Voice from My Boots & Welcome to Rapid Wrap.

Sunday 6th Dec.
I managed to finish last night, get to bed for a read and have my light out for 1.00 am. I was tired. This morning I was up at 4.03 am and yes it was another day where I had to repeat the system restore. I wish there was a way to stop it happening, it just wasted so much time. I went to my gmail and was surprised to find so much new mail so early but of course the blog had gone out so there were comments to read.Wonderful, thank you.  I worked till 5.45 am then went to the kitchen for breakfast and meds. I was going to add tap dancing lessons but kept falling in the sink. When I returned with my coffee all was wonderful, I looked and there were just four pieces of new mail. I started doing one of them. As I finished and clicked delete all hell broke loose. The three grew to 52, 71, 87, 97, 104 then I stopped breathing, decided I was really tired and fazed out for ten minutes.

When I came back it wasn’t a dream. They were there. Drat. I had to make a start. By 8.30 am I was flagging badly and at 8.40 am knew I either lay down or fell down. I chose the former and was out like a light. I heard a sound and woke. My clock said 9.20 am and I realised Mike was up. How or why I don’t know but my fingers were crossed it didn’t involve washing sheets. I didn’t go straight through as masochistic as I am I wanted to see where I stood now. Look at it this way I should get a lot taller. Mike came through to say he’d seen me sleeping ( and heard me snoring but that’s just hearsay) and was going to leave me. I wondered why he’d had to practice the drums that woke me then. I dried my tears and went back in with him in case he couldn’t find the kitchen to make his own drink.                                                                                                        I let Joey out of his cage and saw to fresh seed and water then Mike and I just sat and talked about what I wanted from life. He ruled out a set of traffic lights in the hallway. There were some problems deciding who wanted to do what today. He knew if we stayed in I’d be on the computer so that was a no-no but he wasn’t prepared to come up with suggestions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I reminded him that he wanted to get some Maple Syrup for his son ( a reasonable exchange I suppose)( Sorry Anton, you know I love you really) but we both knew there was a problem finding it last time so I suggested we start at Tesco’s ( because it’s very close) and he said “Great, let’s go to the one at Broughton Park.”                                            By the time we’d got dressed and I’d laughed my socks off at Mike trying to get into the jeans we’d bought yesterday, a size bigger that he’s worn for 12 months., it was getting towards 11.30 am. We set off and were in Broughton around midday.

When we’d (well him really as I don’t drive remember) parked up at Broughton we went into Tesco’s and did manage to find some Maple Syrup. I picked up a couple of other things from the food aisles but nothing important. We took a look upstairs at the sale goods in the men’s section but nothing stood out. Finally at getting on towards 1.00 pm we left ( sorry, we PAID and left, I don’t want a knock on the door from the police) and walked over towards the restaurants. Mr difficult as usual didn’t make it easy and most of them were closed before he’d decided where he wanted to eat. In the end the choice came down to one that we found really was closed, a pizza place or Frankie and Benny’s. The latter was the one we chose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Being seated wasn’t a problem and neither was ordering drinks. When the drinks arrived we were ready to order and it was at that point they chose to warn us the wait was 15 to 20 minutes. I needed to know for my tablet so I ordered and said I’d wait ten minuted and then take the pre-foodie. It turned out the wait was 35 minutes and I’d already had my tabs 25 minutes before the food came. I took the blame as they’d been looking for my gammon steak. Mike thought they’d been looking for the pig. Mike got another coffee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The meal was nice. Freshly cooked and warm and quite tasty but with a bill at the end of coppers short of £40 I didn’t see a meal that was worth that. My full Sunday roast in Prestatyn is only a little over £20 for the two of us including drinks and cheaper than that at less than £20 at the Bells of St.Mary’s.  Still, we were out somewhere different and afterwards seeing some different shops.

It was 3.40 pm before we left for home and the rollocking we knew we’d get from Joey for leaving him alone for so long, and in the dark. Oh sorry, did I say we’d get? Only someone didn’t put himself in the line of fire for that and instead grabbed his bags ready to drive home. I left the lounge light on for Joey and did speak to him a little but departed for the disaster zone as soon as possible. I could hear Joey through the door…… 6 inches of solid oak with a vacuum seal. I worked from 4.15 pm to 6.00 pm then went to have some tea and a serious talk with Joey. Sit down before I tell you……..I had an apple. I rewatched Bruce Almighty because I like Morgan Freeman then at 8.00 pm came back through. I had to keep going until  the backlog was all gone. 9.46 pm. Then I started the blog a little early and voila, it’s 10.55 pm and I can clear whatever else has come in and get an early nigh ready to be MuJo’d tomorrow.

Mischief planning

Mischief planning

Monday 7th Dec.

The day started with a disaster of the ‘I’m pulling my hair out’ proportions. I got up at 3.37 am and after my visit to the Pee Palazzo I came back to power up and log in.         ( Sounds like something a superhero says.)  I got the usual ‘not responsing’ message do you want to ‘wait or kill’ I had a pretty good idea of my preference at that point. I did a system restore as I’ve had to all this week but it didn’t work. Knowing it had worked up to midnight yesterday I tried another restore using that as the time but no joy at all. I tried waiting, that didn’t work, I tried killing and it wasn’ t interested. I don’t know how many times I tried. At 5.15 am I went through to the kitchen and took my meds and had breakfast. For a certain Aussie who isn’t keen on my diet, I had a banana. How’s that for progress. I brought a coffee back with me to keep trying.

