Progress Plus


Up  at 4.10 am I risked the last of the two pints from Saturday in my coffee and on my Weetabix. Since it’s been coddled and wrapped in a bag of ice in a bucket of cold water since Saturday it was just about OK. When I went out to the chemist with a handwritten request for drugs (Hand some over or I shoot), I was starting with a cold so covered the lower half of my face to prevent infecting anyone, that would have made intelligible speech all but impossible. I called at Pauline’s for cigarettes and a new two pint of milk and some baby gift wrap as the new event is imminent a new great nephew and brother to Nathan.                                                                                                                                          The only other event of note was the great reveal. I took the plaster off my foot. It was beginning  to look a bit rough anyway from where I’d reached down with my backscratcher. It came off easily which if Mike’s reading this will disappoint him. No hairs lost in the process. There was still blood on the plaster but I’m not worried as the area is smaller than it was.


Up at 3.12 am full of excitement at the delivery of the new fridge. They said between two and three o’clock so I hope I’ve not missed it already. I used milk to take my tablets and decided it felt warm so the Weetabix would get a miss. I put some toast on to cremate but remembered I’d adjusted the colour to a nice tan. While the bread toasted I went to the freezer and got out the butter Mike had put there on Saturday. The old butter resembles either cuckoo spit in yellow or maybe badly scrambled eggs. Out it went. I hadn’t given thought to the new stuff and had only just unwrapped it when the toaster threw out my toast. It was like trying to carve ice and the bits I did get off, the toast wasn’t hot enough to melt. It was nice when I had it though.                                                                                 There was a phone message at 12.30 pm after my lunch of sausage and chips (along with the news that the chippie was also waiting for a delivery of a washing machine from the same firm), the message said they hoped to be with me by  2.00 pm. If only they knew how close I am to the chippy. They got to me at 1.35 pm and it was unloaded and in the house before 1.40 pm. I gave them a tip and they left reminding me ‘That’s it for 4 hours now squire’. Damn, that means no shopping. I looked at the package and stopped breathing, that will never fir under my counter I thought. “Come on you plonker” said Mike’s voice inside my head, “it stands on polystyrene, it’ll be fine once you get it unpacked”. He’s right too.                                                                                                                 At 6.00 pm I pushed the fridge into place and turned it on ( lots of sweet nothings about how gorgeous it looked in white). It lit up so that’s half the battle. I turned it up a bit, put a few things in like the rest of the milk from yesterday and hoped for the best.


My Dog Brutus. Very quiet and easy to feed but burglars beware.

bonzo (1)

Bonzo. Still very much the puppy but he’s had Mike’s leg for hitting me with a remote.


I survived the milk at breakfast with my tablets but couldn’t face cereal so instead it was toast with sloppy butter. As soon as 9.00 am came though I went over the road to the One Stop (I actually got dressed first though, my reputation wouldn’t survive another incident). I managed to get the last semi skimmed 4 pint of my multiple filtered milk which I can’t get from Pauline’s. I got bread and butter, paid and went home. It broke my heart to throw out my ham, my bacon and my yoghurts that all say had to be kept cold but I’m going to Pauline’s in the morning so I can get emergency supplies to last till Saturday.                                                                                                                                            The council came to collect the old fridge today free of charge.                                             Games night improved when I won the Yahtzee and the Nomination Whist tonight, I didn’t mind losing the cribbage then.

gruffalo 13a (1)


