Sunday bloody Sunday & ISP Wails in Wales.

Sunday. It was a bit of a restless night so I managed to sleep a bit longer this morning. I didn’t get up until 5.56 am and flicked the computer on as I was leaving the room for the loo. It was ready to go when I got back. Strangely there were only fifty- odd ( rather than fifty odd) pieces of mail and happily a good few were about last weeks blog. and happily no-one has yet claimer terminal boredom. There was another of the fraudulent mails and it upset me quite a lot. This one claims to be a woman currently in London staying in a cancer hospital with terminal cancer and no more than two months to live. She and her husband lived ( guess where) in Nigeria for some years where he worked and invested. When he died she sold up a shopping mall, a hotel blah, blah, blah. The money is still in a bank out there but she won’t be able to go back. She specifically wants me to take on the couple of million she has and donate it to charity less 20% which I can keep for expenses. This is one of the more wicked cons out there appealing to people’s sympathy. I also had the standard bank manager with a deceased client message which gets sent to the crap pile without hesitation.

At 7.00 am I fed the fish though you wouldn’t know it as they all had their backs to me and were swimming to the furthest corner away from me. I assume that’s because he didn’t get fed yesterday. They should know by now that Saturday is diet day, for fish at least. I turned to take my meds and included one for a pre-meal. After about ten mins I was ready to have a bowl of shreddies but was overcome by spirit instead. I was forced to eat two doughnuts instead. Erm, don’t have a go at me though, there were three there and I was only forced to eat two. I took my after meal tabs and retired back to the bedroom with my coffee. Away from the temptations of the kitchen and whatever malevolent spirit resides there. I worked through a couple of mail refreshes until I was clear about 10.15 am. I decided at that point to print some pictures off to fill a frame for Yvonne. including a copy of the one taken of me with Reuben by Tariq. I knew my black ink was almost gone so I thought I’d better change that first. When I turned on and checked, it seems all of the inks were getting low and not wanting a hiccup during printing I thought I’d change them all. I’d bought quite a few last time as the compatible inks are quite inexpensive.

I got the cartridge holder to the right position, shook the new inks, took them out of their wrappers and inserted them one by one as I took the old ones out. I was very careful with the disposal of the old ones. I set the printer to go and all I kept getting was a message to say that these inks were incompatible with the printer. Nothing I could do would change the message so I’ve now got new inks in and can’t print anything. I ended up having to go to Amazon to buy proper Epson inks. The annoying thing is these cartridges are exactly the same as the ones I took out and were part of the same order. I won’t be able to do anything until the Epson inks get here from Jersey. I expect they’ll be gold plated at the price I had to pay. Unless maybe they come with a free holiday on Jersey.

That messing about took me to lunchtime where I had every intention of being good. Unfortunately the spirit wasn’t so inclined and I ended up with four rashers of bacon (sliced with a razor blade), a Bury black pudding ( all the best ones are from Bury) and a small tin of beans. By choice I added two baps to that. I struggled to eat it all but after a dynamic effort almost made it. I put the last bean in the food waste bin. I followed up with a Kitkat. It’s only now I realise how lucky I am not to have been forced to eat the BFG from the freezer which I’d forgotten about. After lunch I had a Sunday nap in my chair which was quite welcome but when I woke up I was talking to someone on the couch and I’ve no idea who. I felt quite lonely actually and went back to work. I stayed there until 5.30 pm when I went to watch part of a film and then an episode of Inspector Morse  followed by The Antiques Road Show. It was time then to come through and have the last mass catch-up of the mail and start the blog.

Monday. Well, it was a little better last night and I slept until 6.05 am so swinging myself out of bed wasn’t too difficult.I should perhaps have been in a sitting position first though as when my feet swung left to right to find my slippers, my head swung left to right into the wall. It’s OK though, the wall wasn’t hurt too much and isn’t going to sue. The trouble is, wherever I have the bed in this room it has to be side on to a wall unless I remove the rest of the furniture. Where it is now is right next to the emergency alarm which I may have to use if I clout myself like that one more time. I whimpered my way down the passage to the loo.  I considered an en suite but chamber pots are so passe now and I didn’t want to passe it by in the middle of the night. I returned from the loo and turned the computer on. A couple of days ago I received an email purporting to be from createspace telling me they were having problems making a payment to me. I did nothing about it as the same day I received notice of a payment due in about a week. Today I had the same message again and I’m uncomfortable about it. It looks real, it reads real but my nose says something is off so I’ve messaged their help desk to ask if it’s real or a convincing con. I’ll keep you informed of any answer. Maybe I’m getting paranoid now.

