Eyes Wide Open.

Due to my only getting off the computer at midnight plus minutes, my last cigarette (or two) and my nightly chapter (or two) were delayed starting and I didn’t turn my light off until approaching 1.00 am. I woke at 2.46 am and felt a bit cheated. Not that I was still tired but that getting out of my nice warm bed was almost a task too far. I did get out though as my bladder suddenly dictated a change of pace. From the loo I went straight to the kitchen and put my washing machine on Fastwash cycle. Then I put some bread in the toaster  and proceeded to take my morning tablets. That gives enough time for the toast to pop up. I have a piece of toast then take two more tablets  then finish my toast and take the last two tablets. That’s a dozen tablets from start to finish. I now make my coffee, change the washing machine to the drying cycle and take my drink back to my room to start work. It’s now 3.30 am and I’m still bright eyed and bushy tailed.                  There’s a lot of mail because of last night’s post so I make a start. About 5.00 am I’m in the middle of an email to my Chinese friend and translator. I can’t afford any mistakes but I’m starting to feel tired. I don’t want to stop in the middle so I do the only think I can. I prop my eyelids open with a couple of matchstalks. Now if you look at me I either appear very startled or like a goat with the matchstick looking like the centre of the goat’s eye. I struggle on but eventually the tiredness overwhelms me and I go to sleep Eyes Wide Open with my face hovering just inches above the desk.                                                            Waking up suddenly at 6.11 am I find I’ve not quite completed my letter, at least not in any English terms I know I make my deletions and strive to finish so I can send it. The matchsticks in the meantime almost require major surgery to come out. I’m not sure if the wood has sent out roots or if they thought they were part of a new style piercing. I know it’s a couple of hours after they’re out before I can blink. The mail didn’t slow down all day and despite my staying in my seat most of the time it accumulated until I panicked. The last of my gloves was delivered today as was a book I ordered for the kids but I’m told it’s very dark but with good lessons so I may have to read it first. The mail kept coming all day which has kept me out of mischief, but it’d time for bed and a short read now as I’m going out tomorrow. G’Nite.

little miss messy 1

Lights out by 12.30 am this morning. Back up at 2.10 am, At this rate I’ll soon be getting up before I’ve actually been to bed. I was able to work for a while before going through for breakfast and the morning fix. I had jam on one piece of my toast today for a change then brought my coffee back to my room. I’ve been having a conversation with a friend over coffee. At one time the most expensive in the world was Jamaican Blue Mountain and believe me it’s still one heck of a price. But, the big new thing is Vietnamese Civet Coffee where civets eat coffee beans and then must pass them out whole. Currently you can get a kilo of the stuff for $500. What really grips my imagination is how someone found that coffee beans which have passed through a civet should make a good drink. Gives a whole new meaning to the term shit coffee doesn’t it? Think I’ll go back to drinking tea. At 9.15 am I went out to the Post Office to send a book to China, the postage was more than the book, a real ouch. Then I went to Pauline’s where I managed to get a loaf with a good date, my TV mag for next week and some cigarettes to last me till Thursday. At 11.30 MuJo arrived for a visit and it’s been ages since I saw them. We went out for lunch and then for a coffee at Temptations in Flint afterwards. Time passed too quickly and before long it was time for them to head for home. After waving them off I started work until interrupted by my drug dealer ringing the bell. I gave her sweets to take back and share out. I returned to work until 5.30 pm then watched a new series of PYMWYMI (see cast list at front). I stayed nap free with Joey until 9.00 pm then came to start work again. 11.30 pm finish tonight.                                                                                      Remember the best gift is a Hug as One Size fits All.

Two O’clock and All’s well, almost, it was actually 2.06 am and all was well bar a headache which wasn’t there a minute ago. Turning on the computer was fine though the delay while an update was processed caused no hassle and when I tried to log into ebay to be told there was no internet didn’t cause more than a flicker of the eyebrows, I just turned on internet access and seconds later I was in. Being faced with just  28 pieces of mail wasn’t going to cause any stress. No. I think it must have been brain freeze from seeing Amelie’s picture after the ice cream. How can one little person make such a mess? Actually, that was a rhetorical question. I know (unless you’re Sheldon Cooper) messmaking is part of the genes until at least age 6. I think that’s when I stopped though I still occasionally wet the bed that year. Embarrassing that I couldn’t accept invitations to sleep over at my best (read Only) friend’s. Roll on 7th birthday when they get  tidy. (Ha). I took a couple of painkillers and a few minutes later at 3.00 am went to observe my morning ritual with food and drugs. I made myself a coffee to bring back and decided to do a weather check on the rest of the week as people say were down for heavy snowfalls. Well, not according to the BBC we’re not and I went a week ahead. Looks to be a bit of rain but this is the UK after all and a few pleasant days perhaps. I hope Spring has sprung as I prophesied to Yvonne recently. If I’d been wrong she might have made my life very painful, and she’s married so she knows all the ways.                                                The mail was up to date more or less by 7.00 am so I went to sit in my chair in the lounge and nodded off until just before 9.00 am. I don’t know whether Joey was objecting to my snoring but as I woke he was giving me a right bollocking with his head going ten to the dozen. I apologised and left the room hurriedly. I got washed and dressed then settle to play catch up again. At 10.10 am I was able to go and see homes under the hammer and I hadn’t missed much.  11.00 am and I worked again right up to lunch time at noon. I had a small beef joint and settled to watch Bargain Hunt. I washed up before they reached the auction stage so that when it was over I could just put my feet up and search the inside of my eyelids for tonight’s strategy. I managed to catch up before Dil arrived so was ready with a cup of tea as he was ready to sit. Once we’d seen our usual programmes out came the table and the games. Very early on I was hurt when he said he thought I was cheating, ah well, probably not as hurt as I would have been had he caught me. The insults flew thick and fast but I still won the Yahtzee 8-4. The Nomination started alright but went badly awry a few hands in. Towards the last quarter I started making a huge come back but I swear he was keeping the aces back. He beat me by just 3 points. That left the Cribbage and I had to contend with an early surge into the lead by him but two well played hands brought me back into contention and a third gave me a slight edge. I won ans was able to do my lap of victory round the room. He left. I locked the door, took my drugs and wished Joey goodnight thanking him for winking when Dil had a good hand. Turning the lights out I came through to work.

bird love 1

From about 12.45 am to 2.42 am I was an also ran in the sleep Olympics. On previous showing I doubt I’ll ever be placed in the medals. If I could enter Mike under my name I’d be up there with the best. After breakfast and my morning fix I brought my coffee back to the office. I cleared the mail which was an important job, checked my pension had gone to the bank and then prepared myself for a terrible start to the day, changing inks in my printer. Last night I got the message that they all needed changing which is unusual, I knew in advance this would be awkward. At least I was ready with new cartridges. I turned the printer on and hoped something would appear on screen to tell me they needed changing. No such luck so I opened up the settings and brought up the printer. I checked everything 3 times and nowhere could I find anywhere to do it. I got some clipart and asked it to print hoping that would say I needed ink, it did but offered me the chance to go to Epson to buy some ink or mark that I’d already done so when it took me back to the start point. Such frustration for over half an hour until I finally stood up in defeat and noticed a message in the screen of the printer itself. All I had to do was press start and the box moved into position. I struggled to get the old ones out and even more to get the new ones in but it was done. I let them charge for a few minutes then cancelled the printing job and turned off. I wonder if I’ll remember how next time. After lunch I had to write a letter which gave me an excuse to check that the printer was OK again. I’m glad to say it was. I spent the afternoon trying to keep up to date while Sharon did her work. I wanted to be ready for Mike’s arrival and for my PYMWYMI at 5.15 pm.As it happened Mike came late as he’s been in Manchester all day even though he’s going there again tomorrow. He didn’t see the programme and came in with fish and chips as he was starving, How he can starve inside a month with that food storage thing bulging out beneath his chest, I don’t know. But then I couldn’t make that claim either. And it’s no use me saying I’m pregnant, for some reason that didn’t work either.              So, I had some company, watched some TV and at 9.00 pm was ready to come back to work.

