Thanks so much Sweetie, it’s always wonderful to get a visit from you to buoy me up with the nice things you say.I’m no hero sweetie, I’m sure someone else would have noticed in time, it’s just lucky I’m a nosy beggar watching people in case I need characters.
      I’ll be here next Saturday, it will delight me if you are too.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs and some super large kisses. xxx

  6. I say Sunday seems like it was a very sleepy one for you David. I too would stay awake for Endeavour, though ☺ I note Joey wasn’t very chatty while watching Homes Under the Hammer – again! Hmmm 😀 Hope the bump under Amelie’s chin fizzles out gently soon as if it never were and that your anti-smoking medication does what they say it does – look forward to hearing there was no nausea etc from it and if yes, you know, there’s always the anti-nausea meds – good luck with it and have a fantastic week

    • I’m pleased to report two days in and no signs of nausea Ina. Whether it will be the same when the dose goes up and I have to stop smoking I don’t know. I’m sure the lump will fizzle out as you say, probably a little fat deposit.
      Joey was in major chat mode yesterday and I’m sure some of his flights have been to pick up courage to land.I hope it won’t be too long.
      I wish you a Great New Week
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

      • Am interested to hear how you go with stopping the smokes – being a former smoker and all (since 1 May 2015) 🙂 Hang in there and see where it takes you: forward or backward it doesn’t matter – the important thing is to try. Cheers, cheerers and cheers and hugs XXXXXXXXXX

      • I’ll be sure to report whether there’s any success. My aim with the help of these tablets is for Tuesday next week, so 8 days away. It will be the day after my birthday.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Aha, that is a good starting-point 🙂 So “psych” yourself into it and when you smoke the last ciggie tell yourself it’s the last 🙂

    • I applaud you for stopping, David, and wish you strength to keep going. At this rate, I’m going to be the only smoker in our blogging family. Ooh, errr! Hugs xxx

  7. Beautiful baby moments. Hope you are helping with babysitting 😊 You have a goat called Porcine?

    • No babysitting yet Jacqueline though I’m sure it will come at some stage.I just get to admire at the moment.
      No goat called Porcine, I have a small god with that name who happens to keep goats. He is the brother of Somnos my god of sleep and oft runs his errands and carries messages. Usually to tell me I won’t be getting much sleep unless I so what Somnos wants.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. I’m worried some regimental mascot might have found its way into your bed, David. You might need to keep an eye out. Part of a cunning Joey plan to take over more than the sitting room perhaps. I always felt that bird has something of the unrestrained Emperor about his plans. I may be getting old but what’s up with he eyes or do Welsh medics like trial long new punishments on you? My mother was convinced Hampshire NHS saw her as the first port of call for any new constipation medication. Good luck with the anti smoking conniptions – hope they work. Will await confirmation – smoke signals are out I suppose. Hope the promise cold spell doesn’t freeze the old knockers off that brass goat of yours and here’s to a well earned lottery win! TTFN. Hugs n stuff….

    • Ah, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers does have a goat mascot, I’ll have to see if it’s missing.though to be fair I think your imagination is running on overtime again. I doubt Joey could have got the goat here and let it in. I don’t disagree about his plan to be Overlord of all he surveys though.
      Probably nothing wrong with the eyes, but in Wales (I don’t know about the rest of the UK) diabetics get an annual retinopathy examination. The blinding with eyewash is to check for blinding I think.
      I wonder whether your mother was right. Maybe I could volunteer myself to Hampshire NHS?
      I’ll keep the world abreast of the antismoking failures or success though if it is a success maybe smoke signals are in as I burn my stash.
      Thanks, I’ll certainly cross my fingers for you with the Euro jackpot as it is for Tuesday, though one hand may be kept for myself.

      • My MIL has type 2 and is currently having injections for a swelling on the retina but before that she wasn’t offered any checkups. Must be a Welsh benefit. It was only going to Spec savers for new reading glasses that picked it up. Hugs.

      • Yes, we get a retinopathy check up every 12 months. A few years ago when the Council Tax bandings were manipulated and increased we went first and England was supposed to follow.Somehow it never did. I think Wales was compensated with various health benefits instead like no charge for prescriptions.
        Swings and roundabouts.

