Sunday Outing, antibiotics and steroid boobs.

Sunday. It’s ridiculous, bed at 1.00 am after finishing the blog and having a short read. Up again at 3.10 am. There was no doubting I was awake since I stubbed my toe nipping to the loo. I was able to take  a gentle look at my post and see who’d read the blog and commented. Always a great part of my Sundays. I’m often surprised but always delighted at how kind people are. No screams of ” Go back to bed you boring old fart. Give up writing till you have something of interest to say.” By 5.45 I’d come over all of a do-da and needed to lie down. I slept until 07.25 am.  Much refreshed I went through to the kitchen and turned the tank light on. I decided not to feed the little beggars as they hadn’t stopped me yesterday when they were fed by accident. After the shake, rattle and roll of meds I took my coffee through to continue with the mail. By 9.30 am I was able to  get washed and dressed and I decided to make my bed. I was going to do Mike’s bed too but he’s away for long enough that I can take my time. 

You’ve never seen such a poor performance in your life. I managed to strip the bed without too much hassle. A little heavy breathing maybe but that’s normal for a bedroom they tell me. Getting clean pillowslips on was also easy but getting the sheet on tired me. Getting the duvet cover on was an utter disaster though. I almost ended up inside it and after having succeeded it took over half an hour for my breathing to come back under control. I wonder if I burnt off any calories. I sat down in front of the computer to relax and keep the post up to date and that’s where my nieces found me at 10.45 am when they arrived. I gave them some little gifts and also their Easter Eggs as I won’t see them next weekend. Karen borrowed the computer to check her emails as her laptop has gone to the great byte ground in the sky. By the time she’ done I had my shoes on and was ready to go.

What a journey.Karen was driving and asked me if I knew the way as she’d forgotten. I said yrs, I could direct her. She wanted to go the part of the route she knew but I don’t know how to get there from that direction. All the time we’re deciding how we’re going to get there we’re actually driving and getting near to missing the way I knew. In the end I was made chief guide and directed Karen to an exit off the expressway. We were approaching Chester when Karen mentioned perhaps parking in town so we didn’t have to walk from Yvonne’s with my bed chest. We settled on that and proceeded to go round a big roundabout to go back on ourselves. We found with my disabled badge we could park for free in the law courts and so parked there. Then we realised Yvonne was expecting us and we tried to ring her to tell her to meet us in town.Neither Jo nor myself could get through. We also realised that the walk from the Law Courts was just as long as the walk from Yvonne’s and we’ gained nothing. I kept stopping to breathe which made it a long journey and as Jo still couldn’t get her I rang and left a message on Yvonne’s phone. She rang back a few minutes later and we arranged to meet. We were well on the way by now but Yvonne and pram still arrived when we did.

Dinner was in a pub chain and rather than try to get the lift activated to get upstairs we carried the trolley down 8 steps to the basement level. The meal was OK though nothing to write home about. Standard pub fare. We’d finished and were jut leaving when Ugo arrived but he wouldn’t stay for a meal and drink on his own so he had a soft drink while pushing Reuben round a clothes shop. What joy for him.Luckily the torture didn’t last too long. We all went to Cafe Nero for a drink ( Frappe for me) but Yvonne ordered cakes as well and I ended up with a wedge of chocolate Fudge cake. I really tried hard to fight against having it but I couldn’t see it go to waste. The girls had to share an extra cake as Karen is sworn off cake for Lent. We gathered outside on the pavement when we’d finished and looked like a protest group. It was time to say goodbye to Yvonne, Ugo and Reuben as we were heading off to a Supermarket before they closed. We mad it but not by much and all three managed to get what we needed.

The girls dropped me off at home and Karen put my shopping away for me. Then they had to leave. It was 4.30 pm and I felt quite alone. I came through to answer the mail I’d missed being out and was done by 6.00 when I went to have my tea and watch a Jennifer Aniston film Marley and Me before Endeavour came on. I watched that till 10.00 pm. I ‘ve been here ever since catching up and doing the post. Sorry I’ve kept you all up so late. I’ll try and do better tomorrow. It’s 12.10 and I’m off to bed sulking because I forgot to look at ebay earlier on.

Monday.  I’m not going to mention what time I got up this morning but it was at least ten minutes before I went to bed. There was plenty of time to take it easy doing the post and because of that I did it wearing my headphones and had a music-fest all my own. I moved back and forth between the years and actually had a little Michael Jackson session running through some of the great songs he did. No matter what you think of the person it would be hard to deny he earned his title as Prince of Pop and amazed us with his many changes of song type. He was a humanitarian and an environmentalist …. I’m currently listening to Earth song and it was one that moved me greatly. Anyhoo I decided that I’d give you a few records this week as I’m going along and will try to be chronologically faithful, but don’t hold your collective breaths as I don’t want to be the world’s biggest mass murderer. 