12.30 am light off but what a improvement this morning, 3.42 am before I woke up again. I went through to take my current drugs then started to fill my trays again for the next week. That done, it was time to take my diabetic ones with my usual breakfast. As it got lighter I was able to make out a neighbour’s cat on the windowsill in the lounge and he seemed to be giving Joey ‘the eye’. Joey of course was not appreciative and was telling him off, or telling me what to do, I’m not sure. I went to work on the morning mail and was pretty clear by 7.30 am. I was going to go through to the lounge when I heard Mike get up shouting, as I went through to meet him he was hopping up and down asking me what I wanted, why had I called him. It took some tome to convince him I didn’t want him and hadn’t called him. I suggested he’d perhaps heard someone shout at the back of us though I knew well no-one had. It was all a dream he was having. Anyway, I was about to ask if he wanted a coffee but before I’d drawn breath he was back in bed snoring. So much for that and I wasn’t tired anymore. I returned to work then tried again at 8.30 am. I was a little more successful this time and I woke at 9.10 am when I heard Mike on the move again. I made him a coffee. We put the world to rights then watched Homes Under the Hammer. At 11.00 am he disappeared to Manchester with a slight detour to the Old Town Hall in Holywell with the letter I’d written yesterday.                 The weather was so atrocious I didn’t get out for my sausage and chips today so I had a bing beef dinner.                                                                                                                                 At 2.00 pm I had an appointment with a lady from the Office of National Statistics . She spent almost an hour asking me lifestyle choice questions until her computer decided to crash. I shall receive a voucher for £10 in a couple of weeks for taking part then I’m safe for two years. I returned to work then got a text from Mike to say his dad is ill and he’d be late back. I had a shower early evening then at 9.00 pm wished Joey goodnight and left him to snooze. Mike arrived back about 10.30 pm so poor Joey was woken up again as we chatted after I’d made his a coffee. 11.15 am and I cam back to battle.

Mummy I don't likr this drink

12.30 am light out. 2.20 am light on again and a start on my emails until grub-up time at 3.00am. Toast and tablets for breakfast today with two sprays one of which is the strangest little thing with clear capsules taken just once a day. The other spray  is different too in that it charges up just by opening the mouthpiece. Once you’ve breathed in the contents it can be put away till next time.                                                                            Following breakfast I emptied a couple of small bins ready to take the bags out for collection later. Then it was back to work where I read an interesting article about blood groups. RH Positive groups are descended from Rhesus monkeys (? I question that one as we still have rhesus monkeys and surely they would have all evolved at the same time). Those people who are RH negative ie were not descended from the rhesus monkey may either have evolved from aliens or from the survivors of Atlantis since nothing can be found on Earth for them to have evolved from.It appears I’m one of only 9% to have B Rhesus positive blood but it’s not enough to have got me gills and flippers like the Atlanteans. It’s not fair.                                                                                                                        One of my messages this morning was from Mystic Mog to tell me I’m on the point of a big win again and a small amount of money will get the date. Since she’s not been right in the past the odds must be getting better that sometime she’ll be right. I’m still not going to pay her upfront as I’ll just be patient till it happens. If it does I’ll send her the price of a first class stamp for her message. Well, I believe in sharing.                                    At  6.00 am I heard Mike’s alarm go off so I went to make his coffee. I placed it on his table and went through to tell him. It’s honestly worse than trying to wake the dead. I get an ‘Oh yeah’ response which is automatically programmed to his brain but absolutely no movement. Nor was there any movement when the alarm went off next ten minutes later.But eventually even the dead rise as so it looked if you’d walked into my lounge, eyes a little averted for respectability’s sake as he’s very loosely dressed.                             We eventually got out and did the shopping then headed for Flint to pick up odd things and go for a coffee. We took our time even though the day was freezing and still got home well before lunchtime to put the freezer food away. We ate at the Dragon’s Rest as usual then drove from there to Abakhan Craft Mill to meet my niece Karen who was in the area. Eventually we got home and I spent ages trying to bring my post under control. I had some time keeping Mike company before quitting at 9.00 pm to concentrate of finishing the post for the day.

I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Damn the weather report I read for this morning that showed nothing. Yvonne will be after me for predicting Spring’s arrival now. My kneecaps could suffer. That was at 3.00 am and it was still snowing then. By the time 8.00 am came round the snow had stopped and there still wasn’t much on the ground but with the temperature at zero it was going nowhere. By 8.50 am my mail was clear and it wasn’t worth waiting for dribs and drabs to come in. I wandered through and let Joey out then turned the TV on for the political interviews and chat of the day. I saw a very nice Russian gentlemen denying any wrongdoing on British soil while making a great point of saying Britain has said his country has ‘Probably’ done it but not definitely. Since the man is considered a traitor to Russia it seems unlikely another suspect will come forward. What up set me about the whole thing is that they were happy for his young daughter to die also as well as a British policeman. Collateral damage I suppose and therefore acceptable? I certainly suppose it’s a good warning to any other possible traitors that they won’t be forgotten.                                                      After a while Mike got up and took over the watching while I took over the dozing. I was awake in time to get ready and dressed to go out for lunch. Lunch was wonderful as usual but hanging around in zero degrees when we came out was not. We made our way as rapidly as possible over the road to a warm shop entering by their rear door and made our way through to the front door which was considerable nearer the car. We drove home. About 2.30 pm I fell asleep. At some stage I woke and saw Mike was asleep so I descended again. When I woke at 4.30 pm he’d gone. I went to work. At 6.30 I took a break to watch a film and at 9.00 pm I turned off and came through for the night.

daddy's playtime

I wish you all a Happy Week and an improvement in the weather (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere where it should already be nice). Bear a thought for all women who don’t have the freedom of voice and action they want and deserve. Bear a thought for all those suffering the destruction of their homes and families in war and for those whose freedom is being whittled away day by day by dictators. Don’t forget that hugs can make the world a better place. Hugs to you all.



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Gypsy’s Curse?

It’s possible I splashed a Gypsy when I was younger, perhaps I ruined her stock of lucky heather with my carelessness. I’m basing this observation on the preponderance of rain in my life. I could be grateful that the rain washed away the last of the snow yesterday but why is it I’m wishing for the transformation of the rain back to snowflakes again just to stop me being miserable when wet later on. The rain doesn’t seem to have stopped yet. The rain stopped and hot on it’s heels came the window cleaner going like the clappers before it started again. If it’s like this in the morning I’ll be off to Chester.                              The window cleaner is the only human I’ve spoken to today unless you count a reflection. This isn’t the week where I take my drug order to the local baron and I didn’t need bread or cigarettes which left me with no excuse to go out.  I did my washing and concentrated on keeping up with my mail. That only worked until early afternoon as I went through at 3.00 pm to watch something and at some point fell asleep. I didn’t wake again until 6.10 pm. I made myself a sandwich and watched what was left of Warehouse 13. At 9.00 pm I came though for my last big catch up before bed. I finished at 11.15 pm. Nite all.

1971 Live performance Lindisfarne.

Up at 3.20 am this morning, almost a full three hours. No sound of rain from outside which means I can go to Chester this morning. You’d think it was my birthday, but I’m glad it’s not. I had toast for breakfast after taking my meds. I’m sure I mentioned having to buy a new toaster a couple of months ago when my super-dooper metallic red one which is part of a set went kaput on me. Things are built with a self destruct button these days. The new one is rubbish in that it doesn’t take a slice of bread. If I use a slice from a full sized loaf I have to cut the slices almost in half to get them brown all over. With one of the small sized loaves It will almost toast a full slice. Who buys bread in the sizes this toaster wants?                                                                                                                                        At 7.00 am I was on my way to the bus stop. Ten minutes later I was on the bus, using free wifi to listen to songs on Youtube, I must get some songs on the MP4 or it’s a waste. I started dozing too so no-one would talk to me. When I arrived I had time for a hello and a hug from Reuben on his way to school. I went to the Supermarket to have a post-bus wee and to wait for Yvonne and Amelie. We had a coffee (and a wrigglebottom Amelie cuddle) before we hit the shops for a mooch. Yvonne being her usual unhelpful self in picking something for Easter as she doesn’t want an egg. She going to have to rely on me finding something she likes now. Late morning they took me to the bus stop and waved me off. By the time I got home I needed another wee and I was starving. In went a bing meal and I got my relief. I worked through the afternoon but finished at 4.30 pm in time for my Antiques Road Trip. I must have been awake until at least 6.00 pm as I turned over for Warehouse 13 but I don’t remember watching it and I remember nothing until I woke at 8.15 pm to find Babylon 5 on screen. I took my evening tabs said goodnight to Joey and came through to pick up the slack on my mail. Well gone 11.00 pm before I finished.

smiling down on you

Wednesday morning and despite my extra long nap last evening I still slept last night. My light went out just before 12.30 am and my personal inner light didn’t come on until 4.28 am.. Yes, I know, my breakfast toast was more like brunch at that time. I was back in here at 5.05 am starting on the mail and it just kept coming and coming until about 8.45 am when it finally slowed. I went then to put new batteries in the toilet ‘guidance’ light but they musty be duff as I can’t get it to work. I’ll have to get fresh ones at the weekend or I could be standing in puddles.(joke, honestly).                                                                              My HUtH (See Cast List on front page) was on at 10.00 am ……..By ten past I’d fallen asleep and missed it all. It was almost 11.10 am before I came round. I dashed back to the mail. I wonder if that means people could refer to me as dashing? At 11.45 am I was up to date again and went to start my lunch. Boiled potatoes, sliced beef and garden peas with a piece of bread and butter for the gravy. I watched bargain Hunt while I ate and managed not to fall asleep.(Bloody miracle).                                                                                                    Work took up most of my afternoon but I was ready for Dil when he arrived at 4.30 pm We watched out usual programmes before starting but at 6.00 pm the TV went off, the games came out and the gloves came off too. No matter how hard I moved the magnet beneath the board the Yahtzee still didn’t go my way. I think he was moving his own magnet around on his side. It ended up 6 games all. The Nomination Whist started well………for him, and stayed that way right to the end. He displayed a real lack of heart in not having the cards I expected him to. He started the Cribbage well too but I did catch up and overtake. You just have to remember to move the back marker as well as the front. I beat him in that so it was even Stevens at the end. I’m buying a bigger magnet at the weekend. while we were playing my blood sugar dropped so I ate four chocolate biscuits, so when Dil left at 9.00 pm I just took my meds and came through without supper. I worked on mail till 11.30 pm and then today’s blog. It’s gonna be a late one.