I saw to the fish at 7.30 am and also had a bit of breakfast. I was sure I was going to have Shreddies but as I poured they came out as Rice Krispies. Tomorrow I’m going to try it with my eyes open. I took a coffee back to my desk then went to get washed and dressed. I’m not going out and I’m expecting no visitors but you never know. At about 9.30 am I realised I needed to go out with my prescription request so I’ll have the drugs ready for Thursday/Friday when it comes to doing the week’s supply. I donned my leather jacket and headed out. The rain was like a continuous waterfall and I was drenched within feet, at least my head and my legs were. By the time I got back I was like a drowned rat ( sorry girls) and had to towel dry my hair and glasses before I could see to change. If I’d thought to pick up cigarettes while out I could have avoided a trip in the morning. I’ll have to go early so I don’t miss the postman again.

At lunchtime I had a lamb shank with mashed potatoes, peas and carrots. Very tasty. Then it was time for my afternoon kip. I hadn’t intended too and was quite enjoying a film. When I woke up I wondered how it had become a murder until I understood  I’d missed both an end and a beginning. So, back to work. On a serious note I’m both worried and disgusted with the number of countries who are becoming right-wing. The number where there are signs of anti-Semitism growing again as in the Ukraine and where there is an anti-gay movement . If it’s true that the UK and the US are responsible for the current regime in the Ukraine because the previous Government were not wanting to join the EU then both Governments have a lot to answer for. A number of deaths can be laid at their door already.                                                                      I worked until teatime when I had a bowl of strawberries then watched my quizzes, half an antiques programme and hen a film called ‘Employee of the month’ that made me smile a few times. At 9.00 pm I came through in the hopes of finishing the mail and the blog early. Well that’s not happening.

zebra boy 1

Zebra Boy

Zebra Boy

Tuesday.You remember Julie Andrews singing as she worked her way through an alpine meadow with the von Trapp kids in tow, Idle Swine, Idle Swine every morning you greet me, or words to that effect. Well I checked the bathroom mirror this morning and Idle Swine stared back at me. It was 6.25 am before I got up today and I’d barely been for the stop-start mission before it was time to feed the fish and myself. They got some very boring fish flakes and I got some rather tasty, thick, buttered toast. It was a nice change from my cereal and I was able to use up the last of the weekend’s baps. After taking my drugs I wandered back to my bedroom with the coffee that was going to wake me up. I turned on the machine and got started. Content wasn’t too bad in that no-one was trying to con me first thing and I did get my answering email from Createspace. Their messages were genuine. It seems they’ve been having a problem paying me since January. I followed a different set of directions to the last ones but seemed to end up in the same place. The difficulty is they don’t tell you what the problems are. I had to un-click a couple of things then re-click them in the hope it kick starts whatever isn’t working. If it goes Kaput again I don’t know what I’ll do as changing back to cheques isn’t an option as bank charges will eat up the value.

At  just gone 9.00 am I got dressed and went to replenish the ciggie supplies at Pauline’s. I got fresh baps and my new TV mag while I was there. Then it was home again to work while waiting for the postman. It was getting to be late morning when there was a knock on the front door. I must have been concentrating heavily as I left my seat but not in a good way and came down holding my chest in fright. Another small knock and I went to answer. I could see it was my postie before I opened the door. The parcel I had to sign for was no longer than a cigarette and not much thicker. My Iodine has arrived. Before going through to make my lunch I bared my stomach (look away ladies) and painted a patch about the size of a 50p piece or a 2 cent Australian coin I’m reliably informed. While waiting for it to dry I left my stomach bared and read the brochure that said how important Iodine is to the body and how the chemicals in our water depletes it. Hopefully this will help me chase of the chest before I have to go back to the doctor’s again. I covered the stomach up took a tablet then placed a cottage pie in the micro ( Yes, I know I said I was fed up with them but the shop we went to at the weekend had little choice). I’d just about finished eating when I glances someone cross in front of the window. As best I could I ran to the kitchen with my tray, turned the TV down and went to the front door. There was my wonderful Crazy Cat Lady Helen. Since she’s left the Ivy and doesn’t want to lose touch she’s come to visit. I had no problem opening the door to her and ushering her in. You can’t help but be relaxed in her company. As a ( sort of ) joke she even brought me a packet of ham and two little eggs from her own hens, freshly laid. I gave her the midge fragnet Mike had brought her back from Canada and a box of chocolates as she now misses out. She was with me well over an hour and was a delight. We talked about her crafting and was able to give her two crafting CDroms from Ju’s collection that she didn’t have.

