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Sunday 31 May 2015

I may have managed time for a read last night and turned my light out about 12.45 am but the opportunity to start my mail this morning came about a bit sooner than I’d hoped. So much for Somnos rewarding his promotions man for effort. After I’d shared his card on my site too! There’s gratitude for you. Just like some people I’ve known, the small gods only seem interested when they want something. So, it was 3.22 am today when I woke up, got up and started work. Not before paying a visit to the  Church of Intermittent Waters though. On Friday I noticed that I wasn’t able to accept invitations to post on Pinterest as the accept/decline buttons were missing. I wrote to  Pinterest about this and they seemed sure it would be my fault. OK, maybe not me personally, but certainly my computer. I was given a set of destructions to carry out to clear the problem which I followed yesterday. Now loading anything you could time by calendar never mind a watch, and certain things like my wordpress I keep having to sign in on. Needless to say, the original problem hasn’t been solved either. Therefore I’m very frustrated this morning, (No Ethel, not like that, though if you do have a sister……) because everything is taking an age. Maybe I should stop whinging like a big baby and be grateful I can give up half my sleep to ensure I have time to do it.

At 6.00 am I took the first antibiotic of the day. I’m glad as I’d been coughing since I got up. All the neighbours have been round to check I’m OK but Mike has just slept through it of course. What’s partly to blame is that apart from the bronchitis, I have a hairball in my throat I can’t clear and can’t wash down to my stomach. Maybe Oscar had a greater influence on me than I thought, I’m now part cat. At 7.00 am I went through to take my meds and make a coffee which I brought back with me. At 7.38 I was up to date and decided to sit in my chair and see if I could not for a while. It worked, I power napped until 8.15 am. Not wanting to come back to work too soon, I picked up the pad in which I’d written the old WIP to see if I could at least bring the last paragraph to a decent end and maybe write a little more to end the chapter. Nothing would come. I did wonder if maybe it would help to scrap that chapter altogether and start a new one in a new place.

Finally at 9.00 am I returned to my room and cleared the post again. It took less than an hour to do both boxes and I was left tapping my fingers. What do idle fingers do, why they head to ebay of course. Naturally I was only checking that the book I’d ordered for Muriel and the jeans my finger had slipped and ordered by mistake had gone through alright.I mean couldn’t be recalled. Damn. While I was there I might as well check on a few other things just to waste time of course. At 9.50 am I was shocked to hear movement so I had to give up and make a coffee. Grumplestiltskin had risen from the pit. The conversation was a little stilted with words and grunts alternately so I turned the box on to a programme about a toy dealer in the US who goes out buying from all over. It didn’t taken long for us both to start recognising things. Not toys we’d necessarily had when we were children but certainly things we’d bought for ours. One thing that made us laugh was when he was buying in a new place a large man dressed like a Hells Angel came through and he thought he might have problems. It turned out he owned the shop premises and he collected Barbie Dolls.

As time went on we got dressed and at 11.30 am headed off to lunch. I don’t think either of us knew where we were going though one or two suggestions had been made.  Mike fancied Llandudno but given how late we were going out we wouldn’t have had much time. I’d suggested Broughton Park given that last weekend we hadn’t finished looking round the shops before we had to meet everyone for lunch . The car took us there. Mike didn’t want lunch when we got there so the diabetic tabs had to wait. He wanted to do the shops first anyway so we had a good look round. It was well gone 1.00 pm when we went next door so Mike could use the loo and while we were there I was able to have a sandwich  so I could take the tabs. I’d have to have a main meal later. As we finished lunch I checked for jeans in the menswear department. Like before I could have the type but not the colour or nearly the colour but not the type. We looked in three other shops where the prices ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous but the problem was still the same. Finally we went to the last big supermarket and checked there. With all the normal stocks the problem was repeated but as we moved off Mike noticed a sale rail ( how the heck did I miss that?)and he found a pair of jeans in almost the light blue I wanted. Unfortunately they were a size below mine and instead of slimfit they were stretch skinny. Oh what the heck, they were in the sale, it was worth £8 to buy them as dusters. Maybe I’d never dare leave the house in them, even if I could get them on but you have to take a risk sometimes.

We drove home again. It was getting on for 4.00 pm when we arrived. I didn’t want to start work again while Mike was still there so I sat and watched a triathlon with him. To be fair, I did watch some of it with my eyes closed I don’t know whether he did. It was 6.00 pm when he finally decided to start his long journey back to the midlands and he refused a meal first. Once he’d gone my fingers started twitching to get to work but I knew I needed to eat so I made that a priority. By 6.40 pm I’d eaten and washed up. I grabbed some grapes to take through and was disappointed to see they were going brown already. I’m hoping the strawberries will last until tomorrow. I came through and finally started work. 236 pieces to go at in the first box. They kept me going until 10.50 pm when I was able to start the blog. I fear the other box will have to wait until the morning.

Reuben on Buffalo Bil's Saddle from his Wild West Show.

Reuben on Buffalo Bil’s Saddle from his Wild West Show.

Away for the weekend

Away for the weekend

A record requested by Mike… I claim nothing to do with this one.


I’m going to apologise now. This will be an even more boring day than usual for you. I got up at 3.31 am after reading until 1.0o am I’ve spent the day either working on the mail playing catch up or sleeping.

I couldn’t be bothered getting dressed as I just felt too unwell and I’m sure it’s nothing to do with my system being in shock from eating fruit. Luckily I have a couple of pictures for those who come here for that and a piece of music for those who appreciate my choices.