Thursday started much more as expected.I’d gone to bed at midnight and read for just over half an hour. There I was, wide awake at 2.23 am, not even 2 hours and I hadn’t even spent the evening before asleep, though you might not believe it given the result at games. I breakfasted at 3.00 pm and walked about oblivious to the world and scratching my bum because no-one was here. It was about 5.00 am I just happened to be passing through the lounge again that I glanced out of the window. The arrival of Spring? I don’t think so. The snow was coming down thick and fast and had already built up quite a layer. Damn, I thought that was done with now. At 9.00 am I went out and was no more than 6 feet away from my door than it started raining. Not your normal kind of rain though, it was the heavy one that crawls up your shoulder to slide down your collar on the inside. I forgave it as it washed the snow away.                                                                        At 11.45 am I started walking to the chippy with my black leather coat fastened over a thick scarf. As I opened the front door I was almost bowled over or should that be boiled over by the bright sunshine with heat that bombarded me. Just how many seasons are you allowed in a day anyway? Once I returned with my food I vowed not to set foot outside again in case Autumn arrived.                                                                                        Sharon arrived at about 3.00 pm today as she’d been to her doctor first. I knew she’d be late, I also knew she’d be worried about her little girl after school so I let her just work an hour and then go home. I did pay her the normal amount though so she didn’t lose out. I could have had her come yesterday instead for the full time had I wanted but I didn’t want the distraction. Mike arrived about 5.00 pm and it was just two old codgers moaning for the rest of the evening.

snow day

A picture of snow promised to my friend Andrea.

12.45 am lights out to 2.07 am up again doesn’t leave a lot of sleep time in between. It’s no surprise then that I zonked out sometime after 3.00 am and 4.10 am. It’s also no surprise that the position I was sitting in (upright and up close), meant my stomach was against the desk and prevented me from folding as per usual. Instead my head just lolled on my neck and I woke up with my head on one side for a few minutes. This didn’t help when taking tablets as the milk escaped from the corner of my mouth. Just as well it didn’t last long. It clicked and with a long drawn out groan from me, it came upright. I was able to set out my medication for the next week then have my breakfast. Once that was done it was back here to attack the mail again.                                                                                            Mike managed to get himself up for 9.45 am but everything was in his cup ready I turned on the TV for the last bit of a series he’s been following where people try to get their ancestor’s murder charge reversed or at least registered as an unsafe verdict. As Mike pointed out they can hardly have a retrial after 100 odd years. We watched Homes Under the Hammer and while that was on the postman delivered a package that proved to be a new wallet with RFID protection. I’d expected some new gloves but they didn’t arrive. It’s been so cold I’ve even ordered a pair with fingers. I normally have fingerless of the type weightlifters use or wheelchair users because of the padding on the palm, but I always have leather. Online they’re much cheaper than in the shops. As Mike went I concentrated on catch up again and I worked until 11.50 am before going to start lunch. Sausage, bacon, beans and some microchips today though I fully intended to have bangers and mash earlier. After lunch I did two more letters than settled down to sleep until 2.15 am. Mike sent a message that he was on his way back which was really early and so I had to go play catch up before he arrived. I managed to get up to date before he arrived back at 4.15 pm.                                                                                                                      I had a shower this evening and Mike washed my hair as usual for me. We made sure we watched Mastermind then I took my meds and retired to the bedroom as Mike started on a marathon phone call to one of his friends. 11.50 pm finish tonight.

If anyone thinks we’re ready to go back to this I think we should revive the 60’s

I slept from about 1.00 am until 3.41 am and think that pretty good. It was obviously well gone 4.00 am when I came back to my desk with coffee after breakfast. So engrossed did I become in my mail I almost forgot when 6.00 am rolled around and Mike’s alarm went off. I quickly made a coffee and out it on his table in the lounge then went to shout him. Given that he swears he always gets up on the third alarm ( sorry, just let me chuckle here) I left him to it and concentrated on one longer letter. I finished it at 6.40 am and went to see how he was getting on with his drink only to find he hadn’t started it yet because he was still lying in his bed after turning the alarm off. Difficult to get up at the third one now eh? I let him know what time it was and returned to work. I heard conscience give him a prod and he got up. We left a little later today.                                Shopping went easily and just an hour from when we arrived we drew up in front of the next shop for Mike to have breakfast. The coffee machine was broken which nearly gave him apoplexy so I asked the staff if I bought  jar of coffee whether we could used the hot water to make our own. Yes, they said so I went off to buy one and left Mike to order food. It was only when I got back and he’s made coffee’s that I realised I hadn’t left any money with him to pay for food but he made it his treat today. I had a nice teasted toecake because of my earlier breakfast, Mike had the full thing with bacon, sausages and black pudding. From there we went on the look out for a gift for Mike sister. She will be 65 while he’s there. He’s looking for a bone china mug but we’re having no luck so far. Eventually we had a coffee in Temptations then as lunch time approached went to the Dragon’s Rest to eat. The afternoon went work, sleep, view, and back to work.


Sleep lasted from about 1.00 am to 2.59 am and though I felt fine when I got up, the feeling didn’t last much beyond breakfast. I was working on my emails when I suddenly became tired, wearisome. Rather than give up I just carried on. I saw the clock at 7..00 am but the next thing I knew I was lifting my head with a groan and it was 8.12 am and I had a lot of kisses (x) on a page. I was almost on my knees with gratitude that I hadn’t dispatched the page in question as I don’t think the recipient would have been too understanding being male. At 9.30 am I gave up and went to have a look at a political interview on TV, if only I’d known it worked better than Mike’s alarm clock. I made him a coffee while he worked through his caveman routine of scratching in places never meant to face the sun. Once the grunting was through I carried his coffee in and hoped not to hear him crunching any little hitchhikers he’s found.                                                                    Neither of us got dressed until 11.00 am and we’d finished throwing insults at the screen or at each other since we disagree on almost everything. We headed off to Prestatyn and despite it being mother’s day in the UK we found our table free, probably because people taking Mum out to dinner require more than two seats. As it wasn’t midday it wasn’t too crowded yet anyway. At noon we lined up to get our carvery and as we say eating the place started to fill up. I saw plenty of six and seven year olds who must be getting too much pocket money to be able to bring mum here for lunch.                                                    I finished my meal and drank the rest of my lime and lemonade with my last two tablets. Mike finished his coffee and we went outside for a cigarette. We saw through the window they hadn’t even let our seats get cool before they filled them. We ambled back to the car and came home to spend a typical Sunday afternoon. Half an hour of TV the straight to sleep. I woke at 4.10 pm just as he was putting his coat on to go. I carried his case to the car after checking it’s weight for items of cutlery etc. After waving him off I started work. It was 7.05 pm before I was almost clear so I went through to see what Joey was watching and turn over to Sheldon then the Big Bang Theory. I only stayed out until 9.00 then after taking my meds I came through to finish.

Have a wonderful week. Spread the word that the World can actually survive with peace and not to let the creators of weapons prevent it in the name of profit. Share Hugs and smiles to brighten another’s day and enjoy it when it happens to you as you may have started it.      Massive Hugs


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Whether the Weather is right.