When Helen left I felt quite bereft and had to go straight back to work on the computer. I stayed there most of the afternoon catching up. There was another knock at the door and this time it was my drugs ‘mule’ from the chemist bringing the latest supplies. After I’d signed Rasputin ( who notices) I took the drugs to the kitchen and went to sit down with a film. At just gone 4.30 pm when I had the lap top on my knees and was swearing at it’s lack of speed, I may have been contemplating a quick kip when I heard the sound of the door opening. I couldn’t hear too well and my mind registered nothing but shock until Ugo walked into the room bearing a stern looking Reuben.But lo and behold he smiled at me. I turned the laptop off and took Reuben from Ugo so he could visit the loo, the dance he was doing was quite unseemly. I was able to dodge the grab for the glasses and took him to the mirror which he loves ( talk about vain and Reuben’s no better). Ugo came back and decdided to give Reuben some milk but for some reason his eyes were following me around and his arms opened to indicate a pick up. I did so gladly and Ugo took a walk to the chippie. Ten  minutes later he was back with sausage and chips for me  ( come on, I had to make an effort after he’d bought them) and whatever rubbish he was having in the kebab line. But first he took Reuben back and started to feed him while I ate my tea. Afterwards we swapped so Ugo could eat and I played with Reuben. I made Ugo’s pudding and almost collapsed with shock to find he only wanted ONE chocolate pudding but would take custard with it. They left about 6.00 pm so Reuben would be back for his bedtime. After I’d waved them off it was straight back here playing catch up again. I’d thought about going back through t the lounge for a late episode of The Mentalist but instead settled for an earlier episode of SG1 from 8 – 9.00 pm. Then it was back here for the rest of the night.

Mischief 1

Mischief 1

Destruction accomplished.

Destruction accomplished.



Wednesday. I had an inkling this was not going to be a good day when I opened my eyes at 6.55 am

that’s almost afternoon as far as I’m concerned. Bypassing the computer, I didn’t stop to collect my £200 for passing go but shot straight to the loo and from there to the kitchen.

I fed the fish and at least they couldn’t accuse me of being late. No sign of the assassins at all. I don’t remember them booking holidays just because the weather looks good. I had my meds, made a coffee and had some Shreddies for breakfast. Kitchen duties finished I headed back to the pit and turned the computer on. Wow, 107 messages. I ploughed in and was making good progress when about 9.30 am there was a knock at the door. Because I wasn’t dressed yet I was careful how I appeared but it was only my favourite postman. YAY, my inks. I signed for them and came back to the pit full of the joys of Spring knowing I could now print off the pictures I wanted to do for the frame I have for Yvonne. Bollards ! I opened the package and there were only 3 inks, the fourth would be coming by a separate delivery with no mention as to how long. Deflated I returned to the mail.

By 10.00 am I had finished the first batch and decided not to refresh until I’d dressed and hoovered up. A quick mop of the kitchen floor and I got the Hoover out. I did all through the lounge though it didn’t seem to matter what setting it was on, thick carpet, thin carpet or hard floor I felt sure I could have done a better job just sucking in hard. I know the bag is empty so it’s not that. I set it for thick carpet and assaulted the hall. It seemed to do well on the hard floor but I ended up using it more as a carpet beater in the end. I decided to give my pit a miss as I’d be working in here in a few minutes………. or so I thought. When I got back my modem was showing access-local only which means the internet is down. I turned the modem off and waited the prescribed time before turning back on, no change. I turned the computer off and rebooted, no change. I did everything I could think of but it made no difference, I’m off. The rest of the morning and most of the afternoon I was either in a state of misery or abject fear at knowing how my messages would be accumulating.

At 5.00 pm relief came in the form of my brother Dil and nephew Matt. I’d almost forgotten Dil had told me last week that he was on holiday this week. While I made drinks Matt checked his tablet and said it looked as though TalkTalk was having some problems so the fault might lie at their end. That was some relief as I knew I hadn’t touched the modem with the Hoover while I worked.

Drinks distributed we started play. Two games of Scrabble later and both Dil’s an my chin were on the floor and Matt had conquered us both. Despite some nice little wordplay by me with adit, aglet and qua Matt’s tablet was coming up with words to beat my brain like qi and other little gems.

We turned to Nomination Whist and with a struggle I came joint first with Matt. The boy is on fire tonight. At least in crazy 8’s I won convincingly pushing Matt over the 300 mark before I hit 3 figures and Dil had only just got over the 100. Finally it was Cribbage and through more luck than judgement I managed to cross the line first. Dil said nothing but you could hear the cogs turning so I’ll have to watch my step next week. They left at just gone 9.30 pm so I tidied up , washed the pots and headed for my pit. Still no luck though I tried turning the modem off again for a few minutes then back on. I’m left to wonder whether the modem was upset that I hoovered so close to it. Maybe it was shock at me hoovering at all.

I went to bed very unhappy, picked a book to read about the dark history of some European Kings and Queens though it seemed to be quite lenient with the Titles as Elizabeth Bathory was not a Queen and Giles de Rais was not a King. I think I only read till 11.00 pm before trying to sleep.