I did my tablets about 8.00 am, saw to the fish ‘pause'( sorry, it’s Buggles with Video killed the Radio Star) OK, then got washed and dressed. I returned to the mail but with one eye on the clock ( I was praying it wouldn’t roll off as I haven’t swept the carpet) as I wanted to go to the chemist with a repeat prescription. When this one is returned it will have the extra tablets to control this peak in my glucose levels. Heck it’s almost Easter I need them under control before eating all my eggs. (The Knack – My Sherona). The journey was swift. I wore a new hoodie so I could travel incognito. People said it would have worked better if I hadn’t worn one of my waistcoats on top- DRAT. It had rained overnight but the sun was shining brightly. Still a bit cool but if that’s as far as it goes with the threatened wintery blast before the heat wave I’ll be happy.

I returned to the mail and typically my short sojourn outside meant another 3 sacks had been delivered. It kept me going until almost 11.30am  when with a sigh of relief I broke for lunch. Today I had a cottage pie and two buttered baps.  ( Sorry, It’s Mister Mister with Broken Wings now). It’s possibly the warmth of the meal that brought on the tiredness but I had almost 2 hours in my chair before I had to gird myself up ( it’s not rude honest) for battle with the mail bag again. In truth can you imagine how boring my days would be without the personal messages from friends, the comments on my blog to answer or being able to share the blogs of others and try to make rude comments as Anonymous. Actually the blogs I read have my emotions up and down so often I’m newly engaged to a venetian blind. The world is full of idiots and evil where women and children can be traded as commodities, where life is so cheap and profit matters more than what we do to he planet and to animals. For instance I was reading about palm oil. Doesn’t sound important does it and yet great swathes of forest are being destroyed to plant palm trees for oil. Many of your Easter eggs will contain some but it’s a profit thing for the makers and does nothing for flavour. We don’t need palm oil as there are plenty of substitutes which can be used and which don’t need to have the Earth denuded of forests to get them. If you can buy Easter Eggs that don’t contain palm oil please do before another tree is knocked down to provide it thus losing all the species like orang-utans  which are killed in the process. Many thanks to Chris at the Story Reading Ape for this………………

                                                                                                                                                                                        At tea time 5.30 pm I wasn’t on my best behaviour and had 2 small chocolate puds with custard then settled to watch my Law and Order. I must have blinked towards the end because suddenly it was NCIS and about half way though. I stayed to see if I could make sense of it and gave up when the end came.Whoever the black hat was they didn’t get him for a change. I decided to call it a night and have an early night myself so back to work on the posts. I hope you enjoy the music interludes  and forgive the fact I have no real news to share.

Tuesday.  The coughing got to me last night. If I could have I’d have stamped out of the room and gone to sleep on the couch, but this is one of those coughs that follows you. Anyway, I was probably in the best room not to disturb any neighbours. I tried lying down, I tried sitting upright- which isn’t too difficult when you have 5 pillows and I even tried a drink of milk. That’s my concession towards health foods for this month. At some point I obviously dropped off and this time I wasn’t sitting on the edge of the bed. I woke at 4.35 am and started on my mail before I even remembered I wanted a wee. After adjusting myself I popped to the kitchen for a couple of aspirin and notice a few snails on the glass of the tank. Right, action required. I went back to the computer and signed into ebay. Say hello to the two newest to be members of the household…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Assassin snails- Bumblebee


These are my bumblebee assassin snails. I hope they’ve got a good appetite as I want them to get rid of the little breeders in my tank. Fortunately I checked, these are very slow breeders and when they run out of escargot for lunch they hoover up old food from the tank floor. I worked until 8.00 am and then turned on the tank light and fed the fish. I issued no warnings  of what was to come. After taking my meds and making a coffee I went back to work for a while. By 9.30 I’d mopped up, even the two offers from ‘Hi you don’t know me , but’ women who had suggestions enough to put me on my back or at least in bed all day. I washed, dressed and went to get some stamps and some cough medicine. I called in at Pauline’s for next week’s TV magazine and, well, next weeks TV magazine. I came back and was disgusted to see that you lot have been shirking and I’d run out of excuses to leave the i***ing. I ended up doing my single bedding, a pair of jeans and four shirts plus one tee shirt. I found the tee shirt I’d put a picture on last week had not survived well so after leaving that implement to cool down and putting the board away, I went back to ebay and ordered some Fruit of the Loom teeshirts at great prices and some new transfer sheets so Yvonne could have a go at making some as gifts. The reason mine didn’t fare well was because I didn’t press the transfer as I was supposed to.

After a lunch of lamb shank and mashed potatoes I studied the inside of my eyelids for some time and then watched a little TV. BY 2.15 pm I was wondering how the mail was and came through to check. I was working on it when there was a tap on the door, I didn’t turn it on though. I opened the door and there was my friend Dawn from the chemists with the items I’d requested yesterday. I passed her some chocs to share at work and took the drugs through. The bag seemed lighter than usual and when I checked prescription inside I had forgotten to order any of my sprays. I don’t know how I did this as I’ve taken to trying to order my drugs at about the same time as I did the previous month and I do this twice a month. At least I had the new drugs for the diabetes control. Ah well, I shall have to pay another visit there tomorrow- the third this week. This looking after yourself game isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I worked until 5.30 pm then had a ham sandwich and a yoghurt before watching my Law and Order. It’s getting bad when I’m watching repeats of repeats. At 8.00 pm I’d had enough and came through. Much more waiting for me this time. Causes to be followed, Petitions to be signed. arguments to be had. There’s an amazing young man called Kenneth  using his weekends to travel round the US to sit in coffee bars to chat to anyone who wants to chat. Fellow bloggers. authors or just people who happen to be there. He’s creating a remarkable society of tolerance and understanding because people are relaxed and able to speak openly. Bonds appear to be forming, not just with Kenneth but with each other.  Here’s his blog, and don’t let the heading put you off.   . It’s been quite an interesting evening really but like all good things it must now come to an end. One last blast from the past for tonight.

