The Strangest Thing & Laurel Arrives

Sunday 1st March 2013. Dydd Dewi Sant.

The strangest thing. I was shocked to hear Mike turn his TV off early last night and when I nipped to the loo at 11.30 pm he was already asleep. Oddly enough though, that’s not the strangest thing. I got to bed last night at a not unreasonable time for a Saturday. I even managed a read. I woke up this morning at 6.16 am BUT, I wasn’t in bed when I woke. I was sitting in my chair at the computer. I had my dressing gown on and my cigarettes from beside the bed were in the pocket. I obviously already got up once but I have no idea of the time and I don’t remember doing it. Time to cue music from the twilight zone. One thing I was sure of, I must have been there a while as I had a right pain in the neck, other than the one in the next bedroom- to name no names. Naturally panic set in as to how much mail there was so my first job was to sign in and go on the attack. It wasn’t quite as bad as feared but probably better than I deserved. My mood lightened a lot as I read some of the comments on the blog and I was delighted to find my music choices had been a hit this week. Much more mention than usual and one request this week too.

At 8.00 am I took a break. My back was aching, my neck was aching and no doubt the fish were aching to be fed. This new formula I’m using is a big hit and the minute they see it sinking they zoom in on it. I’ve seen January sales more controlled than breakfast time. I swear if this lot knew how to use brollies they be using them to shove the others out of the way. The minute it’s all gone though, normal service is resumed. Gently swimming around the tank trying to pretend no-one else exists and trying to avoid bumping in to them. Big Al, Little Al and Pepper have retired to their corner, the plecs are hanging off the bog wood again and Stan is trying to keep out of the light under the pipework of the air curtain. I went over to take my meds and once I’d finished make a coffee. Before leaving the kitchen I set the kettle to boil in case Mike got up since he’d slept for almost nine hours at that point. I carried on with the post. About 9.30 am I stopped long enough to get washed and dressed and thought Mike must have had a rough night to be still asleep at that time.

I opened my second email account and started dealing with that which kept me well occupied. Mike had had a little coughing fit so I thought it might be because he was waking up. How he hadn’t done so with my coughing I don’t know. Finally at 10.20 am I made a coffee and took it through. He had to be roused twice to be told it was there but at 10.20 am his mouth must be like a cactus field. I left him to it and just went through to join him when I heard his go to the lounge at 10.30 am. A little concerned I asked how his night had been. “Fine ” he answered “I feel quite bright this morning.” ( I didn’t ask him how many 2’s are in 10 however). Eleven hours asleep, it’s not natural. He did say he’s had a disturbing dream though. I went through to his bedroom with the fly spray to see if the tsetse fly would react to it. It’s the only possible reason I can imagine someone sleeping so long. I couldn’t find any. He asked what I was doing when I just checked his hair when I went back through. “Oh just giving you a pat on the head” I told him “I’m delighted you’ve woken in a good mood.” ( In fact I’m delighted you’ve woken at all).  He broached the subject of what we’d do this morning and I was tempted to say “What morning?” but stuck with “No plans Michael.” He said he needed some ink for his printer and I suggested a few places we could go for that. As it happened I could do with one colour myself.

It was midday before we left the house to go for lunch or in his case Breakfast and we settled on The Bells so we could go into Prestatyn afterwards. I had a very nice roast beef dinner and piled on the leeks for St David’s Day. I think Mike had pork, gammon and beef ( and he asked for a sausage). It was very nice but a little noisy today. Once we’d eaten we stepped outside in the pouring rain and tried to reach the car without drowning. Mike pointed out it was -5 centigrade outside, it has been a sunny -2 centigrade when we went in. He drove us to Tesco in Prestatyn when he made me feel guilty that his ink was £5.00 a pack dearer than if we’d gone in the other direction towards Flint. I did get mine though it was £2.01 more than Flint but I didn’t want an I told you so. Almost as bad was reminding him we were due a free coffee in M & S which we went for today and he didn’t enjoy it whereas if we’d gone to Flint there’s Temptations. Oops.It was an uh oh moment in the car when he said we’d not had a very successful expedition today. We came home.

It was 3.15 pm when we got home and by 3.30 pm I was waving Mike off at the door . That left me free to start work. I didn’t count numbers, just started from the bottom and worked my way up. At 5.30 pm I stopped to have some tea ( only so I could take my tablets you understand, not ‘cos I’m a pig) and I stayed there until 8.00 pm after getting caught up in a BBC series The Indian Doctor. I think this must be a second series as I didn’t recognise the episode or some of the characters. I even got the idea they were playing some of it or laughs today. So, at 8.00 pm I returned here again and stayed. By 10.30 pm I’d made real headway even after refreshing twice so that at 10.55 om I was able to stop and deal with the blog. I was half tempted to put my National Anthem on the blog in honour of the day but instead I’m going to put on two records tonight. The first one is in honour of my sweet friend Suzanne who writes as but beware she has food showing on her blog without warning to those on diets.

Alphaville- Forever Young.

The second is one I was reminded of today that brought back great memories.

Chairmen of the Board- Give me Just a Little More Time.


I was in bed a little after midnight and read till 1.00 pm. I was thinking of cuffing myself to the bedframe to prevent any more unexplained departures from my bed but I realised in time just what remarks would follow if anyone thought I had handcuffs handy. And that’s only remarks from Mike, heaven alone knows what you lot would come up with. As it happens it wasn’t needed since I was up at 3.22 am anyway. It was a bit nippy on my trip to the loo that I diverted to put the heating up a bit. I didn’t want icicles. I started on the post which after the first half a dozen proved to be fairly easy going. Everything was going swimmingly when I stopped at 7.00 am to feed the fish. The majority of them showed their lack of manners with all their barging yet I thought how polite, Stan is holding back a bit. That was with the special mix I’d put in. But as a treat I opened some daphnia and dropped it in. Stan didn’t hold back any more and was in the middle of the mix like grease off a shovel. ( The money on that charm school was wasted, sob). Happy they were all getting a fair share and that violence hadn’t erupted I left them to it. As I turned away I noticed even one of the very shy synodontis was out there chomping.

