Curry and Chips have Gone. & The non 24 Hour Clock.

Sunday 13th March.

I was in bed a few moments after midnight and read until about 1.00 am before settling down to sleep. The first wake at 2.03 am was a loo call only so I was able to settle again after a few minutes. The next wake was at 4.28 am  and the perfect time to make a start on the mail.  I had to break off at 6.00 am for meds and breakfast. I knew the post box would refill while I was away. It did. I returned to it about 6.30 am and had to grab a rogue pair of underpants to fan myself with when I saw the new total. But like everything else coping mechanisms can be applied which I did as soon as I got the underpants to the washing machine.                                                                                                            Joey was pretty happy when I arrived at 9.20 am to let him out and stay for a chat because I’d managed to bring everything under control. I stayed with Joey and was tempted to have a power kip but at 10.00 am Mike got up and came through. I made a coffee and sat in he lounge as he started to come awake, We had a couple of episodes of 8 Simple Rules (9 if you allow for inflation) before I left to have a shave and get dressed. The new jeans I put on were a mistake though completely my own fault. I could have forgiven the description being skinny leg, stretch material even though they were in no way skinny but I couldn’t get over the fact I’d bought them with a button fly. Just imagine if you can the sheer hell of wanting to go and having to get to the loo on crutches then start hopping up and down trying to unbutton yourself before you go by accident. Added to which, I undid my belt to get at the top of the fly and that meant my trousers could fall down as a 38″ waist appears far too big to stay up without some form of support.

11.15 am and Mike was ready to go. It really looked nice outside so I opted for a sports jacket again. It was even quite warm so I was glad I hadn’t bothered  with a jumper. We drove to Prestatyn ( Press wot in?), found a place to park and had a little wander. I’m still looking for a little inspiration for Easter gifts to go with the eggs. (No Yvonne, you read it wrong, I never mentioned eggs. I’m still paying for the meal instead). I wonder if I got away with that after my quick thinking? Towards midday we drifted over to the CookHouse. Mike reserved the seats with his hat and I went to place our order though the lady behind the bar knew it anyway. I sat down and waited for the drinks to arrive. I need my lime and lemonade to take the pre-foodie tablets. While I took my tablets Mike was on google trying to find Will Young’s name as I could only remember the Will part. One of his records had just been on the loudspeakers and Mike had thought it was a girl. Once he’d given up, we went to collect the meal. As usual I chose beef and Mike had beef and gammon. Back at the table Mike put an extra potato on my plate he’d got for me. Miracle of miracles, I couldn’t eat it.

After lunch we had another wander as my eagle eyes had spotted a liquidation sale. Judging by the prices I wasn’t convinced it was true as they were the same as before. I did buy myself some more ‘shreddies’ ( see blog cast list) though due to my stomach getting bigger after eating at the CookHhouse.  We had a look in another shop and were tempted by the heads again but I behaved and since Mike was hopping from foot to foot I said I’d buy him a coffee. He went to the loo then brought the drinks outside to where I was sitting. We were doing OK until I heard a sound and looked up. Mike’s cheeks were like a chipmunk and his face was radiating red, I thought he was holding back a coughing session. All of a sudden he let go and projectile vomited in front of me. He really started coughing. By the time he’d cleaned up and calmed down he wasn’t sure what had caused it though I thought he’d tried breathing the coffee rather than drink it. We were parked near a £1 shop so picked up some wet wipes to clean himself properly then we got in the car and headed home.

He seemed to be well recovered as home got closer and he pulled into a place called the Pit Stop to see how much he’d saved on the console table he’d bought yesterday. In the booklet inside it was £99 and he’s paid £25 so he was well pleased. Back at home again I got changed and Mike suggested I have a sleep. He was going to head off home and listen to his football game as he went. Once he’d gone I had some nitrolingual and started work. I worked from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm then went for a rest with Joey to talk to then at 9.00 pm I called it a night. Joey didn’t though. I had to keep popping through but he stayed on his mirror until my 10.30 pm nip and he was in so I shut the cage and said goodnight. I was clear of post at 10.30 pm and able to do the blog. 11.30 pm bed it will be.

Personal Taxi 1

Personal Taxi 1

Personal Taxi 2

Personal Taxi 2

Monday 14th March.

Yes, I was in bed, freshly gunked at 11.45 pm. I asses a little reading time to my hour because I was so close to finishing he book. Not so much that I hadn’t enjoyed the book by Gerald Seymour an ex TV journalist and News man famous for ‘Harry’s Game’ which was televised with the theme music by Clannad. But, because I was anxious to start my next read.It’s from a remainder bin by an author I haven’t heard of before, Tim Willocks. The title, The Twelve Children if Paris with a picture of a  Templar  Knight on the cover fascinated me. So, it was almost 12.55 am before the light went out. I slept, I woke. The first time was at 1.48 am but I turned over in disgust and went back to sleep. Actual time of getting up was 4.27 am.

Once up I visited the Piddle Palace then returned to sign on . The mail initially lasted me until 5.20 am when I decided to have breakfast and take my meds. By the time I eventually returned I was due for the daily influx of mail but thought I’d have a lie down first. Big mistake. It lasted from 6.10 am to 7.01 am and when I looked at the computer I had facing 117 already. I worked  till 8.45 am then got dressed ready to go to take my prescription request to the chemist. I let Joey out first.  On the way back I stopped at Pauline’s for cigarettes as I won’t have time in the morning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Back here it was head down and work hard again. I didn’t get my HUtH this morning because I needed to get the mail down. I just carried on until 10.50 am when Bev came for a chat. She chatted to myself and Joey equally and was with me until 11.25 am. The moment she left I came back to work until 11.45 am when it was time to look at lunch. I fancied nothing but had a small cottage pie in the end with buttered barm cakes and a rhubarb yoghurt. I watched Bargain Hunt until I couldn’t keep my eyes open longer and returned to the world again at 1.35 pm.

