Piratical Birthdays , Duvet really cost that much? & The Robbery

Sunday.  5.08 am today.These lie-ins are becoming a bit of a habit again. There’s no mad rush this morning so I should easily have had time to bring the emails up to date. I was a good half way done when I went through to see to the fish who were in quite docile mood . I was suspicious but nothing I could see gave me cause for concern. I turned to my tablets and a drink just putting the makings in Mike’s mug as I knew there was no chance of a Christmas miracle in August.

I went back through and continues with my messages making sure I was very careful what I opened after nearly going blind the other day.Yvonne blushed when she read that account, Mike of course laughed and said even at my advanced age I should recall what one looks like and what part goes where when the occasion arises….. to coin a phrase. I was within two or three messages of finishing when Mike’s alarm went off at 9.00 am so I made him a coffee and took it through. I was devastated when my ‘Coffee’s Up Bro’ received a “Fine, thanks very much” instead of the usual startled -deer in the headlights- response..I went and finished the last few messages and got myself dressed then sat with Mike in the lounge.

At 9.45 am Mike was dressed too and ready to go out. He’d promised to take me to pick up some choc ices and maybe have a coffee. I’d just put my coat on when he decided I needed a shave and I had to take the top half off again. Because my hands were shaking he took delight in doing the shave and making not too veiled threats with the razor.It didn’t take too long and we were on our way again. He even let me get dressed again first. Getting the shopping took no time at all but it was a big disappointment to find Temptations wasn’t open until 10.30 am . As we had to get ready for the party we didn’t have time to wait. So, back home again and I made Mike a drink while I checked my messages and cleared as many as possible. At 10.45 am we were on our way.

In Chester we drove down to the quayside of the River Dee but there was no parking free so we had to drive up the hill again and I took him to a little out of the way parking place that only charges £4 per day. Then of course we had to walk down the hill again to go to a cafe for something to east so I could get my tablets out of the way.It was pleasant enough. That done  I took him through the lower reaches of the park until we found the party in full swing at the top.There were a lot of people there but Yvonne saw me and put me a chair out of the way by my nieces. It was nice to see so much of my family there, and Reuben was in full form with beaming smiles as people called for his attention. He did have some time for his Pops though and didn’t even assault me once.

The Mystery Welshman Presents.....

The Mystery Welshman Presents…..

birthday partybirthday cake

reuben and mummy



Pirate King

Pirate King

Left to right... Stacey (Danny's partner) Danny ,eldest grandson Reuben, Me, Ugo Karen, Mike , Jo Yvonne, Jen & Lee

Left to right…
Stacey (Danny’s partner)                                          Danny ,eldest grandson
Reuben, Me, Ugo
Karen, Mike , Jo
Yvonne, Jen & Lee

The weather stayed fair for part of the afternoon but at 3.00 pm you could see the rain was due. Most people decided it was time to leave  and started to pack up. One or two hadn’t made it at all and missed seeing the children rush off with their little goodie bags and blow up swords. The cakes were packed and I moved the chairs under the canvas out of the rain then Mike and I said our goodbyes and left for home. We had a quick stop on the way to buy a blow up bed.                                  Once indoors I made a drink and left Mike playing with something, (I’ve warned him he’ll go blind) on his phone while I attacked the emails again. I stayed there till 6.00 pm then went and joined Mike in the lounge. I managed to force a bit of BFG down for my tea but poor old Mike wasn’t sure his stomach would take it (I hope mine isn’t like that at HIS AGE). At 9.00 pm a car programme came on which bores me to tears so I was able to escape for another try. I’m doing well.

Monday. 5.01 am And all’s well. I saw the emails and nearly went back to bed. I would have done too if I hadn’t realised the mail would still be there but a darn sight bigger when I got up a second time. I bet Gypsy Rose bloody Greta or whatever her name currently is couldn’t forsee that. By 7.00 am I was barely halfway  but the fish were rehearsing The Indian Love Call from Rose Marie, I cold hear the delicate strains of When I’m Calling You  drifting out each time a bubble broke on the surface of the water. When I’m called, I go. It didn’t take me long to feed the smug little beggars and I thought while I’m feeding them, I might as well feed myself- just not to fish food thanks. I took all I needed to take and smoked the timing cigarette ( I suppose it would be easier to get a kitchen timer just not as much fun). At the right moment I put the toast in and brewed my coffee. Just for a Bank Holiday Monday treat I had jam on my toast today. I really know how to live. After I’d taken the two after meal tabs I carried the coffee through to the bedroom to carry on working.

I was coming towards an end about 8.30 am and I heard Mike groan so I thought he was awake. I went and made him a coffee and took it to him. He was fast asleep again. I did wake him but not for any sadistic purposes ( for a change) but because he was going to his Dad’s today to do some shopping. He did get up and soon enough he was on his way. I decided to finish the mail before doing anything else. Ha, finish the mail, not a cat in hell’s chance. I took my place before the monitor again and ploughed in. I broke off to rest my shoulders and watched an episode of Big Bang Theory then got stuck in again until 11.45 am when I broke off to see to my lunch. I took an hour’s break and watched my antiques programme then headed back to my room again. It was a real stop-start time nodding off and forgetting where I was so I gave in and went through to the lounge for a nod off. No sooner had my eyes closed than the phone started.  I went and unplugged it and fell asleep in glorious silence. I enjoyed a really nice hour or so before waking and deciding to enjoy an iced lolly while I worked. An iced lolly when I’m freezing? I wasn’t expecting to put the heating on yet.

About 5.00pm I’d had enough. There weren’t too many left but I needed a break. I found the last part of the film Zulu Dawn on and was able to see the Zulu nation showing guns don’t always make you a winner.Then at 6.00 pm  there were 2 short quizzes on which I enjoyed. Halfway through I went to get something from the bedroom and found a message from Mike, “On way”. As succinct as usual. At 7.00 pm I started to clear some more accumulated mail  and at 7.15 pm in he walked so I had to stop and make coffee and hear his news….only after I was told what a lazy beggar I am for not getting dressed all day. He’s had a successful expedition anyway and found all the things his Dad needed. We chatted until University Challenge came on and followed that up with a programme on Scotland’s Independence with a debate between Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland and Alistair Darling the ex Labour Chancellor and a Scotsman to boot, and after watching most of it I wish someone would. I really dislike those debates where one person decides that attacking the person is a good policy. My opinion, if the people of Scotland want independence, let them have it. They want to continue using the same currency which is fine despite what petty David Cameron says, and they’ll be better of than they will be if Labour get back in here next year and run the country into the ground again or under the Tories who want to take benefits off everybody and buy shares in the privatised health industry. I had to leave at 9.30 pm as I was getting cross and also because I needed to get to work.

Here are two pictures I was asked to provide by Roughseasinthemed of the new curtains and my bookshelves.