I’d started to take my meds when I decided to have breakfast this morning. I added a pre-food tab to the mix. When I put the coffee machine on I got a red light. Thinking it meant a cleaning was needed I started the process, or I tried. It wouldn’t go. In frustration I removed the cleaning disk and cleaned the water tank out and replaced it. I turned it off ready to pack it away. Somehow, my hand caught the switch and turned it on again, now the red was in a smaller area than before. The handbook said it indicated the water tank was empty. I filled it again and everything was ready to go again. I was very puzzled but the distraction had been long enough for my tablet to do whatever it’s supposed to so I had some cereal. Once I’d eaten I took the post-food tabs ,washed up and brought my coffee through. I’d spent so long fish watching, coffee machine cleaning and filling my face it was now after 8.00 am. I carried on with the mail and once the main one was empty, started on the second account. It had gone 10.30 am and I wasn’t sure whether to refresh the mail or not. For some reason I was reminded that last Friday the warden had asked how many fish were in the tank. A quick calculation and I’d said 14. I suddenly remembered this morning I hadn’t taken into account Morecambe and Wise. I went through and did a quick check. There were 16. I created a list on the computer of each type and their names and posted a little photograph next to each of them so they could be identified.  I have 1 Ancestrus plec, 2 Albino Cory (Big Al & Little Al), 2 Bronze Cory, 2 Hoplosternum, I Pepper Cory (Pepper),                1  Pimelodus Pictus (Stan), 3 Plecostomus, 2 Siamese Fighters (Morecambe & Wise), 2 Synodontis. Maybe room for one or two more yet.

It rapidly became lunchtime. I was heading to the kitchen when the idiot window cleaner arrived and slammed the small window which made me jump and set the alarm off so I thought the burglars were back. I changed my trousers and went to get lunch. It was beef stew with a dumpling today. I saw Murder she Wrote and managed to stay awake the whole time, then I washed the pot and returned to work. There were a couple of times falling asleep was a serious option but I didn’t want a neck like yesterday and I did want to be free for 4.30 pm. I managed it but I’d been so slow and deliberate ( no incomprehensible messages to Australia) that my mailbag was still bulging a little when I quit. I saw my Antiques show in full, I saw my quiz in part. I know we’d reached the last round but then I zonked and didn’t come round again until,40 minutes later. I came back through.

It’s been a constant slog since then. As I answer mail, fresh mail arrives so the numbers aren’t going down. But tonight I started the blog early so I wasn’t rushed and that will give me chance to return for one last burst before falling into bed. My day out tomorrow and I need to be fresh to fight for my bacon sandwich.                            I hope your week is going well so far


It was a 3.47 am start today and I got up with a degree of reluctance. I studied for it at Night School and was awarded it today. It was Ffflipping Ffffreezing out there and all the hairs on my toes had gone brittle and snapped off as I put my slippers on. Cold is the new depilation it seems. I walked towards the loo but veered off at the last minute to close the small window in the lounge which was sending enough of a breeze towards my legs it made the lounge pants blow up like a fat suit. I’m guessing it’s Mike just said they always look like that. I returned to the loo and had fun with the intermittent flow again. Then I returned to the bedroom and wrapped myself in my thick dressing gown, sat in my chair and logged on. There was quite a bit of mail but that was OK, I wasn’t going anywhere.

At 6.00 am I went through to feed the fish, they were lucky I wasn’t chipping them out this morning. Again this new food had them all in a frenzy, it was hard getting the right tail to go with the right body they moved so fast. For Stan’s sake I added the last of the sachet of daphnia from yesterday and he’s proved he can move when he wants some. Yet again the braver of the two synodontis came out to eat though the move didn’t last for long. He soon went back into his shell. I don’t see the ancistrus eat but I see the occasional waggle of a tail from underneath the other shell. Stan finished chasing food and retired to his corner and a bit of shade from the lights. Seeing they were all happy I could turn away and deal with my meds the make myself a coffee to go back to work with. I sent Yvonne a text to let her know I wouldn’t be over as I  didn’t want to expose my chest to the cold. By 9.00 am I was almost there but I was feeling tired and my eye were starting to go. I went through and turned TV on and tried to nod in my chair. I managed some but I was back into it by 10.00 am.

Since I haven’t done much today and I’m not feeling great at the moment I’m going to skip most of the day until 4.45 pm when Ugo came round with Reuben. I met them at the door and as Reuben saw me he grinned and said Pops is a voice that sounds like a lions roar trying to do Don Corleone. It’s a real growl. I took him into the lounge and removed his coat. Big mistake, without the weight of sleeves those arms were everywhere. He had remotes galore and TV was going on and off  as were candles, record players and anything else remotely electrical. Boxes were upended of coins, coasters became stones to be skimmed across the floor. Ugo went out for something to eat as it was always our Tuesday treat, and left me in charge. . I distracted Reuben by taking him to the fish tank.There seemed to be only Wise in evidence and either the rest were hiding or Wise had eaten them all..

Ugo returned with food and tried to feed Roobs with fish and chips. I was persuaded to part with some of my sausage (Indian giver) but it was refused, I couldn’t even have it back because it had gone on the plate with the fish. Roobs was more interested in play than in eating and there had to be a couple of stern looks when things were thrown about. That didn’t work, it just brought on the siren and the waterworks, especially after he threw something like a coaster and I relieved him of his favourite remote. It didn’t go down well. I did Ugo some pudding which I think  Reuben helped with a little but he was asking me for chocolate so I had to give him a couple of Cadbury’s fingers. Sorry Matt, they were from your stash.. Soon enough it was time for them to go. I gave Reuben the giraffe I’d got for him and it seemed to be a popular choice. I went to the door with them and all seemed OK’ish until Ugo told Roobs to say goodbye to pops. then his heart broke. So did mine. I came back in and watched  TV quiz before coming through. I soon started to feel unwell and had to gallop to the loo to throw up. As this may be the start of ‘There may be trouble ahead’ I’m closing now and will write again tomorrow if I feel up to it.


