Talent Will Out.


      It’s obvious that my talents are recognised. My ‘The Him’ and ‘The Her’ left laden with bags while it was still dark. He carried in one hand that silly tall head fur he wears sometimes that he always thinks makes him look tall. And she had a fur that was too bright to be near. I know their kitten was getting ‘married’ which means living with someone I think and they try to be smart for them, but really I keep the same fur all the time even at weddings that I go to in the local church. That’s what I would have advised if asked, plain fur. But of course they never ask.

Anyway here I am. In charge of the place and it’s contents which I suppose means the rats and the degus too. I strolled casually into the front room ready to give them my rules for the day and no-one was up. I decided the best thing to do was go to bed for a while myself.  So that’s what I did. Taking myself off to ‘The Her’s’ sleeping platform Is settled down.

It’s possible I might have dozed for a while because when I woke, the light time was here. It was time to eat. And there was my first shock, someone had forgotten to leave food other than the remains of last nights food, and a dish with a few biscuits. I hoped they wouldn’t be out for long. In an attempt to concentrate my mind elsewhere I went back through to the front room only to find all the rodents in both cages were eating.
Priya was eating corn and when she threw some at me it bounced dry and hard. I don’t know if she threw it as a gesture of kindness but knowing the rodents that’s not the way my mind would go. None of them spoke to me. I wished them all a good-day because I’m obviously polite but Penny was the only one to answer saying ” What do you want cat we know you’re no friend of ours?”
“Just being polite” I said “and reminding you I’m in charge so if I ask you to jump I’d like to hear. How High?.
The sound of laughter was irritating so with tail and head held high I left.

It’s a real talent I have for sleeping so when I next woke the dark was slowly returning. I wandered through to look at the fish who were aimlessly swimming around their tank. Such a boring life. Then I heard the calls.” Hey cat, where are you”? and “Oscar, can I have a word” from Bernie and Penny respectively, or in Bernie’s case dis-respectively. ( I know this isn’t a word but Oscar doesn’t). I went back through to them.
“What is it rats” I asked. ” The man and woman forgot to feed us before they left and we’re peckish” said Amy. “Us too” squealed Saffy.
“And what do you expect from me” I asked.
“Well you can let us out to help ourselves ” said Penny, “after all, we know where it is”.
“OR”?  I asked.
“Well perhaps you can pass some food up to us” said Penny “It’s only under the table beneath us.
Starting with the  degus because I knew Penny would be cross, I did just that. I passed up some hay and some biscuits, then little pellets that took an age one at a time.  Finally Penny asked me to pass up a bag from the table which was a horrible medicine the humans made the rats take. I liked the sound of that and did so. I was tired enough for a nap after that and returned to ‘The Her’s’ bed to relax.

A noise woke me. It was dark, it was late dark I could tell. The front clearway  opened and in they walked. The him was still laden down and still carrying the head fur.But now they were both wearing bright skins full of strange patterns.
“Hello Oscar my baby” said ‘The Her’ to which I responded with a purr as I went to greet her. ” I bet you’re hungry since we forgot to leave food today.” Well that wasn’t in doubt.
She sat down t take hew paw covers off and as he walked in laden down she said ” Feed Oscar please dear, I must get changed for bed.”
H e put me a lovely bowl of chicken out and as I was eating I heard him call “Julia Dear, you didn’t leave the sweets near the girls did you, they seem to have got the bag into the cage and eaten the lot.”
“WHAT”? she replied “Of course not, in fact I know they were on the table this morning when we left as I thought about giving them one but didn’t want to wake them.”
He walked past me with a look of puzzlement.

daddy's day

On Father’s Day

bouncy 4

matching dudes

Matching Dudes.

Today’s music is a little special.

Donate here to support those affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire: http://artistsforgrenfell.com

As always I wish you all a Wonderful Week. If you have smiles to spare give them to anyone you see without one and don’t forget to offer as many hugs out as you can to as many different people as you can. Embrace our differences don’t fear them..


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58 responses to “Talent Will Out.