Thursday. Much more like usual I woke at 5.52 am but was amazed I’d slept so long with no forays to and from the loo during the night. I didn’t turn the computer on but went straight to the loo checking the modem on my way back. Still nothing. All the lights are on except the internet one.I turned it off as I went past heading for the kitchen. I turned on the tank light and prepared to say “Good Morning” to them all but disaster had struck. Big Bill the circle swimming Angel Fish had finally succumbed to ‘whatever’ and was lying on the bottom of the tank. I cleared the plants and vases from the top and went in with my net to get him. There was some weed about him which came out too and I was quite cross as I’ve been putting something in to kill the weed off. I was annoyed in case he’d got tangled and the lack of motion had caused him to drown. I don’t think it was that however as there didn’t seem to be enough to have stopped him moving. While I was tere I used the net to gather as many snails as I could and as much weed as I could then buried the lot in the dustbin in a plastic cup. There are now 3 bull nosed placs, a small fish with a flashy tail and a small catfish which is completely white with red eyes ( I know there’s a word for it but can’t remember it this morning).

I had my meds then a piece of toast before coming back through, turning the modem back on as I came.Still nothing. I turned the computer on so that I could record the diary entry oherwise I’ll never remember anything. What surprised me was a pop-up saying there are windows updates and the computer would be turned off in ten minutes. I put it off for an hour. How are windows updates getting through if there’s no internet?

YAY. 10.45 am and I’m back up and running. Only 305 messages await in 24 hours !!!!!!! It’s scary. I’ve no choice but to start reading and typing. Some messages I might pay more attention to usually will have to be passed over if I want to finish sometime today. Food, who has time for that? Well, now that you mention it, it’s almost one o’clock and I need it. Yes, another cottage pie but I did have pizza and chips yesterday- comfort food, today it’s speed food. After that it’s back to work and work and work and work. Tonight it’s my 8.00-8.30 Big Bang Theory and then at 10.00 pm my Person of Interest I don’t want to miss those.

I had a real push and got the post down before Big Bang so I didn’t miss it after all but it’s now 9.49 pm and I’m worried about my other prog. Nearly 60 to go and that makes 487 in all today unless I refresh it again……. See you later.

Friday.Ah, much more back to normal today. I didn’t have to beat sleep off with a big stick in the hopes of my internet returning, I managed to finish by 1.00 am and in total it was 532 messages and 2 blog posts. I was up at 4.46 am telling myself that today would be the Queen of Days this week now I can communicate with the outside world again other than by banging on the walls and hoping someone hears me.

My first batch was done by 6.30 am and I decided to give the fish an early treat. They were all there alive and flipping. I picked up my tablet container and realised I needed to refill it as soon as I’d taken this mornings doses so I swallowed those and got out the new drugs and filled the little compartments which took about 20 minutes then had some breakfast. I took my coffee back through to the bedroom about 7.15 am and refreshed. Not too bad, just 37. I managed to keep on top of things so that when 9.15 am came I was able to get dressed and go to the post office with my voting form. The reason for my mini rant earlier in the week was the form contained four far right groups hiding behind new names, The British National Party is known to be right wing fascist and racist but then you have the English Defence League which is an offshoot of the BNP, Put Britain First is another then we have United Kingdom Independence Party which appears to be OK until you see their history and find they were practically founded by people from the BNP who seem to be still there. There is a group called No2EU which is another on that could appeal to people who don’t take the time to check that this is run by the Chairman of the Communist Party of GB.That leaves the LibDems who haven’t earned themselves any trust since they’ve been power sharing with the Conservatives, who themselves have broken promises since they came to power and are treating the disadvantaged, the sick and the vulnerable very badly with benefits changes while giving tax breaks to the wealthy. They had an opportunity to govern fairly but have now probably lost that opportunity. There are the Labour party who are profligate with our money and despite raising taxes ( as always) they borrowed a lot of money and left the UK in heavy debt. Lastly there is Plaid Cymrru the aprty of Wales who can only be elected to serve Wales and not England so that’s a choice England don’t have. If large tax dodging corporations paid their way and if  he tax relief for the wealthy was lowered then the benefit changes wouldn’t need to be made at all.

Whinge over………..I got back from the Post Office to find the internet kaput again. I calmly pulled the rest of the hair from my head and got back down to turn off the modem and take all plugs out, wiggle them ( technical term) and replace them before turning the modem back on. Glory Be, it’s back !! I almost kissed the postman and might have done if he hadn’t looked so shocked, dropped my stuff and run off. Here was the last of my ink. Double YAY. I performed the difficult task of changing all the inks while simultaneously cursing that the ones I was throwing away were new. Then I set to selecting three pictures to print off to fit the triple frame I mentioned earlier in the week. The spaces were 6″ x 4″ so I had to guess their sizes on a couple of A4 sheets of foto paper. I couldn’t have done better. Everything came out so well. Lunch time came and I retired to the kitchen to make a pizza with micro chips, not forgetting the buttered bap. I’d not long finished when I got a text message ‘ On Way’. Fantastic, I had n’t expected Mike to be this early as he was getting here late afternoon the last few occasions.