I actually managed to get to bed at 11.30 pm last night though I did read until 12.45 am. I got up at 1.35 am when I thought a trip to the loo was in order but bed still sort of beckoned. I had a cigarette and a small drink and climbed back into bed where I stayed until 5.51 am. I thought that was pretty good. Of course I paid for it when I opened my emails and had to start by working on all the ones I’d missed last night. It was obvious they’d made a point of not missing me. There wee a few Goodnight tweets I had no choice but to answer Good Morning too just in case they thought I was just getting to bed.

At least I felt better this morning apart from the cough which is still annoying me. I’m using the couch medicine which helps a bit but which leaves me drowsy. Not as drowsy as when I was taking it by the tablespoon rather than the teaspoon. Still,I should be OK since as far as I know I’m not pregnant ( except for the odd pause) and certainly not breast feeding since I can’t find a willing woman. At 7.00 am I broke away from messages to feed the fish. It was quite light outside but I still needed the kitchen light and the tank light. There wasn’t a deal of movement except from the bronzes. Big Al, Little Al and Pepper were in the front left corner and Stan was in what would be the top right corner if it hadn’t been occupied by the internal filter. Everything else was keeping a low profile. When Iopened the food hatch they all seemed to go on high alert. Like sniffer dogs with  noses in the air, waiting for the command. Putting some ofthe pellets in was enough to starta race for the spot which Pepper won so he was able to catch them floating down. The plecs moved in, M & W were there as were the hoplos. The usual ones were missing, Ancistrus, synodontis and Stan. I put some of the scientific food and Stan moved himself to grab some. The Synodontis stuck their heads out far enough to grab some and retreat again. No sign of ancistrus and his waggling tail yet though. Satisfied they’d ll get something I moved away.

I had my sprays then took a food tablet before having all the others.Time for a cigarette. I did a couple of quick jobs while smoking so that as soon as the cigarette was finished I was able to put two crumpets in the toaster.When they were ready I set my coffee machine to produce a masterpiece then added butter and strawberry ham to the crumpets and ate them. It was nearing 8.00 am when I finished and I could see youngsters pass by on their way to school. I really didn’t envy them as it was freezing. No rain and the sun was shining but it was a vicious cold. I took my drink through to the bedroom then got dressed and carried on with the mail  By 9.20 am I’d done the one mail box but I decided to pay a visit to Pauline’s to get some shopping and also to collect £10 from the Thunderball on Saturday. Coming back, I wrote a couple of letters, tried to activate my with the code given for and when I couldn’t, fired off my second email to them in a week. This has happened every year for the last 3 years. My account with UK ends in March but every Christmas I’m bought a new subscription by a friend in the U.S Obviously he buys it from Ancestry,com while I use But it’s the same firm so why is it so difficult to tack the new subscription on to the end of my old one? For the last few years someone has eventually figured a way and done it for me. This year I’m told to activate the .com and then say I want to use UK in one of the boxes. I’ve done this but all that’s happened is I now have an active account from last December going on with no family trees while I have a recently ended account not going anywhere with all my family trees on it.

I had a skype request for contact from someone in Akron Ohio, who is only 29 but single, honest and ‘really’ interested in ‘connecting’ with me. I noticed a few other request from young women who want contact who are prepared to be a nit naughty. See me run ! I can’t remember what to do with an old woman never mind a young one. Lunch time arrived and I had a shepherd’s pie with some bread and butter. I watched another Murder She Wrote but I confess my eyes kept going to the window as I was expecting a book delivery today. At 1.00 pm I returned to my computer and laid into the messages. I know I was tired and was fighting not to fall asleep at the desk. It didn’t work. I woke to a knock at the door but I didn’t realise that’s what it was until I came round properly. It must have been a deeper sleep than I thought. Expecting the book I opened the door to find my friend from the chemists there, it was a surprise as the young lady had delivered my drugs yesterday. I thanked him and closed the door. When I checked it was antibiotics. I knew who’d arranged that little miracle then and sent an email thanking her straight away. I did ask how she managed it without me having gone to the surgery though. The only answer I got was “It’s the way I roll.”I guess she spoke to the nurse who runs the chest clinic there because the only problem s these are the first stage, the weakest antibiotics that usually do nothing for me and I end up having to have three courses each progressively stronger or, as has happened before, getting admitted to hospital. Pneumonia does leave the chest weaker. Anyway I took one there and then.

I worked through to 4.25 pm and couldn’t quite finish but I thought I’s done OK. I went through to the kitchen and got some cake for my tea and then sat and watched PYMWYMI and the beginning of Pointless. Lee sent a text to say he couldn’t make it but Dil and Matt turned up at 5.30 pm. They were watching Pointless as I went to make their drinks. Once the TV went off the games commenced. We started with Yahtzee and needless to say it was more slaughter than game. Matt won 4 of the 6 rounds and Dil won 2. I just couldn’t get a look in. Next up was Nomination at which I’m quite skilled, or so I thought. I started very badly but the vicious taunts made me spur myself into making a comeback and taking the lead only to lose it again in the last 3 hands and see the game go to Dil. We wee going for cards again but Matt fancied Balderdash. I’m sure he hoped I’d get the modern one out but quick as a flash I grabbed the original. Right, this had to be it, I’m a freakin’ genius at lying. If you havben’t seen he game, you only need to get 18 spaces to win. Matt was on 2 , Dil was on 4 and I was on 12 withing the space of a few minutes. But it doesn’t take much…… Dil asked a question, I chose Matt’s answer and he chose min so we both moved on a space, Dil moved on 4 spaces because no-one chose the right answer. It happened twice more on his go and he also scored by guessing right on our goes. Matt was on about 8 when Dill and I were on 15. I moved to 17 by getting one right. Last question, Matt chooses my answer and I choose his again. That means I move the one point I need but Dil moved 4 because the right one wasn’t chosen. A draw, a travesty. They were able to leave sniggring. I think I’ll hold back on cigarettes and biscuits next week until I see how nice Matt is . One snigger and I won’t get them out.

They left and I had a quick tidy and washed the pots. There was a text to say MuJo are coming tomorrow so the backlog will be bad again. Perhaps I’d better not go to bed tonight at all. It’s already well gone midnight and I know I’m not up to date yet.