Wednesday.  4.45 up and about and coughing. This linctus is lovely but fairly useless. By tomorrow I’ll be needing a different one, hope it tastes as good. It takes me back about 50 years and more to a time when one of the top cough medicines was called Owbridges. They also made Owbridges Pastilles which were fantastic for coughs, colds and just eating as sweets. I had many a packet before they realised they shouldn’t be eaten that way and withdrew them from sale. I wonder if they still do the mixture? I know it’s only Wednesday but I’m starting to feel boxed in even though I do enjoy keeping up to date with all my post. I’ve got cabin fever and it’s only 6.00 am. HELP!!!

As usual I work until 8.00 am then do the rounds, fish tank, meds coffee. Knowing I wanted to get the prescription request in early in the hopes of having the sprays  tomorrow I got washed and dressed early. I still wasn’t up to date when I let the house at 9.05 am and walked up to the chemist. It didn’t take too long and the sunshine was wonderful. As I was approaching home I saw the post van pull up and Darren posted something through my door. I was anxious to see what had arrived so moved my legs a little faster. In amongst the larger stuff was a very small padded envelope which I opened excitedly. Inside were two small containers used for putting daily tablets out. Inside each one was a little ball of moss and a bumblebee snail, my assassins. I placed them in the tank straight away and then read a not which said they could take up to 48 hours to move. That should be fun when I’m leaving feedback. It was odd. I’d seen both drift down but I could only see one.Maybe their colouring is good camouflage against the stones on the bottom of the tank. I watched for about 10 minutes but no movement.

I went back to working on my mail and every third one was back to being dodgy messages from banks plus one firm who have credited me £310 for  my work and they’re desperate to pay me. Very kind of them. This kept me going until 11.10 am when I decided to go through to the lounge. One piece of mail from earlier proved to be the tee shirt transfer sheets for Yvonne. They were quick, and I also had a nice Easter card from friends. There was an epic on TV, The Fall of the Roman Empire so I sat down for a laugh since the history is barely acknowledged. But there was some good acting here and there. When the film ended at 2.15 pm I had a quick update of post and then went back to my chair and slept for an hour. When I woke up I heard someone outside say “I’m glad he’s stopped using that buzzsaw.”  It was back to coughing again so they’d have something else to moan about but who cares, I have my honey and lemon linctus. I rushed through the messages and was back in the lounge for 5.15 pm ready for my visitors. I put a quiz on as they usually arrive for the last bit and try a few questions. Tonight the traffic must have been bad as they didn’t arrive until it was ending. Probably just as well as the last set of questions were on the Spice Girls.

As I made drinks Dil set up the table for Scrabble. I wish he hadn’t bothered. Nothing I did was right. It was a slaughter and I went from second place in the first game to third place in the second game. Thank heavens we don’t play a third. I’m actually a good player but I met my match and my Waterloo tonight. As I made the second drinks the cards came out and Matt prepared a score sheet for Nomination whist. OMG, I barely got out of double figures. Again I was third. I knew at that point exactly what my record of the night was going to be. But, before you enjoy my discomfiture let me say that by sheer luck and some prestidigitation with the pen I won Crazy 8’s.

They left at 9.30 pm giving me chance to tidy up, wash the post and take my night time drugs. I came through to finish up on my mail while listening to some music and then concentrate on the blog. Time to say Goodnight and go for a short read.

Thursday. I got to lie in until 4.50 am today , trouble is , last time I looked at the clock before going to sleep it was almost 2.00 am. Some noisy beggar with a cough was keeping me awake. By the time I’d had a wee or six then washed my hands it was 5.00 am and time to start on the emails. And what a lot there were this morning. You’d been a busy bunch overnight. Especially Dear Kitty-Some Blog who always has such fascinating content it would be more than rude not to read it. My problem is that often they’re very emotive and drive me to comment or in some cases to want to create a blog on the subject myself.  I had a message to let me know I won 3000 Euros compliments of Microsoft which is lovely. They said they’ll write to me so I’ll wait and see since they don’t have my address and couldn’t tell me how or why I’d won it. I think the con artists are dredging the bottom of a very deep barrel now.

At 7.30 I went through to deal with the fish and sort my tablets for the next week. It often takes quite a while to get them all into their little compartments. I never include the diabetic ones as I have some in my pockets for meals out and the rest in front of where I plate up at home so I shouldn’t forget then. Today is the first day for doubling up on one of those so I have to remember to take it 15 minutes before eating…..or 30 seconds if I forget. I must remember to take two in to take after the meal and if you ask me, I think they make a pretty poor pudding. I took my coffee through to continue with the mail but decided to get dressed first because I wanted to go out about 9.00 am.  I choose that time so I’m usually back before the postman gets here. Today we arrive back at the same time and I was able to relieve him of a parcel of tee-shirts for Yvonne. She still doesn’t know it but they’re so she can create some gifts with Reuben’s pictures on for various family members. I checked them , pinched one for myself and put the others aside for when I see her next….by which time she’ll probably have read this post and there’l be no surprise.