Sorry, I’ll do better tomorrow I’m sure.

Tyrolean Boy dances with Pole.

Tyrolean Boy dances with Pole.

The poet in contemplation

The poet in contemplation





















Nope, I don't want to be Frank Sinatra.

Nope, I don’t want to be Frank Sinatra.

A record I really liked from the Temptations. Now a classic.


I still got to bed around midnight and read until 1.00 am. I had a couple of  disturbed periods during the night starting at 1.40 am but a cigarette and the determination to sleep again overcome them. It was still a 4.24 am rise time though and there was no getting away from the fact I was awake and that I needed a wee. So off to the Piddle Palace I trotted and eventually came back to power up the computer. I had plenty of time before going out to do everything I needed to so I concentrated on my emails until 6.00 am then went to take my normal meds and an antibiotic and have some breakfast. It was an opportunity to take a set of diabetic tablets so I only need one more set during the day.It was getting om for 6.30 am when I went back to the bedroom so I thought I’d better get dressed and not leave it to the last minute. Into the new jeans, no problem with those and a striped jumper to co-ordinate ( Yeah, I bet you didn’t think I knew that word did you). Shoes needed some thought, As the jeans are blue I could wear black which would be my winklepickers, but because the jeans are tight will it make my feet look huge. I have blue boat shoes which would also do but I’m a bit worried about the comfort as I haven’t worn them in yet. In the end I settled on a pair of light brown suede lace-ups since the leather jacket is brown. Sorted !

I made sure everything I needed was in the jacket. Buspass – check, Nitro spray-Check, pouch for cigarette ends-check, debit cards-check, keys- check, phone-check and a new pack of cigarettes. Not that I’ll be smoking much today. I managed as few more messages and then at 7.30 am left the property. I managed to reach the bus stop before it arrived again but it didn’t take long. My seat was occupied though there was only one person on and she was able bodied. I sat behind her. I let Yvonne know I was on the bus then relaxed. When we got into town my seat was vacated so I jumped into it before anyone else could. There is another disabled seat but it’s a double and I don’t want anyone next to me. As usual I had my eyes shut for much of the journey and I’m sure I must have nodded off as we weren’t where I expected us to be when I opened my eyes. We were much further on.  Yvonne and Reuben were waiting at the stop when we drew up. Reuben’s face broke into as grin when he saw me. Yvonne gave me a kiss and a cwtch and questioned me grilled me about how I was. Unusually I didn’t light a cigarette just then.

There was time for a quick look round a shop while we waited for our usual cafe to open. Yvonne managed to pick up a few things but this morning nothing appealed to me. Once the cafe was open in our store we headed there. Reuben got to push the buttons for the lift which he loves. We went up and had a drink. Reuben and Yvonne between them fed him his weetabix breakfast and Yvonne had some toast. I couldn’t face anything after my breakfast earlier. Once we’d done I went to have a look at the gents stuff and found a pair of skinny jeans in a very pale tan/cream which I bought and then in the sale found a v-neck brown jumper and a brown/white patterned tee-shirt to go underneath. It’s another good option for the same jacket and shoes. It didn’t even come to £20. Yvonne found a belt for me for father’s day which made me laugh, a Minion buckle. From there we wandered to the Tesco store to get some cook in sauces for Yvonne and I used the opportunity to empty my bladder.  I find that sometimes I have to bypass Pauline’s on the way home as I can’t get to the loo quick enough. We had a wander round a few more shops then entered the Grosvenor Centre where all the posh shops are and had a look there. We also stopped for a drink of lemonade over ice at the Costa. It was a silly move on my part.

Before long it was time for me to head for the bus stop. Reuben fixed me in place this time so he could wave a finger at me, so generous. I closed my eyes as the journey started. When I got to the other end I had to bypass Pauline’s again as I needed a wee. I unpacked my bag changed out of my coat and shoes and went to get some lunch. Once finished it was straight back to work and there was a lot to catch up on. I found myself wanting to fall asleep again and it was a struggle not too but we fought, I won. I had to wait until 4.55 pm before being able to knock off as it took that long to get both email boxes up to date. About three and a half hours solid work. It was time for my quiz though and I enjoyed that or most of it anyway. I must have been in he last 5 minutes of it when I nodded off. I didn’t wake up until an hour and ten minutes later when my antiques Road Trip had begun, Still plenty left to enjoy. At 8.00 pm it was time to turn off and return to my room. I worked continuously until 10.30 pm then called a halt to do the blog. I may just nip back for quarter of an hour if I finish this before 11.45 pm.

Reuben and his Pops.

Reuben and his Pops.

Fashion Icon in Skinny jeans

Fashion Icon in Skinny jeans






















Remarkably it was another 4.24 am today. It wasn’t long before I wished I hadn’t got up though. My first thought on getting up was the call of nature. In fact these days nature calls so often I’m thinking of charging her rent. It was back to the stop, start again when Mike says I’m just too mean to part with it. I finished and washed my hands and started to leave the bathroom. A wetness on my leg stopped me. I thought it possible that I’d splashed water out of the sink onto my pyjamas, that thought was swiftly thrown out when I realised fluid was running down both legs. Next was the embarrassing thought that maybe I’d wet myself having thought I’d finished when I hadn’t but that thought went the way of the first when I realised it was both legs, and I only had one appendage. Nothing for it but to take a look. As I glanced down I noticed a growing puddle of red on the floor, and as I dropped my pyjama trousers ( the Minions) it became apparent why. For some reason one of the small veins on the surface of the scrotal sack ( bad design flaw) was bleeding profusely. Grabbing a pad of loo paper I stemmed the flow, or at least the second lot did when the first was saturated. I wonder if I caught it with one of my nails. Perhaps I shouldn’t carry nails and screws about but you never know when you need them.(Joke). When the flow stopped, I washed myself down and took my pyjamas to the washing machine. Now it’s Animal from the Muppets. I had the same problem a few years ago when Ju was alive and saw the doctor. He didn’t seem worried so I’m not either. And no Michael, it’s not my feminine side coming out.