As expected it was a late one. I was actually glad to climb into bed and read for a while. Without the distraction of my book I find my brain continues to work on computer related things and I might just get back out and start again. Anyhoo, I slept and it was 5.02 am when I got up. I swung my legs out of bed and put my slippers on, added my dressing gown and hobbled to the loo. Mainly because the slippers were on the wrong feet, not that there’s an option as they’re the only feet I have. I found myself discombobulated. I returned from the loo, sat at my desk and corrected my mistake. I set the computer to warm up and wrapped a scarf round the monitor. As soon as the glow appeared I logged into my email and set to work. Some of the work was automatic and I found my brain wandering but don’t worry, I keep it on a short leash. It puzzles me that I’ve had a spate of young ladies wanting to connect on Skype many of them messaging me with the request and offering far more details that would be expected from just a connection. I always wonder where they find my name and what they expect. I shook myself to get my concentration back while I dealt with the latest fraud from Burkino Faso. I think I’ve dealt with most of the population of that place now.

At 7.00 am I had a break while I went through to wish the fish good morning and offer them breakfast. Big Al and Pepper came gliding towards me with Little Al in tow very much reminding me of the bridal couple and a page boy. The hoplos just seemed to be enjoying the morning swimming up to the surface and down and I was puzzled for a moment when I thought I saw another hoplo until I realised one of the synodontis was being brave again though it didn’t last for long as it made a bolt for home as soon as one of the tiny bronze corys approached. The bronzes are just oblivious to everything. I couldn’t see the other synodontis except perhaps a whisker quivering under the bridge. There was no sign of the ancestrus whose tail is usually all I see. I could see the three plecs and they seemed fine leaning against the bog wood. Morecambe and Wise were swimming near the filter at the top of the tank but I knew they were just waiting, Stan was in his favourite corner away from the glare of the lights and didn’t he look glorious with the moustache rippling in the water. Reminiscent of the old TV show Whiplash, he seems to have perfect control of it. I opened the hatch and the tension rose palpably though they all pretended nonchalance . I dropped food in and there was just a blur of motion in front of me. Within seconds it had settled to munching and I went to get a block of bloodworm from the freezer for dessert.

As the fish were settled I concentrated on myself and saw to my meds before making a coffee to take back with me. I sorted my clothes for the day, got washed and dressed and was ready for anything…mainly a sit down with my coffee. I worked until about 9.30 am and then knowing it was unlikely MuJo would be there at that time I went out to Pauline’s for cigarettes and my lottery. I came back wondering if the postman would be here today with my book. I did a little more work and then unexpectedly MuJo arrived at 10.15 am and I had to finish so I could see to drinks, or as it turned out drink since Muriel didn’t want one. She passed me a bag with a shirt they’d bought me which was really nice and they wouldn’t accept they shouldn’t have done. We sat and chatted until 11.15 am and then expecting a discussion on where we’d eat I was surprised to find they’d made the decision already. We headed off out of Holywell to a place called the Dragon’s Rest between Caerwys and Lloc just off the expressway. Muriel ordered lunch after telling John to make sure I didn’t move and try to pay the bill. We sat and waited for drinks when the waitress came to tell them lamb was off the menu. John changed to beef with me and Muriel ended up with soup. The drinks came, John and I took our tablets then the meal arrived. John and I were both disappointed to find the meat seemed to be of the boil in the bag variety. Thin slices that were quite chewy. I think we were sorry we hadn’t had the soup. John had an ice cream, Mu had a thick milkshake while I went out for a cigarette.

We next drove back to Lloc and turned towards Trelawnyd where we went to Jackson’s the Garden and Gift Centre.  We had a nice wander looking at some beautiful gifts and some nice ladieswear they’d added before I took them to the new cafe and treated us all to coffee. I got John some fruit cake and Mu some egg custard which looked good. I swear she put at least 6 sugars in her coffee. I can’t understand why she’s not the size of a house . Eventually it was time to return home, so back to Lloc, along to Holywell and down. It was about 3.00 pm then and Mike had sent a message earlier to say he was on the way with an ‘Ollie’…..I think not. I judged it to be a 4.15 arrival. They left at just gone 4.00 pm and Mike did arrive almost on time, passing me a box as he came in. I took the lid off, removed some newspaper and there he/she was. Much paler than Stan and a little smaller. Definitely not an Ollie to my mind so I’ve decided on Laurel which I can cut to Laurie if needs be. I put the open bag inside the lip of the tank for the first 20 mins adjustment then went to watch PYMWYMI with Mike.At the 20 minute mark we added some tank water to the bag and left it for the next bit. As one programme ended and the next was due I went and released Laurel into the tank. WHOOSH, he was away. I don’t know whether it was fear, excitement or curiosity that caused it but he was everywhere. Even the livelier fish looked a bit bug-eyed with surprise. For a moment he came over and settled with Stan which was a good sign but then off again.

I made Mike and I something to eat, or more accurately, I made myself something and directed him towards the food and let him make his own. To prevent an argument I placed the money for Laurel and for the book I was buying off him, on his suitcase, and said nothing. After tea I fell asleep in my chair and when I woke up it was 7.35 pm and Mike was asleep. I crept away to do a little work. When I went back through he was just waking. We watched DIY SOS until 9.00 pm then I couldn’t avoid work any longer and came back through to stay. We’re back at midnight and yes, I still haven’t finished. I need to decide whether to do a little more after the blog or to leave it till the morning. Tonight’s music is by special request of Mike who asked me to put this on. Requests Welcome.


3.12 am today.The memory foam cushion on the chair hasn’t had time to resume it’ s shape from the last visit yet. I remember getting out of bed and nipping to the loo. I don’t remember opening the computer and signing in though. There was lots of stuff from yesterday to work through and t was 5.35 am before I managed to clear the last of it. There wasn’t long to start on today’s mail before it was time to depart for the kitchen. I took my antibiotic so it didn’t get forgotten but left the other meds until I’d seen t the fish. Stan and Laurel must have bickered because they’re in opposing corners of the tank. That alone can’t have made Big Al, Little Al and Pepper happy as Laurel has adopted their corner. Those three are swimming round together with Big Al looking like he really has the hump.  I’m hiding round the end of the tank till he’s passed. Morecambe and Wise are watching me with grins on their faces, I don’t want to know their thoughts. Everyone else is making a great point of minding their own business.  In fact, if they could whistle innocently, they would. I opened the slot and fed them some FishScience and then half a sachet of Daphnia. That brought Stan out of his corner for breakfast but maybe Laurel is on a diet. While they were all cramming food in heir faces I left them to it.

