Sunday 14th June

Sunday 14th June 2015

Some of you may think it strange that I claim to be ill and yet still went out on Sunday.We went because it was a commitment and because I was pretty sure that where we’d chosen to go did not mean a lot of walking. That was a good thing from the point of view of the bellows.

Let me first say , just to shock you, that Mike was up before me this morning.The night for me had been disturbed with coughing and it appears no less so for him. He was worried enough to want to cancel the day but I wanted to go. When I finally managed to get dressed we set off as there was a detour for Mike to get some fish food he needed. From there we went over the tops and arrived at Betws y Coed about 11.45 am. We were meeting Muriel and John at about 1.00 pm so we had time to find somewhere suitable to eat that wouldn’t overface me and my lack of appetite. We found that in the Spinnaker they did a variety of meals, none too big. We started with drinks though so I could take my pre-foodie tablet.

The meal was small enough to be enjoyable but enough to warrant the after food tabs, which I took with a second cup of tea. After lunch Mike texted MuJo to let them know we were there and ready to meet whenever they were. They were still eating their carvery in the Waterloo. But we met at 1.00 pm when they found somewhere to park. There’s a small but delightful row of shops down by the station where we met. We had a small walk and look round a few of them before going for a drink and a cake at another little cafe. I don’t know the name but they do a huge amount of coffee which is free trade, and they send money to protect the gorilla, and other endangered animals.You can actually find yourself having a drink (or eat) next to a full size model of a gorilla.Even the short amount of walking had taken it’s toll on me and I was struggling to breath so  we just spent time outside afterwards sitting down. Very soon though it was necessary to say goodbye and for Mike to take me home. In the car I nodded for most of the journey and at home that didn’t change either. When I eventually came to for a few minutes at just gone 6.00 pm Mike had left to go home. I was sorry not to have said goodbye and offered my thanks for the day. I tried going to bed but came back and found my chair in the lounge where I was more upright was much better.As expected it was a very disturbed night in between the constant coughing and struggles for breath.


Sleep wasn’t constant but it was 7.00 am before I got up to take my morning meds. For the second day on the run I couldn’t concentrate more than on breathing. It’s trying to get air out of a chest that has an iron ring round it so it can’t expand. The coughing is so difficult as the phlegm seems reluctant to come out and the force of the coughing hurts the stomach muscles. With that, there was no way I could try writing cheery messages to people. Yvonne was worried and rang the doctors to leave a message about getting some new antibiotics or getting a visit. She tried a couple of times during the day but the doctor hadn’t managed to reach the message. Silly but true. I slept on and off all day which was a bit of a blessing.I was up from 2.00 am to 4.00 am watching a film though before sleep came again.


It was 7.00 am again before I got to my meds. The coughing was worse if anything at first though it settled a bit later. I can still feel and hear the rumbling in my chest and throat though. Yvonne tried the doctor’s early but still there has been no response though apparently my own doctor is in today so maybe there will be something done by lunchtime. Yvonne will have to phone again. It’s silly really that they’re taking a chance on this turning into pneumonia before they actually do anything and if that’s the case they’ll want hospital- though I won’t. It’s father’s day on Sunday and a family gathering I don’t want to miss.

I still struggle to concentrate so there won’t be any mail addressed again today. Yvonne had to phone again after lunchtime. Doc had read note but didn’t want to issue antibiotics without having seen me, which she says has been a while. Fair enough, but she’s not prepared to see me  today despite my condition. She made me an appointment for 10.00 am tomorrow….at the surgery. I have bronchitis and am struggling to breathe but she expects me to do some walking and then given my other problems walk into a crowd of strangers;. Yvonne said no, it’s a home visit needed so she now has to phone again in the morning to see if the doctor can do a home visit? And if not does that mean another day without drugs? Do I just wait until I’m admitted with pneumomia perhaps.

Just so you’re not going to be too deprived.



Trust me I'm a driver.

Trust me I’m a driver.