It was back to work again for the afternoon and i was only about 3.00 pm I seemed to be making any real progress. For once, less were coming in than were being done. I felt happy about stopping at 4.50 pm ready for my Cold Case. I wouldn’t stay away longer than 9.00 pm as mail was still coming in even if in dribs and drabs. The break in front of the TV was great, just what I needed. I’d been far too long in front of the other screen today. It made me think about the people who say I should give it up and that it’s too hard and I should just spend more time concentrating on them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                I dutifully turned the TV off and locked Joey’s cage door, first making sure he was on the inside, then I took my meds and came through. I had a fun time with catch up and read some interesting posts, one that more or less stated that Jeremy Corbyn is rudderless and that the early days of the Blair governments was where he should be for the sake of the labour party. Corbyn’s success appears to have been because of support from various communist factions. That may well be true and I wouldn’t argue the point, after all I’m no fan of his but the early days of the Blair governments is what led to people’s disaffection for the labour party. I’m not in any better a position  as having been a Tory all my life I haven’t been able to vote for them recently having seen a whole new side of the current party. Gone are the days of Labour piling on the taxes to overspend and the Tory’s lessening of the taxes to put money back in our pockets and still not having to borrow as heavily.                                                                           The other one I read was about a female journo in the US suggesting Donald Trump’s men should develop a little more fight, and that the gun toting crowds are just high spirited. I wasn’t sure if she was a Trump supporter or just a very dry comedienne. What she seems to be inciting is riots and in riots people get hurt so I thought that was illegal. My idea that the world is really about caring for one another seems to be proving me wrong as usual. It seems the world is about looking after Number 1.

I was finished with my mail by 10.50 pm and able to come on to the blog. An eye opening evening to share.

More Outing.

More Outing.

More, More Outing

More, More Outing

And here is an idea I borrowed from another blog today.Thank you

Tuesday 15th March. 

OK. Fair enough, I offered to find the small gods a great holiday and somehow Australia fell through. (Thanks Andrea), but I never expected them to be so vicious in return. I was in bed, degreased this time, at 11.45 pm and I read until 12.35 am before settling down for the night. I was up at 2.18 am and that wasn’t even my first time awake. I signed in and started work. By 4.15 am I was up to date and decided to look at the new(old) computer. I managed to get the internet YAY and managed to get skype only it didn’t want to know my passwords so I’ve had to sign up for a new account and sent a message to MuJo for connection. Then I managed to get Barsetshirediaries on and also my email. It’s very funny working with new things. I can’t tell what’s different and Windows 7 and what is just orientated differently because this computer screen is square rather than oblong horizontally like my current one. They’re both 19″ but the view is so different. At 5.00 am with a little smugness and self satisfaction I took a break to get breakfast.

Going back to my normal desk after breakfast with a coffee I realised I’m in trouble. I’m happy to continue using my existing screen but everything else needs disconnecting and moving then the new base unit needs to come through and get connected up. It’s going to be a real problem in terms of my back and bending down behind my desk. Maybe it can wait a month for the return of The Man. As long as he isn’t gored by a moose while he’s out there he should be OK. I’m not sure you get that many mooses in casinos. I spent a few minutes with Ebay just for fun but didn’t buy anything. I left it open for later though. At 6.10 am I was sitting at my computer waiting for the deluge. I worked as hard as I could but by the time I was due out for the bus I still had 62 left.                                                                                                                                                  As I left I met Bert going for a paper. We chatted almost until we were due to cross the road when I suddenly recalled I hadn’t got my bus pass. A sharp about turn and an apology and I came back. On my way out again I was well on the way to the bus stop when one bus ( not mine) shot past without checking to see if anyone was at the stop. I was a little annoyed as I could only have been going to the bus stop and the driver never thought to stop and ask if I needed the bus. A minute later another one came and I was sure it was mine as I saw a message on the window about the T1 which mine has. Shoulders slumped I stopped to breathe. My own bus came, and it stopped.

The journey  to Chester was full of little power naps which I was grateful for. When I actually arrived I had a message to say progress was slow this morning as Reuben hadn’t wanted to get up. I had a quick look round one shop then walked towards where they’d come from, to meet them. Roobs saw me and galloped  towards me like a Sumo and tackled my legs. I, standing firm like an oak tree in the wind, did not go down. The first thing he saw was my bag with gifts. There was a remote control plane (on wheels) and he tried everything in his arsenal to try and get it out of the bag. Being told it was Pops’s didn’t deter him either, as he just started offering t get it out for me. Distraction tactics had to be brought into play. Poor Amelie has a nasty little cough but no tears . She sat on my knee with a glum face, pretty much like all females do I suppose. We went to our usual shop for coffee and a second breakfast I didn’t want. While Yvonne fed the baby I went for a wander and came back with two sets of single bedding at £2 each. It must have cost more than that to make. Quite a nice blue stripe. Downstairs I got Yvonne some jeggings after a battle.

After battle we moved on to another shop where I got Reuben some chocolate.There were tears when I wouldn’t let him have it until it had been paid for, but we got by. Yvonne bought a few things there. Amelie needed a bit more food and as she was awake again we headed for the local Supermarket and it’s cafe. They’d opened a clearance shop next door and I managed to get Ugo a nice jacket there. I picked up my bread and some yellow roses to replace the daffodils I’d got for Ju on Saturday. They hadn’t lasted at all. By now it was time to start heading for my bus so we set off on our way again. At the bust stop I managed to get a smile  from Amelie and a kiss from Rueben and of course from Yvonne. She thought we were seeing each other on Sunday but I had to point out it’s a week on Sunday, the 27th which is also the day they lose an hour’s sleep though maybe I’d better keep that to myself for now.