New Curtains

New Curtains



New Shelves

New Shelves

Here’s the obligatory picture of my grandson playing in part of my birthday present to him…The Ball Pit.

ball pit boy


Tuesday. Back to 4.34 am today but hey, Mike was saying we’d go out today since he’s going to be returning home to get the car M.O.T.d, this gives me plenty of time to catch up before we go out. I wasn’t sure what time he’d set his alarm for ( hopefully before noon. lol) but I went through to the kitchen at 6.30 am to make some toast, after the fish had been fed of course. I’m not stupid enough to put them in second place. After dealing with all the usual jobs I went back to carry on and became quite distracted by some of the mail. Kindness can catch me unawares sometimes. Before I knew it I heard the alarm go off, it was 8.30 am. That doesn’t mean he paid any heed to it of course other than rolling over and sleeping on his other side, but at least it gave me time to make his coffee. I took it through with a cheery “Morning Bro” then headed back to my desk knowing that was only the first of multiple calls. I only had a couple of messages to do so finished those before going back to ty again. The beggar was up and drinking his coffee already. I wonder if this is operant conditioning at work.

There was a brief discussion along the lines of “Where do you fancy going”?- “No, where do you fancy”? Repeat chorus a few times before we decided on the coastal town of Rhyl because Mike decided I might be able to start my Christmas shopping and find some of the more unusual items there. We left about 9.30 am and had quite an easy run without too much traffic on the roads. When we arrived in Rhyl we parked on top of a store in a car park that had an overhead covering of netting to discourage the seagulls which can make rather a mess of a clean car. We entered the precinct itself by way of a lift (elevator) and started looking round one of the larger shops. There were plenty of nice-but ordinary gifts around and nothing appealed.We left there and went to the covered market for a cuppa and a look round. Some dragons but nothing Mike liked enough to buy. The same problem in the next shop and the one after that was closed anyway. Mike needed the loo so I showed him the way. When he came out I was grumbling about a public loo that you have to pay to use. I don’t like that idea at all and was grumbling all the way to the next shop I showed him.

This time there was a dragon that interested him and I was able to get him a belt and a dragon buckle too. We did a couple more shops and still I was not inspired to buy anything except chocolates so we headed back to the car and left Rhyl behind us as we headed to The Ivy for a late lunch. It was very quiet in there when we arrived and we were able to talk to Tariq quite a lot. He made our drinks and tried to animate me with a double shot then took the order through to Shella who was cooking. No sooner had he done that than more people came in. Once they were sorted we carried on chatting until the meal came when he left us to eat in peace. As we finished Shella came through and she and Tariq stood and chatted with us for ages. It was as well the other guests were drinks only and not food. Eventually the time came to go and we headed home though we stopped outside Pauline’s first while I got milk and bread. Once home I made Mike a coffee and left him playing games on his phone while I came to do the mail which took until almost 5.00 pm. As I went through to the lounge there was a decidedly sarcastic cheer. He told me he’s here till the weekend as the car is booked in on Monday now.

It seemed to be quizzes, quizzes and more quizzes followed by 2 episodes of M.A.S.H. then a murder mystery starring Diana Rigg as the Investigator set in the 11920’s I think. At 9.00 pm there were moans as I deserted him to come back through here to deal with the accumulated mail and the blog. I hope to be in bed by midnight.

Wednesday. I think it was about 12.30 am when I turned my light off last night. I don’t suppose it was too long before I got to sleep having felt tired all day. I’m not sure how tired I was but I didn’t open my eyes this morning until..WAIT FOR IT…07.55 am. I knew I was in trouble and grabbing my dressing gown, just flew out of the bedroom. My bladder was reminding me how close I came to wetting the bed. As I reached the kitchen I saw the top of the tank begin to wobble and I could see all the snails formed into a pyramid with the sharp end at the bottom. the upper end was preparing to move the lid. Directing operations was the albino cory. I fumbled with the lid of the fish flakes and threw a couple of flakes in for the fantail and threw some plec food in for the rest. The pyramid slowly collapse without it’s grip upon the lid and the cory swam about trying to look innocent. It didn’t work. I knew who my nemesis was now.

Mike’s alarm went off a few minutes later and though I boiled a kettle up I didn’t prepare a drink. Instead I quickly rammed a pre-food pill down my throat and took the rest of my meds to keep me from being paranoid about the fish.I quickly ate some toast  and just as I finished, in walked Mike and handed me his dirty mug from the bedroom then headed for his chair. I went back to making his coffee and placed in in front of him where he could grope for it with his eyes closed and then went back to my bedroom via the loo. For the first time in living memory it was past 8.00 am and my computer wasn’t on. This could spell disaster for Western Civilisation (I use the word loosely ) this sudden breakdown in communication. Mind you it keep doctors in work as I’m liable to have a massive heart attack when I see how many there are. In actual fact there were only 68 at that point. I started to work while Mike gained consciousness and we got to debating the day’s itinerary. By 9.00 am the conversation had reached the same standard as yesterday’s. MIKE. ” Where do you want to go?”  ME “No, where do you want to go it’s your holiday?” When it comes down to it we spend so long arguing we never have time to go anywhere. In the end after remembering he promised we could go for a roast beef dinner today and me reminding him that Wednesday is games night we had to settle on just going in to Flint. Mike was looking for a mandolin but not of the musical variety unless there are some very adept chefs out there. I wanted a fold up chair I could use on games night when there are four of us playing. I at least was lucky though Mike did find some mandolins on ebay at my suggestion. We had a coffee at Temptations which was nice then came home to let me work for a while before lunch. He’s lucky to have got me out of the house really.

I worked till 12.30 pm then we set off for The Bells of St Mary which is a carvery I’ve mentioned before, usually before the Ivy opened though as we’ve not been there since then with the exception of my birthday when I had no say in the matter. We had a really nice dinner in there and came out full. Straight back home so I could carry on working at catch up, though I stood no chance. I worked from about 2.00 pm to almost 5.00 pm then went to watch TV with Mike till Dil and Matt arrived just before 6.00 pm. When they came I made drinks,  put the table up and brought out Balderdash as the first game. Some people’s ability to lie under pressure is immense which is why I lost by one point to  my own brother who deceived me. Next I brought out the Yahtzee  and that was an unmitigated disaster as Mike managed to get three in one game alone somehow giving him a score of 500+. There was no way I could compete with that and I think the Devil must have bought the souls of Dil and Matt too since I lost that too. Finally I got the cards out and set up for nomination which I actually won. YAY.

Dil and Matt left a little later than usual at almost 9.45 pm so Mike and I tidied up and I washed the post. I grabbed some biscuits and left Mike to make his own supper while I came and attacked the post. 131 pieces. Ouch. It took absolutely ages so I’m late doing this now. One piece was a real treat which I will share with you. It came top me under the heading ‘I will never let you down. you need help’ which was enough to ensure I opened it.