Eventually I was able to make a start on my mail. Not as nice as I’d hoped but not as bad as I’d feared given that I didn’t get back to it last night. I worked till 6.00 am then went through to have breakfast and take my tablets. I had cornflakes today.I put the washing machine on though there wasn’t a full load then came back to work. The box of chocolates in my hall  is not proving much of a pull towards whoever decides on the weekly Eurolottery draw, perhaps I should buy a bigger box as my numbers were ignored totally except for one of the two lucky numbers, and that gets you nothing, nada, nil. Maybe I should up the ante and offer cash too. Do you think £100 might do it? I opened the second address and sailed through those so that by 7.45 am I was as up to date as I could be and was playing about on ebay, not ready to get dressed. When I went back in there was a message saying my friend Olga had congratulated me on my work anniversary on LinkedIn. I had no idea what this meant until I signed in. It’s been 6 years this month since I created the Buthidars, what was then called by some The Hugging Religion. I’m pleased since the Buthidars still has a following. Maybe I should make a little more effort to promote then and look to create a Global Hugs Day that I always wanted.

As soon as the wash cycle finished I put the drying part on and left it alone. Time to get dressed. At 9.10 am I went to Pauline’s though it was her husband Jim  who served me. I picked up my TV mag for next week, bread, chips in curry sauce and some cigarettes. Completely by accident a twix fell in my bag and  I didn’t like to refuse it after Jim had rung it up. When I got back and had unpacked everything, I returned to work to keep abreast of incoming mail before my gamers join me tonight. I ran some sheets for the Yahtzee off and used Ju’s old craft guillotine to cut them down to size, they’ve been getting very cocky recently. About 1045 am there was a knock at the door and I expected to find Darren there guessing what my parcels held. Instead it was a postie I haven’t  seen before  holding 2 of the 3 parcels I’m, expecting. Luckily for me one was the important one I wanted, the leather jacket for Matt, the other was my new slimfit jeans ordered through ebay. I haven’t tried them yet. I put them on one side ready to perhaps wear at the weekend. Maybe I’ll wear the other skinny ones just to prove to Mike I can.

At lunchtime I had some stewed steak and microchips while crossing my fingers the warden wouldn’t call in the middle of it. There was a phone message to say she’d tried to come yesterday and since I was out she’d try again today. She didn’t make it. I watched Bargain Hunt while I ate and up to 1.00 pm and managed to stay awake the whole time, then I came back to work again. At 2.00 pm I went through to the lounge and tried to sleep in my chair because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I think Somnos felt cheated that I’d seen all of the antique programme, even the auction. I did manage to sleep and was there until 3.40 pm. Then I started panicking about how long I’d got to catch up and flew back to work. I exaggerate a bit, I didn’t fly, just walked quickly enough to make it seem so. There was obviously a lot to clear thanks to my skiving so I just ploughed into it. I thought I was making good progress when the front door opened at 4.40 pm. In stepped Dil a lot earlier than expected. I had to down tools to go and make him a cuppa. He was on his own tonight as Matt was fast asleep when he got home having probably been up all night gaming. He didn’t disturb him. I needn’t have worried about the jacket getting here.

We nattered a bit as he was so early the quiz wasn’t on yet. It’s always pleasant talking to him because we share a similar sense of humour and he’s not afraid to use it. When the quiz was due I turned the TV on and we sat and answered as many questions as we could though we both find the categories a bit odd sometimes. As soon as it was over Dil  got the table out and I got the Yahtzee out. It was a very up and down match with Dil getting a Yahtzee in the first game but losing his bonus while I got my bonus and some good scores and won. The second game I got the Yahtzee but also got my bonus and ended up winning that too. That was my only Yahtzee but in the next game I had great scores as well as my bonus and though it wasn’t by much I did win that. Dil won the fourth and fidth games leaving us with a big battle on for even-Stevens or a big win for me. It went my  way so ended 4-2 in my favour. Dil said “I suppose you’re going to gloat about this on your blog.” I replied. “Probably” and smiled.

Dil suggested Cribbage next . I have a 45 up and down crib board so you would normally just go up and down once. To make it more entertaining we decided to do twice up, once down so it would be first to 135+1. We played best of 3 games and it ended 2-1 to me. Pity there were no witnesses. Finally we got out the Trivial Pursuits. It’s been a long time since either of us played that and we both found that where once an answer would have flashed into our mind, there were now just a lot of gaps. Somehow, more by luck than judgement I got all 6 pieces of pie first though Dil wasn’t far behind me, but everytime I got to the middle he’d ask a sports question to throw me and out I’d have to go again. As it approached 9.30 and his time to go he kindly changed the subject and  I got it. What facial feature is missing from the painting of the Mona Lisa? I’ll put the answer at the end.  After he’d gone I had a quick tidy, washed the pots , took my tablets and came through.

I worked hard until 10.40 am to bring the post levels down, knowing I couldn’t finish tonight, then I stopped so I could come to the blog. Even that seems to be taking longer than usual tonight.