I made sure the mail was up to date so I’d be free when he got here. So, when he arrived just before 3.00 pm I got the kettle on ready and was almost pouring it as he reached the kitchen. I got my usual (brotherly) kiss and a hug and then he parked his bum and told me about his week. If he left out the bits about nooky it would have taken about ten minutes but he’s had a good week, a better week than me the miserable beggar. We watched a couple of quizzes together answering as we went along then he had something to eat. He washed my hair ( quite difficult for me), I had a shower and then we relaxed again to chat and eventually watch the TV a little more. At 9.00 pm I came through and left him to his own devices. I think I’ve managed to catch up again but still the occasional hicccup with WordPress sites keep asking me to sign in but not carrying comments over.

Saturday. I’m not too unhappy at 5.45 am this morning as it allows me to get a start on the mail. I know Mike’s put his alarm on for 7.00 am as he asked me what time last night and I suggested 6.45 am I stopped him from laughing before he choked. Well, I was doing OK and making good progress when I heard his alarm go off, and off, and off. It was still ringing when I left the bedroom to go to the kitchen to put the kettle on and turn the light on for the fish. I had time to take my two sprays, take all my tablets and put a piece of toast on before the kettle boiled and I made Mike’s coffee. I took it through o his room, put it on the bedside table furthest away and called        ” Coffee’s up Bro”. There were some unintelligible grunts in what I took to be either Polish or maybe High Neptunian for all I know as I left the room to return to my toast. It was about 5 mins later I heard the slither of his feet and the clicking of his nails on the laminate floor of the lounge. I must remember to get the vet to file those nails down or at least get Mike to stand upright and keep his hands off the floor. 

I went about emptying bins and writing a note in  large black crayon asking the food waste wagon to leave me some new bags as the previous one foot square note must have been too small for them to see. I have 2 bins and up to 4 bags to sort on a Saturday. Some places have an extra bin for garden waste too. There’s no room to leave the driveway on a Saturday. It was almost 7.30 am as I went back in the house and found a fully compost mental human being ready to converse . By 7.50 am we were actually leaving the house and I had only left 14 messages undone. We drove ( well technically HE drove but he says I do a good job of trying to from the passenger seat so I’m counting that a a win) to the big ASDA to shop and yet again I was lucky enough to find some nice things for Reuben. Oh, I did manage to pick up some food too. We had a drink before we left as I was so dry but I had to give up before the end as I’d chosen one of those iced coffees and was on the brink of brain freeze. We  OK, HE drove to Flint where after buying some chocolates we had another drink but this time in Temptations where I was greeted nicely by Daniel as Mike shot straight past and headed for the loo. Ceri appeared and we had nice words before Mike came back and brought all conversation back to gutter level as he chatted her up and teased her. From there we went to the frozen food shop and stocked up on ice lollies.

On the way home to unpack I arranged to meet my niece Karen in Llandudno while Mike visits our friend Brian and his new dog. It’s Karen’s birthday this week and I wanted to get a little gift to her in time. So, after unpacking we were off again. You could tell how nice the weather is from the volume of traffic so the journey was almost an hour. Mike dropped me off in front of another ASDA and left. Plucking up my courage I went inside and headed for the cafe. It was great to see her arrive and the hug was fantastic.Big shock, half a minute later Joanne her sister arrived and I got double the dose. We had lunch and then went round the shops finding a birthday gift for my nephew Lee James. Joanne had to leave to go to work about 2.00 pm but Karen being a veteran shopper stuck with me. Eventually we’d walked as far as we could and I let Mike know I was ready whenever he was. He was there in less than ten minutes. I hugged Karen goodbye and got into Mike’s car. He drove us home. It was about 4.30 pm when we got home. I made Mike a coffee, sat him in front of the TV where football was on and came to look at my mail. It’s as well his ear trumpet wasn’t handy to hear my choice language. I stayed hard at it until 6.45 pm when I needed a break and went through to the lounge. Still  *****y football! I watched a programme with him and was going to come back through at 9.00 pm when I saw the start of an X-Men film so I delayed my start by half an hour. I’ve been at it continuously since then with messages and blog. I hope you’ve all had a good week.

Don’t forget if there’s a particular record you want me to play that shows your taste of means something to you, Shout out.

Be Upstanding

Be Upstanding


Caught Upstanding

Caught Upstanding


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47 responses to “Sunday bloody Sunday & ISP Wails in Wales.