Dear David,I have sent you 5 or 6 mails proposing that you accept my totally free help without any commitment, but I have still not received your request and I will not deny that I am really beginning to worry.I feel that you will deprive yourself of my help when you really need it.  You are aware of the fact that I have enough experience to tell you that in life there are ups but there are mostly downs.  I myself have gone through tough times and I can quite understand why you are hesitating about accepting outside help to improve your life!However; you must understand that when a real opportunity to improve your life comes your way, you should not ignore it.   I am here to help you David, and to offer to you what no one else has ever been able to offer you: FAST, PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS!I wish I could prove to you that all my years of experience are able to make all the difference and to help you effectively in all the areas of your choice (LOVE, HEALTH, MONEY, LUCK, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS… etc. .) but for that you must agree to my request free help by READING HERE!I am counting on you to ask for my FREE HELP WITH NO OBLIGATION before I can no longer accept any new requests for help (do not forget that I am working with a very limited number of people so that I can focus totally on the quality of my services!)READ HERE TO RECEIVE MY FREE HELP, TO BENEFIT FROM MY ADVICE AND MY EXPERIENCE, TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

Sending you a big hug,


Your dear and loving Granny Annie

Why aren’t you all in bed?

Thursday. I’m really without any explanation of what’s happening at the moment. Today I woke at 7.04 am and cold panic got a grip on my heart, at least I think it was cold panic and not a bucket of water from the fish. Conscience got the better of me and I wandered through to feed them leaving scorch marks on the carpet.  I was sure they’d forgive me five minutes. As I turned the light on two of the heavy mob were attached to the glass no doubt watching me woith their beady eyes before reporting back to their boss’The Albino’. I wasted no time in feeding them. Backing away rapidly I took my tab and made myself a coffee. I didn’t feel like hanging around to make breakfast today somehow.

I went to work on the computer till 8.00 am coming across an even worse letter than yesterday…..

Hi dear,
It is my pleasure meeting you,
I am Ann Ben, I am a United State Army officer, from united state of America, am supportive and caring, looking forward to get a nice friend, I read your profile here in and pick interest on you,
Here is my email address I will introduce myself better and send you my picture as soon as i receive your mail

This leaves me very worried about the standard of Officer in the United States Army from the United States of America since English ( even the American way) doesn’t seem to be her first language. Is this bulwark against the rising threats against the World’s safety really in the hands of this woman. Personally I have an idea that a shock might be in store for me if I answered this and my poor shattered mind couldn’t cope with more explicit photographs. The real, thing maybe, but photographs NO. It probably took me a long time to do few messages because of laughing at this poor attempt to ensnare me. I wonder what would happen if I tried to say I was gay, would she/he pretend to be a man or be a man maybe? Maybe I should try asexual.

It was just gone 8.00 am and I heard Mike padding about. When I checked he’d gone to the loo so I went and put the kettle on. As soon as It boiled I nipped to his room to ask if he wanted it in the lounge or the bedroom ( his coffee I mean) and the beggar had gone back to sleep.Shrugging I went back to work and by 8.45 am I was actually up to date ( as long as I didn’t refresh). As I went to take my cup to the kitchen for washing Mike got up so I finished the coffee off and put it on his table in the lounge and came through to get myself ready for the day. Once I’d dried my eyes from checking the lottery I put my new jeans on and put fresh tears in my eyes as I leaned over with my new belt buckle on. ( Not the one I bought Mike on Tuesday). Back in the lounge we discussed where to go and settled on The Tweed Mill. Partly because it’s within the area so I won’t be too late and partly because Mike bought shoes on his last visit there and wanted to see if they still had them in red. Also, I wanted some new duvets and Mike suggested they’d be better sewn in squares so that the filling doesn’t disappear from the ends and The Tweed Mill sells bedding.

We were on our way about 9.45 am and arrived just after 10.00 am. We had a lovely surprise to see we’d chosen sale time to get there and a bit of a shock to find the red shoes were there but not in the sale. We had a general look round the gents section as the choice of clothes though expensive is great. Real Huntin’, Shootin’, Fishin’ stuff. I took a look at the bedding and found a nice quilt set for Yvonne, I’m fairly sure she’ll like it but the jury is still out on Ugo. Mike and I had a look at the duvets and many of them appeared to be channel sewn except for those at the £100 mark which were either duck or goose feather. I prefer something anti-allergenic. Finally we explained to the lady what I wanted and said I needed a double and a single. She came up with a single which was in two pieces for Summer or Winter weight and had the squares. It was £60 but in the sale TODAY, and the LAST ONE was £35.00. I don’t know what came over me but I agreed. The double which would be feather was £110. HOW MUCH???? I managed to refuse that on the grounds of it being feather so my bank manager might still talk to me rather than shout. We went for a coffee and a bacon sandwich to calm down. Then, because the building has changed a lot since our last visit decided to go upstairs ( The Ladies Dept) to see what they’re doing with all that space. Answer, they need more space because women always have more choice ! Though having said that there were some men,s jackets up there which Mike took a fancy too and chose one. Then I happened to see some shoes down from £60 to £10.99 that I quite liked ( didn’t need but quite liked) and some green shoes that Mike might like ( he did) so I bought my shoes and Mike left with shoes and jacket. I don’t know if he’ll ever forgive me and I think I now have more pairs than my niece Karen who has the reputation of being a shoe-aholic- she even had to have a cupboard specially built.

We left there and drove to The Ivy for lunch. Tariq had given Shella the day off and was doing the cooking and Angie was serving. It was quiet enough when we got there to be able to talk with him but as usual more people followed us in and he was banished to the kitchen. Mike was able to tease Angie as usual which made his day. When we’d eaten I left the money on the counter and we departed for home. Mike went on his laptop for something and I came to deal with mail. Curiosity made me look at ebay and I typed in the name and make of duvet that I’d bought and started running down the list of doubles. Mike came running when he heard the scream. Anything from £18.00 to £30.00 for the same thing in anti-allergenic 10.5 tog to 13.5 tog. If I’d had any tears left from the morning I’d have cried. I started work and stayed there until 6.00 pm when I went through to watch a quiz with Mike.He’d been on the phone with his daughter and then with his son so had missed the Antique show Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Lucky for me he knows how to work my catch-up box and we were able to go back and watch it. Not quite as good as a time machine, but close. I stayed until my usual 9.00 pm with him then came through to work on my messages.One from my friend Laurie showed what a genius he is behind a camera and also in charge ofa bucket at a sapphire mine where he did very well. It’s another late night so we’ll see how I get on at getting up tomorrow. Night all.