One of Reuben's pals.

One of Reuben’s pals.

What looks like an oven is I think a Hermit's Cave but I need to verify that.

What looks like an oven is I think a Hermit’s Cave but I need to verify that.





















Answer. Eyebrows.


Another unusual night. I turned the light off about 12.30 am to try for sleep which I thought would come quickly, it didn’t. But, when it did come was disturbed by a desire for the loo at 2.10 am even though I’d been before bed and then another at 3.23 am which I think was an attempt to get me up that failed, though I was up long enough to smoke a cigarette. I managed to get back to sleep but my 4.43 am call was a definite move your butt or else.And yes, I had another wee. When I came back through I powered  up and signed into my bank to check funds. Still the DWP have not corrected their error so I’m £30 down for the third time. I think after the next one they reduce it even more in order to recover the overpayment they say I have which in truth would not be there were it not for their mistake. There’s nothing I can do until someone responds to my appeal letter. That was sent on 21 May 2015 and only logged on their system on 01 Jun 2015. I have to allow 28 working days for them to deal with this but they can’t suspend the threat of recovery until it’s done. So the very system set in place to ensure people don’t have to survive on less than the minimum income guarantee, are willing to put someone under that minimum income themselves. Crazy.

I started in on the mail until 6.05 am when I drifted into the kitchen and took my meds. I also took a pre-foodie and after timing it with a cigarette had some breakfast. I reverted my my cold toast regime this morning which I’m sure does my waist no favours but certainly pleases the taste buds. At 6.30 am I entered the fray again and at just gone 8.00 am the first lot was up to date. I took a few minutes out to wash my coffee cup before coming back to check out my ebay for the day and then to sign into the other mail box. I was alternating between mail boxes all morning and the only interruption was from the postman dropping Muriel’s book through that I sent for. She has nine books from a ten book set and was having a problem with this one but ebay didn’t let me down. At lunch time I had a simple meal and watched my midday  antique programme, I swear I didn’t mean to and wasn’t aware I needed to but oblivion seems to have cast a cloak over me halfway through the auction and I buzz sawed the other part. Even worse, I woke at about 1.55 pm when a programme called ‘Doctors’ was on and I didn’t move. I sat and watched a soap!!!!!

It was 2.15 pm when I returned to my room, a little dazed at what I’d done and dreading what was waiting after more than two hours. Apart from the text from Mike to say he was on his way that is. My guess is 5.15 pm ish. I battled through the afternoon against the battalions directed at me by the opposing mailboxes until at 4.32 I seemed to be clear. I knocked off to relax before Mike’s arrival and who knew when I’d be back again. I even closed down ebay. It was just as well I’d chosen that time. I’d not sat down to watch TV for more than ten minutes before Mike walked in. Actually I think he squirmed in considering how fast he ran to the loo. At least it gave me chance to put the kettle on for him. By the time he’d dropped his case in his bedroom the coffee was ready and we were able to chat about our week thus far before the quiz started. All chatter ended when that came on and all I could hear after that were either the odd question or a querulous voice saying “Wha? or What was that?” I’d tell him to turn his hearing aids up but he wouldn’t hear me. I increased the volume of the TV to just deafening and pretended I couldn’t hear him. After that quiz came the second one and the an old Big Bang Theory. It wasn’t my fault, honest I wanted to be here with you, working. I even stood up to move then found it was the Antique Road Trip and I was stuck, stuck I tell you for another hour.

At 8.00 pm I flung myself from the room to get to grip with your mail but I’m a weak soul and was tempted back at 8.30 pm by the promise of a new episode of Big Bang Theory and after that it would have been churlish of me to walk out on a new episode of Brooklyn nine nine. Having the strength of character I do at 9.30 pm I refused an episode of a programme I don’t like and came through to read and respond to your mail. I’m dedicated I am. I worked until 10.45 on that before coming to do the blog so you could read how dedicated I am. I’m dedicated like that.

If I make it quiver like Pops will it work then?

If I make it quiver like Pops will it work then?

I think the slide's gone all wonky.( technical term)

I think the slide’s gone all wonky.( technical term)






















How’s the song go, Oh what a night…… and it was. Light off about 1.00 am and I was still trying to get to sleep at 2.00 am so back on the light went and out came the book again.  I read until 3.00 am then tried again. Somewhere along the line it worked and I slept until 6.08 am when it was time to get up. As usual my first stop was the piddle palace for five minutes of the daily Will it-Won’t it dance. I washed my hands and moved off to the kitchen where I did the sprays and all the meds leaving me with empty trays. I chose the coffee I’d be having this morning and slipped the pod in the machine ready then I went to get the drawer with my drugs in to replenish the trays for the week. Once that was done and the drawer taken back I made the coffee and came back with it to start work. I powered up the computer and signed into my mail address. There wasn’t much left from last night, but enough to keep me going. I was coming to an end around 9.00 am when I had to leave it and go to do a coffee for Mike. I told him it was there and that I was just going to Pauline’s. If he was up when I got back I’d review some paperwork he’d asked me to look at. A conversation that length must have penetrated as he was up and moving before I’d even closed the front door.