  1. Enjoyed it, David. The pics are terrific.

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    A lovely story about Oscar the Cat.. courtesy of David Prosser and also the charity single link for Artists for Grenfell… Goodnight.

  3. Scottie

    I love the story, the feelings and well wishes. Thank you and thank Oscar for showing cats can be generous to others. I was in bed from a surgery years ago. One of our cats came into the room late at night, jumped on the bed and tried to force a lizard into my mouth. When I batted it away the cat caught it again and tried to feed me some more. I was losing the battle until Ron showed up to rescue me , laughing his butt off. I did not see what was so funny, George the cat was miffed as he figured I had been to the vet and was not getting up because I was too ill. He figured I needed food and he kept trying to feed me. Later that night I got a mouthful of Science diet cat chow. After several more tries to feed me, Ron took pity and closed the door to my room. Cats are wonders. Hugs

    • I think George was far more generous than Oscar. He was happy to share(steal) my food but never generous in the opposite direction. Can’t say I minded that. It was his methods of getting me up in the night that got me, very inventive and often lethal.
      Many thanks Scottie
      Huge Hugs

      • Scottie

        Speaking of getting rude wake ups. My adoptive parents had a rather mean siamese feline who was a great hunter. The combination was a terror for a boy going through puberty. I learned screams echo. 🙂 Hugs

  4. I so enjoy your lighthearted tales that are also very sweet and adorable pics of your little “dudes” , so very precious . Massive hugs to you for brightening my day. xxx

  5. This chronical really deserves a ‘hug’ so here is mine!

  6. Another great post from -cough- Oscar -cough-. Hugs!

  7. I always love reading about Oscar David. He was such a character. The photos are beautiful and those children are so adorable. I am saddened by the horrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower and the song always brings me to tears, even more poignant in light of this terrible fire that took so many lives and displaced so many.

    • You’re such a sweet lady Suzanne, thank you. I’m glad you enjoy the Oscar tales and thrilled you like the photographs of the kiddies. You’re quite right about the song though maybe not this version of it but it does hit home about the losses and the homeless.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  8. I laughed at Oscar’s comment about plain furs. 🙂 Good story and wonderful photos. It looks like they had a wonderful Father’s Day!
    Hugs, David!

  9. Cute story David. And those kiddies are adorable. (((Huge Hugs))))) xx

  10. Oscar is a never-ending souce of delight.

    xxx feline hugs xxx

  11. Poor Oscar … an entire day without kibble!!! As always, the grandbabes are gorgeous! The littlest one must have an infectious giggle, for I feel it every time I see that huge smile on his face! The music … the music, especially in the current context, brought tears …

    Many huge hugs, my dear friend! ❤

    • Thanks Jill. You’ll be happy to hear Oscar never went a day without something to eat. Reuben does have an infectious giggle, as does Amelie it’s nice to hear them laugh.I’m glad you enjoyed the music even though the context is so very painful this time.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr Jill xxx

      • Reuben and Amelie … what beautiful names! Yes, the music … of course I knew the song from the old Simon & Garfunkel, but I listened closely to the lyrics, thought about the terrible tragedies in London, and heard the song in a way that was different from the other times I have heard it. That is the beauty of music though, isn’t it? It takes on different meanings for each person who hears it, mostly because of that person’s circumstances at the time. And as for Oscar … no, I didn’t think he had missed many meals. Just like our Significant Seven … if I awaken a bit later than they think I should, one would think they were dying of starvation! And God forbid I put my coffee on to brew before scooping their kibble!!!

  12. Oscar seems more clever than the average cat. Beautiful pictures of the children and Daddy. Everyone looks extremely happy with their beautiful smiles. I could almost hear the giggles. I love that song although it was for a tremendously sad cause. xxxHuge Hugsxxx —- Suzanne

    • Oh, I thought Oscar was typical of most cats.I know not all as I’ve met some of his friends. Everyone had a beautiful Father’s Day full of smiles and laughs.
      The song is pleasant enough, not a patch on the original though. It sounds better knowing that it’s raising money for such a good cause.
      Have a lovely week
      xxx Cwtch xxx

  13. Lovely photos, David. Reminds everyone what we should hold precious and why (after listening, yet again to ‘Bridge’) Oscar tales always good but you add a touch of love to each post through your photos.x

    • You’re such a lovely lady Judith.I’m glad you can cope with Oscar’s tales but delighted you get as much out of the photographs as you obviously do.My intent is to share the love but I don’t mind if someone just gets some fun from them.
      Thank you
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  14. Totally agree with the smiles and hugs. Have a great week.