At 11.00 am I’d finished and went through to the lounge where despite coughing enough to wake the dead, I fell asleep. It was strange as I could hear music, one of my favorites in fact and it was the late realisation that it was my phone that woke me. Naturally it was in the bedroom just as sitting here now I realise it’s in the lounge. The phone said 3 calls missed from Yvonne. Oops. A message came that she’s spoken to a doctor at the surgery and he’d checked my file out and was faxing a prescription to the chemist for some new antibiotics, some boob enhancing steroids and some medicine. She wasn’t sure the chemist would be able to deliver so could I pick it up. I know she doesn’t want me in hospital this year so she’s organised this and I’d better do as I’m told if I don’t want to be in hospital this year- she has a mean right hook. I got my shoes on and strolled up to the chemist. It’s fairly dull now and the wind is chilly. I wonder if the forecast of weekend rain is right, Ha, of course it is it’s a British bank holiday. There was a bit of a queue a bit of a wait and then Zaq the chemist called me over. I’m to take two of these antibiotics straight away with a pint of water and with food, then take one a day with the same rules. Won’t that be fun. 6 steroids to be taken at the same time every day and this mixture which taste of rotting sweet apples. It’s Ugh!!!! But my honey and lemon has run out now.

I wandered in and out of the computer mailroom until it was time for my programme. At 8.30 pm after watching the new Big Bang, BAZINGA, I went back again to catch up before Person of Interest at 10..00 pm. Of course when that finished I had o leg it to finish the mail and get to the blog.

So I leave you with this…..     

Friday. I wasn’t sure today about writing the blog as I haven’t much to be proud of.  I got up early as always, did mail, saw to fish..erm No actually, I’ve just realised I didn’t see to the fish then or later. If there’s no blog tomorrow you’ll know they got me….erm no you won’t as you won’t be reading the blog at all.I shall have to rely on my daughter to post something to describe the hideous condition in which I was found after the fish have done with me.  I did remember to take my meds including the steroids and the new antibiotic, I even had some cornflakes so the antibiotic was OK though I didn’t have a pint of water. Having breakfast meant I could take the diabetic drugs early and be able to leave tea out today. I segued straight into the coffee routine and took it back to the pit to continue working. Being a bank holiday so many people were off and able to send mail or post blogs instead of spending that time with the family and in the case of the UK out in the sunshine while it lasts which isn’t long if the forecasters are right this time.

I knew I should get washed and dressed so I had  shower and put on some clean clothes. I made the excuse of not going out because my hair was damp but if I’m honest that wasn’t the reason. I couldn’t face it, not even the corner shop. here would be so many people out and about and I didn’t want to see them. Still, the hair was a good excuse for a while. I was fortunate that no-one came to the door. The chemist was shut so I’m saved delivery of my sprays until Tuesday. I bought baps yesterday so I had two at lunch time. I had a bag of crisps with them and for pudding…I’m taking the fifth. Having my second lot of tabs meant I don’t have to face a third meal.

One of my favorite groups of all time and what fun I’m having listening to them.

I spent the afternoon alternating between the TV, nodding off and keeping the mail as up to date as possible. I try very hard not to respond to posts that offend me when it all comes down to just a difference of opinion, unless that difference is over something like the mistreatment of others.  I have lost ‘friends’ before over the subject of the Health Reforms in America because I thought they sounded good at first and only sounded bad after they’d been watered down so much in the Senate. Now to me it sounds the same as before, a dream scenario for Insurance Companies. I honestly thought if anyone could have made a success of a free Health Service it would have been the US. For a long time I’ve thought they don’t really care about the people over there and half the senate are in the pay of the NRA or Monsanto. They’d forgotten who they work for. Imagine my delight today when I hear that one state has passed a law that any food made from GMO crops must be labelled. Then I hear that a group of women ‘Concerned Women’ are complaining because the President spoke to Uganda about the law that says homosexuals will be jailed for life. They see nothing wrong with that law at all.

I had a text from Yvonne that Ugo wants to bring his Mother and her partner round on Sunday. I’ve met her twice and him only once. He seems a nice chap but it seems he asks after me whenever he speaks to Ugo. That’s very kind of him. Anyway, I knew his Mother was coming and I’ve bought some chocolates for her but I’d nothing for Dale of course. I think that means I’m going out in the morning. I watched Law and Order, Special Victims Unit and decided to call it a day. More mail, more music and the blog. See you tomorrow I hope.