Since I got up at 2.40 am I was able to turn everything on before heading off for my 3.00 am breakfast and the coffee I bring back with me. There was a fair bit of post but I needed to check my bank first. Once that was done it was full steam ahead on the mail. I worked till 9.00 am then went to Pauline’s for some shopping and my lottery tickets. When I came back I fed Brutus and Bonzo to keep them on my side and gave Joey fresh seed and water. Back to the mail until 10.00 am when it was time for Homes Under the Hammer. Disappointed that I wasn’t buying one I returned to mail at 11.00 am.                All of a sudden, Disaster. Midway through answering an email  my keyboard no longer wrote, and my mouse was drunk and ungovernable. At 11.45 am I was frustrated (No dear, not sexually) and scared at the imagined expense, I had to leave it to go and start peeling some sweet potatoes for lunch. Once they were ready to cook I put on some sausages ( a well known Irish brand) and as soon as they were a quarter browned I put my potatoes on for 8 minutes.  As each section browned I turned the sausages then as my potatoes were ready I removed them , drained them, added butter and mashed them. As soon as that was done I stuck my baked beans in the micro for 2 minutes and plated up the mash. I added the sausages and then the beans as my timing was spot on. I ate it watching Bargain Hunt.                                                                                                                      At 1.00 pm I returned to the computer and drew a sigh of relief that it seemed to have sorted itself out. My cleaner arrived so I decided to stay out of her way and work. I was able to complete the email I’d had to stop at before. Sharon left at 3.00 pm and I broke off work for a while. Not for long though as I wanted to be finished by 4.30 pm.                       I  got a message about 6.00 pm the Mike was on his way. He arrived at 8.45 pm so I had time to make his  coffee before retreating to my room to finish my emails for the night. Guess what! Mystic Mog is back again, for a small fee and since she knows me so well she’ll be able to tell me all my lucky spots in the next couple of months so I know when to buy lottery tickets, She’s obviously never dealt with OCD before and doesn’t know I have a routine.

gruffalo 9a


Unhappy today as I was up at 1.50 am and nothing was going to convince my body I needed more sleep just then. I did emails till 3.00 am then went to take my tabs and refill the dishes with a new weeks supply. Breakfast next and I stuck to toast with some jam on one slice.Back to the emails and by 5.30 am my body decided to be tired so I sat in my chair in the lounge and dozed for hours and hours or until 6.10 am, whichever came first. Emails came and went until 6.55 am when I went to put the kettle on and at 7.00 am I called into Mike’s room that his coffee was ready and on his table.                                        At 8.00 am we were both ready to go out and Mike took me to Chester to meet Yvonne then stayed and had his breakfast with us. I was in awe of Yvonne (on her diet tut tut) tackling a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and maple syrup, there were 3 (large) plate sized thick pancakes. She just about made it to half way then Mike had a little go as he’s finished his bacon sandwich by then. I know certain people will be asking themselves the question but no, all I had was a latte.                                                                                                 Yvonne had a lot of bags by the time we finished and remarkably I had just one though I was helping to carry hers. She walked me to my bus stop to see me safely aboard where I wouldn’t be disturbed and we were off, me waving goodbye wildly. Her shaking bags in my direction. I got home, had a wee, made my lunch ( don’t ask) then started work again. I wasn’t able to move from my seat until 4.40 pm Mike arrived home soon after 6.30 pm I got him to watch The Antique Road Trip where one of the experts had bought a small box with a scientific instrument inside, it cost him £60. Bidding at the auction started at £1000 and ended with a new record of £20,000. Had a shower, watched Mastermind then came through to work.


Up for some reason at 1.38, sleep hadn’t even reached the interesting part. Not that I can usually remember anything interesting anyway. Medical opinion comes down firmly on the side of , We all dream. The period is recognisible from when REM starts. For me their music is welcome at any time but I wonder if all these doctors know how hard it is to check for REM when most of us sleep with the light off. Shining a torch in someone’s face tends to wake them up grumpy by the way.                                                                                     Michael got up at 6.20 am with the not so subtle tones of me yelling his coffee was ready and going cold. Somehow he’d managed to balls up his alarm again. We were out at 7.15 am and in full shop mode at 7.30 am. We were in our second supermarket and ordering his breakfast by 9.00 am. I even had a teasted toecake myself. Shopping took most of the morning which of course includes our stop at Temptations in Flint. From there we went for lunch at The Dragon’s Rest, I had some bacon while Mike tried some chicken and ham pie. Afterwards Mike needed something for his shoes so we stopped off in Holywell. At home after putting the shopping away, I left Mike to see if he could get his football while I worked.