It was cold today. When they talk about Monday making you blue I doubt it was a cold like this they had in mind. It’s from Siberia so it looks like the Russians are interfering over here too. They’re trying to freeze us to death, I had to go out to the chemist this morning and believe me it was the quickest trip I’ve made. I shall travel by heated sedan chair next time as befits my position of Benevolent Dictator of the World or my half as I’m sharing the position with my friend Diana Wallace Peach since I’m sure she’ll be able to extricate me from the little mess I’ve created over Maternity leave. I’ve also got my commissioner of housing renovation DeBorah Palmer of Dancingpalmtrees active on the derelict and abandoned properties in New York. There will soon be adequate housing for the homeless and needy of New York, I’m bringing in a Maximum rent policy too for certain properties to take the pressure off those struggling. Your city could be next.            The forecast for tomorrow is icy cold again with snow in some parts but it could be everywhere by the end of the week and here to stay for a couple of weeks vacation. Let’s see if my Tuesday Chester trip is on.

always the joker

It’s not. At 3.00 am this morning I trimmed the bread to fit the toaster and then decided to throw the odd pieces out for the birds. I opened the door and tossed the bread on the grass. No problem, the bread stood out against the green. At 3.20 am I had eaten and was taking my coffee back to my room with a couple more scraps in one hand. I opened the door and couldn’t see my earlier donation to the starving birds fund (I tried to donate Joey but they weren’t interested). The birds were not up and about but our Siberian gift was. In such a short space of time the ground was covered in a thick layer of snow and it was still coming down thick and fast. I went back in and added two jumpers to clothes pile. It stopped snowing sometime before 8.00 am but I would still have had problems getting to the bus stop and I’d texted Yvonne so she wouldn’t expect me. At 9.00 am I managed to get to Pauline’s for bread and ciggies so I can barricade myself in now. I think more snow can be expected today and it’s also forecast for Thursday.                          I haven’t seen it snow again so far and a kind man from the Council came to scrape my path and the footpaths to stop anyone falling. Yvonne told me it snowed much more in Chester and eventually they closed Reuben’s school so she had to go out a second time to collect him. It was a beggar trying to manoeuvre Amelie’s pushchair in all the snow.

Well I put down my book at 12.30 am and proceeded to try and beat one of my new pillows into submission. It wanted to retain it’s shape while I wanted it to fit into the side of my head and not impede my breathing.I think Mike has swapped this pillow for one of his own that he’s been able to train in the noble art of covering the mouth and nose simultaneously. I did eventually get to sleep. I woke at 3.57 am, very late by my usual standards especially with regards to my breakfast and my morning drugs.I dealt with that then checked to see if there had been any fresh snowfall, There’s none due here until tomorrow. There was none but there was a definite nip in the air at -4 degrees. So no further snow during the day though my brother in law tells me there’s a foot or so where he is and it’s still snowing. He lives in the tiny hamlet of ‘Blinkandyoumissit’ just an hour away from me but in the hills. I haven’t heard anything from Dil so I assume he’s not snowed in and the games will go on.                                                                                          And go on they did. He didn’t find the magnets so I won the Yahtzee but I can’t believe he deprived me of both the other two games. Oooh he’s good, I can just glimpse something speedy from the corner of my eyes but I can never catch him in the act. It’s terrible to think ones own brother would cheat one. Wot choo talking ’bout magnets? I don’t know what you mean. How could you be so…… Oh, those magnets, yes, they’re just some old midge fragnets I keep for luck.

for my next trick

-4.5 C this morning. I hung my flags up at the windows for St David’s Day. The Welsh flag with the red dragon and St Davids is black with a yellow cross.

red dragon                                                 st david

As it was 3.30 am I wasn’t going outside with them. I might have frozen my little tootsies off. At just gone 9.00am I couldn’t put it off any longer, I needed my lottery tickets. Oh heck it was Siberian with a nasty little wind. The snow is still on the grass but nothing new. At lunchtime I braved it again to go to the chippy. Pieces of my moustache were going brittle and dropping off and then a few yards out it started snowing. I was glad to get back into reheat my frozen meal. The snow soon stopped and didn’t stick.                    Sharon came to clean and was moaning with the cold, she’s stick thin poor woman. Later on Mike arrived . We ate (me just a sandwich honestly) and we watched both Big Bang Theory and Sheldon which was quite funny. When it finished I stood to come through and just glanced through the window, Snow, lots of snow and it was sticking. I shall have to sleep with fingers crossed that it goes before morning or Mike won’t be able to get to Manchester.

Who would believe my crossed fingers exert such influence on the weather. The snow wasn’t a problem this morning, it still clung to the grass verges but the roads were pretty clear. Mike checked his route to Manchester and that was clear too yet had he been approaching Manchester from the other side he’d have had problems. Mind you, if he’d approached Manchester from the other side he wouldn’t be going from here so who would I have said goodbye to this morning?                                                                                    I tried to keep on top of work as it came in but that came to an end when Mike got back. He’d had a breakfast when he got to Manchester in case he had to dash back but the snow behaved for him. I had my bangers, mash and garden peas at lunchtime. I did us a sliced beef sandwich with the last of the bread so I guess I’ll be having Weetabix in the morning. I left Mike at 9.00 pm to make my mad dash for clearance and he went to his room to watch TV from bed. Ah well, bed and a read for me, shopping on the morrow.


           No, the £6 doesn’t include Amelie…..but her mum might look at offers

I woke at 2.28 am this morning and everything looked strangely bright. I knew what it meant. I donned my dressing gown and headed for the kitchen but stopped to peep through the lounge window as I went. Yes, it had snowed again and it now covered the previously uncovered paths. The light from the street lamp was being reflected through all the windows giving it a slightly eerie look. I turned the kitchen light on and started taking my drugs. Once done I had two Weetabix (I’m not like Amelie, I can’t manage three). I took my coffee back to my room to have while I dealt with my mail. Once I was clear a little after 5.00 am I quietly set about ridding the house of it’s rubbish and it’s recycling. Setting everything out for collection sometime this morning. Plastics, tins, papers and glass bags for recycling, a food waste bin and a household rubbish big black bin, all placed neatly by the kerb.                                                                                                      I got Mike up at 6.00 am and we were on our way out just after 7.00 am.We shopped for food than went for breakfast ( OK don’t whisper, I only had a teasted toecake and it had been nearly 7 hours since my official breakfast). We got a few more things then headed for Flint I was pleased as I’d made real inroads into my Easter egg shopping. While out, Mike mentioned his boots (worn for snow) were really rubbing and he could do with some shoes. We looked in Flint without success. We went home for long enough to put the frozen food away then headed for the balmy shores of Sunny Rhyl where there are shoe shops. First we had lunch in the Red Caff as it’s known. Not very salubrious surroundings but the food was hot. Afterwards I pointed him at the first of the shoe shops whilst I had a leisurely ciggie. He didn’t seem to be finding much when I eventually strolled in and I feared an afternoon of his inability to make a decision. I wandered down to the far end of the shop and was shocked. I called to him and gestured to come here. He didn’t look too impressed until I showed his one pair in his size and pointed out it was on a clearance price to go of £4.99.He almost set fire to the carpet taking them to the desk. He bought some thinner socks and we were done. Back home so I could start work, Yay.

I got up at 2.30 am and decided to work for half an hour before breakfast. I couldn’t get the internet going then wallop, next thing I know is it’s 5.10 am and I’m coming round at my desk with my glasses (intact) on the floor. I took my meds, had breakfast and came back to try the internet once more. I turned to modem off and counted to 60. Turning it back on I found it had worked so ploughed into my mail. 8.28 am and I was up to date for a while  at least. I went to let Joey out and give him fresh seed and water. I turned TV on a little later for the news (naturally for no other reason) and it must have disturbed Mike as he came through. To make amends I did him a coffee.                                                            We left about 11.15 am to go to Prestatyn for lunch and got there in time to grab our favourite table. The beef just melted in the mouff ( sorry, shouldn’t talk with my mouth full )today, Mike had gone for pork and beef today and raved about both. Replete we wandered outside. Mike had tried to buy something for his sister yesterday from the place he usually got it but it looked like they’d stopped doing it. We tried a couple of other places while we were in Rhyl but no joy. I suggested a place we could try today so after leaving the pub we walked there. Yay, there it was so Mike swept the last remaining stocks off the shelves, 6 shower gels and 2 hand washes. The look he got at the counter was fantastic, “He get’s dirty very easily” I said. ” Now I just want someone to be dirty with” he added. We came home. By 4.00 pm he was packed and on his way home. Once I’d thrown his bags out and waved, I bolted the door and came to start work on my mail. I thought I broke off at 8.00 pm to watch an episode of Endeavour but when I reached the lounge (slow walker) it was 9.00 pm so I took my meds, wished Joey goodnight and came through to finish off. 11.45 pm and I’m done.

protecting the peanuts

                                                        Protecting the Peanuts.

I wish you all a wonderful new week full of all the things you want most. Keep spreading my Hugs for me util the whole world forgets to fight.


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I need your vote. NRA need not apply.