When I got back from Pauline’s Mike was still awake. I unpacked my shopping and got rid of my coat before going through to sit with him. I perused the paperwork he had and said the information looked fine to me. There wasn’t anything I could have added. Then he took a call about his poor;y car and I disappeared back to my room. He came through when the call finished. It appears the garage that sold him the car have decided to offer a piddling 10% of half the bill to repair the car despite selling a nearly new vehicle with such a glaring fault. Even the manufacturer have offered 50% of the whole bill as a goodwill gesture. The garage’s intended goodwill gesture a pathetic £25 on a car that cost £12,000.00 Personally I think they should replace the seals in full themselves since the car was given a 12 month warranty by the garage. They’ve really behaved very badly over this, dragging their feet and not responding to calls as promised. Customer care is very poor. I think Mike should take them to court over this.

He left at 10.10 am to see his father. I just laid into the post I hadn’t finished from one address and then opened the next one and did the same again. I came to a point where things seemed settled at 11.40 am and decided to knock off for lunch. Corned beef, new potatoes and baked beans. Very nice. I was ready to watch Bargain Hunt and remember the auction starting but I swear I have a Pavlovian reaction to it and must have dozed off. I woke about half an hour later at 1.30 pm but sat there just unable to focus and before I knew it ‘Doctors ‘ had started. I didn’t move until at 2.05 pm I suddenly came to life again, realised what I was doing and ran to my bedroom. I’ll have to give up lunchtime telly altogether. It’s hypnotic. I went through the afternoon dealing with mail which had piled up since I’d been away. There was lots of it since I wasn’t just getting the awake Europeans, I was now getting the newly awake N.Americans too. I realised how unstable I’m getting when I visited the loo during the afternoon playing the Lunchpack of Notre Dame calling out for his Eth’merelda. I think I need to get a life. At 4.30 pm I walked away from the computer and went to the lounge. I was hoping I’d stay awake this time. I saw most of my quiz before nodding off yet again and when I woke up twenty minutes later the next quiz was on and Mike was home just making himself a coffee.

We sat and watched the quiz and talked about how his dad is, then at 6.30 pm as I was going for a shower Mike offered to give me a shave as well as do my hair. He was worried about my shaking hands and also that I might cough at the wrong time and having him mop the floors.It’s actually very nice having a professional shave and having someone else you can blame for the blood and the little bits of paper for a change. He didn’t give me any excuse to whinge though. After the shower I made us something to eat then watched the final night of the Antiques Road Trip followed by a programme on the Knights Templar filled with all the usual rumours and guesses. I would have been better entertained if the costumery used hadn’t looked so poor and if the same scenes hadn’t been constantly used. All  in all a major disappointment for one interested in the subject.We seemed to leave it that the Templars have never gone away and are now in fact the Masons with the Templar treasure that was spirited away from Paris before the mass arrests of the Templars throughout France on Friday 13th. For sure I’m sure there would have been some sympathisers who could ensure a warning got through but it’s strange that it didn’t reach Jacques de Molay the Grand Master, unless he thought the order would be able to refute the charges of Philip the Fair.

At 9.00 pm  I came through to start the mail. I thought I’d play a new game tonight, answer two, discard one and get rid of anything that started with an A. Well, it sounded reasonable in my head. I discovered today (again) that I wasn’t getting post from a couple of people I know I follow. It looks as though when I follow that’s all it does. It doesn’t give me new posts from them unless I go in and request them. It also seems that when I do that with new ones I follow, WordPress might be removing the posts of others as though we have a limit as to how many we can follow or receive updates from. If that is the case I’m in trouble as I’ve followed a few new ones recently. I worked until 10.30 pm then started doing the blog . I’m looking for a slightly earlier night due to shopping tomorrow. If I write quickly now I might make it for 11.30 pm. But I’ll slow down if you can’t read very fast.

No laughing at the way we used to dance please.


Even by my standards last night was weird. The light went off about 12.30 am in the hopes that I’d sleep. I did, but only until 2.50 am when I swung my legs out and sat on the edge of the bed. I sat, and sat and sat, seemingly unable to move. I don’t mean paralysed unable, I mean indecisive unable. It was an hour, at 3.54 am, before I suddenly made a decision and sent my legs in the direction of the loo and from there to the kitchen. I put two slices of bread in the toaster, took all my meds and then went to sit down with a cigarette. As soon as I finished I had breakfast and made a coffee to bring back with me. I worked at clearing the mail and had done pretty well by 6.15 am when I took my cup through to wash and to put the kettle on ready for Mike’s drink. As soon as I hear his alarm go off I made a drink and took it through thinking two interruptions might just wake him. At first I got the grunts I expect then suddenly he spoke, in English, plainly. The shock was such that I can’t remember what he said though I think it was along the lines of what a miserable wretch I was for waking him.

I left Mike alone thinking I’d give him another shout when his alarm went off a second time but I was to be surprised, nay shocked, again. He’s trying to kill me off I know it. He got up. One Call and One Alarm only. I had jobs to do seeing to all the bins and the bags. When I came back through he’s finished his drink and gone to the loo. I disappeared to get dressed in my new skinny jeans to see if there would be laughter and derision ( and not just from the mirror). When I’d done so I ventured back towards the lounge and saw Mike getting dressed. It hadn’t long passed 7.00 am. What the Fffff.flipping heck is going on? I took the recycling bags to the bottom of the path and then brought the food waste bin down, leaving the main rubbish bin until we went out. Back inside I could see Mike putting his jacket on so I did the same ( with my jacket not his) and got my crutches out. We locked up and headed for the car. Once we were inside Mike just pointed at the clock and smirked, 7.18 am and we were on our way. I swear I’ve not woken up yet and this is a dream sequence only I don’t think I’ve got this much imagination.