It was just before 8.05 am I checked back to when the problem first started and found it was after a Microsoft update on 3rd Dec. In desperation I did a system restore back to 2nd Dec and tried that. It worked. I started rethreading my hair. My fingers are crossed it will work tomorrow morning now. I only had until 9.00 am to scratch the surface of the mail as I needed to go to the chemist with a repeat prescription request and the Post Office with a card for Germany. When I got back I had to sooth the ruffled feathers of a budgie who sought release and didn’t have it. I let him free, spoke to him a bit and came back to work. The Postman came at 10.00 am with the remote plugs I’d ordered . Then I had to text Bev to let her know I wouldn’t be in if she called. She replied to say she’d just called and it was OK. I hadn’t heard her at the door and was in the kitchen doing Ju’s flowers we’d forgotten yesterday. I apologised.                                                                                                                                                                                                    I hadn’t finished the flowers when MuJo arrived so they had to hang on a few minutes for drinks. We chatted as I worked. As usual  being Brits it was about the weather but flippin ‘eck, there’s been something to talk about recently. I finished up and saw to drinks and passed Mu a couple of little gifts I’d picked up.

At 11.30 am we went out and headed for town. Mu wanted the main Post Office and John the charity shops before we all went for lunch. After we’d eaten Mu bought something in Iceland and we dropped it off to go in my freezer as we were heading for Flint. They’re getting some of their Christmas meat early to be sure it doesn’t disappear. Then we headed for a Supermarket in Flint where I bought chocs for Temptations and then we went to Tempies itself. John had an orange juice and a cake to save for later. I ordered Mu a chocolate Indulgence that had whipped cream and marshmallows toppling from a great height, she also had a cake today. I got my latte. Afterwards we did a few shops then came home.

They left for home about 4.00 pm so I was able to get to work. I did as much as I could before 6.00 pm then had my Eggheads. I came back to work at 6.30 pm until 8.00 pm then skived for two hours. The first hour was a programme on the Cathars in whom I’m very interested. The second was a DIY SOS where I even had to pass Joey a tissue. Then night night Joey as I came back through to do the blog. I still haven’t managed to do half the mail. I’m taking Yvonne’s birthday prezzies tomorrow so it’ll be no better then.

I’m going to show a photograph now but it’s for the attention of my friend Merril so please no-one else look at it as it’s a secret.

The Afro days.

The Afro days.

OK, now it’s the photo for you lot.

A mighty roar.

A mighty roar.

Tuesday 8th Dec.

Yesterday had a disastrous start while today’s was just strange. I woke at 2.55 am sitting in my office chair with the computer already on just waiting for me to sign in. It wasn’t as though I’d sat down on my way back from a loo trip either since I found that was the first thing I needed. The second thing I needed was a brass band. I wanted to celebrate actually getting on the web today. My fix of yesterday had worked. I’m for hire Microsoft .                                                                                                                                               By 4.42 I was clear and hopefully could keep on top of anything coming in except the 6.10 am deluge. I had to be out of the house by 7.30 am to catch my bus.I went through and took my meds and had some breakfast, cornflakes today.                                                                                                                                                                                                               When I came back from breakfast I got dressed. I’m getting quite grown up now remembering which sock goes on which foot without help.  Damn, I got it wrong.

I worked until 7.10 m which was as late as I dared before getting my shoes and coat on. Then grabbing my crutches and the two big bags for Yvonne I made my way slowly to the bus stop. It was just as well I’d left when I did as I was getting towards the bus stop when the bus went past. Not so far that it would miss me and leave without me. What was a surprise was that it didn’t stop to let me on. As I got there the reason became apparent, Howard wasn’t driving. I asked if he was on holiday again only to be told he left the company last week to start with a different company who don’t have buses on my route.                                                                                                                                                     For most of the journey I nodded so it was over quite quickly. I walked towards where my deadly duo would normally appear until they came into sight. My poor baby was walking so badly after her fall I really don’t know why she came out.  I hugged her and wished her a Happy Birthday (Penblwydd Hapus). I gave Roobs a kiss on his forehead as that’s what he offered and he’s too low to bend further. I was taken aback with the clarity of his speech and sentence structure, ” Hello Pops, are you alright?” Yvonne asked what I wanted to do first and I just said LOO to which she  replied “And me” so we went into the Nero coffee house near to where we were.                                        Over coffee Yvonne opened her prezzies and was thrilled. We had the usual argy-bargy about money inside her card but I put on my best “Do as you’re told, I’m your Daddy” voice from my boots and for once I think it worked. She loved her watch. Mike had got her a great knitting kit and she really chuckled at it.

We went from there to our usual shop where I couldn’t stop my hand grabbing a jacket in the sales and rushing off with it. No good, they made me come back and pay for it. Yvonne picked up a couple of things for the baby  having roped Reuben to the pushchair and then we moved on. The next shop had toys. Roobs had a new one, a wolf,from before they met me but of course he wanted every other toy in this place and was willing to leave the previously chosen toy behind. I dis a Cassandra and predicted tears before bedtime but in fact only had to wait about two minutes. The not so convincing tears along with the I wants came along and were largely ignored. The screams that followed weren’t. Luckily I’d brought him chocolate this morning. Pops learns.                                                                                                                                                                                             We moved to another shop where the protests weren’t as bad and then finally thinking Yvonne had suffered enough we went to a Supermarket where we could have coffee and where I could buy Yvonne a birthday cake. Stupidly we let Reuben off the leash and he delighted in going too far pushing his poor Mum to her limits. Not coming when called and knowingly going out of sight. You can really see why it’s called the Terrible Twos.                                                                                                                                                                 It was time for my bus so we ambled off to the stop where I didn’t have long to  wait. I was allowed to kiss Reuben but only on the forehead again though I did get a little wave too. After huge hugs from Yvonne I told her to head home and got on my bus. I nodded most of the way back again and when we arrived I stopped at Pauline’s.