This morning I decided to revive a dream of mine to be voted Dictator of the World. It will be a benevolent dictatorship (provided you obey the rules) sort of like Terry Pratchett’s Patrician of Ankh Morpork.  Since I’ll ask nicely for your votes I’m going to assume they’ll be forthcoming, if not, I know where you are. There will never need to be another election since I shall select my successor from somewhere out there. It could be YOU! There will obviously be some rules which are not optional like they would be in a democracy, after all it was the last democracy that voted me in.                                                    So, lets start with guns. I want them all handing in. No, not tomorrow, now. There will be no guns in private hands again. The only people who can carry them are professional hunters, to take care of any wild hippos on the loose,maybe the police, but heaven help an officer who manages to shoot someone coming at him in the back. I might accept a wounding of a miscreant trying to escape. The military can have pseudo weapons for parade purposes but any border disputed will henceforth be settled by opposing chess champions playing best of 7, no more or we’d fall asleep watching. So here’s your biggest chance since 1066 France, you can own England if you have a good champion. Beware if you haven’t though as you’ll start having to get used to English cuisine. Yes, I hear you laugh at that. You don’t get to own Wales of course which is now promoted back to Kingdom, modesty forbids me from saying who gets to be king though maybe I’ll heal some wounds by giving it to Charles. The Union flag will have to be redesigned to include a Welsh element now which should always have been there. King Hywel Dda contributed much to British law after all.

Jerusalem, I suggest you start training your chess players now as I imagine plenty of countries will want a piece of you. Of course they have to do it all peacefully and you cannot be transplanted. It might be a good idea if you started your builders to rebuilding all the properties taken and have the displaced people reinstated on their lands. You’re all from the same stock so learn to live together.Arabs…..play nice, I’m watching.              Women are hereby accorded full and equal rights with men. That includes pay at work and promotion opportunities. Regretfully as there are now more people than there are jobs women will be expected to resign when they leave to have a baby unless they are taking no more than two weeks off. It’s unfair that an employer pays you for an absence and has to pay for a replacement to cover you too. I will be generous with maternity allowances if you resign. Who knows, maybe someone else will be leaving to have a baby if you decide to return to work.                                                                                                          Gay people the world over will be accorded the same rights as other people which includes the right of marriage. I suggest all fundamentalists learn to keep their opinions private as  their narrow minded prattle is most annoying.                                                        If  while I’m writing this President Trump has had his image carved at Mount Rushmore, it’s OK you can be sure it’s not staying. I may just have his name expunged from all records to keep the electorate from feeling embarrassed ever again. Now if there happens to be an itinerant sculptor with time on his hands who wants to fill a space at Mt. Rushmore……………….                                                                                                                     Parents will be responsible for teaching their children all about hugs and how good they are. And tolerance plus respect will be something they can instill in children so they have it for the future.

Have a wonderful week.


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Searching for Less.

Helloooo Monday and all you lovely people. I have a terrible confession, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to see my shoes when I’m standing up unless I happen to be swinging one of my legs back and forth. My stomach looks like a camel going out expecting a six week drought at least. Mike’s stomach is no smaller and I tease him about it as he teases me. It got to me yesterday though when he pointed out that I eat twice as much as him at lunchtime. I’m sure it isn’t every meal, just Sunday’s where I help myself to food after I’ve been given meat. I know what the trouble is, I love potatoes and just recently they’ve been doing 3 lots, boiled new potatoes, mash and roast potatoes. I shall have to make an effort to cut down. The silly thing is I had some trousers in a 38″ waist that seemed big and I thought they were just generous but on checking I have no problems fitting a 36″ now. Dare I go any smaller and have to buy new trousers opening myself up to fresh scorn. I’ll keep you abreast as to whether I can exercise food control during this week.

pregnant pause

                          Mike’s friend emphasises his Pregnant Pause.

Because of comments on my last post (nothing to do with me catching an afternoon snooze that lasted for 2 hours) I was late to bed last night and read until 12.30 am before trying to settle. I was back up at 2.23 am ready and raring to go. Not exactly the feeling I was enjoying at 6.30 am when I needed to get dressed to leave the house at 7.00 am for my bus.I’d faded enough to put a brown jumper with black trousers but that only lasted until I opened my eyes. The fresh air would revive me and I could nod on the bus as long as I didn’t sail past Yvonne at the other end. Well I didn’t sail past and they met me at the bus stop as I got off. A kiss off Yvonne , a big hug from Reuben and permission to kiss Amelie’s forehead. We went first to the supermarket that has a Costa so I could nip to the loo before refilling again. As I came out of the loo I could seem Amelie was out of her pushchair and she was enjoying a run around, Yvonne was at the counter getting the drinks. As the drinks arrived Amelie calmed down walked round the table and gave me a kiss. It quite made my day. We had a nice drink though I was jealous that I didn’t get a flake on my saucer like some people did. We had a good mooch round the shops where in a sale I actually bought some chinos for £2. I found a nice little cardigan for Amelie. Ami refused me a kiss for my journey home so I think she must have decided I’d had my ration  for the day.

Wednesday was marked by my falling asleep in the afternoon (when I  should have been working) and Dil had been sitting there laughing at me for quarter of an hour before I woke. I was prepared to blame him for fixing the cards in his  favour but then I won. Overall the night was mine, so much so that I’m prepared to allow the use of his name in my presence this week. Yahtzee was a draw at 6 games each but Nomination whist and cribbage  just slid into my grasp easily.

lobster 2 in a basket

Unruly kids? Rent a lobster pot.

Thursday. I ordered a Welsh flag and the flag of St David on Monday ready for the 1st of March. They were delivered today. I lost a neighbour last year and he celebrated every St. David’s day with both flags run up a flagpole outside his door. I think the flagpole went with his children. This year I’m the old man with the flags except mine will be indoors hanging in the window of the lounge and the kitchen. Cymru am byth.                    Sharon came in the afternoon and gave me a thorough cleaning. Those feather dusters don’t half tickle. Mike turned up in the evening before I’d had chance to lock and barricade the door. He almost had me choking when he asked me to make sure he’s up for 6.00 am tomorrow as he needs to be in Manchester early. I’m sure anyone who’s read this blog before knows that I ‘try’ to get him up at that time on a Saturday morning and that I consider eating suppositories fun by  comparison. I wonder if I should do it and then tell him not to come back so I can avoid repetition and frustration on Saturday.

music class, playing the cornet

After Music Class, Playing the Cornet.

Friday started with me trying to get Mike up for 6.00 am. This was even worse that it is on a Saturday but he was supposed to be out of the house by 7.00 am. I did manage it but at 6.55am he was still sitting in the lounge with a coffee and not dressed for the outside. As he left the room I must have nodded off and when I woke at 7.10 am he’d gone. I returned to work which I’d started early this morning. Being the rebel that I am, when I got dressed at 9.00 am I didn’t put any socks on. I know how to live on the edge. When it came to undressing for a shower later the time saved by this one act made it all worthwhile.

loving cuddles

Saturday morning up at 1.51 am. Considering I didn’t stop reading until about 12.15 am I have to wonder if it’s worth coming to bed at all. There was the usual struggle to get Mike up at 6.00 am but in fairness we are usually on our way at 7.00 am and he’s fully dressed I’m guessing it’s by a colour-blind man with no sense of style, certainly not like my friend Stephanae at  https://boldblindbeauty.com/  who has great style sense. I know that because I try and borrow it though the make-up goes awry. I did manage to get him up and even managed to get him out though I had a moment of panic when I noticed him driving with his eyes shut. We managed everything we needed to and even a trip to Broughton Park as Mike wanted to but something else he hadn’t managed to get enough of at the first shop. I can’t say what as they’re presents and I’m sworn  bribed to secrecy. We drove back to the Dragon’s Rest for lunch and I had my first really disappointing meal. Mike took me to get some freezer shopping just before we came home and poor Joey finally had his cage opened.

Sunday. Slept from about 1.30 am to 2.53 am then went directly for breakfast. Yesterday Mike persuaded me to but a new bread by Warburton’s called The Lancashire Thorough Bread, a type of soft bloomer. I didn’t really take it’s shape into account with the toaster. I had to cut something off each side and off the top to get it to fit. Breakfast over I returned to work until I’d caught up at about 7.15 am. I found I was ready for a quick kip and climbed back on the bed. I woke again about 9.00 am and nearly died of shock to find Mike was up.”Thought I’d let you sleep” he said with a big smirk.                                             After we’d got dressed we needed to exchange a pair of jeans for him as button flies were got by mistake.We delivered some bags to Yvonne while we were out with her portion of the mystery birthday gift. Then we pulled into the town centre while we did the exchange which actually only took moments though selecting the jeans to have with the zip fly took hours.Coming out we put a red light atop the car and I opened the window and shouted nee-naw all the way to Prestatyn and lunch. I had to be thawed out first and getting a lime and lemonade with ice didn’t help. Lunch was great as usual. We went home after that so we could fall asleep in our chairs. I know I did anyway. Mid-afternoon I waved Mike off then had a couple of hours work before watching a film on TV. A remake of Total Recall that must have left the graphics lovers feeling euphoric but were a bit much for me. I think I prefer the original.

