Oscar in the wars again.


      I’m in the wars today and feeling rather sorry for myself. I wasn’t getting much sympathy because My ‘The Her’ was getting cross at my talking all the time when I was only trying to tell her what was wrong, but since she found out at least all is well there and I’m allowed to sit in My ‘The Him’s’ chair without being made to move.

It happened last light time. I had gone out through the clearway for a stroll. I had taken a short cut through the trees because it was a little wet from the sky and I tend to think water is just for drinking. I hadn’t noticed the vixen nearby or her cub playing almost in front of me. I don’t know how I missed it since they do have quite a smell. Anyway, before I could back away the vixen jumped and bit me in the top of my head. I know the tooth penetrated the skin and felt it scrape against the bone. She also bit my ear, though  that’s fairly mangled an I’m not sure how you’d tell. I should have backed off then but I”m a little  awkward sometimes and had to fight back. I gave her an almighty swipe across the muzzle with my claws it stopped her in her tracks. That was an appropriate moment to back off which we both did and I turned away and left.Back out of the trees in the green the sky water must have helped wash the blood away if there was any. I had a terrible headache though. I curled up under a tree outside the Fursty Ferret for a while.  I’d not been there a few minutes when there was a loud rumble in the sky after which a huge spike of hot light flew down and hit the tree. Such a smell it left. There was a creaking sound followed by a thump. The thump was on me. Right on my back and head came a branch from the tree. Oh, my head, it really hurt.

I crawled out from under the branch and in pain made my way home. I didn’t think I could jump through the open clearway as usual so I stood outside the large clearway that was closed. I asked to be let in. I asked again and again and again. Eventually My’The Him’ came and opened up. ” Oscar, stop being so damn noisy” he said, “use your window in future”
I went in and crawled beneath My ‘The Her’s’ bed and stayed there telling myself it wasn’t fair. A few times they came through and told me to “Shhhhh” or tried to persuade me out but it was a long time before I did come out and then just to lie on her sleeping place. I wanted the pain to go away.

At some stage I fell asleep but when I woke the head was still hurting and so I tried to call for attention. I got a few more hushes from Him and Her but eventually she came through to see me. As she attempted to stroke my head I’m afraid nature took over and I tried to bite her.Luckily she’s quick and I was slow. She realised there was a problem and had felt a lump on my head. She walked away.
Before I knew it the white skin man was there and he was touching me everywhere and moving my legs. Then there was a sudden sharp pain in my head followed by some relief followed by another short sharp pain in my neck area. I knew he’d just put a needle in me.
My ‘The Her’ came through and the man removed his white skin and rolled it up. ” Well” he said ” it looks like there’s been a bit of a battle. I’ve just removed half a tooth from his head and he seems to be quite badly bruised along his body. He’s had an injection to stop infection from the head wound and I’d keep him in for a   few days to rest.”
“Poor old Oscar” she said, “I knew something was wrong. I’ll keep him in for a couple of days to give the antibiotic time to work.” Even the rodents are going to feel sorry for me
The white skin man left. My head has started to feel better over the dark time, and this new light here I am enjoying being able to sit where I like and having my dish brought to me instead of having to go to my dish to eat.
Really, it’s what I deserve anyway for wresting that tooth from a vixen and driving it away. A few more days of this and maybe I’ll venture out again.fluffy toes

                                                       Fluff between the toes panic.
Turtle Reuben
                                                       Teenage Mutant Ninja Reuben.
Ami slide
Thanks for your patience with me. I’m nearly back. Have a wonderful new week and I wish it full of hugs for you.


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60 responses to “Oscar in the wars again.

  1. Che bimbi meravigliosi, buon inizio settimana a te, 🙂

  2. Oh dear…poor you!! Hope all well soon x

  3. Poor Oscar….to be misunderstood when he was in such pain….
    Mark you, I bet when he was feeling better he milked it for all he was worth.

  4. Oh poor Oscar, glad he got some medical attention, he really took a beating, poor dear. The photo’s are so wonderful as always, little Amelie is so beautiful and Reuben with his face paint is just adorable. Have a wonderful week my friend. Massive hugs and the song is so lovely.

    • He was not a big fan of the emergency vet and really let us know it. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and the music.
      Have a fantastic week Sweetie,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. I’m glad to hear you are on the mend David. Sending warm get well wishes and hugs, of course!

  6. Poor Oscar. I’m glad he got some medical care.
    The fluff between the toes photos made me laugh!
    I hope you are feeling better soon, David. Big Hugs!

    • It was only the best for Oscar, he demanded no less.
      Fluff between the toes was hilarious. From interest to panic in seconds.
      I’m OK thanks Merril.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. Oscar, that sounds awful! Don’t you hate it when the two-legses don’t listen to us? I hope you are feeling MUCH better now.

    I got in my first fight – not as bad as yours, but Mom didn’t even notice that I was bleeding right away. She cleaned me up and put some foamy stuff on this place over my eye – and then some greasy stuff that stung for a minute. But I didn’t have to go to the vet — which was a good thing because we were supposed to leave for the woods the next day, and I would have hated to miss that great trip.
    Woof! TINK

    • I made sure they always listened Tink, especially My The Him or he suffered for it later. My The Her always looked after me and gave me cuddles.
      I’m glad you didn’t miss your trip.