We reached the Supermarket at 7.35 am, before we’ve even left the house normally, I raided the cash machine while Mike got the trolley. After his rush to get there he suggested we have a cigarette before going in.I agreed as my nerves needed it. When we went in I went to get some sweet potatoes thinking Mike had gone to get flowers but I turned round and there he was. I don’t know why he’s doing this, I haven’t suddenly come into money and added him to the will. I must have insulted him. We went together to choose the flowers and he agreed with my choice It was getting scary. This week we went to try and get him some jeans but we had the same luck as I’d had last week- none. We just got on with the shopping. It didn’t take too long again as we’re quite practised at where things are in there. Once done and through the checkout we went for our usual coffee. Then we stocked up on cigarettes and went to the car. It took a few minutes to load up as he’d forgotten to take the bags inside. It wasn’t long though before we were on our way to Flint. Every shop that might sell jeans was visited until we’d run out of shops and developed a thirst. Over to Temptations we went where poor Ceri hadn’t had the chance to hide upstairs and caught him full force. Maybe she’ll have more sympathy for me in the future.

We were going to come home and unpack the shopping when Mike asked if there were any local markets. I said Mold had one on a Saturday and it wasn’t too far away so he headed in that direction and I just told him where to go ( I’ve been doing that for years and he never listens. Maybe it’s because I always end with  Off! ). We had a good stroll round and a nice lunch. The sun was shining though it was quite blustery. He still had no luck with jeans but still managed to get some links taken out of a watchstrap and a new battery in the watch. We finally headed for home. It was about 3.00 pm when we got here and after putting all the shopping away must have been about 30 seconds past when I got to the computer. I thought I was getting away quite lightly with 153 messages in the first mail box. I brought that to an end at 5.45 pm and only had time to do a few from the other load before going through to the lounge for some tea at 6.30 pm. At 7.00 pm there were some programmes on about 60’s music and then an hour of Top of the Pops from the Disco era. It was 9.00pm before I returned to my room again. I had to start on a new catch up programme until just before 11.00 pm.  It was then time for my weekly assault on you all and here you have it.

Have a wonderful new week all. Sending Hugs to help.



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56 responses to “Fashion Icon for the 60+Group & Shock Tactics

  1. Lovely pics of Reuben in his tiny bowtie and short suit! I thought you shaved off the beard? The photos quite clearly reveal a bearded fellow–is that you? You have to watch out for beards. Once grown, they deeply dislike being removed and have a tendancy to sneak back without you noticing.

    • He’s becoming quite the little fashion icon all on his own.
      The beard did go, or at least the central piece leaving just the muttonchops again, which have since grown.Honestly, it’s just those you can see mainly and not a full beard. I did have to shave the middle bit again though or the beard would be making a new entrance without me noticing.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, after last night’s little rant, I found all my friends back in my Reader, including YOUR POST! Now excuse me while I read it. 😀 -happy dance-

  3. I always enjoy the photo’s of your Reuben, he is such a handsome boy and have to add that he his Pops is mighy handsome also, love the skinny jeans, You need to take care of yourself, Bronchitis is no joke, hope you are feeling better, taking your meds and getting some rest. Have a wonderful week and a really big hug!!

    • Ah thank you. He is a handsome chappie but I think you need your glasses on and another look at my picture. I think the jeans must have distracted you.Maybe I’d better buy more.
      The coughing is getting very annoying now but I don’t let it stop me.
      I’m always reminded to take my meds and I live a life of rest.I’ll get enough of that when I’m dead.
      Thank you, I wish you a truly wonderful week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. What are you reading David? I just realised we hear all about everything else but the actual book title/content gets no mention. I’m curious!! You look very dapper in your new jeans, I could just see you leading the way in a line dance! 🙂 I do hope the bronchitis clears soon xoxo

    • Currently it’s a book called Young Sherlock Holmes, Fire Storm by Andrew Lane. I’m sure this was aimed at a younger market but I found the jacket appealing and I’m now really into the story.
      Thanks so much,I actually felt really comfortable in those jeans yet I was very dubious about wearing them. I don’t think I’m quite ready for line dancing yet or probably it’s not ready for me.
      I;m sure the chest will clear soon. I hope you’re well.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. Applesauce David! You scared the bejesus out of me. I should be mad at you, but you know i can’t. Will you please take good care of you?
    I guess i’ll have to forgive you, because you absolutely killed me with the Barbie doll collecting Hell’s Angel. I’m still laughing. Or i was until i got to all that about the blood in the floor… (See my fierce pout. What do you mean a pout can’t be fierce? I know i can drop a grown man to the ground in fear with a glance… but i guess that isn’t the same as a pout.) Anyhow, thank you for the CCR song, and always the Temptations. Reuben is always adorable, and you really were quite the fashion icon.
    Wishing you a wonder-filled, hug filled week. Mega hugs my friend.

    • I thought I always took care of me Teagan.As much as I need to anyway.
      I’m so glad I tickled your fancy with the Hell’s Angel Barbie collector. I know the presented=r was intimidated by the look right up until he heard about the collection too.
      No pout can floor me, have you seen some of Reuben’s? I’m the master at pout and lip quiver.though.Yvonne tells me I have the stare of a stone when she used to do something wrong. Medusa reincarnate..
      I’m glad you enjoyed CCR and the fabulous Temptations.
      Thank you Ma’am. I may not really be a fashion icon but I still think I got away with the skinny jeans so it’s not just kids who can wear them. ( once they read this they’ll never wear them again).
      I hope you have a special week with wishes come true
      xxx Sending you Ginormous Hugs xxx

      • Thank you David. I have truly big wishes. I feel pushed from more and more directions to quit my job & get back out west. But after multiple years of looking I still haven’t gotten a job there. I’m too old to take the plunge into joblessness. So wishing upon that star, or satellite or whatever. 😉 Big hugs right back.