I wish you all a wonderful week full of the usual hugs. I wish such luck to the youngsters of America who are trying to bring about such an important change. We need to all get behind them and bring sensible gun control in and take out the second Government of the U.S, the NRA.





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Real Heroism.

The news this week has been full of the latest school shooting in Florida, the U.S. 17 more lives lost and a large number of injured, some critically. While I could dwell on how I don’t understand the reason why they won’t adopt sensible gun control laws and lessen the chances of this happening, I won’t. While reading about these sad and unnecessary deaths I read of two teachers who had placed themselves between the gunman and their pupils. I think both of these teachers died as a result of their bravery. People who have families of their own to return home to, voluntarily put their life on the line for other people’s children. I’m sure the school will erect something to the memory of all those that were killed on this Valentine’s day but I hope they will record something that mentions the teachers who laid down their lives so pupils could live.

OK, I can’t resist having a pop. Also in the news was a list of donations made by the NRA to some candidates for election help that ran into the millions.  Notably most of the recipients were Republicans, surprisingly there were Democrats there too, but way down the lists. That must mean a large part of the legislative body owes something to the NRA. Why is it still allowed that your lawmakers are open to this kind of manipulation? No one pays out this kind of money every year with expecting and getting something in return. The figures they’re talking would seem very high from just the subscriptions from a few gun nuts so where could they possible be getting that money from? Go on, I’m sure you can work it out if you try.

I had a quiet week last week from when my broadband was finally back up. I don’t know if someone is still getting my phone calls but if so I’m in no hurry for that to be repaired. It obviously too quite a while catching up with the backlog with further stuff coming in all the time. I almost didn’t do a blog last week for that reason but I thought as I’d had such a bad few days why not make you lot suffer too. ❤    . By Thursday when Sharon came, I could speak to another human without spitting fire and anyway, I’d just had bangers and mash for lunch (with sweet potato mash).  When Mike arrived Thursday evening I would almost pass for normal until he asked how many times I’d had chips  during the week, then I backed into the doorjamb trying to prevaricate and just spluttering instead. “Sorry, almost swallowed my tongue” I told him as I ran to the loo and locked the door. I had a horrible feeling Mike may not be sitting on the carpet outside until I came out but the question would. I managed to avoid a straight answer during the evening by diverting his attention. Friday I went to the chippy anyway.

Saturday we had a good shop in the morning but we were both tired. I was OK and could go to sleep in the car but I wasn’t too keen on him trying it so after a quick lunch we went home. I did some work and tried to stay awake until I’d caught up. Mike tried to get some football on his phone. Fortunately they won and so it was possible to speak to him after the game.                                                                                                                                                Sunday  it was about 1.00 am before I got to sleep this morning but it was only 3.40 am when I was up and about. I had my breakfast and my meds then came through to start work. By the time 8.00 am came round I was clear and snoring away on the keyboard gripping the mouse. Something  must have warned me to wake up about 8.50 am and I thought I’d put the kettle on. While I was waiting for it I got dressed. As the kettle finished I heard the rustle from Mike’s room and as I finished making his coffee, he appeared. I went outside to read the electric meter while he settled down in his chair. Later on as the morning grew late I reminded him he was going to help read the gas meter which is in the worst place possible. Poor man had to contort into all kinds of positions before it was finally done. As he dusted the webs and baby tarantulas off I went to enter the readings on the website of my supplier. We went for lunch, tried to do a little shopping without success and came home where I fell asleep in my chair. When I woke it was time for him to leave so I waved goodbye and went to work for a couple of hours. I watched The Hobbit- The 5 Armies then at 9.00 pm came through for the night and to clear my work.

50s US

Back to the 50’s in the USA.

lobster in a basket


I wish you all a wonderful new week full of hugs and laughter. I’m truly sorry for all the bad things that happen in America but I think the people need to want change to make it better. I hope it happens soon.


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Oops, I did it again.Delayed

Recently Mike updated his phone and I was given his cast off previous one because it has bigger buttons and a 6 inch screen the better to see things. I’m not exactly without technical skills but it’s as close as it gets so I set myself the task of working out how to get it to make my morning cuppa. Mike says I’m asking a bit much but is there anything he can show me what to do while he’s here. “Yes” says I, “show me how to get tunes on to differentiate between text messages and phone calls please.”                                                    He put Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve as my phone call ringtone and chose one himself for text messages and since he didn’t show me what to do I was left with them. I do know that he put Zedge on the phone for the music downloads. Anyway on Tuesday morning early the phone played One Day like this by Elbow, which had been his choice and I love it, but there was no sign of a text. My big, fat fiddling fingers made it appear there had been (or I made) a phone call. So when we were sitting with a coffee I asked Yvonne to ring my phone to see if it played the right thing, which it did and then to text me just to check that. My phone correctly played Elbow and her eyes lit up “I love this” she said. “Me too” I told her,”as soon as I heard it for the first time this weekend”                 “Oh Daddy, don’t you remember this played as Ugo and I walked into the ballroom after the wedding, we danced to this.” “I know I knew it from somewhere” I said, digging my own grave.

ball pit bull 2


hen party

speedier freak

Wednesday started well. I was up early as usual and up to date with my mail before I got dressed at 9.00 am. I found a parcel under my coat rack that proved to be the last parcel I’ve been waiting for recently. It must have rolled when it was dropped in. I settled in to watch HUtH at 10.00 pm and was just about to nod off, examine my eyelids from the inside, when there was a knock on the doorbell. It proved to be another sparkie. This one had not come to the shower but to change the wiring box for the house and the fuse box at the same time. Quite a job. Promising I was in for the next few hours, he started. Currently the boxes are inside a little cupboard about six feet off the floor outside near the front door. When I went back later to see if he wanted a drink it was funny to see a pair of legs sticking out of the wall as he sat in the cupboard somehow and worked. The bugbear of course is that while this was going on I had no HUtH and no computer to take my frustrations out on ( now now missus, behave, everyone else knew what I meant). Finally about 2.30 pm he’d finished. He came in to check lights and other points were working and everything seemed fine. Once he’d gone I was able to get Joey back in his cage (the electrician had scared him counting plugs, the electrician was counting, not Joey). I was able to get back to work on emails. I had to break off at 4.30 when Dil arrived.                                                                                                                                                     My night did not start well when I lost the first game of Yahtzee 6-0, I’m sure the dice are weighted. The second game was 3-3 but it didn’t help when he kept saying I was catching up. Nomination Whist started much better though Dil seemed to be holding his own most of the time, I stopped him doing that and let him use the loo free of charge (This time ). I’m just so generous. Anyway a sudden surge towards the end sent me into an uncatchable position. With it being one game all we both approached the cribbage carefully but heck, I was able to put an ace and a four in his box give him a head start and still beat him tonight. 2-1 to me is not as good as his 3-0 over me last week but at least I know the small god of gambling is not on my case now.

music class bubbles

Bubbles at the music class.

For all you ladies out there.

I ordered some pillows for Mike’s bed and mine last week. They came this morning so while Sharon was cleaning the lounge for me this afternoon I thought I’d put mine on. I’d ordered four for each bed even though mine is a single as I like to sit up. I took the old ones out of their pillowcases and took them away ready to be taken to the skips this weekend. I replaced them with the new ones without paying any particular attention to what I was doing until all four were done. I came to stack them up and found I’d almost be sleeping on the ceiling to get to the top pillow. Two would have been quite adequate compared to the four old ones. Oops. At least Mike can have two each side of the double bed.

Saturday we attended a birthday party for Dil who will be 60 on Monday. Sunday when we returned from lunch I was without the internet.


Tuesday evening and the internet is back. No charge as it was an outside fault. It seems whoever reconnected lines to a new telegraph pole thought it must have been a fun idea to give people someone else’s number as there were quite  few affected. People can have my phone calls with pleasure but I’ll keep the net myself if that’s OK.

Have a great week everyone, make it full of happiness and hugs.



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Looking ahead from behind.

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve been out of hospital, having been admitted early in the new year. I’ve been keeping my promise of resting more by way of staying off the computer a bit, though not sleeping more as a ‘good’ night is between two and three hours and a bad night just over one. Being off the computer seems to have aided the daytime napping a bit, though I’d love to know why it happens during programmes I enjoy watching and not during the times the TV is on for background noise only. Have I annoyed another of the gods apart from Somnos.                                    Anyway, I realise that I’ve been remiss with the photo sharing so this week I decided to make up for it.

Amelie smiles

roobs facees 4                                              family New Years Eve 2017 2018

The family New Year’s eve 2017, also Amelie’s birthday.

dil and elliott

My brother Dil and his newest grandson Elliot.