The story gets stranger from now. Yvonne duly phoned yet again this morning and was told the doctor would do a  HOME VISIT. By now I was becoming increasingly desperate. Knowing the doctor’s times I was ready for her at 1.35 pm. I even went to open the door for her and indicted to go through to the lounge. Before we’d even reached there she said “So your leg is no better then?” It sort of flummoxed me so before I’d reached the lounge I’d responded ” It’s not my leg that’s the problem, it’s my chest.” “Oh my message was about your leg.” And I couldn’t help but think I supposed that’s why she’d thought I could get to the surgery and why she’d left the visit till today. In a way I could have laughed because as my doctor she’s supposed to remember the problem I’d have getting to the surgery alone and that had it been my leg, she should  know what at a mess it was when she saw me about 6 weeks ago and there are always complication possible with blood clots which can be life threatening. So to my mind she couldn’t know what to expect and shouldn’t have been annoyed at Yvonne saying I couldn’t get to the surgery even though she was saying it for totally different reasons.

Anyway, we reached the lounge which had been aired and sprayed and there had been no smoking done there for a few days so it shouldn’t have been offensive to her, and I believe she would say so as she has before. She took my BP , oxygen levels and listened to my chest. I have no idea what the BP was, but I believe I saw 59% for the oxygen levels which she said were OK. She didn’t like the sound of the chest though and immediately prescribed steroids and some decent antibiotics.  said I’d arrange for the drugs to be collected as it would waste time taking the prescription back to the surgery and issuing it to the chemist who may already have collected today. Before she left I did actually show her my ankle as she didn’t seem interested in how it was. It is actually  getting better all; the time but it’s rough to look at. She was happy with the progress and said the usual “Keep applying the cream.” She left.

I have to confess I’m a bit unhappy about the way the week has gone. Any confusion could have been cleared up Monday if anyone had taken the time to read the note. No chest in this condition should  be left for long. If my doc was away on Monday, surely the notes left could be read before surgery to see if they’re important and not left till lunchtime. I think a Tuesday visit should have been on the cards. Still she’s been now and having no alternative I had to go out to the chemist myself. The journey took me a very long time and I was so out of breath I couldn’t speak when I got there. I was close to collapse when I got back in. I took the first antibiotic and made a quick meal to take the steroids with. I slept. That’s how Dil found me when he came in. I enjoy my Wednesday too much to cancel and my brother is fantastic company. The Yahtzee was a draw at three games each. It was my turn to win Trivia and I also won the two cribbage games. I just didn’t have the energy for any victory dances. Before he left Dil showed me a trick with my computer which would not load up after having gone to sleep during the day. I spent till 1.00 am trying to clear any post which didn’t warrant a reply but there were over 400 to check between the two addresses. From 1.00 – 2.00 am I watched some Forensic detectives catch the guilty parties after some really hard work and from 2.00 – 2.30 am I watched two men going out to buy the contents of sealed containers being sold off to pay delinquent storage fees. The best one I’ve seen so far.


6.45 am this morning found me propped up in bed and really suffering.I struggled to get to the kitchen and a coughing session almost had me fainting. I took a pre-foodie with some milk then took my sprays and my normal tabs before eventually downing a bowl of cornflakes which I had 6 steroids with. I then made a coffee and had my two post food tabs and my antibiotic. I needed to sit down. Once I had enough breath I made my way to the bedroom and turned the computer on. It came up no problem. First job of the day was to head for the bank to see whether the DWP have corrected my pension money and repaid what they owe. No prizes for guessing the answer to that one. The only thing I was glad of is that they hadn’t started recovery on the supposed debt. So despite the fact I’m £30 a week down still, it’s not as bad as it could have been. It is of course a disappointment to know that they haven’t tried to correct their mistake despite having all the proof they need weeks ago and it’s 2 weeks now since a request for a redetermination.  It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for the pressure they’re under as they often have a huge workload, but as people they must realise the problems they cause others when their mistake can reduce an already low income by such an amount weekly.