Once at home I put stuff in the freezer then went through to let Joey out and see to my lunch. As I was so worried about my mail I made a chips and curry sauce and chatted to Joey as I ate. Once I’d washed up I went through to my bedroom and opened the mail. OUCH. I started work. That was about 1.30 pm. I stopped at 2.15 pm to see a series I’m watching (hah) then slept through about half of it. I never found out who dunnit. Back to work until 5.45 pm I managed to clear a lot but nowhere near enough. I started watching the last few minutes of my quiz but Joey wanted one on one time. We talked. I explained about work and managed to negotiate some TV time too.                 Back to work  at 6.30 pm to 8.00  pm and I managed to get the mail right down at that point. At 9.15 am when I came back through the mail didn’t seem so scary and I managed to clear it before starting on the blog. It could be my lucky night.

12 months ago. The BEST Father Christmas.

12 months ago. The BEST Father Christmas.

In memory of John Lennon who died 35 years ago today. This is one dream we shared and I still hope for.

Wednesday 9th Dec.

I want to find a time loop and go back to start this day again. If anyone has a Delorean they don’t want……….                                                                                                                                 I woke at 5.40 am sitting in my chair in the lounge. I had my dressing gown on and I’d put my cigarettes and lighter in the pocket but strangely enough, not my inhalor. I could say I was confused for a minute but it would only partly be true as I’m still confused now. I have no recollection of getting up and no knowledge of a reason why. To be honest I don’t even remember any trips to the loo after my light went off at 1.00 am.

So late it made sense as I was already in the right direction to go and take my meds and have some breakfast. For some reason I settled on my cold toast again  which I couldn’t finish today so a round and a half of bread doesn’t seem too bad does it?                                                                                                                                                                                           When I’d finished I went straight to my room and powered up the computer and signed in. It was gone 6.10 am so I expected problems but not what I got. Yet again trying to get onto the net brought up the message that it was unavailable would I like to kill or wait. I tried a wait. I tried a kill. In the end I had X out of it. I tried again a couple of times but nothing had changed. I rebooted and it was still stubbornly keeping me out. In the end I had to resort to system restore and I had to try that twice. It worked very slowly but when it came back up and I signed in, everything was hunky dory. It was 7.40 am at this point and since I was bald from the last time it happened I started depilating my legs instead …ladies you have my sympathy. As that celebrated poet said ‘ It’s The Pain Wot Keeps me Sane’ (David ap Rosser 2015).

The post level was alarmingly high but since there was no handy bridge to jump off I just ploughed into it. I ploughed up until 12.45 pm. That was when I reached the point where all mail had been seen to. I was aware that I created a problem for myself after answering someone posting of a poem with one of my own that I wrote there and then. Stupidly I posted it to my Buthidar’s blog as I thought it relevant to a few other posts I’d seen. This meant of course that people would read it and create more mail. Could I possibly be any more stupid? Probably, but let’s not go there eh. During the morning I received my 5th Christmas card and when I took a short break with Joey, I actually started my wrapping ( alone since none of you volunteered). There was also a knock at the doorbell and Rosetta the Postmistress had kindly brought me some mince pies and other cake she’d made. Aren’t people capable of such kindness.

I had a lamb hock and some boiled potatoes for lunch with mixed veg. It was nice and Joey was glad of the company. It only lasted about half an hour though before I was back here working. I promised him I’d return at 2.15 pm which promise I kept.I stayed there listening to him for just about the time it took (coincidentally) to watch The Dr Blake Mysteries, an excellent Australian series. After that I apologised and returned to work at 3.10 pm. I could only work until 4.15 pm as I wanted to prepare something before Dil arrived. As the time came I got my ladders out and put up a wire with a light bulb holder on it. It has an expanding grip on it for things like headboards. There’s a small vent in the ceiling which I attached it to then added a bulb. Down below at the plug end I inserted one of my remote plugs and then added the light plug to it. On test with the remote it worked fine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I was finished in time. I saw Dil  approach a few minutes later and waited until I heard the front door open. As soon as it was, I clicked the remote from inside the lounge and turned the light on in the hall so he could see coming through. He grinned as he entered and said I’d been having fun with my remote again. Then I was able to say I’d bought him a prezzie and give him the set I’d got him with twin remotes so he can leave them in two separate rooms if he wants. It will be a boon for his back. He knows his wife has got him a sound bar for Christmas and says he’ll have to move the TV etc then so that’s a perfect opportunity to fit the plugs.                                                                               I made him his cuppa rosie lea (tea) and we settled to the last of Flog It and then watched our quiz. The moment that was over battle commenced.                                                      The first game of Yahtzee I lost 4-2  and the more we played the saltier my  language got, especially when issuing threats. The second game went better and it  was 2-2 at which point I said “Well, I need to win the next two now for honours even”. He smirked. But with the help of some very kind dice giving me some lovely Yahtzees the smirk was wiped from his  face. That game, 4-2 to me so 6 all at the end. Couldn’t be better ( except 7-5 to me).                                                                                                                                          Out came the Trivial Pursuit Centenary Edition. It was a real chase today. I can claim I filled my dish first with the segments I needed but I struggled to reach the middle. We were doing a lot of laughing as whoever compiled the questions seemed to have a fixation on surveys and mainly done in 1997. It got to a point we didn’t even name the year. Anyway, time getting on and Dil reached the middle and got his question right so he came out ahead this week. I must memorise the answers for next week.