Saturday. I didn’t rise from the pit today until 4.50 am. That’s piggin’ typical when I decided last night I must go out. I know full well that much as I love Pauline’s she won’t have the kind of thing I want. So, I did as much of the mail as I could then saw to the fish at 6.30 am…and YES, I really did  see to them today and made sure they got fed to make up for yesterdays debacle. I had my sprays, chomped through some cornflakes and took the 1001 tablets of the morning regime then too a coffee back to my room to have as I got dressed. I needed to be ready to leave the house at 7.30 am and gave myself no time to think about it. I made it and walked up to the bus stop. It’s early so obviously few people will be about and I don’t have to speak while I use my bus pass, just nod and smile at the conductor. There are only two other people there and so far apart as to be as antisocial as me. It was a short ride to town and again, all I had to do was press the bell as we approached my stop. I’ve only been on the damned thing fr 5 minutes and I can’  wait to get away from ‘the crowds.’  The Supermarket is open but also quite empty. Brilliant. I go to the cash machine and as the cash comes out shout “I won”. Then I grab a trolley and take a slow walk round. I do the slalom course round the shelf stackers cages and mark myself full points for not hitting any obstacles, despite one of them dropping a strawberry under my wheels. He must have bet on another driver. First stop flowers for Julia’s vases then my baps, hmm, nice and fresh, good date I’ll take two packets. Next stop cakes ( Honestly Andrea, it’s for the visitors not me…unless they leave some behind). Then milk. So that’s necessities taken care of that I could have got down the road but I’m here for a purpose of course. Still, no rush is there, so I buy a meal, some yoghurts, crisps, ( I completely bypass the freezer with ice lollies and BFG’s) and get a packet of biscuits and then some diet pop for me. Well, it could be three weeks before I can get out again. Finally I arrive at the chocolate aisle and get two blocks of special chocolate much more likely to appeal to a man that an Easter egg. Lastly round the corner to the beer aisle where I buy a bottle of Welsh beer for Dale and Ugo.

By now my trolley, which initially I used for support is getting quite full. So I head for the till knowing life is about to get awkward as I can’t do self service now. I’m so pleased, though still shaking, that the cashier s a young lady Ju and I used to see a lot and the two of them chatted together. She smiles at me but doesn’t make my life more difficult with chatter. Instead She asks If I need help packing and If I need bags. A nod and smile on both counts. My trip for chocolate came to £50.00 and I got a voucher for £5 off my next shop of £40.00 or more. What’s that saying about hell and ice? Anyhoo, there was no-one behind me and I asked her if she’d use the freefone to call me a cab ( please don’t insert your own jokes here). She did, and with a grateful smile I rolled the trolley outside in the hopes that the damp I could feel on my legs was sweat and in the hopes that no-one stuck a  drinks mixer in my hands to shake the martinis. I put the bags by the kerb, dropped off the trolley and lit a cigarette. I was even allowed to finish it before the taxi arrived. ” For David” he said and picked my bags up like they weighed nothing and dropped them in the boot. I had no choice but to proffer my address or we could have been rolling about all morning. We arrived very quickly and the driver carried my bags to the steps. The cash transaction plus a suitable tip was soon done and I was able to go in and unpack. After that was done I put the fresh flowers out and wished I’d chosen more. It’s annoying that they’re nice flowers but quite expensive for small bunches there. They did look nice though.

It’s not 9.30 am yet so I go back to the computer and start on the mail again. I’m doing OK.

A little pause for thought borrowed from my good friends C.J. and Mousie

It was about 10.30 am when I heard my phone go. It was Yvonne. She said she and Ugo had been hoping to spend some time with me on Monday after his Mum had gone home. Now they were arriving by coach today and as Ugo didn’t have to go to Birmingham to collect them would it be OK if they spent some time with me today instead. I asked whether this was instead of tomorrow too but no, that visit is still on. Yvonne said she needed an ALDI shop  and would I like to go? I wasn’t going to text back and say I’ve been to a supermarket as that would have meant a lot of texts so I said Yes please but I don’t need anything.  Well, they arrived about 11.45 am to collect me and off we went. It turns out Ugo’s young nephew is coming too and of course I haven’t got anything for him so I’m going to a supermarket aren’t I? I see more flowers and get two nice bunches for Ju and some for Yvonne, I see books for Reuben, a jumper for Ugo. I get Ugo’s chocolate fudge cake and find an old favorite of mine too a strawberry and rhubarb flan with a crumble top. Well you have to don’t you. The nothing I wanted in this place cost another £30.00. I dread to think what Yvonne’s was from the number of times she said “It would have been at least £150.00 in another supermarket” but her trolley was laden. From there we went to another shop, why? Well she needed tissues and I didn’t want to ask why she hadn’t got them where we’d just been. Anyway, she also found some shelves for her cousin’s birthday. I bought some wine ( not for me) and since we’d decided to lunch in the Ivy I had to get some sweets and some small chocolate Easter Bunnies for all the girls there. The ovely Helen ( AKA Crazy Cat Lady) has been keeping in touch by tweets so I know they’re missing their sweets though she does say she’s missing Mike and I too. I’ve been saying all week I’m missing my meals and my friends there.