      • True enough. Hope the results are ok.

      • I’m sure they will be . Thanks Geoff.

  9. I love those last two pictures! Reuben looks enchanted. Amelie looks…petrified. There is quite a strong resemblance between the two of them—both have a look of wisdom beyond their years/hours 🙂

  10. I was glad that lump on Amelie’s chin turned out to be nothing. I’d have been frantic if it had happened to either of my kids at that age. We used to panic about everything at the beginning. 🙂

  11. Hi David. Nice to see more picks of Amelie. I hope the lump is nothing, and I hope Jessie is OK (I know women who’ve also suffered badly with morning sickness but everything went without any problems). I hope your stopping smoking goes well and the weather dries a bit (I’m near Llandeilo at the moment and when I see a bit of sun I believe I’m hallucinating). Be well!

    • Thanks so much Olga, I’m sure Jess will be OK it’d just that she was dehydrated from not keeping anything in and of course the retching hurt.
      Day 2 of the tablets and I’m supposed to stop sometime inmy birthday week so I reckon the day after.
      So you’re back in the Beautiful South again, I hope the rain dries up for you.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  12. What adorable pictures of Reuben and Amelie, they are both beautiful children. Hopefully, the lump will turn out to be nothing serious. I hope that Mike is feeling better soon too, poor chap. Good luck with your non smoking, I am rooting for you, as I know how hard it is to give up.
    Some great music choices again, I love Substitute and Heartache Avenue 🙂 Huge hugs xxxxx

    • I’m sure the lump will prove to be a bit of fatty tissue but you can’t take chances.I’ve just packed Mike off home to go to a drop in centre and then home to bed.
      Thank you. I’ve not tried before and I know it’s going to be hard as I don’t want to do it.
      Glad to know our musical tastes coincide so much.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I smoked for years since I was 12 and gave up just over a year ago. I didn’t really want to either but knew I had to. It is hard but you can do it I am sure. xxxx

  13. Beautiful pictures of the children, David. I thought also that Amelie looked a bit disturbed when Reuben held her. She’s probably trying to sort people out. With my two it was Jay who looked a bit overwhelmed. Sayjal was heavy at that age and he was small for his age. She had a way of completely relaxing and weighing a ton. What sometimes happens is that siblings can argue, but don’t let anyone else mistreat one of them. The other attacks and defends. The baby is a little doll. All that pink. I’m sure the doctor didn’t think the little lump was serious or he would have her back in the hospital. It’s great your new drug isn’t causing a problem. Take care and keep us up to date. Glad to hear Mike’s feeling better. Gigantic Hugs. 🙂

    • Thanks a million Suzanne. The pictures were nice. I agree that Amelie didn’t look happy being held by Reuben but it gave the picture a good comic touch. Poor Jay,the burdens little sisters lay on you.
      I’ve packed Mike off to his own home ans bed as I think he’s going to need to see his Doctor. I wonder if stopping smoking has removed all his antibodies leaving him open to these attacks?
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. I have one question for you and it’s probably just a case of me being a new subscriber to your blog, although maybe others are curious too. Who are Porcinus and Somnos? And why would they smell like wet goat? :/ (Okay, two questions.)

    • I have a cast list at the top of the blog so I don’t confuse everyone. Somnos is the small god of sleep who seems to enjoy making sure I don’t get any. Porcinus is his brother and oft used messenger who raises pigs and goats most of the time since he has no believers of his own yet.
      Hope that answers both.
      xxx MASSIVE hugs xxx

  15. David, thank you so much for letting us share your week. Reuben looks so cute holding Amelie, he seems over the moon for his little sister. 🙂
    Worried about the smell of wet goat, that seems scary and well, gross. 😉
    Hope you’re feeling better and your niece as well. 🙂
    I don’t know which I enjoy most, our lovely writing, the pictures – it’s all amazing! Thank you! 🙂
    Massive all the best for this new year hugs! 🙂