Mike set his alarm for 7.00 am. Once I’d heard it ring I went through to wake him, tell him to turn it off and go back to sleep. I didn’t have to tell him twice. I’d checked outside the front door first and though it wasn’t raining then, it hadn’t long stopped. My phone said showers all day though the computer just said light cloud. I’d sooner believe my eyes. I just carried on working and getting up to date. He got up about 10.30 am and I was doing OK then. We left about 11.45 am to head for our carvery lunch. After lunch a visit to TK Maxx got Mike two storage jars with vacuum seals that looked really good.            Back at home it was Joey’s lucky day, his cage was due for a clean. After debating whether to do it with him in or out I said out was better but this time we closed the lounge door so we weren’t sending search parties after him. It went well and I sat with Mike until he did the weekly flowers for Ju and he was ready to go. As soon as I waved him off I flew into my room to start work again. Amazingly it didn’t take above an hour and a half then I was able to watch a very entertaining Jack the Giant Killer.                     9.00 pm my usual quit time I said goodnight to Joey and the dogs and came back through again.

Lets try and make it a little more sane this week. Kneel (if you can) to show support for colour equality. The shootings and the killings have to stop. It’s outrageous that no-one bats an eye when it happens to a black person( or hispanic) but there’s an outcry for a white person. All races living there are Americans and are deserving of the protection of the law and of fellow Americans.                                                                                                Share the Hugs and Smiles with everyone and have a great and rewarding week.



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63 responses to “Progress Plus

  1. …and I thought I was busy! Wow!!

    • Well, you know what they say about a busy mind, at least I hope you do as I’ve forgotten. Or maybe it was a busy body, no, I don’t want that name thanks. I’ll stick with busy eh.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Pleased you sorted the fridge out. I managed to catch up on that episode of the Antiques Road Trip. It was amazing! Lovely pics as usual.
    Take care, David.

    • The new fridge is so roomy I’m thinking of moving in. Yes, that was an amazing find, James Lewis will have to respond to that one. Thank you it’s fun having pictures of the kids.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. Now, David. After all the angst over the fridge you haven’t given us an update. Sure the light went on but did the rest work?

  4. Glad to hear that you are recovering and getting better. It is important to be healthy and well for you as well as those adorable grandchildren! So cute! Thanks for the Shout-out to All Americans who are kneeling in support of justice and equality. We are not anti-flag or anti-National Anthem. We just want America to live up to her promises for every American not just one race of people. I want to personally Thank you for all the support and encouragement that you’ve shown to me and my blogs. Truly I appreciate you. You have a kind and compassionate heart couple with plain old common sense which is not so common at least not in the USA. Grace, Peace & Blessings.

    • Thanks for your extremely kind words DeBorah. I know no respect is meant to the flag or the servicemen who have served it. I know you have the support of many servicemen as well as many athletes. This deserves the support of the people without the tweets of the Idiot in Charge. He has forgotten he’s President of ALL Americans not just whites.He must put the KKK aside and do his job. The movement has a lot of support Worldwide.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. You are so much more entertaining than Sam Pepys and remind me I need to visit here much more often. i can’t decide from your sleeping habits whether you are a night owl or early bird, maybe a little of both. A book I read recently mentioned that before the invention of incandescent lights people did not think it necessary to have 7-8 consecutive hours of sleep. By the way, napping is okay. I do it most days, necessary at my age.

    Brutus and Bonzo – such sweet somethings. Blessings on your week, which has already turned into October 2 in your part of the world. ((( )))

    • So very kind Marian, thank you. Please visit as often as you like. I’ve decided that my sleeping habits are just an inconvenience. But I haven’t slept for 8 hours for years and don’t expect to start. I did manage 4 hours last night though so maybe it’s a new phase, or perhaps Somnos is just playing with me again.
      Napping is one of the joys of age since everyone makes an allowance for me. I’m delighted you like the boys, best behaved dogs in the world.
      xxx Sending you Ginormous Hugs xxx

  6. I no longer think I’m busy. Thanks for revealing that to me in the nicest possible way. Love the family photos.

    xxx cool refrigerator hugs xxx

  7. You put my ideas of busy into a cocked hat…
    I do hope that you are feeling better, too.
    Super photograph…very appropriate for where we live!

    • I’m feeling much better thanks Helen. The foot is covered with new skin and itching like mad. Fat leg is still there but I’m not worried. Even the chest is good enough that I can go for a flu jab tomorrow.
      I hope you don’t stand too near and snakes as big as Reuben’s.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  8. 😀 Hugs to Roobs and Amelie, of course, but also to Brutus, Bonzo & Joey!