I quickly took my meds and prepared my mug for a coffee as my next job is usually a longish one, filling my drug trays again. I got the drawer from the front room and brought it through then changed any empty boxes for the full ones I’d ordered on Monday. Then I started filling the trays. I knew I needn’t order any drugs this week so didn’t need the prescription request handy. I’ve got it down to a fine art now ordering a month’s worth half one week and half 2 weeks later. Once I’d done and taken the drawer back I got rid of all the strips I’d emptied and also pit the empty boxes in for recycling. Hallelujah, it was time for coffee at last. Almost 7.00 am. I made the drink, noticing I’d need to refill the pods soon, and took it back through to my bedroom. It’s been cough, cough, cough all morning, I’m surprised I haven’t woken Mike up (not). I need lubrication and the cough medicine ran out last night so I hope the coffee will do. I worked on until 8.30 am. Mike had said last night that 8.30 – 8.45 am would be fine as he wasn’t in a rush. A polite way of saying “Don’t disturb me at 8.oo am” He made me laugh by adding I could wake him between those times if he didn’t get up under his own steam. So, it was 8.40 am when I woke him and fair play he got up then without any alarms or second calls. Trouble was it took him til 9.50 am to go out. I was just nodding in my chair in the lounge when he came to say goodbye.

I was forced back to work by my conscience cracking the whip. I’d just got into a nice rhythm when some post came through the front door and there was a knock. It was Darren with a parcel. When I got back in the house with everything I found the second book on catfish had arrived and also the leather jacket. To be honest the jacket was even nicer than it looked on screen though it looked dark enough to be black indoors. I tried it on over my dressing gown and it seemed to fit well but tomorrow I’ll try it with a shirt and cardigan. John asked me yesterday to try and find him a brown jacket too but so far no luck. Which just reminded me that I was supposed to check on some I was looking at around 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm. I missed them both, some friends you are letting them slip past me like that. I worked till 11.30 am then stopped for lunch. I’d just finished th main bit about 12.15 pm when I saw the warden and knew she was heading here. I opened the front door for her then excused myself to wash my hands. She was sitting talking to me and telling me that changes are underfoot again. She job shares a week with someone and they alternate, Mon, Tues, Wed one week and Thurs, Fri the next. Her bosses in their wisdom have decided to end that arrangement. They’re going to have to work static days every week and are being allocated new areas of their own. When they’re off on holiday they will not be covered and residents won’t get a visit. They can however be covered for sickness. There will be a new person allocated to this area who doesn’t work Thurs, Fridays which means I either do without a visit or have to change the day she can come. I think I’ll choose to do without so I don’t have to learn to talk to someone new.

Once she’d gone I turned to the TV for a while before going back to work. When I did go it had mounted up again. I was suddenly very tired. Then I was suddenly very awake as my cigarette burnt my fingers. I threw it in the air, then as I realised what had happened tried to catch it again and get it into the ash tray before it ended up behind the computer somewhere. I’m glad to say I succeeded at the coat of very little skin. From thereon in I concentrated on the mail and didn’t smoke unless I was fully compost mental. I was up to date at 4.20 pm and felt I deserved a skive so went through ready for my programme at 4.30 pm. I was really enjoying it and watched all the purchases then watched them make the private sales but by the tine the auction arrived I’d gone. I stayed gone right through most of the next 45 minutes too and woke only in the dying minutes  of a quiz. I realised Mike wasn’t home yet so I wouldn’t be taunted. As 6.00 pm arrived I went to take a pre-food tablet and have a little chat to the fish before I turned their light out. Mike arrived back at 6.10 pm and said he was surprised I wasn’t asleep. “As if !” I said, and as he asked how the antique show had ended I cut him off by saying I needed to eat and did he want something. “I’ll have the same as you” he said “what are you having?”    “I’m having a syrup sponge with custard” I told him.  “In that case can I have a sandwich” he asked, which he followed up with sponge and custard anyway.

As usual I stayed the Friday night course, quiz, shower and hair wash, quizzes and then as a treat Big Bang Theory. Ten minutes before the end there were adverts one of which was for a pizza . Jokingly I said to Mike “Just ring for a takeaway pizza will you”. He laughed and said he’d been thinking the self same thing but was I serious. That became an I am if you are scenario until he got out a brochure that was in one of the papers and rang. Big Bang finished and I came through to start work. Twenty minutes later a flippin’ huge pizza arrived EACH!!! I started to eat mine while I was working so my abject apologies if anyone got a message with grease stains. As it happened both of us had eyes bigger than our belly and only managed half, so  guess what’s for lunch tomorrow. Old sarky chops was celebrating my entry into the 21st Century as I admitted this is the first time I’ve ever ordered a takeaway pizza. So, he’s doing a catch up run of all the episodes of ‘100’ he’s missed and I’m wondering If I’ll ever get him up in the morning. I’m just working away at the mail now the blog is done again.


Not quite as late as I’d feared last night as I was done by 12.30 am, of course I still needed a read to redirect my brain. I got up at 3.32 am and after my visit to the loo started by checking the lottery, someone in Portugal won the £72 million so that’s my hopes of a private jet dashed for a while again. It was while I was concentrating on my post afterwards I heard a strange noise like the clink of crockery. My clock said 4.00 am . Surely burglars didn’t visit at this time and in this weather? It blowing a gale out there and I know my wheelie bin took a trip during the night. I took a walk through the house and saw the kitchen light was on. There was Mike looking for a soft drink. Having his eyes open might have helped in the search. He has no idea of the time but was being annoyed by a tickle in the throat. I promise it wasn’t my hands around his neck.