  1. When even the fish turn away from you and hide, that’s a rough start to the day. But you always survive , and even find humor, and when you have a funny little zebra-clad Rueben, how much better can it be? Many hugs to you, David; have a great weekend!

    • I think I must have overdosed on Gloria Gaynor at some time Marylin, now I just keep bouncing back, and yes the Zebra helps.
      Sending Humungus Hugs to you and wishing you a Wonderful Sunday..

  2. Wow, that was a blast from the past. When I was a little girl, I used to go around singing “Build Me Up Buttercup.” I just liked the word buttercup, but I knew most of the words. 🙂
    Maybe you have a career change ahead, translating High Neptunian…
    And Reuben is dashing in his animal print.
    Wishing you a good night. Sleep tight. Mega-hugs!

    • I just appointed myself Ambassador to Neptune Teagan so the career change is working out well. No pay cheques so far though.
      The zebra print looked good on Reuben but I hope he doesn’t adopt it as his signature as an adult.
      Had a great night thank you. I hope you have a Great Sunday sweetie,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. I’m sorry about Big Bill. I know you will miss his circular swimming. Hugs again.

  4. It does sound like the gremlins have been visiting your technology! So frustrating when that happens. Hope all is well again. Zebra boy is darling! xx

    • All is not as it should be yet Ardys but at least I can get on the net now. At least I won’t have to worry the barber for a while.
      The little Zebra is a cutie.
      xxx Huge Hugs to you xxx

  5. You build me up, Buttercup, with the videos–some of which I’m not familiar with, and of course the little one… Look how proud he is to be standing! Wishing you a joyful week, David. Hugs.

    • I hope some of the videos came as a nice reminder Mary J. A real ‘Blast from the Past’.
      Reuben was standing before crawling much to everyone’s surprise but the crawl is now definitely on.Every precious object about to be raised up high.
      I hope you have a Wonderful Sunday followed by a great week.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

  6. Glad you got the internet back, we are all so reliant on it these days.

  7. ‘…..put the last bean in the bin’ and then a Kit-Kat. Oh you do crack me up, David. Glad your intrawebby problems are now sorted out, what a relief. Have a good week. Muchos Huggos from Espana XXXXX

    • I’m happy to know you get the odd chuckle or just a smile Lottie. I’m lost without my interwebby which keeps me in touch with all my wonderful friends.
      Hope you have a Great Week with fantastic weather.
      Muchos Cwtch in return from a sunny Cymru. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Several years ago, a writer complained to me that she received ‘over a hundred e-mails a day.’ Well, I guess yor astonishing result reflects your popularity. 🙂
    xxx Biggest Hugs xxx

  9. I really should eat before I read your posts, David. Your meals (in particular, the ones where you’re “forced” to eat delicious things not encouraged by physicians) have me wishing I could lick the screen clean.
    Have a good week! xxoo

    • Yes, it’s a horror for me too. I’m force fed them, then I have to write about it and then you remind me I’ve written about it and I also end up wanting to lick the screen.
      Hope you have a Wonderful Week too. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. You’re back! Lovely to see you’re up and running again. Have a great week. x

    • Thanks so much Elaine. I didn’t enjoy my little sojourn away with no-one to speak to. Or the mounting emails I couldn’t get at.It’s good to be back.
      Have a Magic Week. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  11. Hi David,
    It is always fun to read the story of your week. Sorry this particular week had so much computer frustration. That can just set everything off kilter for those of us who like to stay connected online.

    Your grandson is the cutest little guy. I wish I could see his darling smile in person. He looks like he radiates joy…and mischief!

    Peace and love and hugs to you!!

    • Hey ho Jan, that’s life and most of us have had the glitches. As long as I made it back for what I hope is the weekly smile. I’m lost without contact though since the fish aren’t very good company.
      Oh yes, Reuben is a little imp but can light up a room like he does my life.
      I wish you Peace, Love and Extra Special Hugs xxxx

  12. Michael

    If your planning on having my nails sorted without any form of aneasthetic ….i’m Not coming ….so there!!!!!

  13. I hate it when I think I’ve done something – like Hoover at the same time the modem goes on the blink. I doubt myself and think it must have been me, even if that only makes the slightest bit of sense, and faff around trying to fix something that’s out of my control. Anyhoo, I’m pleased it wasn’t you and is sorted.
    I was hoping to hear of pleasant spring weather your way rather than a spring drenching but at least you still have that little ray of sunshine, Reuben.
    I’m sad about Big Bill, you become accustomed to company even of a fish. But I’m pleased you had visitors to brighten your week, even if having to consider the options and vote took the shine off it somewhat,