Adding a picture of Dil was something I um’d and ah’d about since I don’t normally allow mention of his name in this house if he’s been cheating at cards. By cheating I mean winning of course and by winning I mean against me. Wednesday this week was totally awful. Yahtzee was going quite well up to round 6, we were 3 apiece but typically he had to spoil things by going 4-2 in the next 6. I’m sure he casts a spell on the dice somehow.       I did enliven the halfway mark of the evening by going A over T when I caught my foot on the edge of a chair. I fell forward and bounced off a display cupboard which wobbled and sent three heavy glass heads of Buddha hurtling to the ground. At this point hat’s where I was, flat on my back. One bounced off my kneecap the other two bounced on the laminate and were fine. He who shall not be named returned from the loo in time to help me up which meant I had to stop calling him names for a while. Nomination whist and Cribbage both fell to his cheating ways leaving me sad and lonely once I’d thrown him out and locked the door behind him.  I was hoping for rain on the way to the car. Not that I’m a bad loser you understand.

I’ve had two visits this week, one from the podiatrist who was really pleased at the condition of my feet. Though she can’t tell if the cellulitis is on it’s way back. She clipped my toenails and said she’s see me in about 3 months.  The other visit was from MuJo, the first since before Christmas when my health was so bad I wasn’t able to much for Christmas for them. I was able to make it up to them this week with a few extras I’d been able to buy. One of which for John was one of the globes I’d mentioned at Christmas which floats electromagnetically between the two points of what looks like a large letter C. He loves it but then he always enjoys novelties. They both liked their other gifts including their Christmas gift from Yvonne which I’d been trusted with. She’s have done better delivering it herself.

Saturday was reached without troubles. But the cracks in my week started appearing as I tried to convince Mike it really was a new day and that he should get out of his bed and meet it. In the end I told him his coffee was on his chairside table. I left an electric fan pushing the aroma of fresh coffee i his direction and returned to my emails. He did get up eventually muttering something about the middle of the night. We were a little later than our usual 7.00 am leaving the house. Shopping was easy-peasy and we stopped for breakfast at our second supermarket. I had my second breakfast of the morning, the first having been at 3.00 am.  After all the usual stops and home to put away the frozen food we thought of lunch. It turned out we were wrong about the date of our Dragon’s Rest Cafe reopening. We ended up going to Abakhan Fabrics Mill. I had a baked potato with beans, Mike had some kind of spiced pork with rice. No real complaint about the quality of the food but it was just £2 less than a full carvery lunch for the two of us. In the afternoon Mike shaved and disappeared to take a lady friend to a birthday meal, see, the man could eat for Britain as an Olympic event.

Sunday……. I actually slept until almost 4.30 am and went through to take my meds and have some toast for breakfast. Maybe it’s as a result of sleeping so much but I woke up feeling very sad today. There is a real weight on my young shoulders (shut it you lot, no need for all that laughter. It’s unseemly.) I don’t suppose the situation has been helped recently by taking my nighttime tablets in the morning and vice versa due to laying them out in the wrong pots. I got Mike up about 8.30 am to go to what turned out to be a very disappointing sale, make note of this, I bought nothing. After lunch at the Cookhouse we went to a supermarket and I still bought nothing. This confusion with the tablets might be good for the savings (ha ha) but it’s sending my reputation as a serial shopper downhill.

I wish you all a very happy new week filled with Hugs.


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Massive Apologies

Hello friends, I’m really sorry for my unintended absence recently, go on admit it, you hadn’t noticed had you. Last Wednesday it appears I had a temperature so high that it left me very ill but not knowing it. I forgot how mu computer worked but was sure the problem lay with the computer and not me. My brother Dil had come round for the usual games night and could see some thing was wrong but naturally made sure he won a couple of games before telling me I was odd. I thought that’s what he always thought.

My doctor appeared half way through a game of Yahtzee and I saw nothing odd in it and when she suggested I should be in hospital agreed to go, practically unheard of. She had to go for a lie down. An ambulance came for me and blue lighted me to the centre of torture where they heard all kinds of sounds from my chest they were unhappy with. I had a heart murmur, a crackling lung and a nasty virus. Constant drips to rehydrate me, antibiotics on tap, oxygen ( but not too much), machines to help me breathe in medicine and the glorious rat poison injections to the stomach, and they were only the cures. Anyway, they allowed me home today under certain conditions. First off, that I rest. Now the apology, I’m sorry but there were just short of 2000 messages waiting in my inbox and I know I’d not catch up so they’ve been deleted and I can start afresh. I’m not ignoring you, I just can’t get to you immediately.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll do my best to reconnect as soon as possible.                  Huge Hugs


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Ever Onwards and Upwards..

Monday 18.12.17.

Last night has been a 12.35 am finish but I wasn’t going to deprive myself of a short read. I closed the book and turned the light off at 12.55 am. I wanted a nice dream and because I was thinking of one I couldn’t stop my mind ticking over for a while. I slept, I woke, I slept again but got up at 2.57 am. I saw to my meds and some toast and started my washing machine going. When it came to making my coffee though the Tassimo sprung a red light on me showing it needed to be descaled. That’s an annoying 20 minutes of emptying cups and then rinsing the machine that it’s usually at this stage I wonder why I don’t just put the kettle on. It’s only when I get my drink I remember why. Anyhoo, job done and I took my coffee through to my desk.                                                                              I worked till 8.30 am and then got dressed. As 9.00 am approached I had my shoes and my coat on and made my way to the chemist”s to hand in my repeat prescription. I scuttled back quite quickly when I felt how cold it was. I worked till 10.00am hoping the post van would come. It didn’t but at 11.30 am Mujo arrived and it was time to put my coat on again. Such a disappointment for John when he found the chippy was closed though I have mentioned in the past that few work on Mondays. We went elsewhere. After lunch we headed for Temptations in Flint. After a coffee we did a few shops picking up little bits for Christmas before finally heading home. I saw them off then had to get my head down and work. When I was clear I nodded off for half an hour or so then watches a sci-fi on the TV until 9.00 pm. I’d just gone through to start when Mike arrived back….he’s staying overnight so he can get to see his father tomorrow. It’s about an hour away from here and he has to be there for 9.00 am to go to a hospital appointment. Traffic being bad at that time means leaving no later than 7.30 am but now he’s dropping me in Chester so will have to leave at 7.00 am. It’s 11.45 pm so I’m heading for bed.

chicklets Tuesday. 19th

5 piggin’ 42 am I woke this morning. And yet my light had gone off before 12.30 am last night. About the only day I could have done with my normal wake up and this happens. Ah well, ever onward and upward as my father in law was wont to say. I took my meds as I boiled a kettle for Mike’s coffee. I readied my breakfast then as I heard his alarm go off I made the drink and went to call him. He still wasn’t up when I finished breakfast but I waited for the fourth (very annoying) alarm and fair play I heard him move. I took my coffee back to my room to at least make a start on my mail                                                  We left the house at 7.00am and because I was carrying a few bags Mike dropped me at Yvonne’s so I  wasn’t lengthening my arms waiting in town for her. Ami went off to nursery for a breakfast party with her daddy, so Yvonne and I walked Roobs to school and then went for coffee and the bacon sarnie I was forced to eat. We had a semi successful shop before Yvonne walked me to the bus stop( to make sure the English bowmen didn’t shoot me for being inside the city walls). After an hour and a half on the bus I stopped at the chippy to get an easy lunch as my friend was due at 2.00 pm to collect her birthday and Christmas gifts.                                                                                       Once she’d gone I came through to work on everything that had come through. I had to work until 6.00 pm before I was able to leave a few and relax in front of the TV. I came back at 9.00 pm and stayed until 11.30 pm.