Addendum. Well, shock , horror. It’s now 2.35 am and I haven’t been to sleep yet and the paramedic has only just left. Not for me though but for Mike. We wuz robbed. It happened about 12.15 am when I had gone to bed to read and Mike was watching the TV in his bedroom. I heard a lot of shouting and swearing. Mike was obviously angry and upset. He was shouting “Get out” and “What d’you think you’re doing you b***ard.” I thought he was having a nightmare but then there was a lot of crashing about. Maybe he’s seen a mouse I thought, knowing he’s fixated on rodents. From Mike’s point of view, he’d just been watching Brother Cadfael when a hooded monk walks into the room. At first he thought it was a ghost and then decided it was me winding him up. It took moments for him to realise it was a very cheeky burglar and for the burglar to realise he’d walked into a hornet’s nest.As Mike started to get out of bed the man ran knocking over a few things and grabbing a couple of jewellery boxes, one of which he dropped. I flew in to make sure Mike was OK as the runt disappeared through the window in the lounge.

Mike had to call the police who sent someone round including a dog handler and a helicopter overhead. I checked the losses. For sure he’d stolen the silver piggy bank I deposit my loose silver in for Reuben but luckily there’s probably about £20 in it.He stole my watch box with five watches and a couple of medals but to be honest that was the most upsetting loss as it contained my favorite watch, a Fossil which Ju bought me in America, irreplaceable. He may have taken a few Crowns too but it looks like he missed Reuben’s coin collection. I can’t look until SOCO have been tomorrow. So, back to Mike, as I said he was obviously upset and his breathing was ragged and rapid which isn’t good. The Police took the details and sent for the paramedic. As it took nearly two hours before they arrived and the police had to go away to a disturbance elsewhere, we managed to get the breathing under control, and Mike fairly calm. They were thorough in checking him and said he was OK at home with me. Of course they couldn’t see me since I can’t talk to strangers. I seem to be beyond sleep at the moment and have been to trim my moustache twice. I have to try and tell Yvonne without upsetting or worrying her and she’s not the only one who I don’r want to tell either. I’ll fill you in on further developments tomorrow.

Friday. Well, I managed to sleep from 4.00 am to 6.00 am this morning. It took a long time for the tension to die down and poor Mike was reacting to every sound. He only slept from 5.00 am to 9.00 am though that may be partly my fault. When I got up I fed the fish early so they’d be in my debt and then made myself some toast after taking my meds. Since it was the day to fill my medicines up for the week it as almost 7.00 pm before I got back to start on the mail. Luckily it wasn’t too bad a I’d had a go at it at 2.00 am as part of my anti-sleep campaign which was quite a success. I was roughly up to date by 8.30 am so I got washed and dressed. As soon as 9.00 am arrived I went out to post the last post card to a friend and visit Pauline in the corner shop. I was surprised she hadn’t hear anything so I said nothing. Last night we were told SOCO or CSI as they’re now known don’t start work until 9.00 am so I was sure I’d be OK out at this time. However when I got back there was a man dusting the front window already. It seems he’d arrived early and had managed to waken Mike with a knock (on the door) and when I went in  Mike was with two police persons being interviewed again.Personally I think they suspect him and if it comes to that so do I. After all, I never saw the burglar. The male left to speak to my neighbours leaving the female Inspector behind. of course Mike was in his element now and no-one noticed me in my bedroom working.

Someone or other was there most of the morning so it was late before we were able to get out. I needed milk which I’d forgotten at Pauline’s and also a claim form for the insurance. They had no forms in the office in Holywell so they were going to arrange for one to come to me direct. I got some money from the bank (the legal way) and we went for lunch in town. I shan’t want to repeat the experience in that place and will go to Kassidy’s in future. When we headed for home I forgot the milk and had to call in at Pauline’s for it anyway. She still mentioned nothing and I was amazed. As we parked up two of my neighbours came up to chat then once in the hose two more visited in turn. One is going away and wanted to give me a kiss and a hug, the other, Bert, came to talk to us about the visit the police had made to him. Neither Mike nor I was too clear if he’d seen someone hanging around. ,Mike and I are sure now that there must have been two of them for the goods to have gone missing as the one he chased didn’t have time to stop and pick anything up. I wonder to if it wan’t a spur of the moment crime as it was so early but Mike thinks the police disagree and that someone has scouted the place and seen the lounge in darkness early because I am usually on the computer by 9.00 pm.

Visitors gone I left Mike in the lounge where I hope’s he’d sleep while I went to work for a while. Someone was coming at 4.15 pm to fit window alarms. On Monday they’re fitting window locks so they can be safely opened so far. I went through to the lounge about 3.00 pm and Mike was awake but after about ten minutes I wasn’t. I did revive for the visit to fit the alarms though.Mike and I had an antiques show and then some quizzes before I wen to get a shower at 7.00 pm. Mike had one after me and it was back to the quizzes again and a programme about a brewery. As usual at 9.00 pm I deserted him and came through to work. It’s been hard going today and I’ve an idea I might sleep tonight at the expense of the fish and my usual early start for shopping.  See you tomorrow.

Saturday. Isn’t it ridiculous. The times I’ve slept in this week and now I need it after Thursday night’s debacle I wake at 3.15 am. Still, as we’re shopping this morning maybe it’s as well to get my mail down to the minimum. During this batch I had a man who knows more about my life, especially my future, than I do and wants me to ask him for help. If he knows something really important why not tell me when he wrote? He could have saved a lot of faffing about. After much deliberation lasting oh, all of half a second, I won’t be writing to him. To be honest, and you may not believe me here,, but I wont be writing to ‘My’ Granny Annie either, since I’m well into my 60’s she’d have to be one of the undead to be my granny.

I’d actually finished (without refreshing) by 6.45 am and went through to the kitchen. I put the light on in the tank and even though it’s Saturday threw an algae wafer in for them. I took my meds, made myself a coffee and put some water in the kettle ready for Mike’s alarm. Second thoughts made me turn the kettle on and as I hadn’t heard the alarm when it boiled I took a drink through to him. I’d asked last night if he’s prefer to lie-in but he’d said no so I made sure he heard me announce the coffee was there. I received a very small groan. I’d gone back to working when I heard the alarm go off at 7.20 am and it rang and rang before being finally turned off. There was still no movement though so at half past I called out that the coffee was getting cold. The reaction was better but it was still a couple of minutes before I heard him go to the lounge. I finished up where I was and joined him or what there was of him because at that point he was definitely not all there. We were out of the house at 8.00 am after I’m made sure his eyes were actually open.