At 6.00 am I saw to the fish and then to my meds, including the antibiotic I seem to have missed twice yesterday. I took a drink back to my room and carried on. By 6.50 am I was actually up to date and retraced my steps to the kitchen to prepare Mike’s mug and put the kettle on. As his alarm went off for the first time I let him know his coffee was there. He ignored us both. I dealt with the recycling waste and then once I’d washed my hands reminded Mike not to forget his coffee. He said he wouldn’t. Five minutes later his second alarm went which he also ignored. Once I was sure he wasn’t moving I went back through and asked if he’d forgotten his coffee to which he replied he had. I suggested he sit up instead of snuggling down again and he said that was a good idea as he proceeded to snuggle down again. I left it to 7.30 pm and tried again as I hadn’t heard a third alarm and guessed he’d been aware enough to turn it off. He’s guaranteed just a 2 shout on Alarms now but is so far at 4 Calls, something of a new record. The last shout did the trick though as he swung his legs out of bed like there was a fire, perhaps because I mentioned there might be whereas what I’d really said very quietly was ” Someone needs to light a FIRE under you.” He was galvanised into action. Straight into the lounge to light a cigarette. It would be a while before the next movements after the brain had caught up with the body and unfortunately the brain was still in his bedroom. I just caught up on a few more messages then went to sit with him in the lounge. The eyes were beginning to focus. Eventually he went to get dressed and amazingly we left the house at 8.05 am.

When we drew into the Supermarket I went straight to the cash machine while Mike went to get a trolley. As he approached me I heard a groan. I knew it wasn’t is corns so I could only assume he’d seen the SALE sign that had caught my eyes when we arrived. He can’t moan as I told him there might be coats and lo and behold there were. But, just one he liked and that had enough pockets. It wasn’t actually his size but I told him to try and it fitted and was comfortable. I found two tops for Reuben so we were both happy. Inside the store we got some carnations for Ju then concentrated on the shopping. It didn’t take a great deal of time but I was parched when we’d finished so we had a coffee. On the way home we stopped at Pets at Home to see if they sold the fish food that’s proving such a hit. They don’t but they had 4 very young rats in that were so pretty just like my Bernie and they didn’t run and hide as we stood by the cage talking to them. HE wouldn’t let me get them so I sulked all the way to Flint. Once we were there and parked up we headed for ‘Homies’ as Mike wanted another couple of over the door towel rails and we both needed more cough medicine. We had a wander into Jolley’s to price up new fish tanks the price of about £450 for a 4 foot one nearly made my eardrums explode. There were no exceptional fish in so we walked over to Temptations and took the girls ( and Kyle ) their chocolates. We had a coffee and naturally Mike had his teasted toecake. It was fairly busy so not much teasing of Ceri today.

Time was getting on and we decided to go for lunch. It was probably about 1.00 pm when we arrived at The Ivy which was also fairly busy though our seats were free today. Tariq leaned over the counter for a hug. Angie came for a kiss and even young Rob came up and hugged me today. If only I could get out into the wide world and get people hugging. We managed a couple of short natters with Tariq  before and after our lunches and then it was time to leave. We were home for 3.00 pm. We unpacked and put away the shopping then I came in here and started work. I left Mike with football but at some stage he came through to speak to me and he caught me having just nodded off. I was suddenly attentive again. There was a wonderful surprise when my friend Sally had featured me and my second book on her blog I was quite blown away by some of the comments. I’d just reached about 2.00 pm mail by 6.30 pm, when it was time to go through and give Mike some company. I stayed in there until 9.00 pm when it was time to attack again. Even now at this stage there’s still a long way to go so some will have to wait until tomorrow.

parciau 10 USE

parciau 14 use

I hope you all have a wonderful New Week. Hugs.




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69 responses to “The Strangest Thing & Laurel Arrives

  1. Thank you for Alphaville, brings back memories. I will always enjoy your posts, look forward to them every week. Especially cute was when Roobs and you too were upset that he had to go, you are very close to each other, He is so adorable, I love seeing his photo’s.

    • You’re welcome to the song and the memories if they’re good ones. I realised afterwards Roobs probably cried because he left me with the bacon. I also realised I love the photos of him too, much better than the real thing as they don’t pinch my bacon butties.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Somehow I missed your post last week. I had to reread a bit to understand the “handcuffs.” I can imagine the possible embarrassment coming with that potential solution 🙂 Hoping you have a wonderful week, David.

    • I do wish you wouldn’t tell people how lucky you got last week. They might all try it.
      I think there’s a strong possibility of embarrassment if I even looked at handcuffs, something would be bound to go wrong.
      Thanks so much Anne, I hope you have a wonderful week too.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  3. I never thought I’d be happily going back and forth between Bob Seger and Adele and Ray Charles, but I spent over an hour enjoying all three as I read your post. And of course Reuben was the icing on the cake of this week’s adventure. Wishing you a wonderful week of amazing days, David.

    • I’m glad there were some good music choices for you to enjoy Marylin. Imagine the fun I have finding and listening to them as I’m writing. No wonder it takes me so long.
      There wouldn’t be any icing left on a cake if Reuben was here, nor bacon in the sandwiches.I think he”s 3 parts gannet.
      Thanks so much for your wishes. I wish you happiness every day.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. I hope you’re feeling better, David. Be careful my friend, when falling asleep with you know what in your hand. Your morning routine makes me laugh and this is a good thing. The fish definitely have their own thing going on. Instead of handcuffs, you can tie a bell around your ankle. 😉 Have a pleasant week. Hugs.

    • I’m fine thanks Mary J and I hope you are too. I decided I must have been bitten by a tsetse fly at birth so I can drop off without warning but yes, I’d better be more careful about what’s in my hand when it happens.
      The fish are living a different life when I’m not in the room, I’m sure of it.
      The only problem with a bell round my ankle , I might be mistaken for one of those dusky maiden dancing girls and who knows what happens then.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  5. Sleep walking now? You do have some adventures.

  6. Yep, TV ads have the darn guts to remind us we need some hearty food – and pizza is as hearty as they get as far as I’m concerned. Of course, a ciggie soon after tops it all 😀

  7. David, if your coffee maker fails again you might try brewing up some of that new food – it’s got to be as good as caffeine given the reaction of your fish! An entertaining week as ever in the life of your cast of characters. Biggest bises and bonne semaine! xxx

    • Good idea Mel if I can negotiate for the release of some of it with Big Al.
      I don’t think my newest character is very well and that’s going to be awful to write about so entertainment may be flushed away this week again.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  8. i look forward to your week that was, David, always a great read.