At 9.45 am I was a little more composed and had got dressed to go to Pauline’s.  It was another slow journey and the two steps into the shop all but did for me. I got what I  needed, bought my lottery tickets and came home again. I sat in front of the TV until 1.00 pm. Just so you don’t think my life has changed too much,I nodded off. A little later I got a text from my great pal Lis asking if I was in. I checked and I was so she said she’d be there in 5 minutes. She was almost right, it was 5 minutes and 18 secs but I forgave her. She was surprised to find me such a mess which I mention just to prove that I don’t actually moan, moan, moan all the time. We chatted about this and that       ( but certainly not the other) until it was time for her to  go when she impressed on me the importance of letting her know when I’m bad so she can either take me places or do shopping for me. Just before she left there was a text to say  Mike was on his way. 7.15 pm I reckon. I was out by a bigger margin than Lis but still not bad. It was great to see him again. I stayed up with him till midnight and then was allowed my half hour on the computer. Some times there are messages that have to be replied to.


Up at 4.00 am coughing badly. How the heck I didn’t wake Mike I’ll never know. It lasted over an hour and I was exhausted by the end of it. I nipped to the loo, came back and booted up, had a sneaky half hour on the computer then went through to take my meds. Once all the normal were done, I had a pre-foodie then instead of my ciggie for timing, went straight into doing my drugs for the next week in the trays. As soon as that was done I was able to eat some cornflakes , take my two post foodies, the 6 steroids and my antibiotic. What a pudding that was.

I sat in the lounge trying to stifle the coughs but still trying to breathe. Mike says I have it the wrong way round. Regardless of his unkindness I still waited until 9.00 am before waking him with a coffee. He got up fairly quickly, I was amazed, but he says he was on the point of getting up anyway. I managed to prompt him into getting dressed during the adverts in Frazier so it wasn’t as difficult to get him off to his fathers when it was over. I tried to relax all day but that’s not the easiest of things as I’m sure many asthmatics can attest to.You can’t relax when you’re straining to breathe. There were a couple of times when I fell asleep but I think I needed it. Mike let me know about 5.00 pm that he was on his way back but traffic isn’t predictable. After my quiz and the cancellation of my second one due to an over-run in tennis I took a slow and much needed shower. I was drained when I’d finished but my finish coincided with the arrival back of Mike so once he’d got a coffee we settled into watching a comedy on TV. He made himself something to eat and we kept company until around midnight.


A very poor night. I was in the lounge from 2.30 am struggling. Mike said he went through to the loo about 3.00 am and was really worried but he thought I was asleep and didn’t want to disturb me. I’d so hoped for something of an improvement by now. Mike was 1 A and 1 C at 6.30 am. A shame as I was hoping to have to make a second call because he got away yesterday. I saw to the bins while he had his drink and then we had words about me going out. I was going but promised to use an electric wheelchair or as Mike favoured, a push wheelchair that I could attach a front basket too. I confess I was worried about the state of his health if he had to push me round the shop, but that was the choice he made. We chose Ju’s flowers and I was beginning to think I might be able to present them in person. We got through quite quickly and went for a coffee. It must have looked comical in the cafe with us both sounding like we’d run a marathon and me coughing like I’d got the bubonic plague. Sorry about your trade McD’s. Going to Flint was unavoidable as I still needed a couple of things. But it didn’t take long before I was settled in Temptations with a coffee. As Flint is on the way home it wasn’t a detour.

We were home early and even carrying a couple of bags from the car to the door floored me so I had to sit down. I didn’t move from the house again. I didn’t move from the lounge again never mind the house. Mike went for a takeaway at about 9.00 pm as we needed to eat but I couldn’t even finish an omelette. 11.00 pm say me coming through a bit early to deal with this. I wasn’t sure whether I should send it such a catalogue of Pity Me as it sounds but I can see it’s likely to still be a difficult week next week and so very few emails will be dealt with again. I don’t want you to think I don’t care. I do.

My daughter had a camera phone welded to her hand so here’s a couple of the latest for you.

Road Rage

Road Rage

bikeist close--up

Have a wonderful new week all.



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68 responses to “Sunday 14th June

  1. I knew you’ve had a bad week, but didn’t realise the degree of the fiasco with the doctors. I’m sure it must have been much higher than 59% the Oxygen saturation, otherwise you’d be in real trouble. Anything under 97 is not particularly good, and even people with chronic respiratory problems, would normally be around the high eighties. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you do need it. And do take lots of care. And don’t worry about anything else… Get well soon…

    • Thanks Olga, The oxygen saturation was done at the point of a bad coughing fit so I could believe the reading at that point even if not five minutes later when I’m not gasping for breath. To be honest it was like a Brian Rix Farce that day. I will call for more help if needed from them but perhaps the steroids are starting to kick in now….
      I hate letting everyone down with re-tweets etc and responses to messages and am trying to get back there.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs. I hope the blog hop is going well xxx

  2. There’s no point repeating what I’ve said already about your doctor so I’ll just give you a huge hug and hope the coming week sees things improving. 😦

  3. David I am worried about you. I hope this week finds you feeling better. Please take care of yourself. I wish I lived close I would make you some soup.