  6. It is worth reading your blog just for the creative references to the loo. I think Church of the Intermittent Waters is my favourite, though. I do hope the blood letting at your place has ceased. Gorgeous Reuben in his short pants suit. Love the hat. I think you are very smart looking in the new jeans and I can just see you as the new 60+ fashion icon—cover of Vanity Fair, perhaps??? Have a great week, David. xxx

    • Hi Ardys, I confess Church of Intermittent Waters is my favourite so far too. Yes thanks, the blood letting appears to have been a one-off this week.
      Roobs did look good in his little suit but I really don’t like the hat. It reminds me of some 50’s Jamaican Gangsta.
      I’m at home if Vanity Fair want to call though I think once the kids see an oldie in their jeans there will be a huge downswing in sales and they’ll all change style again.
      I hope you have a wonderful week.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  7. I agree, David; your references to the loo are VERY “creative.” 😉
    As much as I hate admitting it, I have to hold up my hand as one in the 60+ group. I love what you write, but I get such a kick out of what you put a line through. And of course Reuben’s pictures make me feel like I’m part of the adventure and enjoying every moment.
    Have a wonderful week, and MANY hugs to you.

    • Hi Marylin, always lovely to see you. I’ve tried to make a mundane task a little bit of fun and also remind men a little younger than me just what they’ve got to come. Why should they walk round enjoying themselves?
      I’m really glad if you enjoy some of the blog, especially my little ‘swipe throughs’ which are meant to entertain you. I laugh when I do it sometimes.
      Roob’s pictures are the glue to hold the blog together and keep people coming. He’d enjoy knowing he has people going along with him on his little adventures.
      Hoping you have a fantastic new week,
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  8. Sorry to hear you were ‘seeing red’ as it were the other day. Hope all’s returned to normal by now. The skinny jeans are quite the elegant fashion statement! Biggest bises xxx

    • Normality reigns again thanks Mel.
      If I at my age can get away with wearing skinny jeans then I think kids are going to start dressing better as they think it’s them should be at the forefront of fashion.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. carolewyer

    I think you look very dapper in your jeans and jacket. Worthy of an extra big hug today! XXHUGXX
    I so enjoy your post each week. It’s a bit like listening to The Archers (not that your life is like that)…it’s just I can’t wait to hear what happens next. 🙂 Hop ethat nasty cough clears up.

    • You’re very kind Carol. I didn’t think it was possible to be dapper in jeans and jacket.
      Thank you so much,I don’t mind being the Everyday tale of Country folk if it means going for 30 years.
      I’m keeping the fingers crossed for Tuesday’s Eurolottery now.and for the cough to disappear, it’s very annoying.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  10. The beauty about 60+ fashion is that anything goes – I, for one, couldn’t give hoot what anyone says – if I like it, I’ll wear it 😀 You are looking very smart in that gear of leather and denim (under-60’s don’t mind wearing it either 😀 ), David 😀 Have a great week and I hope lots of new grins from Reuben, close up. Hugs, hugs, hugs…

    • Ah well, if anything goes, I can definitely say with me it’s gone. I just don’t know where. I’m conscious of trying more things now than I was at 30.
      Thank you, I hope you have a great week roo.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. I don’t envy you your bronchitis. Hope you’re all better very soon. Reuben really is delightful! Hugs xxx

  12. Nice pics, great song posts. Always enjoy listening to CCR!

  13. I hope you’re getting better. Do take lots of care. The jeans look good and Reuben is looking as gorgeous as usual. I’m sure Doctors must have been going on for years and years because I recall watching it with my aunt when they still lived in the UK many years back…Not sure they are soaps any longer. I guess eventually they just become some sort of life…

    • Thanks so much Olga, II’ll take as much care as I can providing it doesn’t involve doctor or hospitals.
      Reuben was looking quite the little gent I thought until he put that hat on.
      I’m sure you’re right about Doctor’s it probably years old by now. And no, probably not a soap any more either.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  14. You’re looking well in those trousers, quite a pair with handsome Reuben.
    Wishing you a happy week and thanks for sharing. Hugs!

    • Thank you Christoph. I don’t wear jeans too often and in fact was in my 30’s before I had my first pair.Usually I try to be smart but the older I get the more relaxed I am.You think I could be Reuben;s wing man as he gets older?
      Have a wonderful week. xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Look at you, setting the world on fire with your skinny jeans. 😉 You’re a fashion plate, you are.
    ‘Doctors’, hmmm, tired of visiting them so decided to watch them on TV, I can’t say much, I used to love soap operas, they were like escaping into a parallel world of perfect hair and teeth, and their dramas beat out mine by miles!
    OK, this week not only had ups and downs, you had me quite worried. Hope you’re doing better soon, too lovely to be ill.
    Congrats again on Buthidars, wow, 6 years!!! Massive hugs for 6 years!!! Reuben may beat you out for fashion plate though, he looks pretty swag, quite the little heart-breaker, must take after his Pops!
    Hope you feel better, David and that this week is a good one.
    Massive, fashionable hugs! 😉

  16. ‘Proud Mary’ brings back memories! Lovely pictures of Reuben… Best you have a talk with Somnos! 🙂

    • Good memories I hope Billy Ray. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures of Roobs.
      I think Somnos has taken the batteries out of his hearing aids.He ad me ready for sleep at 1.00 am today but up again working at 2.26 am. I think I’m going to resign my job with him.
      Keep well.