    Big Hug


  9. Happy Sunday David, I hope it’s sublime. I gather you were feeling better as the week went on — I hope you’re over it now and feeling happy and sassy.
    >About your Twilight Zone wanderings – was it those pesky gods, or the cough medicine? Could have been either… or maybe a subliminal suggestion from the fish. (You mention in a comment that the newest one isn’t doing well. I hope the little guy perks up.)
    Thank you for spreading “hugs” wherever you can. Mega-hugs to you. 🙂

    • Oh yes… “Three Dog Night” any song from them would be lovely if you’re looking for a song idea. Hugs.

    • Thank you Darling one. I’ve been pretty much the same the whole week through- bone idle.It’ll take a bit yet to clear but it doesn’t get in my way much.
      Can’t decide about the wanderings, probably not the gods as I was able to sleep. Hmmm, subliminal suggestions from the fish, that bears thinking about.Big Al is capable of anything. Laurel didn’t make it I’m afraid, I’m holding the wake now.
      Thank you for helping me spread the Hugs, they are gathering pace I think. You’ll have to open a Buthidar school in the US and churn out some converts, maybe they can go abroad in two’s and peach our gospel of Hug.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • LOL — good idea; they could use it here. Southerners are (or at least used to be?) natural born hug-ers. It was culture shock when i went to Albuquerque… a hug-less place. And DC… well… i think it’s a different planet here. Somehow that “beltway” transports you to an alien world.
        >So sorry about Laurel-fish. 😦
        As always — Mega-hugs. ❤

  10. All I can think about is how Reuben seems to have grown a foot (rather than an extra foot) while I’ve been away! Huge hugs xxx

    • I’m so glad you clarified that what with the price of shoes as they are. He does seem to shoot up when you’re not looking. I’m thinking of not looking till he’s about 30 and very wealthy.I can have bacon butties unlimited then.
      xxx Huge Hugs Sarah xxx

  11. Wow! What a week, David! Strange happenings, mysteries, hug from Rob, new fish….and great songs!

    • Hold The Front Page!! No strange happenings,, no mysteries, that just passe for normality round here, well except the hug from Rob, that was unusual. New fish in, new fish out. She didn’t survive unfortunately. Romance just doesn’t work for some people.
      Glad you liked the songs.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. Silver Threading

    Hope that cough gets better David. Another interesting week. 💖

    • It may take a couple of weeks but it’ll go in the end.Thanks so much. These days I remember the Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times’ and think it’s actually coming true. But at the end of the day I survive and have had a laugh.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. Kev

    What a full day you have. Love listening to the Adele Vid… I do play some of them… especially one’s I love, like Adele. 😉

  14. It would be wonderfully reasonable to ask the sleep gods to kindly spread out the balance of unconscious hours between you and Mike, yes? Seems a bit tipped in one fella’s favor currently.
    Also sorry to hear you’re still suffering from the burglar nerves. I hope that eases up. It’s definitely hard to shake. Maybe you could hire a beefeater to patrol the grounds at night?
    Another delicious picture of the resplendent Reuben.
    And thanks for the Ladysmith. They’re lyrical lullabies are lush and velvet.
    Hugs to you! xoxox

    • Somnos did try to explain the formula used for working out an allocation but all I picked up was it involved flipping jelly beans into a jar.For every bean that goes in you get a minute. I reckon they’ve got one of Porcinus’ goats playing my turn.
      To be fair, it was more burglar curiosity than nerves as I was still awake
      ( when aren’t I)and I just thought no-one would be that cheeky with lights on. ( I’m a bit thick as they obviously had the cheek before).
      I’m glad you enjoyed Ladysmith BM, they’re excellent . Ju loved their music.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  15. Pete Seeger was blocked here for copyright reasons…. Got Alphaville and Ray Charles and Adele loud and clear. Quite a week. Careful with the sleep-thing… Loved the squirrel. All the best, Lord David.

    • What a shame Billy Ray, it was a good song.But as long as you got some of the music. Yes, it was a week with a bit of clout again. I’m trying to get more sleep allocation but want to avoid more tablets.
      Ha, the squirrel was a little gem.
      Have a great week Billy Ray,

  16. Oh no 😦 I’m very sad to hear that you are feeling unwell. That’s not good at all. Whatever it is, I hope that you’ll be back on top form soon. How weird about you sleep-walking and waking up in your chair! Thank goodness that you don’t have stairs, I’d be really worried about you doing yourself a mischief falling down them. I’ve had to move my ‘bucket’ in to the bedroom as I nearly took a tumble the other night. Fingers crossed that Pete relents and lets me have an indoor bathroom soon! I’m going to send you some photos of our new project – when you see them you’ll either think we are totally mad or very stupid or both! Especially MASSIVO hugs to you this week and hope that you feel better soon. Carlotta Maria xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Lottie, it’s only bronchitis, worry not.
      It really was strange to wake up in my chair at the desk and not remember getting up.A few days later I woke up again there but this time I remembered getting up and going there, just not nodding off again.
      Don’t tell me Pedro is holding out on an indoor bathroom/loo, you’ll have to do the dance of the seven hankies and then hide them when he gets a cold.Surely he’d benefit from it too? I take it you’ve gone down the normal route of begging, pleading, threats and withholding conjugals…….. I look forward to seeing some of the photos.
      Sending Hugs Unlimited xxxxxxxx

  17. Not sure why I’ve never asked this before, but what are these Wardens you keep talking about? Are they like guards in a gated community or something? Oh and great post, as always. 😀

    • Nope silly, they’re the ones with the keys to my cell.
      I live in community housing so they stick their heads in to see if I need anything. I think it’s to see if I’ve trashed the pl;ace really during one of my wild orgies. I’m going to knock the visits on the head at the end of this month when a new one starts as I seem to be coping OK. I have alarm buzzers to go round my neck (ha)in case I fall or something.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  18. Thanks for the music, David. Love Ladysmith BM. Can’t say I’m feeling too well myself, today. (I blame my daughter, but don’t tell her I said so). Hope we both get better soon

  19. Glad to hear you’re not pregnant. 🙂 I do hope the anitbiotics help and you’re feeling better soon. Take care of yourself. Hugs.