After Dil had left by the light of the new lamp of course I tidied up, washed the pots, took my meds and then locked Joey in as I wished him goodnight. I came through to deal with outstanding mail (67) and the blog. I should be in bed for midnight. I wonder if I should strap myself in tonight. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could learn to sleep wrap my gifts.

Live Long and Prosper Mr Spock.

Live Long and Prosper Mr Spock.

Thursday 10th Dec

I was in bed for midnight and only read for half an hour before turning off the light. I decided against tying myself down in case the need for the loo was urgent. There was no early call for the loo but there was an early call. There I was at 1.53 am wide awake and working. By 3.03am I’d finished the outstanding mail in my box and was back to wrapping presents.Since I made the space to do it on my bed I was able to stop and answer any mail that came in.                                                                                                                         About 5.45 am I stopped to take my meds, have breakfast and make a cup of coffee. The horror when I found just one saccharine in the box, I might have to have real sugar (Yay). But no, I found another box of the damn things lifesavers. I came back with my coffee at 6.15 am and it didn’t look like the bomb had dropped at first, just 14 waiting. But after I’d done that first one the post box filled right up. 107 now, 111 next until it rose to 118 with me working as they came.                                                                         I’d made a real dent by the time 9.00 am arrived but I needed to go out to Pauline’s to renew my lottery tickets and get some shopping . When I got back I released Joey from captivity then carried on working. I couldn’t even have my Homes Under the Hammer today and I don’t think Joey is impressed.

Around 11.00 am I found a half of an hour to spend with Joey, cleaning the cage, getting fresh millet, food and water in. He obliged me by coming out so I could get on with it. I had another half hour at work then went to the chippie to get lunch. I could sit with it on my knee and have Bargain Hunt. I couldn’t finish the meal, if that was a small chips I dread to think what the normal or large portions are like. I washed the pots and settled for the auction. Big Mistake ! I was gone from about 12.50 pm to almost 2.00 pm.  I returned to work dreading what I’d see but there were only 43 in the box. Time to start work and solve a murder on the side, oh wait a minute, that was Dr Lucien Blake not me. I must have veered off course to watch it.  I finish the last email for now and decide to take a break, It was almost 4.30 pm so I felt no guilt. I started with Flog It, Joey likes the music, then came the two quizzes the second of which I dropped off in but just for about ten minutes. Joey went quiet.                                                               6.30 pm saw me back in my room on catch up, I was only destined to be there till 8.00 pm though as Thursday is new Big Bang night which was to be followed by The Last Kingdom at 9.00 pm which in turn was to be followed by a very fast sprint to my room for the blog and any remaining mail. No more wrapping tonight.

Mike walked in at about 9.15 am and I missed part of my programme answering “Who’s that and what did he do” questions about it. I gave him a coffee and tried ignoring both him  and the bird. As it ended I went to the kitchen and took my evening meds intending to go back to work. Mike had other ideas as he’d brought along another set of light for me to put in the hall. This time to be attached to the skirting boards and look like landing lights. Luckily they didn’t take too long to set up and should surprise Dil when he arrives next week. So much for my hard work the other day. Anyone in the market for a second hand lamp socket with a clamp for a bedhead? Only one previous owner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For some reason when I reached my room I started on the mail first so I persevered and cleared it by 11.20  pm. I’m writing quickly so I can get to bed by midnight.

Friday 11th Dec.

In bed midnight, light off 1.00 am. I woke at 5.15 am in exactly the same place I went to bed. What’s going on? There seems to be no consistency to this plot to send me ga-ga. Or perhaps it’s because Mike was here last night and they wanted no witness to their plans. Not that even the god’s could have woken him up given how many problems I have. Anyway, I went straight through to take my meds and then do the tablet trays for another week. Once that was done I took a pre-foodie, smoked a cigarette to help with timing and then had some cereal for breakfast. Yes, they still shake, rattle and roll snap, crackle and pop as they used too. Things took a turn for the worse when it came to doing coffee. I pierced the top of the pod before it was in exactly the right place. When the water came it was leaking everywhere and discharging coffee ground too. I had to move the machine while still going and mop up with copious amounts of kitchen roll. There was about an inch of coffee left in my mug and I’d have been chewing it. I returned to ‘The Office’ with a Pepsi Max, always my drink of the day.

I almost died of shock when Mike came through at 9.10 am. I finished a couple of messages and joined him in the lounge. Just after half past ( when I turned TV on ) I was asleep.It was only Mike going out at 10.00 am that woke me. Even though I knew I had a shed load of mail I watched Homes Under the Hammer with Joey then I turned off to come back to work. It was about 11.40 am , just before I broke for lunch, when I got a text from my friend Lis asking if I was in as she’d like to drop off my card and prezzie. I sent back “I’m in” and panicked. That usually means I have about 20 minutes before she arrives and though I have all the gifts for the family they’re not wrapped. Wouldn’t you know it, the gifts for Lis and her daughter Charlie are the worst to wrap since they have to go in a gift basket. Out came the baskets, the shredded paper, the polythene, ribbon and cards. Then I had to collect the mini wines and chocs from the kitchen and their main gifts which were in a bag in the big bedroom. I hate wrapping and I’ve never worked so hard at it in my life. I’f finished at midday and breather a sigh of relief.