    • I have the nicest friends. Thanks so much, having you close would be wonderful and I’ve seen some of your soup. I’d be up and about in no time.
      Please don’t worry. I’ve survived worse and if not, then it’s been a good life and just look at the wonderful people around the virtual world.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Dear David — Listen to Olga. 🙂
    What a miserable situation with your doctors. I am really sorry to hear about that.
    Thank you for “For What It’s Worth.” It’s an old favorite. A few years ago Tab Benoit covered it. He’s my favorite for what i call “Swamp Blues.” Check him out some time when you’re feeling better and interested in some great blues.
    But mostly… just get better. Sending you love, Light, and mega-hugs! 😀

    • I’m so glad now that I went with Buffalo Springfield. I’ll try and listen to Tab Benoit’s version as I like the blues ( generally).
      Thanks so much for the Love, Light and Mega Hugs Teagan, you know what you mean to me and I really appreciate it. My friends are a huge source of support and love sometimes I find it hard to believe.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. Sorry you had a bad week. Feel better soon.

  6. David, I Agree with Teagan. Listen to Olga! Normal Oxygen saturation is in the high 90s. Sorry you’ve had a rough week! Hope you get better soon! Good thoughts & wishes coming your way. Christine

  7. A wonderful Father’s Day (and grandfather’s day, too, with Reuben) to you, David, Whether it’s you leg or your lungs, you still got a personal visit. I remember years ago when I had to have ear surgery. As I was being prepped, the doctor came in and signed his name in marker below my ear lobe…we sure wouldn’t want the surgery on the wrong ear!

    • I’m very lucky Marylin that home visits are still very much the norm over here, just maybe not as chaotic as this one. And you’re right, I got the visit and I got my drugs.Things are going to get better.
      I’m glad I wasn’t having an operation on my lungs if the doctor comes along to autograph it first.
      Thanks so much for the good wishes.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  8. carolewyer

    What a rotten time you have been having. I sincerely hope you feel better this coming week.
    Happy Father’s day, David. I hope you have a lovely day with your super family. Sending you a massive but gentle hug (so you don’t cough) this week. Look after yourself. XXXHUGXXX

    • Thanks so much Carol. I’m sure things have turned the corner now. I should be safe for another 12 months.
      I’m sure it will be a good day today even if it’s short.
      xxx Hug received and welcome. Stupendous Hugs to you xxx

  9. Take care of yourself David! Dare I suggest, stop putting the bad stuff into your body so it has a chance to heal…….. Listen to Olga. 🙂 xoxo

  10. I “liked” your blog because I can see you’re still alive–although apparently just barely. Please don’t reply–I would feel terrible if I thought I was causing you more work. Stay in bed, for pete’s sake! And stop smoking. And eat your veggies.

    • I’m alive and turning a corner I’m sure. The steroids seem to be kicking in now. I can’t not reply when my wonderful friends have taken the time to be so kind.
      My chairr is better than my bed so I’m upright but I am resting, smoking so much less and I shan’t mention the other except to say peas and carrots have had a place on my menu this week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Same here, cher David. DO NOT REPLY. Just get better. And don’t wait for the doctor next time – get someone to drive you to the hospital! xxx

    • I’m on the mend Mel. If I’d gone to hospital there’s a chance I’d have been kept in ( my doctor always said I wouldn’t survive another bout like the last so I wasn’t chancing that) but I could also have waited for hours to be seen and then sent home to go to see my own doctor anyway and I couldn’t have walked to the surgery there.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs and my love and thanks xxx

  12. Nothing surprises me these days about doctors. The mistreatment and carelessness my family and I have encountered has been extremely dangerous. Please take care. Extra-large hugs coming your way xxxxoooxxxx