The bus ride back was pretty good as again I slept a good bit of the journey. I had time to call into Pauline’s for my new TV magazine (she’d run out of curry and chips) and get home without the discomfort of my bladder threatening to explode. I put my bread away in the kitchen and could tell Joey was happy to to see me as he was bobbing up and down on the mirror and giving me a good telling off. Since it was gone 1.00 pm I’d missed Bargain Hunt and I didn’t need lunch straight away because of  my second breakfast. I just went straight to work. I stayed in front of the screen from 1.20 pm to 4.30 pm before I went and had something to eat. I watched the first half an hour of Cold Case then slept through the other half hour plus an hour of Without a Trace before waking in time for Star Gate SG1. At 8.00 pm I thought I’d spent long enough away and returned to work. First I went to check on the new computer to see if the Skype was still OK and whether MuJo had responded. The computer was OK’ish but struggled to boot up at first. MuJo hadn’t responded to my Skype request but while I was there I was able to Bookmark a few of the pages I use most often, including this one so now I can update from almost anywhere………..well, from within two rooms at least. My empire. Tomorrow I want to put a programme on that I have the disk for as it’s the place I do my silly poems on and get my clip art.

I returned from the wilderness room at 10.15 am to play catch up again and to come on to the blog. It’s looking hopeful for  midnight.

The Deadly Duo.

The Deadly Duo.

Hippy ready for Spring

Hippy ready for Spring

This treat is from a film I really enjoyed.

Wednesday 16th March.

I’d got to bed at 11.50 in the end. I read for just over the hour and lights went out at 12.45 am.

When I woke I knew I wanted more sleep which I wasn’t going to get.  It was 15.39 am on my clock glowing malevolently in the dark. I went through to the toilet and noticed as I did that I hadn’t turned off the light in Mike’s room. Sticking my head in I found the computer still on as though the shut down I’d ordered last night had not been actioned.  I turned it off completely which means I shall suffer when I next reopen it. I returned to my room and caught the face of my clock, the time read 1.56 am meaning somehow I’d seen 1.53 am before but imagined something different. The small gods must be laughing again. I turned the computer on to see if there was anything of great import I needed to see. The answer struck NO, but I wasn’t sure that was the whole answer. I was there and might as well work on the mail.

In a hideous coincidence (?) the first batch of mail took me until 3.39 am to do by which time Id been kicking myself for my own stupidity. My clock is set as a 12 hour one, not a 24 hour one so it couldn’t show 15.39 am.  I found myself in a sort of half doze at the computer.I was not quite there yet able to deal with each message as it came in. Sometimes there were a few to deal with and at others just the odd one. At 5.00 am I took a break and went for breakfast and to take my meds. Cornflakes today and I quite enjoyed them. I was faffing around as my friend Judy would say  so I didn’t return to my desk until 5.55 am. I had 15 minutes to clear the boards for the daily flood. I made it. Just. It was a close run thing. When it arrived it took me until  9.20 am to be clear again.

I had HUtH on with Joey but must have nodded off half way through as it wasn’t there when I woke up at 11.15 am. I dashed through to play catch up and found a message on my phone that Jade would be here about midday. I texted back, ‘Magic’ and wondered what to do about lunch. I put my shoes on, took my pre-foodies and went to the chippy only to find it closed until 11.45 am. I walked back to Pauline’s and bought some microchips and a sachet of curry sauce then hurried home to do them. They took 9 minutes between them so I hoped I hadn’t been out longer than about 7 minutes. Whatever, I enjoyed the end product and I had washed up before she arrived. I left her doing the lounge then came through to deal with the mail again.

A Motown boxed set I got on ebay arrived a day after I found I’d already got the same set. I’m wasting time on ebay as I’m having no joy at creating anything towards Amelie’s book. I wonder if I  can pick up a second hand brain anywhere, mind you this one’s male so it’s hardly used. I’m looking at some jewellery at the moment but I still haven’t managed to find Easter gifts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jade left at 2.10 pm and I sort of relaxed a bit though I carried on working. At 3.00 pm I broke off to watch Escape to the Country. It’s always interesting to see what kind of house they want and what the mystery house is that the team present them with. At 3.45 pm I did come back though so it wasn’t a big skive. At 4.30 pm Dil arrived so I went to make him a cuppa. I had to replace all my vases onto the windowsills and bring back my measuring and pouring jugs that Jade thought looked better there. I need to do the kitchen floor tomorrow. She washed the net curtains from the kitchen and lounge today. Dil and I watched our usual programmes then out came the games. First the Yahtzee which he won the first game 4-2 despite me squealing like a girl at his double Yahtzees. I won the second set 4-2 despite him sounding like a big girls blouse and howling at my game even though I won with no Yahtzees at all. The Trivial Pursuit went to him. I was still a piece of cake short when I chose to ask him the final question which I was sure he wouldn’t know. Dalmations! The cards came out and I won both games of cribbage. He seemed to think I wasn’t putting the fives back in the pack. Doesn’t he know that’s what long sleeves are for? He left at 9.30 pm and I had a quick tidy round before shutting Joey up (in his cage) and going through to take my meds. I came though to start on the mail and the blog. The mail took until 11.05 pm. I’m writing fast now to finish before midnight.

I'm so excited and I just can't fight it.