  15. Oscar is a softy. Thanks, David. As always, a great story that put a smile on my face. Thanks for the photos and the reminder of the Artists for Grenfell initiative. Big hugs.

  16. Great story, David. Oscar is a sweetie and so entertaining. As are those kids. Great pictures. 😀 Massive hugs, my friend.

  17. I enjoyed the episode and pictures, David. Happy very belated Father’s Day to you. Big hugs.

  18. Hmmm, having just removed a mouse head, entrails and something unidentified but white from the doormat, I did not feel kindly disposed to Oscar’s musings — but his antics were amusing as ever! Glad the kiddies were good to you on Dad’s day. Nice share on the song. Big hugs! 🙂

  19. Sorry Mel, those kind of gifts are a pain.I always used to complain to Ju that he was fed well so didn’t need to hunt for food. She patted me on the head a lot and sighed.
    I’m glad you enjoyed his antics at least. Yes, father’s day was great with a big card from my grandchildren too. Spoilt I was.
    Glad you liked the song.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  20. A talent for napping – we’ve got two animals here who share in that particular talent!

  21. The addition you made with that final paragraph says so much about your generous heart, David xx Let’s keep smiling and giving to others as we receive so much in return ❤ The photos do make us smile! As for Oscar's "talent" for sleeping, I bet some humans wish they had that 😉 Hugs

    • You’re very sweet Christy and very kind to me. Thank you.
      I’m glad the photos made you smile again. You’re quite right about humans wishing for his talent, I’m one. I slept from about 12.30 am and was up at 1.42 am. Cats aren’t sharing properly.
      xxx Smiles and Hugs Galore for you xxx

  22. Oscar sounded like he was ‘king of the castle’ that day he was left in charge, David.
    Lovely photos. Hope you all enjoyed Fathers Day.

    • Hi Hugh, but Oscar thought he was always in charge and definitely King of the Castle, he must have been especially proud that day.
      Thank you, I love the photos of course. Father’s Day was fantastic thanks with all the family having a meal out.
      Huge Hugs to you.

  23. Always a treat to read your fun stories, David. And the Father’s Day photos are sweet and dear.

  24. As soon as I read the words, “In charge…” I just knew there was going to be trouble, then again, Oscar always seems to be in charge. I was not disappointed with this giggles offering, thank you, dear David, you sure know how to put a smile on my face…well, until the song which reminded me of the tragedy but then I thought, isn’t it wonderful when people come together, even in troubled times, those bridges are important.
    Lovely pictures of the little ones celebrating their Daddy, they sure know how to have fun. Love it! Hope you and all the Daddys out there had a wonderful day, on Father’s Day and every day. 🙂
    Hope this weekend treats you kindly – we’re having Canada Day over here, we turn 150 (just a baby compared to Wales and the rest of the UK and many other countries, but we’re a happy baby). Ironically I’m having Mexican food for dinner tonight (I’d better build a wall around my plate first lol). 😉
    Best wishes and massive mega King of the Castle hugs dear friend xoxox

    • Ah Donna your timing is perfect. I’m just in need of that lift you always give me. Oscar would have agreed he was always in charge but like Trump refused the sign that says ‘The buck stops here’. I’m glad you managed a giggle but I am sorry about the song with no warning. You’re right though it does show how people can pull together when needed.
      I enjoyed the pictures too and this Daddy was certainly spoilt on the day.
      Happy 150th Birthday to Canada. I’m sorry I wasn’t around at the birth but I was no doubt having problems with your neighbours rebels that they are. I hope tonights heavily fortified food is the start of a great weekend for you Dear friend. I’m girding my loins (I sent the lions back) for my usual 7.00 am shopping expedition tomorrow.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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