By 12.30 pm I was a tad worried but also starving so I made my lunch knowing I could stop if she arrived. I finished and ate my lunch, still no Lis. At 1.00 pm I was very worried so sent a text with visions of some ambulance driver reading it. Lis apologised and said both my texts had just arrived and she was on her way home with frozen food. We’ve rebooked for Monday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I came back to work and tried to hit it hard but when I stopped at 2.15 pm there were 61 still in the list. I was away till 3.10 pm and it had gone to 81. But, my fingers flew over the keyboard and by 5.30 pm I was done. Time to join Joey for some of my quiz and wait to see what time Mike is arriving back tonight.                                                                At 6.00 pm I returned to my room to take on the mail again, I win battles but never wars.  I stayed there until 6.55 pm then returned to watch Antiques Road Trip. I’d just got into the lounge when my phone went, I got a text “On way bro”. I knew to have the kettle on about 8.00 pm. He got in about 8.10 pm and watched the rest of Mastermind with me then washed my hair as I took a shower. Said he felt guilty about a minor angina attack last night after putting my arms over my head to remove the clamped light socket. It’s not as though it was his fault as I chose to do it.

Anyhoo, after my shower I made us both a bit of supper for while we watched ‘Have I Got News For You’ . I hung around to watch the end of a programme on boy bands as it promised the 4 Tops ( I missed them) and the Temptations as well as groups like E17 and Take That. It was quite good. I couldn’t avoid coming through any longer though so I locked Joey in and wished him goodnight. Not too much mail was waiting for a change and it wasn’t long before I could start the blog.I’m looking at an 11.30 pm tonight so I’m rested for the great battle I face in the morning. Getting Mike out of his bed. Volunteers wanted. (Especially if they can wrap prezzies).

Saturday 12th Dec

It turned out to be midnight before I made bed after a visit from Mike about a phone call from his sister in  Canada. After a read it was 1.00  am before the light went out. I dawned again at 4.14 am. I hit the loo (much nicer than missing) then came back fingers crossed to log on. Everything went smoothly. There was quite a bit of mail which I dealt with what I hope was nicely until I came to a post about politics. I generally try to avoid controversy but this morning I couldn’t keep my fingers still, they have a big mouth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                At 5.30 am I went to take my meds and have breakfast to hold me while out. Shreddies today. Very nice as I haven’t had them in ages. I did the bins and took the bags outside  then came back and collected my coffee. I had half an hour before the commencement of battle.

At 6.30 am I didn’t hear Mike’s alarm but went to make his coffee thinking he’d perhaps forgotten to set it. (See how generous I am with the benefit of the doubt). I woke him when I took the coffee through and had half a conversation to wake him up. He had to use real words and not just grunts. I returned to my room. I heard him swear as the alarm went off at 6.40 am, sigh at 6.50 am and give an annoyed grunt at 7.00 am. It was only then he moved which wasn’t bad I suppose as I’d only called him  the once as I was preoccupied.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Somehow, and don’t ask how, we were still out of the house by 7.30 am and on our way to the supermarket. Mike had a text from his sister in Canada and I suggested he speak to her on the phone while sitting in McDonald’s. While he did  that I went round the store getting what I needed. I’m not sure how the trolley got quite so loaded but when I reached the tills Mike was there and was joking about how much it would cost. He was wrong, it was more and he was even more pleased. If he had his way the moths in my wallet would be getting pneumonia about now.

We moved on from there and Mike pointed out a new shop on the estate where we go to Pets At Home sometimes. We’d gone past by then but he turned round and went back. I spent very little but I did get Joey some stuff from PAH. We headed back towards Flint and stopped at ALDI so I could buy John from MuJo some cherries in Kirsch for his Christmas stocking. Once that was done it was off to park by Temptations. Whilst he nipped in to use the loo I went over to my Homies store and got a couple of things. When we met up a few minutes later it was to get the chocolates from the boot of his car for the girls then go in to order our drinks and crumpets for him today. I had a strange mince pie which had a topping like a Bakewell tart ( and I don’t mean the streetwalker here folks).                                                                                                                           Using all my devious superior charm I managed to get Mike to agree to help me with some wrapping so as soon as we left Temptations we picked up some more paper and some nice labels, got in the car and headed for Holywell for lunch. We went to the Bell’s Cafe (not the Bells of St Mary’s) and had a small roast dinner before going home and unpacking the shopping.

Once everything was away Mike called a break so I came and worked on the mail. I was actually making headway when he came through to start. I got roped in too as he said he was to help not take over. Bloody Barrack room lawyers. We made a start  and did a few , especially the ones that would need to go first. Then when Mike started to wrap a few of his own ( cheek, on my time too) I slipped away to work again. By 5.15 pm I was practically there and was able to join Mike in the lounge. I watched Celebrity Mastermind while he followed his football team on his tablet.  From the occasional loud swear word I could tell how the game was going without taking my eyes of the TV. We had the news, our regular quiz then I fell asleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I came too i time for Detective Murdoch and the rounded the night out with Murder in Paradise (which is excellent) before running back here to start work again. I’ did mail till 10.45 pm then started on this blog post. If there’s time later I’ll try and get through some more.

E.T. comes home again.From mother to son after 20+years.

E.T. comes home again.From mother to son after 20+years.

I'm a poor little lamb who has lost his way, baa, baa, baa.