    • I’m still not convinced the problem wasn’t me though I know I touched nothing with the hoover ( including the floor by the looks of it). I’m still having problems between wordpress and chrome though they seem to be less. A lot of ‘Data not received’ notices when I try to go into some sites.
      Plenty of sunshine the latter half of the week including the hottest day so far, which is probably like Winter for you.My fingers are crossed for it lasting.
      With luck I’ll spend the day with my little ray of sunshine tomorrow, maybe playing in the park.
      It is a shame about Big Bill bit he’s hung on for much longer than I expected and you’re right, he’s been company even though you can’t tell when you’re being ignored since he turns his back on you every 10 seconds or so.
      Have a Wonderful Week. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. Nice to hear you can still get Shreddies. They used to be my favourites 🙂

  15. laurie27wsmith

    Rueben’s looking chipper there David. he’ll be running before you know it. I have to say you’re a funny bugger mate, some of those off the cuff lines you come up with. I’m hearing your pain with the Epson printer. I wanted to print out some forms the other day. Well, if you’re out of one colour it won’t print black. If you have one with a scanner it won’t let you scan neither. Crazy. I have a ton of black left and when I replace the colours and use them it’s going to the recycle bin. I’ll get a Brother laser printer for any black and use the department stores for printing out my photos, it’s cheaper anyway. Do you know that if you wanted to buy a litre of ink, and bought it by the cartridge it would cost you about $1400. Bloody rip off, they must have a Nigerian banker running the show. Iodine, we paint it on now and then, about the size of a matchbox. if it disappears within the day it means your body is deficient. Iodine used to be put in bread out here, because the land is deficient (Australia has been above sea level longer than any other continent) now they put bromide in. Crazy. A great post again David, good to see that you’re doing well. Take care Mate, hugs,

    • Don’t have him running for heaven’s sake Laurie. I can’t get to grips with the crawling and he moves faster than me. I love Epson printers usually but this one was driving me batty- until I eventually realised I was trying to put inks in from another model !! I got new inks and now all is well. Sounds like you should have been writing my blog and describing your bad time with one.
      I’d never heard of the iodine thing over here until my friend ACFlory told me. I just wish you’d make up your minds though, she says the size of a large coin and you sat a matchbox. Corners or no corners that is the question ( in my Richard of York voice). It’s certainly being absorbed within 24 hours.
      I’m glad you like some of the off the cuff lines though I’d say you’re good competition.
      Thanks for dropping in Laurie. Keep well please. Hugs

      • laurie27wsmith

        Wrong size eh? Now that’s no good at all David. I read about the iodine and the dosage said a matchbox size (corners on or off) If it’s being absorbed like that then you need it, when it stays after 24 hrs then you have enough for now. You thought we didn’t notice your little asides and snippets of humour did you? I’ll take care, you too David and feed the fish. Hugs from Laurie.

      • I’d completely forgotten that I’d swapped printers and was using Ju’s. The inks look exactly the same too. Still, up and running now and I’m sure the red face will disappear eventually.
        The iodine must still be needed as it’s being absorbed, either that or soaked up by my clothing. lol Yes, I thought I’d got away without the little asides being noticed, most people don’t mention them.
        Heck, you sound like the Mafia telling me to feed the fishes, I hope I don’t get a cement overcoat to help me !
        I will try and take care Laurie, but I’m expecting good health reports from you now. Hugs, David

      • laurie27wsmith

        I bit the bullet today and bought a Fuji Xerox monochrome printer, an extra toner refill and 5 packs of paper for $109. So I can print black anytime I want, be good for the manuscripts. Keep the asides coming David, they’re little gems. ‘Hey David, we’ll feed the fishes but don’t tell the mob from tother side of Barsetshire.’ Or make them an offer they can’t understand. 🙂 A friend’s 10 year old son conned me out of some money last year, (if it were my kid I would have clipped him)I told him if he didn’t reimburse the money I’d come around and put his feet in buckets of cement, then drop him in the river. He paid up in three weeks. Plenty of hugs David.

      • That sounds like a great buy Laurie. Wouldn’t be difficult to make an offer they can’t understand to that lot, I told them they’ve been taken over by Spain since the Brits took over Torremelinos so they’re all learning Spanish now. #
        I’d agree with you, if I found out my son had ripped anybody off, but especially a friend, he’d get a clip round his ear or somewhere.I’m glad you got it back. Obviously the threat worked a treat.
        This morning before I went out early I checked the forecast. Pouring rain so I put on my long duster coat. Naturally it’s been glorious. I sat on the bus with steam rising off me and think I’ve lost a couple of pounds at the sauna
        Hugs Laurie.

      • laurie27wsmith

        I can see them all walking around with headsets on learning Spanish on a cd. 🙂 I was quite disappointed about the lad. I took him to the market, he reckoned he’d left his money at home and could he borrow $30. The thing that got me was he smirked when we got back and said he didn’t have it. GRR! Mate, I feel your pain, one: the weather bloke got it wrong, Two: Sitting there like a par boiled sausage in your duster. A couple of hugs will fix that old son.