  17. Great pics and music choices.

  18. Loving the skinny jeans and leather jacket, David ~ you’re looking good and your spirits seem high, despite your health issues! I do hope the meds have worked and that your bronchitis clears up soon. Reuben is growing up so quickly and clearly he’s taking after his groovy grandad in the fashion stakes ~ lovely photo of you both together! Take care, have a great week. (((Healing Hugs))) from me to you 🙂 xxx

    • I don’t tend to let my health issues get the upper hand Jacqueline. I still dictate what I can and can’t do. The bronchitis is still here as the antibiotics haven’t touched it this time but I’ll get rid of it or Yvonne will kill me. Roobs is shooting up and he’s not 2 until August. He’s already pinching my clothes to remain at the forefront of fashion ( like that’s ever going to happen).
      Thank you. I hope you have a great week too. The healing Hugs are much appreciated.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  19. As always, lovely photos of Reuben. I love the quivering lip that looks like he’s trying not to smile. And you–looking dapper, Mr. Fashion Icon.
    I know bronchitis can linger for a long time. I hope it’s gone entirely soon. Hugs, my friend!

    • Hi Merril, the little monkey has mastered the pout from watching me do it playfully to get my own way. Now I’m being hung by my own petard.
      I like the idea of dapper, thanks for that.As long as it isn’t mutton dressed as lamb. I’m sure the bronchitis will take a hike soon. The weather’s improving.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. Hello my friend. I didn’t get to read your post on our usual Sunday morning, but I saved it for when I could sit down and really enjoy it!!! Things have been a bit nutty here, but it seems everything is down to a dull roar now, and at least manageable.
    I love your outfits. Makes me think I should take more care with my wardrobe, but the majority of the time I am either wearing scrubs at work and shorts at home. And now the temperatures are up, 107 yesterday, it doesn’t matter what one wears, it all becomes a sweaty mess in a matter of minutes.
    Reuben is such a beautiful boy, such sparkle in his eyes, makes me think he is always planning things.
    I hope you start feeling better, with your cough and other issues.
    One last thing – I have had issues with Kit-Kats mysteriously appearing in my grocery bags (along with Ferrero Rocher – which are my favorite).
    And my gift to you for this week – take a look at this – one of my favorite songs. If my book is ever made into a movie (one can dream – right?) this would be the opening song –
    Until next week – take care of yourself!!!!!!!!

    • Ah, missed Sunday but determined to suffer eh.Scrubs at work and shorts at home sounds fine but outside the house the legs must be covered or I’d scare everyone.I’d melt in 107 degrees,that’s awful.
      You’re right, Roobs is always planning something, usually his next tantrum I think.
      I’m fine thanks,or st least as good as it gets. Worry not. Thanks for the wishes.
      Kit Kats appearing and Ferrero Rocher, how serious.It’s shocking how they can find the right shopping bags when no-one is looking, or paying.
      Summertime is also a favourite song so thanks very much. What a very unusual delivery the singer has, I haven’t heard of him before. Very good though.
      Have a Great Rest of the Week
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  21. I have had issues with a few site recently including Pinterest and the only way round it has been to open a second private window and go into them through there, it seems some add on one or another of the other programmes has added is stopping things working properly, what I would give for a nice new shiny computer rather than this dinosaur. A global hug day sounds like a fantastic idea and as your niece already started the ball rolling with her birthday hugs you should take up the baton and run with it,or should that be carefully take a pleasant stroll with it following all the health and safety criteria.

    For now lots of Cyber hugs xxx

    • I must try that with Pinterest. Thank you Paula. My niece was a few years after me with the idea as I tried for the global hugs day before. I wrote to Universities across the world and got Nada! Zilch! You’d think students would be up for that. I think if I try again I’ll go with your second option thanks, the pleasant stroll but with dignity of course.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  22. I hope you are feeling better, you certainly look well. I love the new outfit, and the colour coordination. If the cough is lingering I can wholeheartedly recommend a tea of fresh ginger, lemon and honey… I’m finally lurgy free! The ginger is also good for settling stomachs. And a spoonful of honey…
    I’m even later here than usual but we’ve been away, best wishes for the rest of a short week 🙂

    • Still not managed to shake the bronchitis so I’m on honey, lemon and menthol sweets to alleviate the coughing. I’m still eating my dark chocolate ginger biscuits so I’m getting all the ingredients you recommend but in a better way.
      I hope you’ve been somewhere nice (Taylors Arms?)and enjoyed yourselves. With luck now you’re lurgy free you can get to so,me of the Farmer’s Markets again. Have a Great rest of the week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Ali Isaac

    Well, I have to say, you look a fine figure of a man in your skinny jeans and leather jacket! Not many men can carry off that look, but you’ve managed it perfectly! I just don’t know how you manage with so little sleep, I feel exhausted just thinking about it!

  24. I noticed in the pictures that week that both you and Reuben made fashion statements. I loved his hat and little bow tie. You’re fortunate to be so tall. Your weight distributes better. You looked great in that jacket and skinny jeans. It should be labeled, “What the Well-dressed Welshman is Wearing on Casual Occasions.” Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • I think I kind of like the sound of that label Suzanne.Mind you, you’d have to take it off me and give it to my brother if he came since he’s 6′ 4″ and slim. Clothes queue up to be worn by him.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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