I’m a poor little lamb who has lost his way, baa, baa, baa.

Have a Good Week everyone. Much joy, Huge Hugs and peace in the World find us all.




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82 responses to “Voice from My Boots & Welcome to Rapid Wrap.

  1. Well David another week passed and we are closer to Christmas and I haven’t really done a thing. Enjoyed this as always and especially the music this week, you know my favorite is Simon and Garfunkel, thank you for not one but 2 selections. Also whenever I hear Imagine it makes me cry. Have a beautiful week and huge hugs my friend.

    • If it weren’t an 8 hr plane ride I would help you wrap your presents.

    • Don’t leave it too long and get caught in the rush Suzanne.
      I’m so glad you liked the extra bonus song this week. I’ve always loved their Silent night/Seven o’clock news. I’m sorry to have made you cry with Imagine, it’s just one of those songs isn’t it.
      I wish you a beautiful week too, and I’m grateful you’d come and help me wrap.Maybe you’d stay long enough so I could see you open your own presents on Christmas morning.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  2. Very glad you replied to the politics post…

    • Thanks so much Helen, I usually stay below the firing line on contentious subjects these days but with one politics and one religion one under my belt in less than 7 days who knows what will happen next.
      I hope you have a wonderful week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. Those mails can grow faster than anything else I can think of. Have a beautiful day today 😊

  4. Okay, David, confession time. Our friendship depends on honesty, so I must tell you I DID look at your Afro picture, even though you said not to. 🙂

    I love last year’s Santa picture with Reuben, showing how much he’s grown. But he has that charming smile both times.
    If you want to have “Sound of Silence” on every time, count me in. It was my favorite in high school; I think I drove my parents nuts by playing it over and over. One night after I’d been typing on my portable typewriter in my room and playing Simon and Garfunkel over and over, my mom was laughing the next morning, saying Dad had stuffed his ears with cotton!
    Have a wonderful week, dear David. Many hugs.

    • I’m shocked Marylin. I thought my previous hairstyle would remain a secret. Thank you for your honesty though.

      A little bit of cheating recycling last years pics but I think they do indicate how he’s grown compared to this years.
      I loved Sound of Silence when it came out too and Scarborough fair canticle. To be honest there was little they did I would have wanted to miss.
      I think the record I drove my father mad playing was I got you babe by Sonny and Cher. I lifted the arm on the record player so it repeated. Theirs is still the version I love best. He came upstairs and made me turn it off rather than get the cotton wool out.
      I wish you a wonderful week Marylin, no stress of crowds in the shops.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. Funny thing about Maple Syrup here in Sydney, too – David – it always seems to hide on shelves behind the products that are either a taste of maple syrup or a mixture or close to it… I do manage to find a bottle in the end even if we don’t have a Tesco’s here. Oops, almost forgot to reassure: I did not, I did not, I did not look at the picture with you and your Afro do 😀 😀 😀

  6. No peeking from here either, David.
    I’ve wrapped half my gifts and still have half to go – it’s exhausting!!

  7. I’m so envious – how come you get help with your wrapping and I don’t? All this talk of presents has made me realise there’s less than 2 weeks to go and I haven’t even bought them all yet. 😦

    • Back to work Lady. Tote that bale , lift that barge until you’re done.
      As to your question, there are two options to pursue.
      1. Headology. Start wrapping and gasp with pleasure each time you see a gift. When help is offered you must at first refuse it until the other person gets so excited you couldn’t keep them off with a crow bar/ Sit back and watch your wrapping done.
      2. Beg !
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  8. A lovely jolly read for a Sunday morning. BUT…I peeked at the Afro! Mea culpa hugs! xx

  9. Jeff Beck! Brings back memories of school. I loved that song. Thanks 🙂

  10. Thanks for bringing us along on this delightful week, David!
    But a hacker must have gotten into your blog, because I saw the marvelous “secret” picture! It was a perfect prelude to Elton John, but you should have moved “Sharp Dressed Man” up closer to it. 😉
    I liked the Jethro Tull song a lot. I remember him but not the song. However, where I grew up the word “solstice” might have been enough to get it censored… ignorant as that sounds. Mega hugs my friend! ❤ 🙂

    • Hi Sweetie, it was lovely of you to join me.
      I’m disappointed that so many people peeked even after me asking them not too. I’ve no secrets left anymore now,
      I’m lucky not to have been so distracted at that moment that I could have been Sharp sliced Man.
      Iliked Jethro Tull very much but generally their main songs like The Witches Promise. When I heard solstice it just sounded really Christmassy.
      I’m not going to ask why solstice would have been censored since the reasons would be tenuous at best.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Teagan xxx

  11. Catherine Johnson

    Sorry you lost your considerate bus driver and you didn’t get to say goodbye either. I got scammed with someone pretending to be Apple iTunes. I should have known it’s my husband who get emails from them not me. Oh well I changed my email password and it seems okay. Take care!