      • Thanks, Oscar. Mom was worried, but the stingy stuff worked magic and my eye looked a lot better in the morning. I’m glad you made them listen — and then you got extra cuddles — and especially that you are doing better.
        Woof! TINK

  8. Those babies are the cutest, David. Poor Oscar. A tooth to the head. My goodness. Well, at least he got the care he needed.

  9. You had war in the title, but I wasn’t prepared for trauma. Poor Oscar. Meanwhile, it’s good to have you back. Thanks for the fun photos.

    xxx get well hugs xxx

    • The casualty statistics weren’t too bad really Anne and he had medics everywhere as usual. Thank you, I’m almost back properly. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos.
      I loved the Hugs
      xxx Massive Hugs back to you xxx

  10. Poor Oscar….and thank you for such wonderful photographs….beautifuol 🙂 xx

  11. It’s just as well cats have nine lives! Your grandkids are absolutely adorable, David 🙂

  12. Love the updates and the pics. Your grandchildren are gorgeous!

  13. I’ve been away so long, and now I come in to see Oscar being attacked. Poor baby. I’m glad he has the love he needs to recuperate. ❤ I hope you're feeling well, David. Big hugs to you.

    • It’s usually him doing the attacking so this was a change. Even the foxes steered clear of him.He got the best treatment and yet the vet was lucky to get out unscathed. You just now he’ll be in trouble again .
      I’m fine thanks Mary J and I hope you are too.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  14. OOoooooo poor Oscar but what a brave soul and to put up with all that so calmly (snigger). He deserves his special treatment and probably should milk it for all it’s worth. And I don’t doubt he will. kisses to Oscar and kudos to his “HE” and “HER”.

    • I think we’ll reserve judgement as to how brave a soul he was but it must have hurt so I forgave him the noise. He definitely milked it for all it was worth with my wife , his ‘Mummy’.
      These are old stories as Oscar died aged 18 in 2012 so I can’t pass on your kisses, and my wife died the following year so I can’t pass on your kudos but I certainly thank you for mine.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. Someone to understand…Oscar. 😦 Sweet cute photos David! Nurturing Hugs we all need them!

  16. Oscar may be long gone, but truly he still lives in our hearts and minds as we read about his antics through you, David.
    Hoping you are truly on the mend and as you say almost “back.” Remember, your friends from near and far always have your back. Many many hugs from New England. Xoxoxoxo

  17. A tooth stuck in his head?! Oh no. That must have really hurt. Poor Oscar. I’m glad the Him and Her realized that something was wrong. Adorable photos of the kids. Amelie looks very concerned about her foot. Hopefully there isn’t a tooth stuck in there. 😀 Have a great day, David. Massive hugs. 😀

    • I bet he hit someone’s mouth with his head rather than the other way round. It must have hurt but soon dealt with. I had a repeat of the foot with Amelie this week. She has to take her socks off when we’re out and look for fluff in between her toes. If there is any put cotton wool in your ears, it’s panic time.
      I hop you’re well
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. Poor Oscar … I felt so badly for him! 😥 My own furry family members are in something of a tizzy this week … I suppose it is spring fever or some such, but they have been ornery all week long!

    Your grandbabies are beautiful as always … especially loved the pics of the fluff between the toes! Glad to hear you are on the mend … take care of yourself, dear David!

    Cwtch Mawr!

    • Even I felt sorry for him this time Jill but the vet soon fixed him up.
      I hope the Spring Fever dies down soon with your tribe so you can relax.
      Thank you, they’re good kiddies. I loved that photo too and the live repetition I watched this week.
      I’m OK thanks love but I’m more worried about you and the lack of rest, please take care.

      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

      • I hope so too! I am getting a bit weary of ashtrays knocked over, a hand-painted canister full of sugar shattered, a lamp knocked over and the bulb shattered, and countless rolls of toilet tissue and paper towels randomly unraveled throughout the house like crepe paper decorations! Not to mention shredded legs, arms, and various other body parts! 😀 Sigh … and none of them are kittens, though you wouldn’t know it this week!

        I’m doing better, so don’t worry about me, my friend. I have numerous issues, as you know, and sometimes they just all work together to whack me. Sometimes it is as a result of infection, other times stress or lack of sleep. But yesterday and today I got up with more energy than for the past week, and I am feeling considerably better. So … we are both on the mend, and I am grateful. Many, many hugs, my special friend! ❤

  19. All been said, David – but be sure and get better soon. Hugs to you, my creative friend.

  20. Sorry I’m so late reading this. Oscar had quite a time. A tooth in his head no less. Sweet pictures of the children. Angeli’s problem with the “fuzz” reminded me of my daughter’s fascination with it at about that age. She’d pick up a bit and say “Fuzz Mommy”. When she was given fresh-squeezed orange juice for the first time she wouldn’t drink it because she said it had fuzz in it. Huge hugs, David. 😀 — Suzanne

    • No timetable Suzanne. Anytime is fine. Poor Oscar did have a bit of a time and it must have hurt but think of a fox with toothache. Amelie takes after Sayjal does she, I’ll have to find a way of blaming her for the histrionics when she finds any. I can see what she means about fuzz in orange juice.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

  21. You have such a captivating writing style, David! This sequence made me laugh: “…afraid nature took over and I tried to bite her.Luckily she’s quick and I was slow.” 😉

  22. David, I didn’t realize something was wrong with your health until I read the above comment that you are on the mend. Well me too, On June 7th I had a major surgery and I’m just starting to bounce back. I’m not sure what happened with you but I do hope you have bounced back too. So sorry about Oscar.

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