    • I have to confess that I’ve been surprised this time about doctors and had my eyes opened here.
      I’m happy and safe here at home and surely on the mend now.
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs xxx

  13. Well know, it seems to me the nastily persistent cough has moved from Australia to your part of the world David – there was a cough going around that lasted about up three months recently 😦 all sorts of tests and whatnot’s just like your side … no one too much wiser and sleep came in doses of most precious cargo …a bit of asthma, a bit of allergy…oxygen in blood running low but OK…people said…and I hope yours gets better soon…Massive hugs xxx

    • The timing is a bit off Ina but this is just my annual or bi-annual bout of bronchitis. Just a bit harder to recover each time but I won’t give in to it.
      It’s funny, I went to a doctor some years ago for antibiotics while I was away when he asked why he was told Bronchitis.” There’s no such thing” he said .I assumed they’d just done a rename or something on it. He asked if i had any other conditions, when told I have COPD he told me I had brochitis and needed antibiotics?
      I hope whatever Australia has had has now cleared up and that you didn’t suffer it.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  14. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, David. Hugs xxx

  15. As much as I have missed your comments and hugs this week I would rather hear you are on the mend so continue resting up until you are well again, we are not going anywhere, I worry about you watching your inbox fill and feeling guilty, if Mike read these posts I would suggest him sneaking in and hitting delete on them! I find threatening doctors with a trip to casualty works wonders for getting them to find time to see you since they now get billed if you go to the hospital without being sent, I know it could be viewed as blackmail but needs must so Yvonne should try that on them next time. Reuben is growing up far too quickly next thing he will be starting school and have dozens of small girls falling in love with him.

    Very gentle hugs for you today xxxx

    • I hadn’t thought of that Paula, I’d forgotten about fund holders.Good idea. I’ve already had to delete more than I like just to be able to do a few but I hope things will get back to normal soon.
      The very gentle hugs are very welcome and I’m really grateful.
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs xxx

  16. Sending you massive hugs from across The Pond, David, it seems like you need some. I’m so sorry for your woes, but also glad you have a good time too. 🙂 Hope this week is kinder to you, dear friend and wishing you all the best. 🙂
    Massive, gentle hugs, Donna 🙂

    • It seems the older I get the more moaning I do Donna. Don’t encourage me with kindness.I’m aware than most of my woes are self inflicted so the sympathy level for this goes way down but if anyone can say I can walk into a room and come out cured, I’ll take it.
      Thank you so much for the cross-Pond kindness. I enjoyed the Massive yet gentle hugs.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  17. Silver Threading

    David, please don’t reply to me. I just want to send well wishes hoping you feel better soon. I hate you having such a hard time breathing. Take care. Hugs to you! 💖💗💖

  18. Hi, David. I hope you enjoyed Father’s Day. The monsoon is back here. It’s rained all day. We had a cake. I have to write my son in the U.S. and wish him. I hope with the meds your condition is improving. It’s scary to have trouble breathing. Have a great week ahead, hopefully having improved in condition. 🙂 Double Huge Hugs ,

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. I hope those reservoirs are soon full. I hope the cake was nice. I hope Jay had a good father’s day. Mine was lovely.
      It’ll be nice to get back to normal when these meds really take effect. Of all my conditions, I hate this one the most because of the struggles to breathe properly. Things can only get better.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. I hope your health situation improves soon. Look after yourself. My vote for best song this week goes to Janis Joplin – a big favourite of mine. Have a great Sunday!
    Huge hugs from the South 🙂

    • Mike would agree with you about Janis Joplin but I have to admit that Crosby, Stills and Nash had it for me- especially since my sister and Graham Nash went out for a very short period before his Hollies days.He’s a great songwriter.
      I hope your Sunday was ‘Ace’.
      Cwtch from up North.