The shopping wasn’t too bad as I didn’t spend any time on children’s clothes this time, though I did check out the duvets. All of them seemed to be the channel sewn ones and Mike is adamant that it would be better to have the square sewn which keep the filling in place much better. Shopping done we were heading out of the store when Mike, who had just bought me a phrenology bust, also tried to pay for my cigarettes which resulted in a tussle at the till to the amusement of the staff. I won in case you’re wondering. We headed for Flint where I checked out some more bedding shops and also got some chocolates before we went for a coffee. We knew Ceri was still off so Trudy and Sian got our attention today. We had teasted toecakes so I could take the food tabs I should have taken if I’d eaten breakfast. Very nice they were. From there I picked up some ice-creams from the freezer shop and a couple of BFG’s one of which I thought we’d have eaten tonight but didn’t so I’ll ask Mike to take it home tomorrow. Just don’t tell him OK? At home we unpacked and Mike defrosted the freezer (with an axe) and put the stuff away which had conveniently landed by his foot. Then he did Julia’s flowers for me while I came back to the computer.

At about 1.00 pm there were just a few messages left when Mike stuck his head in to see about lunch. I came away, picked up some chocolates and we left for The Ivy. Tariq was actually in the carpark when we arrived putting new posts up so we had a chat before going in to see everyone. Angie made us drinks and introduced us to a young man who is working as a waiter. We ordered lunch had a great conversation with Angie as  we ate then Shella came out to see us. She handed me a piece of paper and I thought she was politely asking us to leave ( Mike’s fault of course) but instead it was an invitation to a party and their home address. The conversation got round to the burglary and we had to recount the comedy for them all. To be honest it’s not easy applying humour to the situation as Mike is quite badly shaken and I’m not as confident as I seem.

We were home about 3.45 pm  and it was back on the computer for me trying hard to catch up before 6.00 pm so I could sit with Mike for a few hours. I made it with ten minutes to spare. It was during our viewing that the adverts came on and I saw someone using a tablet. I immediately wondered how much charge was on mine and went to pick it up. Of course that’s another item he waltzed off with on Thursday night the little toerag.I’d not long had it and fitted a memory card to it too. I’m steaming about this. At 9.15 pm I came through for the last assault on the mail and to clear the blog. I hope you’ve all had a good week with a better one to come. Hugs all round.


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91 responses to “Piratical Birthdays , Duvet really cost that much? & The Robbery

  1. What a fabulous first birthday party, David. And Reuben as a pirate? Johnny Depp eat your heart out!
    … Bedding, duvet covers or slipcovers… it feels like that kind of thing is about as expensive as furniture, doesn’t it? Happier shopping next week. Mega-hugs! 🙂

    • As for the robbery, i just don’t know what to say, David. How horrible and frightening. I’m just glad both you and Mike are okay now… More hugs!

    • It was a sweet party Teagan and I agree, once Reuben’s old enough to learn the lines he’ll be competition for the film pirates like Johnny Depp. Either that or he’ll be sailing a pirate ship around the High seas.
      Yes, all the peripherals can be just as expensive as the main thing, you’d think some covers are gold plated.

      Thank you. Yes, we’re fine though both still rather cross. I would help anyone in need without them turning to theft and scaring people.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  2. I hear you on the duvet. I have a problem with my channel sewn duck down quilt every time I use it. So this year, I got out the sewing machine and sewed both ends with some squares. I’m hoping that helps next time I use it.
    Sorry to hear about the robbery. It is such a violation and that really is horrid. I trust Mike gets better each day.
    And I have decided that next time I go fossicking for gemstones, I’m taking Laurie. lol

  3. I had the Oldies playing on a local station as I read your post, David. The BeeGees came on with WORDS, and I felt like I was caught in the “Twilight Zone” or something!
    What a great theme for Reuben’s birthday party, Grandpa! When our godchild turned six, his parents had a Pirate party, and everyone googled “Talk Like a Pirate” to pick up interesting words and phrases. A five-year-old girl put us all to shame with her Pirate talk!

    • That record came on Oldies so you could listen to ‘Words’ in stereo Marylin.Words, World and Massachusets were my favourite records by the Bee Gees.
      It was a great theme for the party and it’s a shame we never though to be as clever as your godchild’s parents and ask for pirate talk. That could have been fun.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. …is there NUTHIN sacred in this bluudy world any more?? breaking and entry is a pernicious crime, as you are never quite sure what the bastards got away with … I had a similar experience tons of years ago, but i managed to attach the intruder with the blunt end of a flat iron… ( I will say nothing further on that, but that cheeky chappie will NOT be doing nocturnal; house calls again..ever… ) support with you, David ..:) cheers

    • Thank a lot Seumas. It’s funny how you only discover what’s been taken over a few days instead of straight away.Despite the tablet going I’m still only annoyed about the one watch and about Reuben’s piggy bank.If I’d known a few moment earlier what was going on I could have been in the thief’s path out and I have a couple of swords quite handy……..I couldn’t have done anything about the accomplice but it would have been nice to give the police a gift.
      Take care of yourself..

  5. Sorry to hear about the robbery, hope the new locks will give you peace of mind.

    • It’s annoying to think I can’t have the transom window open any more now when I used to leave it open all the time and have for the last 6 years. I’m sure the new locks will help and I won’t be bothered again but it’s awful to think who he might steal from next as he’s obviously brazen enough to enter despite people being awake. It could be a little old lady next.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  6. Horrible thing the robbery. I hope Mike is OK. Strange to go off at night that way into people’s houses… Hope they catch him. Reuben’s party looks fun (rain and all) and like your new bookshelf. Do take care and hope you are luckier with Christmas presents in the future.

    • Thanks so much Olga. Mike is fine thanks, just angry like me now. I hope they catch him too before he scares someone to death.
      The party was fun even though the rain stopped play in the end.
      Thank you,m the bookcase is just what I needed.
      Every time I try to think of starting Christmas, another birthday intrudes so I’m going to have to be creative and start a lit I think.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  7. David, what a wild week! You had me in stitches over the uprising in the tank (led by the Albino). As for the debate – my daughter was home from uni in Glasgow and made me watch it – she’s very pro independence – then left us with a bumper sticker on my car encouraging everyone in France to say ‘YES’. Sorry for your troubles with the break-in – there’s nothing worse than feeling like your privacy has been violated – and to add injury to insult – the tablet! Woe is you! Wishing a speedy recovery for you and Mike. Big bises xx

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad the rebellion entertained you I of course am still recovering. I think the feeling in Scotland is higher than ever but I don’t expect a landslide. even so. I wish the Scots every success if they do it.
      Mike and I are fine thanks, He’s now returned home angry leaving an angry me behind. I just was the idiot caught before he burgles a single women and scares her badly.
      xxx Massive bises in return xxx.