    • Thanks Catherine, I’ll have to try and make friends with the nee driver so I feel OK about the journey. Hard luck with the scam, they’re an evil bunch out there. Changing your password was a good move. I hope they leave you alone now..
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  12. I hope the computer behaves this week. Many unexplained things going on. It must be the magic of Christmas, or something…;)

    • It’s like a little period of anti-magic before the real magic begins Olga.Once Christmas arrives all will be well.
      Are you going back to Barcelona for Christmas or taking a risk on snow in the Yorkshire hills? Whichever it is I hope you’re all prepared.
      xxx I send you Humongous Hugs xxx

  13. Technology is wonderful, sigh, when it works, but when it doesn’t….arrrgh! Hope this week (and computer) treats you better, David. 🙂
    Sounds like your week was busy and every time I look at the calendar I’m disbelieving, Christmas is now right around the corner. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your week with us, dear friend, when you mentioned snap, crackle, pop I was thinking you were talking about our old bones at first…lol 😉
    All the best, loved your musical selections (as always). 🙂
    Hope this week treats you kindly and massive computer-behaving, trivia-filled hugs xo

    • The computer has been behaving better over the last few days Donna so I think my Christmas spirit plus the threat of a large axe must be working.
      I know the feeling well, it’s less than 2 weeks now, unbelievable. I think I may implode when it finally gets here and I can’t go shopping..
      I’m always delighted when you come along to share my week with me, at last someone who understood what I really meant about Snap, Crackle and Pop meaning our joints , though where you get ‘our’ old bones from I don’t know. You’re still a sproglet yet.
      I’m so glad some of the music pleased you, I hope it roused some nice memories.
      Have a truly fantastic week
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  14. Have a wonderful week too David. It seems you are getting on well with your Christmas preparations, with doing all the wrapping.
    I love all of your music choices this week, it was too close to call, to pick a favourite!

    Huge hugs xxxxx

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m sure it will be a great week. I suppose I’ll have to have another go at wrapping this week unless there’s any chance of 1) conning Mike again this weekend 2) Finding volunteers or 3) getting up in the morning to find the gods have spontaneously done the job for me.
      If you dohave a favourite er, genre or even group I’ll happily play something from there for you. It mustn’t be just my taste that goes on. But I’m always glad to hear I’m doing OK with it.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • I’ve done most of my wrapping too, but it would be lovely to have had the wrapping Gods do it for me overnight! I love all types of music, but have to say, most stuff from the 80s or a good old slushy love song, nearly always hits the spot with me.
        Huge hugs xxxxx

  15. Oops! Sorry, I saw the picture! Who is that, again? 😉
    Reuben is such a cutie! How sweet one can be?
    Thank you for the music selection – I LOVE it!
    Have a lovely week, enjoy the season, be safe and healthy!
    Hugs!!! xxxx

    • Dear Inese, it would be far easier for me to count the ‘Didn’t Looks’ and then ignore the lying beggars.. So much for my secret. And the one person intended to look hasn’t been here yet.
      In order to dispel Reuben’s cuteness may I just remind you he’s TWO and the term Terrible Two’s applies.
      I’m so pleased the music was OK for you.
      My new week has started and OK so far. I’ll really, really start to enjoy the season when the wrapping’s done. I’ll try for safe and healthy which should happen as long as I’m not having to escape a remote controlled monster. I wish you a Glorious Season full of fun..
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Dear David, we have all been there, but not everybody has the guts to reveal their 80s looks 🙂
        Another couple of years, and you will recall the Terrible Two with a nostalgic sigh.
        Good luck with the wrapping (the only put down of the Season)!
        Hope the monsters won’t hurt anyone. Some people are working on that 24/7, God bless them.
        All the best wishes to you too!

      • I’ve decided to deny it was me. I’m a lot slimmer there so no-one will realise.
        I might recall the terrible two’s but I’m not sure it will be with nostalgia unless the awful fours is to come.
        Wrapping underway but I still hate it.
        It will be good if the monsters are out of commission.
        Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • I miss my Afro (sincere confession).
        Thank you for the Welsh Christmas wishes!
        Nollaig Shona agus bliain Shona Nua!

      • Wow, thank you for the greetings in Gaelic which I’ve never had before. How odd that Christmas is so similar in both languages.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

  16. Look at that Afro, will take…:) that’s a throwback. Might be your best song mix yet and the ZZ top choice fits Nathan perfectly in those last photos. Have a great week, David. Stay well.

  17. A fun post, David, but I must say that Reuben in the elf costume is just too cute for words! Have a great day 😀

  18. Thank you for the Afro photo! (No one can see this comment, right?) What are you doing in the photo? I’m sorry it took so long for me to get to your post. Thanks, too, for the Simon and Garfunkle. I love their music. The Sound of Silence always makes me think of The Graduate. I had forgotten about the Silent Night/7:00 News. Another good one that seems too timely. I would have included it in my post this week, if I had thought about it. 🙂

    You’ve had another busy week. The Reuben photos are wonderful, as usual. Sorry, he’s in the terrible twos.

    Wishing you a wonderful week and many hugs!

    • I kept my word for you so you mustn’t tell anyone now. No-one can see your comment and that’s making it very hard for me to reply to it..
      I’m glad I pleased you with some S&G, they were remarkable. Yes Silent Night does seem quite timely at the moment.

      The week wasn’t to bad. I’m glad Yvonne likes recording all Reuben’s changes with photographs. It helps me a lot.

      I hope you wave a wonderful and successful week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  19. Lovely photos as usual, David!
    xxx Huge Christmas Hugs xxx

  20. Jemima Pett

    Glad you’re back up and running. I hated MS so much I got myself an iMac. Never been happier… with any computers, at any rate 😀

    • Thank you Jemima.
      There are really times it’s lucky I don’t have a sledgehammer handy.I get so annoyed at the updates just closing you down no matter what you’re doing.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. Well, I am all out of order reading your blog David, but thoroughly enjoying your daily life filled with a spin of heart, humor, music and cherished photographs. Such similarity here with many of us I surmise. Never enough time to take it all in as we are busy answering emails and working out tech problems together with combining all of our work and family obligations. And yet, would we have it any other way???? I do wish you’d slow down..just a bit to rest more, although I am just as guilty. I love reading about the English foods you eat, the places you visit and shop, what you purchase together with visualizing your daily life through the words you write. It’s as if I’m along for each and every bus ride! 🙂 Thank you for the love in your heart. Your real life family as well as your WordPress family is very lucky to have you, David. Love and hugs to you for all the Season through.