Wednesday. 20th

There were tears this morning. I woke and saw the time 5.10 am and thought it must be the start of a new era. The light was enough to don my dressing gown and take a walk to  the loo. When I came back I turned the light on and found it had been 1.52 am when I’d woken and not double checked. I kicked out at one of the slippers beside my desk which was really stupid as it was lying next to a steel pillar that didn’t give way though the slipper did. Ouch, Ouch, bloody Ouch, that was my toe. Far too early for meds and my breakfast I turned to my mail instead. After an hour I broke off to take my meds and eat.I worked till 8.45 am, got dressed and headed out to Pauline’s, she gave me a card which I brought home ready to put up. Instead of HUtH I thought I’d better be good and wrap some prezzies as I haven’t managed to coerce anyone else this year. My powers of seeming pathetic have obviously gone by the wayside. About 11.00 am I took them through ready to be collected tonight after cards. I sat down for a moment and the next thing I knew it was 12.20 pm  I shot off to make my dinner.                                                      After lunch I returned to work and kept hard at it until about 4.00 pm. I returned to the lounge ready for Dil arriving but the next thing I knew was waking up at 5.30 pm and a voice dripping with friendly sarcasm saying ‘Oh you’re in the land of the living then’.I made him a cuppa and caught up on news. At 6.00 pm it was ‘Let the games begin’. We started as usual with Yahtzee but as happens more and more often it was a draw.              As that game was ending there was a knock at the door and somehow I knew who was there. My cousin Glyn from Germany was doing the round of his friends and kindly included me. He joined us in a game of Nomination Whist which was fun and then Dil had to leave (a loser this week), I gave him the gifts to take home and he threw mine on the floor a couple of times till I heard it shatter. Glyn stayed on to chat and have another game until 10.20 pm when he had to return to his hotel in Llandudno. I made myself a sandwich to taunt Joey with, took my eds then came through to work. It’s currently 12.52 am and I’m nearly getting close to finishing. Hurray!!!

the sweetest smile

Thursday. 21st

Well it was 1.05 am before I finished and by the time I’d changed (No, not into a human being) and had a last ciggie my light didn’t go out until 1.25 am. This morning it was 4.10 am when I got up. No problem I knew who I was but on the way to the lo I was surprised not to find a door or two I expected.  I swear the house morphs overnight just to confuse me. Eventually I found the loo just where I’d left it, but damn me if the same doors weren’t missing on the way back. It just took a moment to turn on my light and to open my eyes to realise where I was.  I went for my meds and some breakfast then stopped for a wash before getting dressed. Then into battle with the computer. Bank first to check my pension was there then to my mail. I worked until 8.00 am then like a fool stretched with a big yawn. I put my hands above my head and almost immediately remembered to pull them down but too late. An angina attack, really nasty and I struggled to get to the bed. I took my spray and got a massive headache so I pulled the covers over my head and lay there till I slept. I got up again a bit warily at half nine because I needed to go to the shop. I had to take a chance which paid off. The headache disappeared as did the pain eventually. I was back in business .                                                                                                Needless to say I took a break from the computer when I’d cleared my messages. I was forced into gift wrapping as I didn’t want a visit from someone with an unwrapped gift waiting for them. Once I’d wrapped those I knew there were just Mike’s left and that’s for tomorrow. At 11.20 am I went to sit down for a few minutes as the effects hadn’t fully cleared and I didn’t want a second one. I somehow managed to fall asleep and when I woke at 12.10 pm I had to move a bit to get my lunch. At 1.00 pm I battled to catch up on incoming mail, I want to take a break this afternoon to watch a film and see if I can gain some Christmas spirit. Forget that, the film had changed and replacing it was an overacted, poorly scripted story of redemption for a greedy young lawyer. Luckily sleep was available at  a cinema near me and I took advantage. I had about three quarters of an hour then turning the TV off but putting the big light on for Joey, I returned to work, By 5.30 pm I was up to date and Mike was about due so I put coffee in  his cup ready. It may come as a huge surprise to hear I nodded off yet again and missed his arrival. It was only a few minutes but it meant he had to make his own drink. I stayed with him until 9.00 pm then came through and started catching up. 11.40 pm and I’m done.

I’ve had this song in my head for days now and I don’t know why but I’m going to share it.                                                                                                                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnpoyMn9OXA  

Friday. 22nd

I was in bed for 12.00 am and light off by half past. Minutes later I was unconscious.  I woke at 1.37 am and just responded with bugger off and returned to sleep. I knew it was just a half hearted attempt by habit and I wanted a dream. That wasn’t to be but at least I got more sleep and woke properly at 2.11 am. A bit early for breakfast so I worked till the proper time. After breakfast I caught up with my mail and moved over to Ebay to see if there’s any more news on my missing items. The ones I’d ordered from China which haven’t arrived they’ve refunded me like they were never sent. The other one I got an email from Ebay to say it was only posted yesterday. I’m ready to scream though as the replacements I ordered from a British firm for the Chinese gifts seem to have been done by a Chinese firm possibly in Glasgow. Despite me asking about the next day delivery they offered (which has now gone missing off the site) they’ve sent them with a delivery date of Jan 2nd. How lucky I found alternative gifts on Tuesday. until these finally come. I hope they’re worth the wait. Mike got up at 9.20 am and I found I’d nodded off over the keyboard for a few minutes, I went through to sit with him. At some stage the postman arrives and typically the missing Ebay gift sent only yesterday had arrived. This is my worst year for missing gifts, my only year in fact. Not that things haven’t gone awry during the year but so far I’ve not had these kind of problems. Mike went off at 11.00 am and I was let trying to relax in one room and keep up with mail in the other. I did manage to wrap Mike’s prezzies while he was out of the way. I had a cottage pie at lunch which was quite nice then at 1.00pm shut my eyes for a few minutes. At 1.10 am Sharon arrived so even though the pull of an eyelid investigation was there, the chance wasn’t. I resumed work. Sharon left at 3.00 pm I gave her a tip ( don’t take any bent pennies) and her Christmas gift. Mike returned about 5.30 pm and we watched a bit of TV until 7.00 pm when he washed my hair before we settled to Question of Sport and Mastermind. I returned to work for half an hour and then rejoined him at 9.00 pm for half an hour before turning completely to catch up. 11.20 pm tonight much better than usual.

east german elf

Is this an East German Elf?                                                                                                                   Saturday. 23rd

Lights out 12.15 am after a mini read. I’m not sure I wasted time getting comfortable, I just zonked. Awake this morning at 3.32 am which is pretty good going really. Mike could have been entertaining the whole of the Red Army’s Lady’s Choir last night (and I know he wishes he was) and I wouldn’t have known a thing about it though oddly enough I’m sure I heard the dying strains of the Vulgar Boat Song as I woke. Hmmm. Did all the usual, meds, breakfast, dressed then the rubbish and the recycling. At 6.00 am I called to Mike that his coffee was on his table. He was there by twenty past. We were still out of the hose by 7.00 am and in the supermarket at 7.20 am looking at carmageddon. The car Park was almost full and being the lover of crowds that I am you can imagine how pleased I was.                                                                                                                                         I attempted not to dawdle but it’s hard when they’re preparing a sale. We eventually made it to the tills and then out of the building. Next stop Mike’s breakfast Supermarket where I admit I had a teasted toecake. I got a few more items then it was time to head for Flint. It seemed almost peaceful by comparison. We had a coffee and delivered a tin of sweets to the girls while wishing them all a Happy Christmas. We shopped for a big gift bag then went for lunch at the Bells in Holywell. Afterwards Mike remembered he needed some giftwrap which we got before going home. Once the shopping was put away I left Mike watching TV and came to start on the mail. I got the numbers well down by 5.30 pm so was able to join Mike. I stayed until 9.15 pm then came to make my final effort for the night. I’ts 11.00 pm now,I reckon to be in bed by half past.

Sunday. 24th Christmas Eve.

Lights out at 11.55 pm. Sleep almost instant or so it seems. Awake time 3.53 am which seems pretty good with sleep approaching the four hour mark again. The pattern must be changing. I bought extra milk yesterday to be sure I could have cereal in the morning if I want it so after my meds I had Weetabix today. I brought my coffee back to start work. I was able to take a little more time than usual as no time pressure first thing today. I went through to take my mug to the kitchen about 8.50 am and decided to prepare Mike’s mug and out the kettle on (it didn’t fit). I was just leaving the kitchen at 9.00 am when his alarm went off. I turned back to make the coffee when an unfortunate image passed my eyes, Mike in his underwear heading for his chair. He’s up with next to no prompting. I took the coffee in and he was sitting forward on the edge of his chair, arms crossed on his knees, and fast asleep. Until I trod on his foot that is. Luckily I was able to distract him with ‘Gone With The Wind’ which he’s never seen to completion. I cleared a little more work and joined him. I’ve never seen it at all.                                     The only problem was we had to leave the house at 11.30 am to get to lunch and to pick up our Christmas dinners. Mike fiddled with something on the remote and saved the film where he’d left it till he got back. I dropped Bert’s present in as I know he’s out tomorrow. We had lunch and collected the dinners with the instructions. Maybe a problem for us as it says to put the potatoes in the oven and we only use the microwave. We’ll think on it. We were home again about 1.30 pm and just as the strains of the theme tune faded so Mike had the film back on. There was plenty of work waiting for me so I had an excuse but I did have an ear open so I didn’t miss the famous line ‘Frankly my dear……’ It didn’t occur to me until then that I had no context.       I was able to relax from about 3.30 pm onwards and stayed with Mike for most of the evening. Coming through for the last of the mail and to see you all at 9.15 pm. It’s now 11.35 pm and Christmas day is getting nearer.

all elves together

Who’s who?                                                                                                                                             I want to wish you all the Happiest of Christmases  and a Very Happy New Year. I know you’ll do what you can to spread the joy far and wide and make this a Christmas of peace. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I’ll be taking a week off I think as I need to rest. Seer you all soon I hope.                                                                                                            David



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