I’m so excited and I just can’t fight it, I’m about to lose control ……………

Apprentice dog walker

Apprentice dog walker

Thursday 17th March

Greased up ready for a channel swim and climbed into bed at 11.55 pm. Was texting Mike to wish him a nice holiday today and the replies were going back and forth for a few minutes so that I didn’t start reading until 12.10 am. Book down, lights out at 12.57 am I woke this morning at 5.02 am. A wonderful 4 hours of unbroken sleep. Yay! I logged on and started the mail which somehow I finished for 6.08 am. I went to the kitchen for my meds before the new batch arrived.                                                                          There was no avoiding the fact that the new lot would arrive so I returned ready for battle. I worked until 9.00 am then went off to the chemist’s. And before some bright spark among you asks, Yes, I did get dressed. I’d put my scrip in on Monday and nothing been received yet. It turns out it was still at the surgery and unsigned. From Monday. That’s idiotic! The chemist said I cold have it as soon as received but of course that may be tomorrow. I called in at Pauline’s for my lottery so I may not have to go out at all tomorrow now then returned home to work again. I worked until 11.40 am before I was up to date enough to go and make my lunch. The usual Thursday treat of bangers and sweet potato mash, throw in some mixed veg and I was a happy man as I poured thick gravy over the lot.

I watched Bargain Hunt as I ate then did the washing up and returned to my seat for the auction. As soon as it was over I was out like the proverbial light. I didn’t hear Joey complain about snoring so it must have been OK. I didn’t rouse myself until 2.05 pm, then I shuffled my feet as fast as I could back to work. I was just passing the front door when my drugs (75% anyway) were delivered. No doubt the rest will arrive tomorrow. I started work again, it was a bit of a slog but at 3.20 pm when there seemed to be a natural lull I was able to sign into the other one to see if there was a skype response yet. That would be a no then. I shall have to risk disturbing them tomorrow to see how they are and that always worries me because  John’s health is not fantastic and his mother is well into her 90’s. Still, sending one text doesn’t seem out of order.                I started loading things from the disc I’d done onto my desktop. Once I discovered it was drag and drop my confidence soared. While it was doing and before I went to start my evening viewing, I started to load another disc on my normal computer. I need to get as many files off as possible.

At 5.00 am I made a sandwich to go with my BFG (Oops, didn’t I mention that before) then sat and enjoyed Cold Case. I started on Without a Trace but that woozy dust must have risen when Joey flew, it invaded my nostrils and I was gone. I was ten minutes into StarGate SG1 before the dust settled again. I watched an episode of Sanctuary which isn’t turning out to be like expected and then even though I should have packed up and come through I turned over (The channel, not me) to look at the Shannara Chronicles as I was a big fan of Terry Brookes books. It seemed OK but I confess to not remembering this story.I was glad to see one of my favourite actors there, John Rhys-Davies who sounds the same but isn’t looking well these days. Maybe it’s time for me to reread the books. I only watched half way though as I was conscious of the time and even Joey had gone in expecting me to close his door. So at 9.30 pm I did. I took my meds, called goodnight to Joey and came back to my room. The disc I’d left downloading that said two weeks 3 days to go was done. Liars.

I caught up on the mail then at 10.40 pm started on the blog. I expect I’ll be done by 11.30 pm if I make up my mind about pictures and music.

The Fairy

The Fairy

The little monkey.

The little monkey.

Friday 18th March

Bed at 11.45 pm but some of the extra time was because I was doing my legs….no, not shaving them Madam, putting cream on. I must be enjoying the new book because I read till almost 1.00 am to get to the end of a long chapter. Lights out and sleep came quite quickly. Alas so did wakefulness again, at 2.27 am. Somnos has got it in for me big time at the moment. I used the time to put some more files on the new computer and ballsed it up in a big way. 3.20 saw me having to create a new disc with the files I thought I had. 2 days 20 hours was the predicted download time ??? It did it in about 20 minutes or so though the next two downloads to the same disc ,the full 2 days. At least it felt that way, they were still going when I returned from my breakfast at 5.30 am. I think I’m done now. I just need to transfer them to the correct place on the new base.

At 5.00 am I went through to see about taking my meds and doing my tabs for the next week. I decided against breakfast as I could have tea for a change. Then I decided lunch was too far away  and changed my mind. Rice Krispies today. Funny how I always find myself with a wart on my face when I finish. Because the files were still transferring on my return I went and filled the mop bucket and did the kitchen floor. I really must get a squeegee mop. There were a few more messages to take care of when I returned but at least I’d be clear for the new stuff when it arrived.                                                                                                                                                                                                          When it did arrive it got my full attention. I worked through to 9.50 am before I’d finished and went to watch HUtH. As soon as it was over I was back though to catch up again. I managed it by 11.40 am and decided to celebrate. I put my shoes on and my jacket, took my tablets then walked up to the chippie. By the time I got back my fifteen minutes was up so I tore through the wrapper to the food and ate. Difficult when you have curry sauce but hey ho.

I was about half way through lunch when the doorbell went, I had to put my tray down and answer it. There stood standing on my doorstep was a stick insect thin man with a drippy nose. I could sympathise with that as it was cold out today. He was from the National Office of Statistics and had come to make an appointment for me to answer a questionaire. To be honest I’ve sort of been expecting him. As it’s here, I think I’ll be OK and have agreed to do it (if only to get back to my lunch). I sat back down and watched Bargain Hunt. Once that was over I knowingly with no malice aforethought shuffled my bottom on the chair and closed my eyes. I slept,oh how I slept, it must have been for all of five minutes before I was startled awake by the doorbell. This time it was the chemist with the missing part of my scrip from yesterday. My doorbell so rarely rings I never take precautions like pulling the wires out and sticking it in the bin. I came back to work instead.Once I’d caught up I headed for the other computer to put some more files on.