As we drew up at the Ivy, Tariq was coming round the side of the building. We waved an he looked genuinely pleased to see me. In all fairness, he’s such a nice man he’s genuinely pleased to see everyone. He walked us indoors and said he’s preparing the outside play area now ready for the season. He never stops working. He took the order for drinks and left us a minute to decide on food and Yvonne fed Reuben. I passes the sweets etc over to dear Angie who then brought a big hug round the counter. C’mon be fair, of course I love it. It’s the nearest I get to a woman these days. Tariq took the food order then leaned down to talk to Reuben. He loves kids and it looks like the feeling is mutual. We had a wonderful meal and I got out the money to pay so I could go out for a smoke. Tariq approached before I could get up to ask if I was in a mad hurry. I answered “Not if you don’t need me to be”, so quick, just like that. He asked me to do him a favour to which I agreed straight away…I’ll never learn, though I did make him take the payment for the food first. We had to undergo the usual ten minute argument about getting it cheaper- like nothing, or a bit cheaper-like half or just bloody take it and put the change in the tips!!  The favour was to let him do something for me. Eh?? “He never lets me do anything for him” he complained to Yvonne/Ugo.He wanted to take a photograph of myself with Reuben and frame it or put it on canvas. I agreed on the proviso that I’d let him take the picture if he let me pay for the framing. An argument for another day he said. He must have taken a dozen shots which pleased Reuben no end. One in particular stood out for me and I do look forward to seeing it when done.

We left and came home where I was able to give Yvonne the transfer paper and T-shirts I got this week. I’m sure I can bring her round to the idea, but Just in case, I told Ugo to make her do it. My beard was a mess and my hair not much better so Ugo cut my hair ( sorry Bro) and then Yvonne attacked my eyebrows with glee. I really am having a problem teaching her that you close the blades fully and cut the hair, not partially close them, drag the hair out then close the blades. Because of their visitors arrival they had to leave. It was magic for me to see them and spend time like that. I may not see Yvonne tomorrow because of a space in the car problem now the nephew is coming. He’s a lovely young lad though so maybe he’ll offer me support tomorrow.

I went straight back to the computer for 2 hours then had a couple of hours break cleaning loos, sinks and dusting tables. A little bit of inconsequential TV and then at 9.00 am back here for a last blast. I’m going to finish with a great song tonight even though I’m not a massive country fan, this one is great.                                                               

The Yogi

The Yogi


The Cool Yogi

The Cool Yogi

On the road again.

On the road again.

Male Model

Male Model

I like shaving foam Mummy.

I like shaving foam Mummy.

Swim Time

Swim Time





Does my Bum look big in this?

Does my Bum look big in this?



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54 responses to “Sunday Outing, antibiotics and steroid boobs.

  1. C’mon, you can’t tell me that Reuban is capable of a bad photo, ever! What a cutie! The amazing thing about your blog, David, is that you relate the ordinary, everyday life with such humour and interest. Well done. xx

    • Well, I do have one where his face was screwed up in a real tantrum which I daren’t show for fear of scaring everyone off, after all they only visit for him.
      Thanks so much Ardys, I must admit humour is a great foil for keeping life at bay.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. David, I hope the new meds worked like a charm and that you’re feeling great. I noticed you stopped mentioning the cough. I know how frustrating it is to have a cough. Special thanks for the Three Dog Night song. When all the other young girls were screaming for Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson… I was in love with Chuck Negron. Yes, I was an odd little girl. 🙂
    Wishing you well. Hugs,

    • By the way… I hope the bumblebee assassin snails get suitable names. 🙂

    • I think the meds are kicking in this time and the cough, though still there, isn’t constant now. Mind you, after tasting the medicine it’s probably afraid to come out now.
      I did like Michael Jackson, though more his later stuff but I’m afraid Donny Osmond passed me by.I too preferred the more real songs and singers of the time but having said that, I was too old to do anything else.I don’t think you were an odd little girl at all, just selective.
      xxx Sending Huge Easter Hugs xxx

  3. great read…very funny about the exhausting bedroom scene. i feel for ya…not an easy job for any man. not sure we were made for it.

    “Where the streets have no name” is a fantastic song but it tends to make me eventually remember such torturous journeys on such roads. I confess that my favorite regions/countries all suffer from this dark aversion to road signs for dirt and mud-rock-gravel roads.

    and…if you have been unfortunate enough to visit towns like Duffy, Ohio, which does not have many street names nor has an original legal map (ex: “the property begins at the big tree, crosses the big rock and goes generally east to the mole hill near Garvey’s milk house…” ad nauseum) or strangely-devoid-of-intelligent-design third world country towns such as the lovely Cayo in America Central.

    Bono’s a smart lad, but i don’t think he would have thought of that…

    • No, you’re right, certainly in my case. We weren’t made for it. I’ve been shown countless times how to do a duvet on my own but usually end up inside the thing somehow.
      I love that video of ‘The Street’s have no Name’ but perhaps it detracts from the song a little. It’s the idea of allowing a performance to go ahead on the rooftop where the streets do have no name but only numbers are then having the police break out in such a panic when people stop to watch.
      I’m not very well travelled so your word is good enough as to the state of affairs in Duffy Ohio or in Cayo in Central America. But sometimes we do underestimate the capabilities of smaller places so confident in our own abilities are we.
      Have a superb Easter.

  4. Happy Easter! I read about the palm oil in chocolate, and went and checked all the labels on food that had chocolate in from my cupboard, there are far too many that contain Palm oil.