  8. Robbers have become increasingly brazen and that is frightening for in such a state they can hurt people. So sorry you had to go through that, David, I have installed locks on front gates so it’s a distance to the front door, not that such a thing might be 100% robber-proof but at least it will deter most: while it may be easy to skip or climb in over the fence it’s not as easy skipping or climbing out – always a risk of running into a passer by 🙂 – Oh, the modern day living – buy a feather-down duvet and wallet’s empty, not much of a cash harvest left to the scum that walks in hooded.

    • I agree they’re very brazen. Had it been an elderly woman alone I doubt there’s much she could have done and you never know how a robber will react, especially if they’re high on drugs. I think this one must have been the most scared by Mike’s reaction though as they can’t expect to be chased.
      My expedition for the duvet did reduce the chance of the robber getting a decent haul but I value the memories of some things more than they’re monetary value. I’ll never get another watch like the one Ju bought me again. It’s just pure evil not necessity as no-one goes without money these days and I’d always help someone in trouble.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. What a nightmare the burglary experience must have been, however lightly you write about it. And discovering everything that’s missing in the days after is almost worse than the things you realise immediately. On another note, I’m exceedingly glad to know I’m not the only one to time things with a cigarette! Freshly-minted hugs to all. xxx

    • I’ve tried to keep it light hearted but I am really cross about it, that someone should invade my space while I’m actually there and steal from me rather than ask.. It’s been no fun suddenly realising that something else is missing I hadn’t noticed and I just get angrier.
      So glad I’m not alone in my timing methods. I think 10 minutes for a superking.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Of course you’re cross. And you’ve a right to be. On a lighter note, does your ‘rather than ask’ mean I am now entitled to come in and ask if I can have that lovely pembroke that would look awfully good opposite mine?!
        It’s probably 15 minutes for a very long menthol More of which I am inordinately fond.

      • You can certainly come and ask but to me a pembroke would be a table and I don’t have one of those. What have you seen and where?
        Ah yes. More. I very rarely see those around so if I want a menthol I’m on Consulate and back to the ten minutes again.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • I ain’t seen nuffin’ guv, honest – a pembroke table was a wild guess! Big hugs xxx

      • Maybe I should claim I had one until I woz robbed and make the insurance cough up.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  10. Thanks for sharing this special birthday. 🙂
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. Blimey David, I’m glad you and Mike are ok. What a little tosser. Glad you had a good time at the birthday bash, though. Have a big hug on me.

    • Thanks Elaine, that’s nothing to some of the names Mike screamed at him and certainly not as bad as some I’ve thought this last few days.
      We had a great time at the birthday bash once I’d got over my disappointment at no jelly and ice cream. Though there was some exciting shark infested jelly on offer.
      The Hug is wonderful thanks and I’m enjoying it.
      xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  12. Oh, David, you poor fellas! So glad you’re both okay. Stuff is just stuff, but Reuben needs his G-pa more than he needs those coins.
    The birthday sounded wonderful. The first of many, many, many I hope.
    And I happen to think that Balderdash is the greatest game invented by mankind. Absolutely love it! I hope for a slightly less heart palpitating week for you. Cheers, David. xxooxx

    • I agree stuff is just stuff but I’m sorry about the watch Ju bought me. I can’t get another one.Anything else I can do without.
      The birthday was fun though I prefer less people about but he reveled in it.
      Wow, so you’re the other person who likes Balderdash. I always knew there was one.
      Thank you, I hope you have a brilliant week too.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  13. Andrew

    Own personal ball pit?! If I had one of those when I was a kid, I’d never leave the house.

  14. Wow, what a week… robbery and piracy… but at least good – Reuben’s party, and bad – bedding prices are insane… to ameliorate the terrible – the sheer thoughlessness of a person who invades someone’s whole in order to steal. I’d like to think they were desperate but I doubt it, more likely opportunistic. I’m pleased though, although shaken neither you or Mike were harmed. But I’m sorry about your watch, that hurts. Hopefully if not caught in this instance the bastards will be another time, and maybe even one day sorry for the poor choices they’ve made. I hope this week is better 🙂

    • The party was good because the pirates were less bloodthirsty than expected. The bedding prices felt like I was being ransomed by pirates though.
      Yes thanks, both Mike and I are OK though I find myself twitching at every noise now. Added to the watch is a gold Albert chain and shield which was also a gift, the rest
      just doesn’t matter- though I shan’t tell the insurance that. These people just don’t care about what their thieving does to people, how important some things are.
      In most cases how hard the owner had to work for them while they blithely come along and take it instead of working for a living themselves.
      I hope they get caught at some stage but I don’t expect and sign of conscience.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  15. laurie27wsmith

    My what a week David, pirates, burglars, fish on the verge of the great escape and Mike actually waking up for his coffee. First the burglary. A terrible thing indeed mate. You’re lucky that you weren’t there to stop them. You have to remember these blokes are high on adrenalin for starters, that makes them edgy and prone to violence. They usually break in for easily transportable items that they can fence off pretty quickly to buy drugs. More often than not they’re on drugs of some kind too. I know how you feel about the loss of things that hold such treasured memories. I’ve been to dozens of break ins and it’s always the same, the sense of violation by the victim. Then the loss of the little things. Don’t finalise your claim yet until you’ve had another good look through the house.
    What’s cuter than a kid’s pirate party? Rueben looked great in his outfit. I only thought you had to say ‘RRRRRR’ to be a pirate. Those fish are getting clever, too clever for their own good. You’ll be tripping over them on the carpet before long, after they’ve slithered out. Thanks mate, I’m glad to see my genius is keeping you entertained, I appreciate it. Oh and being a top gem finder helps too. 🙂 By the way I do like the mystery Welshman, he looks… ahh…. *cough* fearsome. You received some great duvet advice from my good mate and wants to be best fossicking buddy, Suz.
    All in all another great week David, I enjoyed it thoroughly…comedy, drama, BFG’s what more could a bloke want?

    • You’re right Laurie, what a week. The worst of it was that I was 15 feet away reading in bed when the bar-stewards broke in. To get to them I have to pass my stick stand which contains a sword stick and in the lounge I have Samurai swords. If I’d moved a little quicker, or understood what was going on we might have had a nice package for the police. I think I’m done with checking now but am waiting for a claim form anyway, I have no idea what I can claim for.
      You do only have to be good at Long John Silver impressions to qualify, but I couldn’t find a parrot for my shoulder.
      The fish are near to terrorising me now, they know they have me on the run but I’ll have the last laugh as I hold the food.!!!!
      Your gem finding skills are now legendary here Laurie. I could fill a bus with wannabe fossickers. Yes, Suz was very helpful and is now my partner in crime. I think the mystery Welshman needs a diet before he appears again.
      Confession…I’ve had the BFG and started on the lemon meringue but only because I don’t want it to go off.