    • You’re such a sweetie. My ego is threatening to blow my skull now.
      I hope Roobs will always be protective of his little sister and not regard her as the enemy.
      Sorry about the smell of wet goat but at least it wasn’t there last night. I got 4 hours unbroken. I’m OK other than things I expect thanks and my niece is back at home now.
      It’s wonderful of you to pop in every week and even read the blog. I’m really grateful.
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs for you xxx

  16. Whatever’s in those morning meds, I think I want some….you seem to have found a ‘keep calm and carry on’ mindset in this new year. Hope the anti-smoking meds do the trick and get you past the first unbearable 48 hours. After that it’s a mind game, and you seem to have that all figured out! Lucky little Amélie to have a big bro like Reubs. And you are definitely deserving of the super gramps t-shirt! Biggest bises xoxo!

      I thought that was my usual mindset, letting things drift over me.These anti smoking meds are different, I can smoke up to the first ten day while taking them but have to set the day I want to stop. The larger dose should be replacing the nicotine rush in my brain then.
      I hope Roobs will be a good big bro, he should be OK if we can prevent jealousy now.
      I have my teeshirt!!
      xxx Massive Hugs to you Mel xxx

  17. Hi David. Beautiful photos of the kids. It is nice that Reuben apparently likes his sister. That was not the case when I brought my youngest home. My oldest (who was 17 months at the time) tried to clobber his younger brother on the head with his shoes (several times).
    I hope Mike starts feeling better – he sounds like he feels horrible.
    Take care!!! See you next week!!!!

    • My sister and I hated each other on sight I think. She was not a good big sister most of the time, and then she’d surprise me. Amelie bought Roobs a present to win him over when she was born ( clever girl).
      You must have had guard patrols for a while with your eldest.
      I’m going to put the appropriate comma in. He sounds like he feels, horrible! He’s gone home and back to his bed. The doctors tomorrow I hope. It’s like bronchitis.
      xxx Have a wonderful week, Huge Hugs xxx

      • Sounds like Mike might need a chest x-ray as well. Sounds like he might have a bit of pneumonia. As far as Amelie and her little lump, could just be a sl. enlarged lymph node and nothing more, we generally just watch to make sure they don’t increase in size. Hopefully, that is all it is.
        Tell Mike – I hope he starts feeling better soon!!!!

  18. Amelie appears very alert for a newborn. I think she will keep you as entertained as Reuben. I’m happy to hear about your quit smoking plan, David. Your peaceful spirit needs breath 🙂

    • Alert enough to look worried on Reuben’s knees, I don’t blame her. I’m sure you’re right she’ll keep me entertained as she grows, probably with mischief.
      I’m not happy about giving up smoking. An early death holds less horrors than wanting to smoke and not being able to.But, we’ll try.
      xxx Have a Fantastic week. Huge Hugs xxx

  19. Absolutely gorgeous pics this week. What a beautiful little baby. And I enjoyed the music this week especially since there were some things I wasn’t familiar with. Nice job.
    Have a great week and be well.

    • Thanks a lot George. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures but this is my best kind of week where someone doesn’t know some of the songs I used yet still likes them. And if one of those was The Maisonettes with Heartache Avenue I’m even more pleased as it’s a personal favourite.
      I wish you a fantastic week.

  20. It’s so nice to see a very welcome arrival into the world. Congratulations to you all x

  21. You do have a lot of early starts don’t you! Nice to see your family is adjusting well to the new arrival. 🙂

  22. Oh my gosh–those last two photos are great! Amelie looks so alert for a newborn (well, perhaps she is worried about her big brother). 🙂
    I have a photo of my older daughter with her baby sister kind of propped up against her. Except for a few high school years, they’ve always been extremely close (in affection, I mean). Haha.
    Hope the lump is nothing, your niece recovers from her pregnancy sickness, and you stay well, too. Hugs to you–and some extra for your family!