    • We just never know. Everyone just has trust in manufacturers. Of course we don’t know about what getting palm oil does until someone tells us. I swear palm oil wasn’t in Cadbury’s Chocolate in the past and wonder if it’s an addition since they were bought out. I am sure the chocolate now tastes different to the way I remember it as a child.They’ll notice if we stop buying it though.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. Happy Easter to you and your family, David. As always, I love the pictures of your Reuben. I had no idea about the palm oil or the impact on orangutan habitats because of its production. I am a food label reader so I will definitely avoid those products in the future. Much love!!

    • Thanks so much Jolyse, a Happy Easter to you and yours too. Reuben’s pictures brighten my day and it’s fun to watch him grow in stages. Just 8 months old today. Wow.
      Thanks for watching out for the palm oil. It has no benefit to the chocolate whatsoever it ‘s purely another profit aid for the maker but at such huge expense to habitat and wildlife. It should be banned.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  6. I have to say your blog is the highlight of my Sunday, you manage to make every week so witty and entertaining and make me think about how I view my own, it is very easy to overlook so much by writing it off as mundane, although I will confess from the storming of the supermarkets on Thursday and the fact so many people were obviously stockpiling in preparation for some form of nuclear attack or natural disaster I feared I would miss having the pleasure of catching up on your week today, but as the world has not ended I guess it was just the single day of shut shops which began the panic buying. 😀

    Huge hugs xxxxx

    • Paula, seeing the way you write, a blog on the subject of The Storming of the Supermarket seems a sure fire winner. I’m glad the event didn’t keep you and your wonderful comments away though.
      I’m sending Mega Hugs to you and yours. xxx

  7. Another exciting and eventful week, David. Life is rich in detail and I love how you can take the everyday and make it extraordinary. And with the intervals of music, it’s like a having a film score to the backdrop of your days. Love it.
    Happy Easter to you. And ‘Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight.’

    • I get the feeling I’d curl up in a corner and die if there weren’t so many wonderful comments on a Sunday to what has after all been just a fairly normal week. I’m really glad that the music intervals seem to be hitting the right note too, but please don’t tell me if it’d the only reason anyone comes.
      xxx Massive Easter Hugs xxx Sweet Dreams are made of this….

  8. Wonderful choice of music to bring back memories. I saw the Beatles in person. Yes I was one of those screaming girls. Your grandson is the cutest little thing. He looks so hug-able! What a bundle of joy. Best of luck with your snails. I never would have connected ebay and snails. Have a fabulous week, my friend. Hugs are sailing across the sea…

    • Thank you Mary J, it’s always a delight to have you visit. So you were one of the screamers eh, the ones that made sure we couldn’t hear the band…you probably saved me from going deaf. Reuben is huggable but a tickle serves much better. Much more fun. I don’t know what made me try ebay but I was surprised to find them there, and so many fish too.
      I hope you have a wonderful week.
      xxx Hugs Taken Wing just now xxx

  9. Martine Kaufman

    How I smiled. I think I remember those cough pastilles David. Loved the snails. Hope you are not missing your “bro” too much. Thank you for the music, the photos of Reuben and your remarkable sense of detail and for your kindness.

    • I do miss my bro Martine, no-one to bully me. I bet he won’t want to come back though. I’m glad your memory as nearly as old as mine Martine because maybe you remembered liking the pastilles as much as I did. I’m so grateful you visited for the photo’s the music and the odd laugh with me. I’m not sure where the kindness comes in though, it’s me always seems to be on the receiving end of that.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. As usual, a busy and humorous description of your week. Happy Sunday and Happy Easter!

  11. Thanks for postponing the list of my Must-Do chores today, David. It’s not enough to catch up on your life, but I also had to play all the songs, and some–like “Hey, Jude”–more than once. And then “Mr. Cool” Reuben in his sunglasses made me laugh, and when I got back after taking a coffee break I couldn’t find my Must-Do list.
    (Thanks, actually. I do appreciate it!) Happy Easter hugs to you and little “Mr. Cool”!

    • Wow, I’m happy to have been of real use to someone for a change. I hope that means you relaxed. It’s funny bu I heard Hey Jude again, remembered how much I loved the closing bits and had to play it a second time too.
      Reuben didn’t look quite as Mr Cool yesterday when he arrived wearing pink bunny ears which he kept trying to eat.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  12. -grin- I know you expect to be scolded, but as you’re taking your new meds, AND going to supermarkets, I’ll just send hugs. And good Easter vibes. 😀
    p.s. I hope you post that picture Tariq took at some point. 🙂

    • I think I’ve been pretty good. Not even opened my Easter goodies. The Hugs are extra welcome and prized.
      When Tariq has done it and we’ve done our usual dance about payment I’ll try to take a picture of it. I’m going to have to get him to take some of the three generations together, and at some point have a family party so I can gets lots of pics of as many family as can be gathered.
      I hope your Easter Monday has been brilliant.
      xxx Multi Mega Hugs xxx

  13. I’m forever amazed at the hours you keep. 🙂
    Reuben is a real charmer!
    xxx Biggest Hugs across the miles to you and Reuben xxx

  14. Kourtney Heintz

    Changing the bed is a lot of work. The duvet cover is really tough too. Smart to just tackle your bed and hold off on Mike’s for a bit. 🙂

    • Thankfully I’ve time Kourtney as he’s still away for a couple of weeks then he’ll visit his son and grandchildren before he come up for the weekend. Maybe I can do a pillowcase a week. LOL. I don’t remember changing a bed being this hard a few months ago.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Nice choice of music there 🙂
    I hate t shirts with iron-on transfers, they are then a pain to iron because you can’t set the iron at the right temp. Or you have to iron them inside out (wonders: when did I last iron a t shirt). Anyway, I prefer the embroidered ones 🙂
    I do like it when you add the serious bits to your weekly summary, whether it is palm oil, or people as commodities. No idea whether it does any good, just like my blogs, but I still enjoy the thoughtful pieces interposed.