      • You’re a real gent Laurie. Thanks mate. I’m fine now.

      • laurie27wsmith

        A gent indeed David. Glad to hear it, take care and feel the hugs. 😉

  16. It appears that these Nigerians will stop at nothing to get your money. Hope the iodine works out. Sorry to hear about the Epson printer. Printers can be a nightmare. The ink gets incredibly expensive. I have a Kodak now, which is the cheapest for ink.

    • I’m pretty convinced someone is making a fortune selling my email address to Nigeria. Now I come to think of it, my son in law is saving for a new car….
      The iodine cure must be quite common in Australia as someone else recommended it today.
      I openly confess it wasn’t the printer’s fault !! Now I’ve actually got the right inks for it, it works fine. And the inks, a full set on ebay for £3.45 inc postage.I take back anything I may inadvertently have said about Epson whilst under the influence of terminal stupidity.
      Keep Well.

  17. Maggie Thom

    Printers are fun these days, the ink is so expensive. I used to fill my own cartridges but find the printers don’t respond well to that anymore. Glad you got you new inks and was able to get your picture printed. Sounds like you had some great visits this week. I hope your heavy rains aren’t a daily thing? Take care. Hugs. Have a great week.

    • I confess that the inks ( now I got the right ones) were really cheap this time. They’r e not the proper ones of course but they did a great job on the photographs I did.The visits were good, I’ve stopped talking to myself as much now.
      The rain has stayed away quite well recently but last night’s storm was a cracker, still the gardens needed it.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs your way xxx

  18. Hello David, how you doing? I really need to eat my dinner before I read your posts, but you do give me ideas on what I want to eat!
    I totally agree, I cant believe how much ink costs these days. I dread printing a sheet of paper and seeing random colour patterns, always alot more costly then the last time.
    Reubin looks so cute in his zebra onesie, he is growing to be such a beautiful little boy! Very photogenic.
    Hope you keeping yourself well, and I will eat next time I read your next post!!

    • Hi Kim, I hope my Southid friends are well and happy. This Gog is doing fine. I should be giving you ideas on what NOT to eat if you want to avoid diabetes and a stomach bigger than the Rock of Gibralter. Very hard to resist sometimes though.
      The proper Epson inks were a King’s ransom but I also bought some compatibles and they were cheap. They were also great quality so I was pleasantly surprise how well a photo came out.
      I love that onesie on Reuben, it’s just him. He is quite photogenic but e’s also a right poser.
      Keep well Sweetie, xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. Kourtney Heintz

    I hate those con artist emails. Despicable. Even when they aren’t true, it’s horrible to think of human beings trying to manipulate your emotions with the tragedy of cancer. 😦

    • There are some people out there without a shred of conscience Kourtney. I pity them in some ways for the loss of their humanity. If they’re poor I help when I can but I hate being conned.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. So happy you have ISP restored. It feels really weird when you lose access like that. Within the past year or two we actually had a 3-day ordeal with Time-Warner cable going out. That they couldn’t find an appt to send someone for up to 5 days was complete b.s. so I fired ’em. But, in the meantime, we are here without access to internet OR t.v. Well the world could have ended; may as well have, too! Ugh! Felt like we were stranded on Mars! We actually had to get by on each other’s company! And we didn’t kill each other, fancy that! 😉
    Loved the tunes, again, as they are amongst my old faves. Never saw ABC video before now. Wished I hadn’t. LOL! It messes the song up now, thinking of the oddities taking place in the video…
    Reuben is such a little cutie! Sure is growing! xxxMassive hugs xxx Mousie and CJ

    • I was delighted to have the Internet back. If I’d had to go 5 days like you I don’t know what I’d have done except it wouldn’t involve answering emails. I think knitting my hair into baskets to catch the dawn might have been part of it, wearing a strait jacket the rest.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the tunes but such a shame you didn’t like the ABC video which I always thought was great fun.
      Reuben is a cutie and I think he’ll have that title the rest of his life. Look out ladies, he’s growing fast.
      xxx Hugs without end. xxxxxxxx

  21. Ah, David, you poor dear. You have one of those uninvited and unwanted guests too? My malevolent spirit moved into my kitchen years ago and although I’ve tried everything to get rid of her, she’s made herself completely at home and there’s no routing her. But I keep trying. 😉 Have a lovely day. ((HUGS)) Elizabeth.

    • Hello Elizabeth. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes ( who could miss it) I wouldn’t have believed there could be a spirit dedicated to expanding the waistline.Unfortunately she did a good job on me before I became aware of her.I now have clothes made by a tent maker.
      Keep trying to get rid of her, I’m sure you’ll be more successful than I/
      Have a Great Weekend. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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