    • Thanks Merril, they were good pictures. Amelie does seem alert sometimes and I think she looks scared to death by Reuben when he holds her. I think she knows how reckless he is.
      I’m sure the picture of the girls has a much more tranquil expression.
      I’m sure the lump is nothing, my niece is back at home and seems to be passed that stage now and me, well I’m doing fine thanks. The hugs are welcome and I’ll pass them out tomorrow.
      I hope all is well with you.
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  23. Great post, David. It sounds as if you’ve had quite an eventful week. Thanks for the lovely photos of Amelie and Reuben, and thanks also for Dancing in the City. It used to be one of my favourites, way back when, and I’d forgotten it entirely until today. Btw, you are going to let us know exactly when your birthday is…right?

  24. A beautiful little girl to go with a beautiful name– Amelie Rose. ❤ Cute pictures of brother and sister. I like the caption under each for Big Brother and Big Sister with the way they are staring at each other. You've had a busy week, David. Onward to another. Be well, my friend.

    • Thanks so much Mary J. I have twice as many pictures these days it’ll be a His n’ Hers selection mainly. I’m glad you enjoyed the captions, sometimes the pictures just lend themselves to things.
      Well, a new week now and soon I’ll be off to see them. A day for gifts.
      I strive to be well but at the moment it’s a fight.
      I hope the New Year has got off to a great start for you.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs your way xxx

  25. Such heartwarming pictures! So lovely to see brother and sister…
    xxx Biggest Hugs xxx

  26. Kourtney Heintz

    Congrats on the lovely new addition to your family. What a beautiful name–Amelia Rose. 🙂 Happy New Year indeed!

    • Thanks Kourtney, I misread the name at first too as I haven’t heard it before ,it’s Amelie Rose instead of Amelia.It is a sweet and pretty name but a new one on me.
      Definitely a Happy New Year. I hope you’re going to have one too. No more ill health to dog you this year.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  27. Ali Isaac

    Omg David, such beautiful pictures of the baby! And from the looks of things Reuben is going to be such a great, big brother! Sounds like you’re feeling much better now, too, and how amazing! Joey is starting to talk to you… finally!!

    • Thanks so much Ali, she’s a sweet little thing and yes, I hope Reuben is going to be the perfect big brother.
      I’m sure I’m well on the road to wellness again I just want to be rid of this damned cough.
      Joey is an uphill battle though an entertaining one. I still hope there’s a chance that someday he may choose to land on me.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

  28. Wow- so much going on, but I was most taken by the smell of wet goat and yet the most beautiful lovely photos of your little baby granddaughter. And then, everything in between! I’m hoping that the Endeavor show you’re watching is a new one. I have enjoyed that show but there has not been any new ones here in the US for several months. Of course I’m thrilled that you are attempting to stop smoking. You will feel so much better soon. I promise! Hugs hugs hugs to you

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed my little batch of photographs this week Pamela.
      Yes, it’s a new series of Endeavour at last, I hope I’m going to be able to catch them all.
      I hope you’re right and I’ll feel much better soon though at least it isn’t possible to feel much worse. The less I smoke the more I cough.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  29. okay falling asleep on the computer isn’t a good thing. 🙂 sounds like an adventurous week. Do you get a lot of rain at this time of year? More than usual? We get a fair amount through the winter months, here.
    Many hugs for your next week.

    • No, it always looks like I’ve been tattooed.
      We get lots of rain Maggie but it isn’t confined to this time of the year, it just happens it’s been so much worse than usual causing rivers to break banks and overflow. Lots of floods.
      Thank you, I send Hugs Galore for you xxx

  30. Well, David, like everyone else, I a sucker for the pictures of Amelia Rose. She’s adorable and it looks like her big brother is smitten too. Have a wonderful week. Hugs 😀

  31. Deb

    Thats one amazing week. Beautiful pictures. Now here is to hoping sibling rivalry doesn’t show it’s head. But I think thats the best thing about my sisters growing up.

  32. I loved the line about “anointing my moustache with the prescribed amount of butter from my toast.” Just a great phrase.

  33. Great music choices – Everlasting Love & Substitute are all time Hall of Fame Favourites.
    And congratulations for the arrival of the lovely new family member!

  34. Huge hugs for that little one. What a delightful child! 🙂

  35. Thank you David. The comments have already said it all, and I am late to respond as usual, but a great account and fascinating as usual. All the best!

  36. I love the way Reuben is already protective of his little sister!

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