    • It’s thank you’s all round today with your lovely comments.I know people can skip the music but a few choose to listen to some of them and revive some good (I hope ) memories.
      I don’t mind the Tee shirt transfers as I’ve had lot of success in the past when I actually apply the instructions properly- like iron over a cloth.Much more instant than waiting for someone else to do them .
      I don’t often apply the serious bits because it’s not expected of my blog, but there are times I will explode if I say nothing. I’m glad at least that I’m not guilty of boring you with them.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you on Gib- or Spain if you’re there now xxx

      • I don’t know. Look at how many people commented on palm oil. How do you know what’s expected until you try? Damn, just found chewing gum on my shoe. A blog post in the making!! But seriously, there is nothing wrong with varying the mix.

      • I’m getting a little worried at the weather out there increasing your ESP as I’ve actually got an addition in this weeks post though at the moment I’m wondering whether to pull it and feature it on it’s own…… I’m not sure I’m a great judge of things like this.
        Sorry about the chewing gum.- Filthy habit.( Spitting it out I mean).
        xxx Super Size Hugs xxx

  16. It’s great that you mentioned palm oil, the more peeps know about the devastating effects of it’s production the better. It’s scary how many things it’s in – Dove soap has been off my shopping list for months 😀 Just back from 12 days in the UK so big apologies if I’m not up to speed with your posts. Reuben is looking bonnier than ever and I’m excited to see pictures of your snails, let us know their names soon! Hope your cough has cleared up now David and may this week be bountiful in every way for you. Big hugs, Lottie XXXXX

    • I think we’ve been ignorant about palm oil for too long Lottie. I can’t understand how we could threaten the habitation of so many creatures in order to save a penny or two on production costs.
      So why didn’t you call for a cuppa if you were over here. Time to stop skiving and get back to work now. You haven’t blogged since February.
      Reuben is a bonny baby but he’s as heavy as a hippo.
      The snails were to be Morecambe and Wise but might be better known as Missing in Action. I think they’re on diets.
      Cough on the way out I think, antibiotics and steroids finished now.
      My weeks are always good with friends popping in like this.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Changing duvets are an absolute nightmare on your own. When I was at boarding school as a child, I had to go to the dormitory straight after study time in the evening to start changing my duvet, because I was slower than nearly everyone else. The Beatles are great. Reuben looks mesmerised sitting in the that iconic Volkswagen van with the Butlins license plate.

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me who seems to struggle with duvet covers, though it does-so far- appear to be a male thing.
      Nice to be reminded of the Beatles songs sometimes isn’t it.
      I’m sure Reuben was mesmerised, though I’m hoping it wasn’t because he had a pedestrian in his sights. They tell me he was fascinated by all things car while away.
      All the best Guy.

  18. Hello, David. Hope you’re having a great day. Thanks for Man of Constant Sorrow. Love it and love that movie. Big Hugs, Elizabeth ❤

  19. Well now I’m thinking about who I can play Scrabble with! I like playing card games too. I hope your day is going well, David!

  20. Hi David. I spot the Butlins pictures. Lovely to see, and looks like they had lots of fun. We loved it there as well, must admit I was a bit shocked, and really wasn’t what I imagined.
    See your cough still hanging around, for my holiday troubles I came down with a cough and cold and fast forward a week and I am now struggling with a chest infection! No lovely Easter eggs for me.
    I was amazed to read about Palm oil in them also, something to think about when getting treats for my daughter.
    As always love reading your posts, so enjoyable.
    Take care,

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you got an unexpected gift from Butlin’s. Have you got something for the chest infection? I hope it wasn’t horrible medicine like I’ve got. The second lot of antibiotics haven’t managed to clear it yet either but I’m not going back, I’ll wait for it to clear on it’s own.
      The palm oil was a huge shock to me too especially when I saw a list of Easter Eggs it was in ( after I’d bought mine naturally )and found Cadbury’s was one. I thought they produced ethical foods. It looks as though the change of ownership changed other things and not for the better. I shall check chocolate from now on.
      Thanks so much. I love having you drop in and I’m glad you enjoy the read.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you all xxx

  21. Still reading this…I’m dropping behind due to bad internet, sorry David, I love reading about your week but it keeps dropping on me!!!
    That little man is just getting cuter!! Back soon:) xoxoxo


    • I’m not arranging it to keep you here honestly Maggie. I promise with the music provided on the current blog it may be well worth the visit. I hope your internet picks up a bit.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx
      ps. Yes, he’s getting cuter but I’ll have to ban him from my home soon as he’s close to crawling.

  22. …fabulous post, as per, that man… LUV the photos … ! 🙂

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