      • laurie27wsmith

        The main thing David is you haven’t lost your sense of humour through all of this. I can imagine you doing a few Ninja moves on the burglars. I never let an opportunity go by to sound like a pirate, parrot or not. 🙂 I wonder how the fish would go on a diet of BFG’s? It might also do the mystery Welshman a lot of good too. Show the punters a few gems and they all want to be a friend. *sigh*
        Take care mate and don’t let the meringues go off.
        Hugs Laurie.

      • Aw heck Laurie, if the little bar-steward had stolen my S.O.H. I’d know it was time to give up the ghost.But, it’s seen me through worse times than this. It could have been the mystery Welshman doing the ninja moves but there wasn’t a handy telephone box for him to change.
        I’ve been doing my ‘Ooh-ar Jim Lad’at the drop of a hat since I first saw Robert Newton play Long John Silver when I was a child. There’s never been a pirate as good as him.
        I don’t intend to find out about the fish, they’re not getting my BFG’s and that’s that.It would do the Mystery Welshman a lot of good if there were fewer around and I don’t mean after he’d digested them.
        Yes, sorry,the gems make all the difference. We’re queueing up to be friends now.
        The meringues are safe. They’re never around long enough to go off. I hate to see good food go to waste, though I don’t mind seeing it go to waist it seems.
        All the best Laurie. Keep well please. Hugs.

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’ll have to install a phone box David, so you, err the mystery Welshman will be able to change. Yes I have to agree, Robert newton was the best at playing a pirate. He brought Treasure Island to life for me as a lad. I see, it’s a case of best friends forever, just keep the gems coming. 😦
        Everything goes to waist over 60 doesn’t it?
        Take care Davis. hugs

      • I’ve hardly room for the phone never mind the phone box Laurie.He’ll just have to find somewhere else.
        Yes, Treasure Island couldn’t be the same without Robert Newton and his brilliant Long John Silver. When anyone mentions pirate, that’s who comes to mind.
        I don’t have a waist anymore. I have hips to tie my belts above and hope for the best.
        Keep well my friend. Hugs

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’re a funny man David, no matter how hard life gets it’s good to see you have your sense of humour intact. cheers and hugs

      • Thanks Laurie. No-one could have paid me a finer compliment.
        Cheers and Hugs back.

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’re welcome Mate. Hugs.

  16. What a cute little birthday pirate. They grow so fast. Soon, he’ll be in the movies. 🙂 I’ve never seen a mini ball pit before. The best kind! I’m so behind and late to getting around to all your news. Enjoy your week.

  17. Catherine Johnson

    Cute cute cute pirate boy and cake. Let’s concentrate on those rather than naughty burglars. Glad Mike is okay.

  18. So sorry about the robbery, must be terribly unsettling. I don’t know what I’d do if it happened to me.

    • You have so much more to lose than me in your artwork alone but I’m quite sure you’d be stoic and annoy the Insurance as I intend to do. I do ope it NEVER happens to you though as certain things just can’t be replaced.

  19. That’s so upsetting! Thank God he didn’t hurt Mike. It is hard to get your head around someone literally dressing up and coming into your room…weird! So sorry you have lost precious things. It is a traumatic experience.Send my best to Mike. P.s. Don’t answer that letter!!!

    • I think there was more a chance of Mike hurting him and I’d have done he same had I realised what was happening in time. I see no reason for letting bottom feeders like that get away with it.
      H was actually only wearing a black hoodie over black jogging bottoms but it tied in with Cadfael so well at the time.
      Everything is replaceable bar the watch and I have to shrug and just get on with it now,My only problem is getting over the feeling of nerves at night.
      I’ll send your best to Mike, and thanks so much Niamh. I promise I won’t be answering the letter.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. Well, what a varied week that turned out to be, David! The Pirate birthday party looks like great fun ~ the cake is amazing! And Reuben’s so adorable in his costume, bless him! Bless you too ~ I’ve been the victim of a night~time robbery and it does really shake you. As you say it’s the sentimental items they take that cause the most distress. (I lost my dad’s pocket watch and antique coffee jug/teapot and stand of my gran’s, as well as all our Christmas presents, which were conveniently bagged up as we’d only just returned from spending Christmas at my mother’s and hadn’t unpacked. I didn’t notice the watch had gone at first and, when I did, I was convinced they’d returned and was jumpy for weeks!) I do hope you and Mike recover from the terrible shock soon ~ sending (((Humungous Hugs))) to you both.

    • Yes, a very varied week. The cake was fantastic and the party was good fun even though jelly and ice cream was off the menu.
      I’m sorry you suffered a night-time robbery too Jacqueline. It doesn’t help the sleeping at all does it? How awful to lose so many things you’re attached too. These beggars are good are taking all the things that are small, easy to carry and easy to dispose of.. Of course we;d have lost a lot more had Miike not gone on the attack.
      I think we’ve both recovered well from it now thanks.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  21. 😆 Had to laugh when I read that message from the person in the United State Army and your comment about speaking English even the American way. 😯 That looks like it was a very fun party for Reuben. He is definitely going to be a ladies man. Love both the curtains and the new bookcase. Hope your day is happy and inspired. Big Hugs. Elizabeth

    • Ha, like your Army would ever let someone who writes like that become an officer without sending them to school.
      The party was fun and Reuben soaked up the attention, he even outshone ME !! I’m sure you’re right, he’ll be a ladies man. I just hope he’s a gentleman too.
      I’m glad the curtains and the bookcase survived the burglary as I wouldn’t want to shop for them again.
      My day is great thanks Elizabeth, it’s games night so I’ll have company.
      Hope your week is going well, I send Unlimited Hugs xxxxxx

  22. Holy Macaroni! First of all, huge apologies for only now having a chance to read this weeks post – I’ve been away. BUT, how hideous to have been robbed, I’m so sorry to hear this. What a horrible thing to happen to you both, but I’m so relieved to hear that you are ok – it could have been so much worse. Grrrrr, why are some people such bastardos? Your gorgeous grandson just gets sweeter and sweeter and his birthday cake looked incredible – Do you remember the Captain Pugwash books? If he likes pirates then he’ll be keen to learn about Cut-Throat Jake! David, here’s wishing you all a calmer, more peaceful week. Massivo huggos from Espana xxxxxxxx

    • Heavens, don’t apologise Lottie. I’m just hoping you had a good time away visiting.
      As I keep saying, I’m glad it was me and not some little old lady the bastardos chose. I lost some things but a woman could have lost much more.
      All I can hope is that they get caught.
      Reuben’s cake really was amazing. The hill was a different cake to the base and they could be cut separately.
      I loved Captain Pugwash and Jake, The music was fantastic. I wonder if there are books available.
      Cwtch from Wales xxxxxx

  23. How awful to be robbed. I am so sorry this happened to you–and while you and Mike were at home, too. Every time we’ve had a burglar, we were away from home. One time, our neighbor across the street watched the whole thing–and didn’t call the cops. So much for “Neighborhood Watch.” I hope things calm down and all you have to worry about is “The Albino” crime boss in your fish tank!