At 4.30 pm I needed a break which I almost got tripping over the hall carpet. I went to sit in the lounge with a rhubarb yoghurt. It was no company at all so I talked to Joey instead. At 5.00 pm I watched Cold Case which of course was followed by Without a Trace aka Power Nap time, it had a very good ending. That in turn was followed by Star Gate SG1 which brought me to 8.00 pm.  Knowing there is an R in  the month I decided I’d better have a shower or the underarm spray won’t be enough any more. I fully intended coming to my bedroom to catch up again after the shower but I must have got water on the brain and turned right instead of left, either that or I was walking backwards. Finding myself in the lounge again I sat and watched Sanctuary, or as much as there was left. Finally I shut the TV off , closed Joey’s cage door and went to take my meds. I was ready to go into battle. I worked on mail till 10.35 pm then started on the blog. Things are going well so far and I’m looking at 11.30 pm approx if I can decide on pictures.

St Patrick's Day snooze

St Patrick’s Day snooze

St Patrick's Day smile

St Patrick’s Day smile ( I get the feeling somebody’s watching me…)

Saturday 19th March.

I didn’t actually know what day to write this one a it could be classed as a continuation of Friday really. However I’ll let you decide for yourselves.  Without being accurate on the timings, the reason I say that is as follows. Roughly 11.30 pm bed. Roughly 12.30 am lights out for sleep. Roughly 1.30 am back up again as I couldn’t get to sleep and both legs were playing up despite having been creamed. I thought if I got up, maybe I could make myself tired enough to sleep anyway. As I was up, why waste time? I might as well start answering mail albeit piecemeal.  Hmm, just using that word made me hungry but my willpower will succeed. Anyway, I don’t want indigestion thanks.     At 3.00 am all was quiet so I lay on the bed and succeeded in nodding off until 4.27 am.I didn’t complain at what was after all a victory of sorts. Once I was ‘compost mental’  again I spent time on the new mail that had come in then I went to make payment on Ebay for some things I’ve won.

At 5.00 am I had breakfast and my meds. I opened Joey’s cage and replaced the water and seed for him. It was perhaps a little early to let him out but he’d decide for himself when it was light enough to come out. I returned to work and got my mail box clear at 9.20 am. I just had a text to say Yvonne and Ugo had a bad night with Amelie leading to little/no sleep and that Reuben was in stroppy mode today. Ugo was just getting himself ready to come to me. It’s going to be difficult to shop this late with crowds around but he’ll stay with me. I shan’t have long as he needs to be back by 11.50 am. I shall be shopping on the run. Just as well I only want two shops.                             It was 9.40 am I got a text to say he was on the way. That meant about a 10.10 am arrival. I went to wait outside to save time and he was very close to the ETA. After a short but violent discussion about where we were going, (it turns out he’s frightened of ‘er indoors when he’s there and of me at this end so my suggestion of Tesco’s won out. He’s a very gentle and considerate soul.

I got everything from my list that was due from there, I didn’t pick flowers as the current vase seems to be doing OK. I can get some any day it looks like we need replacements. At the till we were served by my favourite young girl who Ju and I loved to go to if we could. Always  as bright as a button and so pleasant. After Tesco we moved on to Homies. Luckily, he needed to be home at 1.00 pm instead of midday so we weren’t so pressed for time. I got my squeegee mop from there and my pop plus my mini cereals. I hadn’t been able to get any cash at Tesco’s so I used up my supply of readies. When we came out of Homies I went to the bank in the town centre very close to where we were at Homies. Then Ugo brought me home and we proceeded to put things away.  I thanked him for the help, he said goodbye and left. Only after he’d gone did I notice he’d forgotten some things like biscuits and chocolate. I’ll have to take them next week. (I’m sure they’ll survive )I let Yvonne know he was on his way in case she worried about the time. It was just midday.

I came through to do some catching up before taking a break at 1.00 pm for lunch. I’d picked up a braised steak and mash meal for today. It was really nice and I know Joey enjoyed the company. I even watched a bit of TV before succumbing to whatever had been put in the mash and dozes off for an hour and a quarter. I’m afraid it was the need to have a wee rather than a guilty conscience which made me leave my seat so I eventually returned to catch up on emails. I spend most of the afternoon here partly trying to figure out why John hasn’t responded to my Skype request yet he’s tried to contact me twice on Facebook where he knows I hardly ever go, and since he wasn’t on when I was, we couldn’t connect then either. It would be easier just to send me a text.                                                                                                                                                            Late afternoon and I had a temporary lull in proceedings so I made a bolt for the lounge, it didn’t fit though. I stayed there with Moaning Mike Joey watching a couple of films and then the start of a programme on The Jackson 5/Jacksons until 9.30 pm. Then it was time for the final battles of the night, no, not to stay awake. I needed to get the mail down and the blog done.

Mother and child

Mother and child

The Happy Day.

The Happy Day.

Have a Fantastic New Week all of you. I wish you Dreams Come True and Hugs Galore.



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73 responses to “Curry and Chips have Gone. & The non 24 Hour Clock.

  1. Dear David, you out did yourself with wonderful tunes today! And such variety. I love Patti LaBelle on “Lady Marmalade” and then you gave me “Man of Constant Sorrow” AND the movie clip. I’m beside myself. Not to mention Aquarius…
    Anyhow it seems like you’re getting along with the new computer. But that sure was an odd episode with Mike… Hope you, he, and everyone are feeling happy and sassy now. Thank you for the photo of our little fairy princess in her frilly pink dress — and Reuben is handsome as ever. Mega hugs!