    • Be fair Kim, This is the season of high emotion when Jimmy Stewart is likely to have tears at the corners of my eye ready to fall at a moments notice. Don’t tell me you’re trying to do the same to me by saying nice things.I won’t feel like dressing up as the Grinch or wearing my Bah Humbug hat soon.
      i wish I could slow down a bit Sweetie but I don’t know how to. It’s wonderful to have you follow my journey’s even the culinary ones.
      My WordPress family is very important to me.So much more than friendship.
      Nadolig Llawen Kim a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  22. Those Microsoft updates are a nightmare, David. I had one the other night and woke up in the morning to find it had uninstalled Office. I had a meeting and needed information and couldn’t access any of my word docs – arghhhh! That was a tear-the-hair-out moment…

    I love the pic with Santa and Reuben from last year – wow he’s grown! I had a good giggle at his ‘Spock’ picture lol

    Massive hugs to you, my friend xxxxx

    • Hello Dear Dianne, that must have been a truly nightmare scenario. I hope you managed to reinstall it without loss of documents. Personally, I’m buying a wig.
      Roobs has grown so much in that 12 month period, it’s funny to look back.
      I’m glad you enjoyed his Spock moment.I’ve no idea why he should choose to stand just like that.

      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  23. I love the afro. 🙂 May I ask what you were working on?
    I haven’t played Trivial Pursuit in years. Used to love playing that. May have to pull that out this Christmas. If I can find it. 🙂
    Reuben makes a great elf.
    Many hugs. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

    • Thank you, so much for a secret eh. I was slicing some meat- not my fingers.
      I love Trivia and other boxed games. Such a laugh.
      Roobs did look god in that. Maybe I should leave him in it.
      xxx Hugs Galore Maggie xxx

  24. I peeked, I peeked, I peeked. Whew, there, it’s out now. I was feeling so guilty, but really, I love your Afro and wish you’d include more peekable photos. They’re fun. It’s fun to see how we all looked in our ‘other lives’ before blogs and before computer and mail took OVER our lives. 🙂 Another great post David. Get those gifts wrapped – that’s what I’m doing: wrapping and baking and feeling guilty for not writing in between. xoxoxhugechristmashugxoxoxoxo

    • I hope you feel better for the confession. I’m afraid I don’t have many pictures from the dark ages. I mustn’t have been as interested then. But you’re right it is fun to look over someones shoulder at their past.. The gift wrapping has been put on hold till I’,m better, I’m not even working on the computer except I was putting an apology on when I saw this so I’m sure Ill be forgiven if I’m caught.
      Have a Wonderrful Christmas
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • Ohhhhh, damn. I’m so sad you’re not feeling good right now. Please, please take care of yourself. I’m sending you a HUGE warm loving hug across the wide blue ocean. xoxoxox

  25. A lot of gift wrapping going on. My mother used to wrap the most beautiful gifts. She had a knack for tying lovely bows. I bought prepared bows as I didn’t have that knack. I’m now having trouble with my WordPress blogs. The computer isn’t remembering my name for the post comments. It might remember one, then forget it the next time. Also, most of my Pinterest boards disappeared. It’s like things are being wiped out. WordPress must be entering new data. Either that or it’s a ghost in my computer. Huge Hugs. 🙂

    • I don’t now why you’re telling me about your wrapping skills when you’re there, you should be here and I’d even supply the pre-done bows. It just seems never ending. Still there are only 5 people to go and they’re the worst with multiple presents to make up for Christmas stockings.
      Sounds like you’re having as much fun as I was with the computer, I hope it starts behaving again pretty soon for you.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  26. Day 1 would have stopped me in my tracks. My biggest fear is having my computer crash. When it starts making odd noises, I just ignore them or pray for them to go away. Everyone says my external hard drive will protect me, but from what? Hugs and a Merry Christmas!

    • I just try and imagine the noises are something pleasant in hopes they turn out that way. I’ve got an external hard drive too bur what It does I haven’t a clue really.
      Have a Fantastic Christmas. Hugs

  27. I am having a lazy week this week in terms of posting but am catching up on reading a few posts, I took your advice and invested in some of those remote plugs myself and no more incidents with the Christmas tree have occurred, would probably have had no baubles left by Christmas if you had not suggested those.

    Lots of hugs xxxxx

    • I’m also having a lazy week. Have slept so much. No energy for reading/answering mail but I think the drugs are starting to work now. I’m having an outing with my younger brother (the handsome 6!2″ one to see my fave nephew- his son. If I manage that I’m ready for Christmas.
      I love my remotes so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I can even turn on a light in the hall when my brother comes to play on a Wednesday evening so he can find his way from the front door to the lounge. I have a remote lamp so one still left to play with.I hope you got yours from LIDL and saved money but ebay is great too.
      Have a Fantastic Christmas with ubroken baubles
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. Don’t know how it works, but if I leave a comment, my ‘like’ disappears from the post. “Liked” again, and for a good measure, listened to the “Sound of Silence’ again – never too much. Many hugs!!!

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