    • Thanks so much K.D. I’m sorry you’ve suffered the same thing, and more than once.
      It’s a beggar when people would rather thieve than work. Yes, so much for Neighborhood Watch. A CCTV camera would be better.
      I’m living on my nerve at the moment as the albino is behaving normally, that is, like a fish. He’s got me worried.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  24. Am waaaay behind reading blogs this week and now I discover you have had a horror event! So sorry to read about it, but am sure not as sorry as you and Mike. It is very unnerving to have such brazen people waltz into your home with you there and steal things. At times there is plenty of that sort of thing in our town, but fortunately things are under control at the moment. I sure hope you get those locks and can relax in your own home again. xx

    • Event over and done with. I have to hope that the police can catch these miserable beggars and that the insurance accept the claim so I can recover some of the items.I know I can’t duplicate the special watch but that’s life. The window lock is fitted and there are window alarms all round now. Last night I managed to sleep through.
      I hope you’re set for a nice weekend,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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  26. Wow…. what an awful thing to happen. I know that kind of burglar is my worst nightmare. I’m so glad you and Mike are okay, and I hope the thief is caught very soon. On a brighter note, I owe you a huge thank you for reminding me of Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy. Your casual comment sent me on a two hour walk down memory lane. 🙂

    • Thanks so much.I hope you never have these bastards in your house- or the Australian equivalent. I’d like them to be caught soon but realistically it’s not likely to happen.
      I’m glad you were entertained for two hours, but whatever makes you think the comments are casual? lol

      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  27. Honestly, I don’t think United States Ann could introduce herself any better than “picking interest on you” it says so much already…..you in turn could introduce ‘Ann’ to ‘Karma’ and match make her instead to your toe-rag thieving bloody urchin when he’s (hopefully) caught. Who knows, they may have something in common? Hugs for the bad stuff, applause for still making us laugh through it 🙂

    • Well that’s an interesting idea. My own Matchmaking Blog next. Maybe wearing an electronic tag to the ceremony will be the next big thing so I can start producing and selling false ones for the goodies amongst us,
      Thank you so much for the hugs and also for the comment about making you laugh. There’s my warm glow again ( or is it the change of life?)
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. Hi David,
    I am so sorry to hear about the robbery. I never type swear words, but believe me when I told my husband a few choice words came out! They don’t realise {or care} that some items are truly unreplaceable. That’s what makes me so mad.
    Well on a happy note, Reuben’s birthday party looks like everyone had a wonderful time. What great celebrations! And what a brilliant birthday cake.
    What stopped me was when you said you were starting Christmas shopping. A loud ‘NOOOOOOO’ went through my head! I will not be thinking about the certain day till after Halloween.
    A big thank you for including Nina Simone and Dusty Springfield music this week. Those songs are in my top twenty of favourite songs. Truly wonderful listening.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Take care of you,

    • I’m afraid my customary good manners took a walk out the door last week Kim and the fog was so thick I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.I can’t tell you how low I think these people are who will do anything to please themselves (except work) and feed their habits.
      Still, it’s done now.
      Reuben’s party was a hoot with everyone having enough room to run around the park and a little steam train to run around a track. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t let me on though.
      I had to mention the terrible C word as others brought it to my attention, blame them, but I have usually started shopping by now. I’ve lost my way this year.
      Glad you like those two ladies, they’re favourites along with Judith Durham of The Seekers and others. Got anything you’d like me to put on?
      xxxTake care of yourselves, Huge Hugs to all xxx

      • Well Fleetwood Mac always reminds me of my Dad, we always had that playing when I was young. I love Kate Bush, she’s making a comeback at the moment and its been great as the radio seems to be playing her songs at the moment.
        We did start a saving card for a supermarket ready for Christmas, I can’t run away, its has entered our lives!!

      • I’m pretty sure I had Fleetwood Mac recently but no harm in another one. Kate Bush is a good idea though. I’ll put her on this weeks blog when I do it.
        You’re ahead of me this year. Those saving cards are a good idea for the big Christmas shop but I need to buy a new hoover before I can really give thought to gifts.
        You’re right, hiding in a corner won’t stop it coming, but being ready will make it easier to handle.
        xxx Massive Hugs to you all xxx

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    Lord David Prosser has had an extremely busy week again and I suggest that you settle down with a pot of very good tea and a packet of ginger nuts and enjoy the saga of this week in the Barsetshire Diaries. I would not mind borrowing the outfit worn by the Mystery Welshman as the water is getting a bit cooler now for my daily swim and lycra may be needed….. Thanks David and monster hugs XX

  30. Maggie Thom

    Wow you had quite an adventurous week! Yikes! Reuben’s party looks like it was a lot of fun. His outfit is great. I love the ball pen you got him. That will keep him and his family busy (chasing balls) but what a great gift. Sorry to hear about the robbery, scary. Glad you are both doing okay though. Take care and I hope your next week isn’t quite so adventurous.

    • This week has been almost serene by comparison Maggie. If they end up chasing the balls they can’t complain as it’ really an adult fitness device in hiding. They’ll thank me later but I’ll stand out of reach when they do so.
      The robbery was a pain but Mike and I are both OK and that’s more important than me losing some goods.I will miss the watch Ju bought me though. Fossil don’t make it now so I can’t replace it.
      Thank you for dropping in, it always brings me great pleasure.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Maggie Thom

        🙂 True it will be a great fitness device and I’m sure Reuben will be in seventh heaven. Some things can never be replaced but the most important is that you are both okay. Many hugs. I truly enjoy ‘chatting’ with you each week.

      • 😀 Many Hugs for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. So glad to finally get here, David. Love little Reuben’s birthday pictures. What a doll!!! So sorry about the robbery. Unbelievable! Great post. 🙂

  32. So sorry to hear about the robbery. It’s those things that are not worth too much to anyone else that are the most special to us and most missed, hopefully the watch will turn up somewhere.
    Although I’m sure it was a terrible shock to Mike I’m glad you weren’t home alone when it happened, although explaining to the police about the robber on the hall floor who had been run through with one of your stick swords might have been a little difficult. And messy. 😀

    • Thank s so much Metan. You’re right, the things taken (except the Albert) won’t be worth much to anyone else and the thieves will get peanuts for them. It’s the sentiment they steal that hurts.
      I’m glad I wasn’t alone that night too but sorry Mike got such a shock. Typical for him to think it was me though. If one of them had an accident with my sword stick I’d have to say he tried for Hara Kiri or someting or fell on it when opening it just as there was a plastic mat on the floor. Luckily the law has finally accepted that householders have a right to protect themselves and property from invaders.
      Not seen you in so long, I miss your blogs.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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