    And thank you for your call to support all races here in the U.S. We need all the support we can get, for we have lost our way.

    xxx Cwtch, my dear friend xxx

  9. Glad to read that you have a functional fridge once more – we really do take them for granted, don’t we?
    My insomnia has disappeared in recent months, but Jon is making sure I don’t get too settled by snoring loudly and Max the dog has decided that he needs to be let out at about 2am every morning… I’m sure your two are a lot less trouble!
    Sending love to you and yours … there can never be too much love in the world!
    xxx hugs xxx

    • Hi Jan, yes, fully functional again.We do miss them when we haven’t got them. I’m glad your insomnia has disappeared but it’s time for earplugs for you or nose plugs for Jon. As for the dog, you’ll just have to give him his own key and a curfew. Mine have got that and I just let them get on with it. Funny they never want a walk during the day.
      Oh you’re so right, there isn’t enough love.
      xxx Sending Love and Humongous Hugs xxx

  10. Glad to here things are moving in the right direction for you, and a new baby to boot! Congrats! I’ve given up trying to work out what makes Americans tick. It seems to be an unwritten law that they should care more about a piece of cloth with a fancy pattern on it than human life.

    • I’m waiting for the new baby to appear Jane. He seems to be very shy. Things are going well for me thanks and may heal soon. I think you’ve got it right that the values seem all wrong. Life should be foremost.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • We’re very good at judging, creating scales of values, who is more deserving of compassion, who needs to put up or shut up. The baby will come when he’s good and ready. I hope they let him decide 🙂

      • Since the baby is already overdue, I gather they’re giving him till Thursday to make an appearance or he’ll be making an induced visit.
        It’s better when we make our own judgements that we keep them off the streets since we’re too emotive. I’ve just been reading about the
        killings in Las Vegas by what I heard described as a retiree. But a retiree with a sub machine gun? Why for heavens sake. No one should be
        allowed to carry such a weapon unless they’re in the forces. No-one hunts with one and they’re no good with home invasions as they’d break too much.
        The love affair with weapons is out of hand.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • The gun lobby says that this kind of weapon is already illegal, so shut up about gun control, but the point it that owning big guns is part of gun culture, and it would seem that the implementation of the laws controlling ridiculously powerful weapons is not enforced very seriously.

  11. That was a busy week, David. I’m glad you finally got your new fridge. Darling pictures of the children and Yvonne. I wouldn’t mind having those types of dogs with easy maintenance. Thanks for the music. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • I love the new fridge Suzanne and so much less hassle for me to buy online than you. I’m glad you liked the pictures. If the dogs ever breed I’ll let you know. They look after themselves pretty much. The music was quite special today.
      xxx Sending Cwtch xxx

      • At the risk of having sarcasm dripping off my chin, how are the dogs to breed when … ahem … they are both of the male gender? Mind you, I have two gay cats, and I have no issue with that, but … well, biologically, David, I fear there may be a bit of a problem with the breeding thing … 🤔

      • I fear I may be the victim of the dripping chin when I point out that I never said they’d breed with each other. In fact since they are two distinct breeds I wasn’t thinking about creating another new breed like the Cockerpoo (horrible name), but was going for pure breeds with females of their own type.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Ah so … and now in addition to a dripping chin, I have egg on my face 🍳 xxx Cwtch, my friend xxx

      • He he, never said a word.
        ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. There must be some blue skies around too, since everything seems to be looking up. Of course, I shouldn’t speak too soon.
    XXX warm and toasty hugs XXX

  13. Jane Sturgeon

    Flowing the healing hugs your way and ‘Yay’ for your new fridge…which reminds me I need to defrost mine…..catch you very soon. Soft hugs and much ❤ xXx more hugs X

    • Ach Jane, you just reminded me I need to defrost the freezer. A horrible job. The new fridge is a dream without the ice box, more shelf room and no defrosting. Yay.
      Healing Hugs received and enjoyed.
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs to you xxx