  20. Oh, what a week 😦 Hope you enjoyed Father’s Day today, and get well soon. Keep your feet warm! Hugs!

  21. I’m so pleased to see this weeks bulletin from you. Not so pleased that you’ve been really unwell but seeing your words is reassuring that you’re managing, and even improving post doctor visit and medication. Sleep and relaxation after that too 🙂

    • Thanks so much. It takes longer to recover each time but I’ve got used to the idea of breathing now so I’ll keep at it. Sleep and relaxation are always welcome here and that’s what I’m heading for as the new week starts.
      I’m hoping to be normal next week if that’s not asking too much.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. It’s so distressing to hear that you’re so ill. I hope the new meds are helping!
    I don’t know of any doctors around here who make home visits, but I don’t understand the mix up with notes your doctor had. I’m glad she finally saw you though.
    The Reuben pictures were as adorable as always. It’s funny that we both thought of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young this week. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon! Hugs!

    • Thanks so much Merril. I’m sure I’ve turned a corner.
      There are always pics of Reuben so I can keep the visitors coming.
      We obviously both appreciate talent.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Best wishes, David. I hope this week has improved the picture, at least. Your medical practice doesn’t sound particularly up to scratch, does it? I think they have us where they want us these days, making it clear that if we have the temerity to complain they can strike us from their lists.
    This affects me as I am due to see a heart ‘specialist’ this afternoon. He still does BP using the old squeeze bulb! But like you, I keep the faith.

    All The Best, Fred.

    • Thanks so much Fred. You’re quite right, the thought of being struck off the list has most patients under the thumb. I’m hoping this was just a bad few days for my usually good doctor. I’m finding breathing much easier now and am sure I’ve turned a corner this time and got away without hospital.May need to carry on with the steroids a bit yet,we’ll see.
      I hope your appointment with the heart specialist goes well and the sphig doesn’t leak when he’s doing your BP.

  24. Hi my friend,
    I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly. I know it is frustrating not getting the assistance you need from the healthcare system. Just makes one feel so helpless and insignificant. I can tell you feel absolutely horrible because your post this week doesn’t have the usual spunk. I contracted Whooping Cough several years ago (thanks to those that don’t immunize their children) and I completely empathize with your situation. I hope the medical people are keeping a close eye on you. Luckily it sounds as if your family and friends are watching out after you. If I was near, I would come sit with you until you got better (and make you a big pot of home made chicken noodle soup). I have been worrying a lot about you lately and wish there was something I could do to help. Don’t answer, just send a little ‘like’ – so I know you are hanging in there.

  25. David, I am so sorry to read that you have been so unwell. If I was living close by I’d be around and helping out as much as I could.
    Take good care of yourself and I am wishing you a very quick recovery.
    Lots of hugs to you.

    • That’s wonderful of you Hugh, thanks so much. My antibiotics have been extended another week and the steroids by a bit longer but hopefully I’ve turned a big corner now and will be fighting fit next week.
      Huge Hugs to you.

      • I hope so David. I’m keeping everything crossed for you. I’d be baking you some Welsh cakes and bringing them over. You do like them I hope? I have a secret recipe handed down from my Grandmother. Welsh cakes always manage to cheer me up.

      • Welsh cakes couldn’t be anything but nice Hugh. I’m sure your recipe is special.
        Massive Hugs

  26. So sorry about the coughing and breathing issues…wish words could do more, dear David… And, still, you provide the good music and lovely pictures to go with daily narratives… Healing Hugs to you, my friend! ♥

    • Thanks very much Billy Ray, This happens once or twice a year with some regularity and it just takes a little longer to recover each time. I’m stubborn though and will get there.
      Actually words do help because it’s wonderful to know I have the support of friends.
      Hugs received and returned with interest

  27. What a week, David. I really hope things get better for you very quickly. Sending you big hugs and heaps of energy xxxxx

  28. David, you poor dear. I popped in to say hi and I’m sorry you’ve been ill. Are you getting better now? I pray you are on the road to a swift recovery. Rest and take care of yourself. BIG HUGS… ❤

  29. Sorry you got so unwell in the summer – so unfair – but don’

  30. don’t rush, it is serious! Sorry for the split comment – it is my keyboard 😦 Eat plenty of fruit and veg, and you also need more calcium for your lungs to heal, which means cottage cheese and other dairy. Wish you a speedy recovery!

    • Thanks so much. I think I’m well on the way now. But with my age and COPD I don’t think my lungs are going to get much better.Cottage cheese and milk shakes sound a great combination though.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  31. Sorry you had such a distressing time, David.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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