    • Ah, Darling Teagan, thank you.I’m so glad this week’s choices went down OK. I loved the film O Brother… and it was the reason I started thinking of John Goodman as Badman. The song I always thought was brilliant. And then even Aquarius was good for you, I really am pleased.
      Slowly but surely things are working but I haven’t swapped over yet.
      The episode with Mike is repeated quite often really,he hates the time I’m on here and thinks during the week is one thing but the weekends should be free. Since he’s in Canada now, I’m sure we’re both happy again. I do wonder if he has a point sometimes.
      The fairy Princess was in a dress I bought. Since Roobs has to be very masculine in clothing I can let rip with Amelie.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  2. You always have the best adventures! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. David
    Another great post..and the pictures are fabulous

    Big hugs


  4. Another exciting week at Chez Prosser, serving up daily delights, not bad music and pretty handsome dudes and pink princesses as well as the odd – er – oddity…… 🙂 xoxo

    • Oh Dear, only ‘Not bad’ eh, I obviously didn’t have you rocking in the aisles this week Pauline. At least the pics did OK though I can’t help wonder just what the oddity is.I’m not in them am I ?
      Your light catchers are ‘something else’ and the bracelets a delight. I hope people are flocking to buy them.
      xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  5. I loved OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU, David, and it’s a perfect set up for the brother-sister team picture. You call it The Deadly Duo; I call it the Superb Siblings. So adorable.
    Just wondering, David. When you say you go to bed and read until after 1:00, what are you reading? 😉
    Many hugs!

    • I loved that film too Marylin.It appealed to my sense of humour. The current read in bed is called The Twelve Children of Paris by Tim Willocks which I’m really enjoying though the chapters are long.
      I hope you’re OK.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  6. Getting a piece of furniture at 25% of the usual price can’t be bad. I wish I had such luck. I tend to do precisely the opposite. Great to see the grandkids looking so well. I’d love to splash above in the river too if I could.

    • I’m not sure which on the continents you’re on ( I just hope it isn’t the Incontinence one ) but perhaps you have charity shops there. That’s where he normally looks in the hopes of not paying much. Anytime you want to splash in that particular river feel free, my door is always open except when it isn’t.
      Have a great week

  7. My gosh, David, I don’t know how you manage on so little sleep! You poor thing.

  8. No girl should have a childhood without a frilly, chiffon PINK dress with pink roses – that is the rule in my household and sooooooo very pleased Amelie is part of a similar set up 😀 Many hugs and have a grand week David XX

  9. The very first picture is my favourite. Amelie has started to look like a real intelligent person. Newborns all look rather out of it. Still living in a state of bliss maybe?

    • I just went to remind myself and I do like that one. I agree most look completely out of it and bliss may be the reason but when Amelie smiles or laughs it seems she’s all there.
      Have a lovely week.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  10. Beautiful pics and songs. I hope everybody is well now. Have a fabulous week, David

    • Thanks so much Olga. I do try and pick nice songs or at least bright songs even though I guess most people don’t actually listen to them except in their heads at the reminder.It doesn’t matter how I bring the smile though.
      I’m well thanks and Joey is blooming ( a blooming pain ).
      Have a wonderful week and I hope it treats you well. The kettle is still on.
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  11. I have a bone to pick with you David! Why didn’t you put The Age of Aquarius first? That way I could have listened to it twice instead of just once. You’re lucky you added It’s Raining Men. ::)

  12. Oh, I do enjoy your weekly chronicles. From the surprising visitors at the door to Joey’s doings and the gorgeous pix of les petits enfants! That St. Patrick’s Day smile has me thinking your Roobs must have a drop of the Irish in his blood. Amelie is as stunning as ever. Lucky you! (Even on 1 hour’s sleep!). Big bises and a brilliant new week to you, mon ami! xo

    • Lovely to see you again Mel. The big surprise is that I get any visitors at my door unlesss they’re looking for money and then I just hide. If Roobs has any Irish in his blood I think his Dad had better check the whiskey bottles. Amelie gets more magical every day, I’m captivated.
      An hours sleep and 12 one hour power naps eh.Surprising what you can get done. LOL
      xxx Sending you Mammoth Hugs xxx

  13. Some great music again David. I do love a bit of Dollar, and of course Lady Marmalade is brilliant too.
    I hope Mike is ok after his vomiting session, and that he had a good holiday too.
    I also hope little Amelie has recovered. She looks so beautiful in her little fairy dress and has an adorable smile. Reuben too had a wonderful smile, although his is cheekier! Those two should be models!
    Thank you so much for the mention too, that was kind of you. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.
    Huge hugs xxxxx

    • I’m glad I managed to get some of your musical taste in there Judy. I liked Dollar when they first came out.
      I’m pretty sure Mike is OK but I can’t ask him as the holiday is to Canada and he’s gone for a month. I’m deserted.Luckily my SIL came to the rescue with taking me shopping.
      They so have cheeky smiles but I’d rather keep it in the family than rent them out. Can’t bear to see them earn more than me.
      So glad you didn’t mind being mentioned, hope it got you some new followers for your great blog.
      Wishing you a Wonderful Week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. Ali Isaac

    Ah, the new computer is nearly ready! Yaaay! I was so excited when I got mine, but they do take an age to set up don’t they? You must persuade Mike to see a doctor. He doesn’t seem to have been well for quite a while now. Hope he has recovered from the distressing vomiting session… had he been coughing a lot? Lovely pictures of your two little child stars, as always. But especially your little pink fairy. She is so gorgeous! Hope you have a great week. Ali x

    • All I need do now Ali is swap base units. That’s the hardest part as I’ll have to lie on the floor to do it I’ve decided to leave the screen I’m currently using in play and everything else is here too so I can just remove the tower unit.
      I have tried many times to persuade Mike to see his doctor and either get a promise or a remark like “Pot,Kettle, Black.” But now he’a in Canada for a month maybe hi sister will nag him. He has been coughing a lot and I think that may be causing his retching.though I’m not sure it was that this last time.
      Thank you, yes the little pink fairy was good, I’ll try the tomboy look next perhaps.
      Have a wonderful week Ali,
      xxx Much Love and Hugs Galore xxx

  15. I wonder what did for Mike? Joey poisoning? I’m suspecting he’s an MI5 plant. And hope the computer behaves. Mine is in the hospital and in reduced tithe phone and sons iPad. Have a jolly first half of Easter.