  20. So you have lots of young women skyping you? I seem to have half the US military skyping from everywhere from war zones to the White House, I supposed it would be more worrying if these people were real for surely they should have better things to do.

    Get better soon

    Huge hugs xxxxx

    • Yeah, I’ve often wondered if those people in the White House are real Paula. I suppose that would be more worrying. I used to wonder what those people who do that have to gain anyway until I read last week of a woman who has never met her boyfriend yet but has so far sent him upwards of a million dollars to help him get over all the problems he claims to have in finding a way to get from his country to hers. Passport needed, passport replacement needed, money to see sick relative in hospital, money for funeral of blah, blah and she still can’t see that she’s been conned. She was a bit surprised to find out how much she’d sent him though. If the con man got that lucky just twice, he’s on easy street the rest of his life.
      Thanks Sweetie,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  21. Bob Seger’s Hollywood Nights… one of my all-time favourites, never goes out of fashion… gets better with time… like us, I’d like to think 🙂
    Interesting clip, loved the cars & horses… the rest was lost on me!

    • I have to agree with you about the song. It’s a bit of a classic. And yes, it only gets better with time, just like us. I’ll be honest, when I listened to it I did so eyes closed and remembered happier times so I missed the clip altogether.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. laurie27wsmith

    Cue to music from Twilight Zone. Waking up in strange places or even at your computer can be daunting David. Have the fish got an equivalent to catnip in their food. Ooh, don’t get me started on printer ink, what a rip off and a lot of it ends up in a tray in the bottom of the printer.
    A degree of reluctance (groan)
    I used to have a memory foam pillow but it got Alzheimer’s and forgot.
    Pizza! Now we’re talking, I can make short work of one.
    Groan! A teasted toecake, David.
    It’s a hard choice between the pic of Rueben and the squirrel. I’m a bit late this week but I always save the best till last.

    • And not a spot of cheese was eaten Laurie. Actually I feel a right prat, how can I get up, get the dressing gown on, sit at the computer and forget? Maybe it’s alzheiners for me never mind your pillow.
      Ink is expensive but I knew that before buying an epson. Mike on the other hand paid a bit for his Kodak printer but the inks are just £20 the lot.It’s swings and roundabouts.
      The pizza was lovely and lasted me the two days, brilliant. If I buy teacakes for home he never wants one.
      The squirrel is best, it doesn’t bite as hard as Roobs.
      Take care Laurie,

      • laurie27wsmith

        Don’t feel like a prat mate, I’ve done worse. I got up one night, walked through to the dining room, took my wedding ring off and left it in a cabinet. Most of my printing now is done via a printing shop in a shopping centre, especially when I want 10X12 inch pics. A pizza has never lasted me the night. 🙂 I can only imagine how hard young Roobs could bite.
        Have a great week David.

  23. Good afternoon, David. Whoa, waking up at the computer and not remember getting there, that was eerie, huh? Thank you for having one my favorites today, Bob Seger. In fact I have a CD of his playing at present. 🙂 Adorable photos of Reuben and the squirrel. Have a beautiful evening. ((BIG HUGS))

    • Yes, usually I can’t remember how to get away from it.
      Now here’s another coincidence. Here I am back on the Bob Segar again as I’m reading abut him in your message.
      Thank you, the photos were good, especially the Squirrel which doesn’t eat bacon I’m told.
      I hope you have a wonderful evening too Elizabeth.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  24. Thank you for another week in Wales! Although it sounds awfully cold. Please don’t get pneumonia, Lord D. Stay warm!

    • It has been cold but today the sun was shining and as long as you stayed in direct sunlight it was quite warm.I think Spring is making her way over here now.
      I don’t intend to get pneumonia but I hope these antibiotics do their job without going for more.
      I hope you’re OK now you’re back at home again. Not missing Hawaii too much,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  25. Great post as always. Alphaville were of course my highlight, being German… and what a gret squirrel picture. Hugs and happy Wednesday 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed Alphaville Christoph, maybe I can please you with another group soon. This weeks squirrel picture is good too I think.
      I hope you’re having a Great Week
      Huge Hugs to you

  26. I love your sense of humor! I find myself smiling as I read your posts – fish charm school, handcuffs, music, and a droll sense of self. You are great, you know that, don’t you? A big hug from across-the-pond Pam

    • Thanks so much Pam. I’m glad you enjoy the touches of humour. I’m not great and well aware of it but I do try and give good value.
      Massive Hugs back across the pond. xxxxxxxx

  27. Hi David. I don’t know whether you keep the fish busy or they keep you busy. It seems to be a toss-up. Sorry you missed out on the private jet. I bet the government get a huge bite out of that lottery money. I can’t even imagine having that much money. Have a great week. 🙂

    • They definitely keep me guessing about who’s missing these days. Thank you, the private jet would have been nice.
      No, for once they’re fair, all lottery winnings are tax free and you get the lump sum at once. It might seem a huge amount but most people would share it out a long way if it was big. Spread the wealth.
      Thanks Suzanne, I hope yours is great too. New blog night. I found out on Thursday that even though I follow you, WordPress haven’t been sending your posts so I corrected that.

  28. You have the knack of turning everyday events into something more…
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  29. I love playing board games. Found some new ones at Christmas but still love playing Yahtzee and Balderdash. It sounds like you’ve had some interesting weather? It has been crazy here but hopefully smartening up this week. We’ll see. Hey have you ever tried coconut oil on your skin? It really works well. have a wonderful week. Happy Easter a few days late. 🙂 Hugs.

    • I think Balderdash is my all time favourite Magge though trivial pursuit is great too, it just doesn’t let me lie enough. I honestly think if more families played board games the kids would interact with others more rather than play electronic games on computers or by texting friends by phone.
      I’ve tries coconut oil and find it doesn’t absorb well, at east on this bad patch of skin on my ankle.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  30. Very engrossing post. Loved it – and the humour. I see a gifted writer. Jo

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