  14. Glad you got your fridge. I ditched my tv last year. I got addicted to Homes Under The Hammer….😉

  15. You’re a busy man, David. I’m so glad you got the new fridge. Aren’t they nice when they’re all clean and sparkling? Wonderful pics of the kids. Both of them are such cuties. I’m right beside you, praying for peace and kindness. Have a wonderful week, my friend. xx Huge Hugs xx

    • I’d never have survived without it Diana. I couldn’t make myself go out every day in order to get milk but the wastage was terrible. Somehow this one is going to remain pristine if I make people wear gloves.
      Thank you, I can’t help but agree, they are cute.
      I know you’re as passionate about peace as I am. It’s beyond time we had some.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  16. I’m with you, David.. How come some are more equal than others still. This is one of my favourite rants. Expect to see another on the subject in the nxt day or two. Hugs from here to there.

  17. Hi, David, I seem to have lost my wordpress identity again. I am getting so muddled between google accounts I don’t know whether I am coming or going. Nothing to do with what you have posted, which is, as usual, very informative!

    • I have so many passwords and sign-ins and my age is against me when it comes to remembering things that I had no choice but to start recording them in a book, not one I keep near the computer though. The trouble is, what have I done with it? My hiding skills far outweigh my memory skills.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Scottie

        Hello David, I recommend a Rolodex type thing with lined cards. Both Ron and I keep them for passwords and web logins. It is easy to keep alphabetical and so easy to find the right ones. Updating is as easy as replacing the card so not confusion. Try not to do what Ron sometimes does and scratch out the password and write a new one on a same card. That leads to him having me get him back on with a new password. Also most people wouldn’t think to look through a Rolodex for anything but address. Best wishes. Hugs

  18. Wow–you had a busy week, David! It sounds like you’re feeling better. I’m glad you got your new refrigerator. Big hugs!

    • Things are going along nicely now thanks Merril. The foot is covered in nice new skin.I love the new fridge, so roomy without the ice box. I hope you’re well.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  19. Scottie

    Hello David. I loved hearing of your week. I have to say your life sounds interesting. You seem to live on your terms, not as others would try to have you do it. I was confused about your waking up so early in the morning and read that you only sleep a few hours at a time. Is that by choice or does a medical problem keep you from sleeping well? I wish you the best. Keep doing it your way, that is grand. Hugs

    • Hi Scottie, I find I’m answerable to myself unless my daughter, one or both of my nieces, my doctor or my nursing sister decide I’m answerable to them for some reason, usually my health. Not on my terms then.
      I’m sorry you were confused about the sleep pattern which I attribute to the little god Somnos who has it in for me because I didn’t want to become his Press Officer in his efforts to get more followers and become a bigger god. Now when I wake up I’m fully awake and only rarely does he ever let me drop off again.I’m OK with cat naps though or an hour in the afternoon or even an hour during my favourite TV programme if he’s feeling malicious.
      Take care of yourself
      p.s. Thanks so much fr the Rolodex idea.

  20. It’s eighteen years since I last went through the horror of a broken fridge.The memory lingers on… Glad you have gotten the problem sorted out! xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Oh David, you utter delight! While I was a tad tired just reading this mostly it was from laughing, smiling and smiling some more (and more and more)!!! Off to share (even though Pinterest is being difficult, naughty little picture gremlins, unlike the delightful picture joys you give us!).
    Thank you for sharing your joy, I really don’t know if you understand what a gift you give us by letting us wander around your life. 🙂
    Massive fridgey hugs xoxoxo

    • You’re such a sweetie and thank heavens you’re so easily entertained. I didn’t know Pinterest was misbehaving, but I haven’t been there in an age. I’ve spent my time trying to burn the house down this week instead.
      I wonder if you know what a gift you give by saying such nice things or by making people feel better about themselves.
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs xxx

  22. The pictures are adorable. I’m hoping for saner minds too.

    • Thanks so much Allie. It’s time saner minds dialled back on some of the excesses in the world. It’s time for peace and real interaction between people.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  23. I love how you end your posts with a plug for ALL of humanity, David. I always feel the warmth of the love and hugs you emanate ♥♥♥

  24. We have to calm down… the only discipline we can get a handle of in an erratic world!! Sleep peace and Hugz David !!

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