    • I have it on good authority that all the plants at M15 are plastic, not that it rules out either Mike or Joey I suppose. As for what did for Mike the likely explanation is trying to ingest food by breathing rather than swallowing though it’s possible his continuous cough may be a factor.
      When I’ve plucked up courage I’m going to swap the two base units. The old desktop with Windows 7 and the uprated memory for the existing small tower unit working still on Vista. I shall keep everything else I’m using in play I think. I hope yours soon recovers.I’d be screwed if I had to use phone or ipad without a keyboard.
      Enjoy your week.

  16. My apologies for being a day late, yesterday was a blurr. I read part of your post yesterday and finished today, oh my I so enjoyed it, the music, the photo’s especially that sweet little princess in her pink dress. Very sorry to read about the issues with Mike. Hope it will be ok. Ending with the Weather Girls was just perfect, I love that song and those ladies can really belt it out, what voices. Have a wonderful week my friend and mega massive hugs.

    • You’re not late Suzanne. Any time you get here is the right time. I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog as I have great fun picking the music and the pictures to caption. Amelie did look sweet in the pink outfit didn’t she.
      Since Mike is in Canada for a month the issue will blow over until he feels neglected again.
      I’m so glad The Weather Girls were a hit with you. I agree they pack a punch and it is a great song.
      I hope you have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Sending you Unlimited Hugs xxx

  17. Wonderful photos and songs! I loved the outings photos, and then the deadly duo, and then. . .I love Brother Where Are Thou?
    Enjoy your week! Big hugs!

    • Hi Merril, you sound so bright and breezy today. I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures and the music. That film was a hit with me too and I love the song especially knowing it was areal song and not specially written for the film. I’m sure it was from the 1920’s r something. Anyway it’s great.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • I’m delighted to know I sound bright and breezy! Yes, it’s a traditional American folk song, probably from before the 1920s. Bob Dylan also did a version (obviously later). 🙂

      • I’m sure I heard a recording of the man who wrote it but I’ll have to keep an eye open for Dylan’s.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  18. Looks like a great outing!

    And if any practice is needed for the apprentice dog walker, I know a certain dog here who would be happy to help!

    • They had a nice walk down by the river I think. That was his first time out with a dog so he was a bit tentative at first but now he;s raring to go . They only have cats at home so maybe you’d better ship Choppy over now.
      xxx Massive Hugs Sarah xxx

  19. Those kids are so cute, David. I love Amelie’s smiles. I don’t think those kids could look grumpy in a photo if you bribed them. I hope Mike recovers from whatever is ailing him. It sounds miserable. Have a great week with more time outside enjoying the spring 🙂

    • Ha Ha, you wouldn’t believe how may rejected pictures with scowls or sulks from Reuben hit the cutting room floor.
      Heard from Mike this morning, sounds as though Canada s great and nothing ails him. I’ll find out the truth in a month and heaven help him if he breaks a promise to visit the doctor.
      I think were on our 9th day without rain and with some sunshine, it’s so nice.
      I wish you a Fantastic Week Diana,
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs xxx.

  20. David, just when I think you’ve given us all the laughs, joy, and smiles, there’s always more! 🙂
    Sounds like you’ve made friends with your new computer, hope it turns out to be a long and happy friendship. 🙂
    I really didn’t think your little cuties could get even cuter, but there they are, even cuter. 🙂
    Love the movie ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ and love your musical selections this week. 🙂
    Hope everyone is well and happy and Mike is enjoying his trip to our wonderful country, I know he will, it’s awesome. 😉
    Thank you again for bringing us along for your days, dear friend, hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂
    Massive curry and Clooney hugs. 😉

    • Hello Darling Donna, what a sweetie you are. Always there with kind words and an ego boost. The new computer and I are skirting round each other as often happens in new relationships but I hope to have gone the whole hog and made things official by next week.
      The camera always catches the kids at their best or at least I only ever show the pictures that do. I’m sure you know sometimes cute is not the word.
      O Brother was a great film, I loved it too.Especially this song. I’m glad you liked the other selections too though. It makes the searching worthwhile.
      Mike’s having a ball in your Country. Up $200 from a casino and yesterday riding around in an open top car enjoying the sunshine. He goes every year.
      I’m so grateful for your visits and your constant niceness. You’re awesome.
      Have a truly wonderful week,
      xxx Sending Hugs Unlimited xxx

  21. Loved the photos and videos David! Thanks for the smiles!

  22. I love this post, Dave. You have a great selection of music, the photos are beautiful. Really a treat!

  23. I think the world is still about caring for one another but their are some people out for number one. Sadly they make the news a lot. At least that’s my hope. I too was a huge Terry Brooks fan. I loved his Sword of Shannara series. I haven’t read him in years though. Another interesting week. I have to say your sleep pattern makes me tired! Many hugs. Happy Easter. May the easter bunny bring you a lot of treats or at least a lot of time with family. 🙂

    • I think you’re right Maggie. More care than don’t, but those that don’t wield the weapons and power.
      Terry Brooks books were all I wanted to read at one time following the exploits of his characters like Polgara. I think Wishsong of Shannara was the last series I read but can’t remember now.
      Ha, my sleep patterns make me tired too sometimes. For many years I woke at 5.00 am regardless of what time I went to bed, but now there’s just no pattern.
      I’m taking the family to lunch on Sunday and I’m looking forward to that
      I hope you have a wonderful Easter.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  24. Hi David, I am late reading your post this week. Been in a massive spring-cleaning mood lately – had the gardens totally tidied up, looks like a botanical garden in my backyard now. Lots of space to plant flowers. Yay. Also been painting trim, having carpets cleaned, had a new stove installed, my two boys even vacuumed and dusted the other day. It was such a treat to come home to a clean and tidy house.
    Hope Mike is okay – he is really having a time of it with his health. The photos of the children are beautiful, as always. Have a lovely Easter – don’t eat too many chocolate bunnies!!!!!

    • Heck, why didn’t you say you were in that mood, you’d have been perfect to help me clear this place out. You’d have been fine on the garden side, I don’t have one.
      I looked stove up in the dictionary and I recognise it, it’s the white thing in my kitchen Mike calls the library because I had books in it fr a while. I do use the grill though. A clean and tidy house sounds fantastic.
      I’m sure Mike is OK living the High Life in Canada as he is. One week down 3 more to go.
      Thank you, I finally swapped computers this morning (wheeze) and have been downloading my photo files onto the new one.
      I wish you a wonderful Easter with the boys.
      Don’t miss out on the Chocolate! xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  27. Darling pictures of the children again. It’s too bad Amelie’s cough turned into a cold. It’s wonderful you’re getting the programs downloaded on your newer computer. If I ever got a new laptop I’d probably take it to the repair shop as I have no mechanical or electrical ability at all. My Windows program is 7 also and I like it. Microsoft keeps trying to convince me to get 10 but the repairman told me my little laptop is better with 7. A near-miracle happened and I was able to connect my Kindle with my laptop but I haven’t noticed any big difference. I still can’t get the e-books on the Kindle, just the Cloud app on my laptop. I think I’m supposed to have updated my Kindle somehow, but I haven’t a clue how to do it. I haven’t received any message on the laptop or Kindle, any warning as yet. Maybe they gave me up as a lost cause. I hope the Cloud e-books aren’t overloading it, poor little thing. I was told it’s just a glorified iPad with a keyboard. A relative bought it for me. Sounds like you’re doing find with Ugo’s help while Mike’s on vacation. Have a great new week. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne.I’m hoping Amelie will be over her cough when I see her tomorrow.What I expected to be very hard turned out to be easy. I put everything I wanted to go onto the new computer on dvd discs.I put one in the old computer and a message comes up that says drag and drop what you want o save. So that’s what I did. Then I put the disc in the new computer and dragged the programme off to where I wanted it..My nephew tells me Window 0 isn’t as good at 7 or 8.1 so I won’y go for 10 either.
      Well done on finally partnering with your kindle. I’m surprised you can’t get the books on there still. You’re right, it is just a glorified ipad, still it’s handy to have.
      Yes, the shopping is going OK with Ugo though he hates shopping. This week Yvonne and the kids are coming too. I’ll see them 2 days.
      Have a fantastic weekend,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  28. Hi David. I enjoyed reading. So glad you got your new computer up and running. I have a love-hate affair with computers – when they are working they are very near and dear to me, but when they don’t, I get in a really foul mood. Setting up a new one takes patience, but to have one that runs smoothing is a blessing. Hugs, my friend.

    • Thanks so much for dropping in. I too have a love hate affair with them, with anything technical in fact.When they work how I want them too they’re fine, though I may not be using them properly, just for simple jobs. If they don’t work well I soon lose interest in them. It’s then I remember just how much I didn’t like them in the first place.
      To be fair, this new (reconditioned one) is working fine doing the things the old one did except really hat I wanted it for which was SKYPE and I don’t think it’sthe computers fault as it swears on it’s bended knees that it sent a message to my brother in law, which he hasn’t received. I’m blaming SKYPE for this one.
      xxx Massive Hugs Michelle xxx

  29. Despite the song name ‘ it’s all in the game “I hope that is not the case. It does seem that for Trump it is all a game. And for some yes life is only about ‘I’ but for most of us I hope that life is all about ‘we.’
    I do love that four tops song and it was fun to see it here. The photos were marvelous, and what a lovely spot for a walk.
    Thanks for giving us all so much to think about.

    • I wouldn’t believe that Love is a game either but I do love the song. Trump seems to have so many votes so far that I don’t think a lot of people find him funny or his policies. The rest of the world looks on and hopes he’s joking or that the voters are. He is very much about the ‘I’ , you can’r become that rich otherwise unless you”re Bill Gates and he at least gives plenty back.
      Thank you for enjoying my photographs with me, that is a lovely place to walk.
      Have a Wonderful Easter
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  30. Enjoyed reading your Chronicles, as always. The photographs are exquisite! So sorry for Amelie, and hope her cough goes away soon. Spring virus infections hit us too. That’s the season. Poor little Reuben, that vomiting fit must have scared him. Little darlings, it is always so sad to see little children unwell.
    O Brother where art thou is so fun 🙂 Thank you for the videos! Each of them opens a memory.
    Happy Easter tomorrow! The weather is so miserable here – it requires increased consumption of chocolate eggs to survive. Many hugs!!! xxxxxx

    • PS WordPress doesn’t let me ‘like’ your post…

    • Thanks so much Inese, if the photos are good you can tell it’s because I didn’t take them. I did honestly take a good one once.
      Poor Amelie still has her cough. I felt the rumbling chest as I held her today. It still doesn’t stop the smile though.I don’t like to see them unwell either but it’s what our Islands do isn’t it.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed some of the music especially the Soggy Bottom Boys and the film clip.
      Have a Wonderful Easter tomorrow, I hope maybe it brightens a little for the day before the weather puts a damper on things. Though maybe it is a great excuse for a few more eggs.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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